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TAP Air Portugal Check-In and Boarding

There are a number of ways in which passengers can check-in into the TAP Air Portugal flights. The different methods allow for easy and convenient check-in and avoid last minute hassles at the airport. These methods have their own requirements and cut-off times of checking in. These details are provided here.

Irrespective of how you check-in, the boarding gate closes 30 minutes before scheduled departure time of flights.

TAP Online and Mobile Check In

Online and mobile check in on TAP Air Portugal opens 36 hrs before scheduled departure time of the flight except for flights operating to/from USA where the online check in opens 24 hours before.

This method requires passenger to visit the website of the airline on mobiles or computer devices to perform the check-in.

Passengers with only carry on bags can directly proceed for security clearance and boarding after doing web check in. Those with the check-in bags are required to drop off their bags at designated counters before proceeding for security check.

Also, while departing from certain airports, there is a requirement of collecting the boarding pass from the airport check-in counter even when check-in has already been done online. These airports are: Abidjan, Accra, Casablanca, Moscow, Argel, Boston, Praia, Marrakech,  New York (JFK / Newark), Lomé, Tangier and São Vicente airports.

There are different cut-off times for different airports around the world which shall be found before going to the airport.

Mobile check-in can be done using the iOS and Android mobile apps of the airline.

Airport Check-in

At airport, the check-in can be done either at the airport counter or at kiosks. For using self-service kiosks, there is a need to  provide the ticket number, booking code or Victoria customer number.

Premium Check-in

This is available only at two airports- Lisbon and Porto airports. This is not open for all passengers but only for select few. Premium check in is available for:

  1. Passengers travelling in :

  • Business Class - tap|top executive, tap|executive;

  • tap|plus;

  • Having Star Alliance Gold card;

  • Having Tap Platinum American Express card

b) holding either Victoria Gold or Victoria Silver card.

Home Check-in

In rather a different way of checking-in passengers, TAP Air Portugal allows for check in from your home, office or hotel 24 hours before scheduled departure of flight. This service, called SKYBAGS, is provided by sending off a SKYBAG executive to your place where he would collect the baggage, check travel documents and check you in. You will have to collect the boarding pass at airport 1 hour before scheduled departure time of flight.

At present this service is being provided for flights operated by TAP departing from Lisbon airport. It covers the area of Lisbon city, Lisbon to Sintra, Lisbon District, South side of Tagus and Lisbon to Cascais.

Above all, this service come at the price of Euro 35.

Automatic Check-in

This facility is available 24 hours before departure time of flights. And, it is provided only for TAP flights departing from Lisbon airport only. You are required to provide correct email ID and mobile phone number in order to make use of this service.


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Posted on 26-Jun-2023
What time does check in close for flights within Europe?

Admin Reply :

The cut off check in times may vary from one airport to another. The airline provides the list of these cut-off times here- 

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