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Vikas Singh

Posted on 19-Jul-2019
Can i carry protein powder in flight.?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be brought.


Posted on 14-May-2019
How many mangoes can we carry in domestic flight?

Admin Reply :

You can carry mangoes in check in baggage in accordance with your allowance but these have to be well packed. Please seek further information from the airline on their carriage.

Kiran Deep Sandhu

Posted on 24-Sep-2018
How many sealed bottles bought At duty free can I carry on domestic flight. Plz reply ASAP. Flight is tomorrow.

Admin Reply :

If you are not flying to any dry state in India, you can carry up to 5 litres of liquor in sealed condition in check in baggage. IT needs to be declared as well. 


Posted on 09-Aug-2018
Can I carry kheer in sealed transparent plastic container as cabin luggage?

Admin Reply :

Only 100 ml would be allowed. 


Posted on 05-Sep-2016
Can I take 40 led ceiling lights in indigo

Admin Reply :

This would depend on the nature of these lights and the airline officials at the airport will have a final say. If allowed, this would need to be checked in. There are greater chances that this is perceived as a cargo. 


Posted on 28-Aug-2016
7kg free cabin baggage allowed for infants??

Admin Reply :

yes, it is allowed for doemstic flights.

Archeet agarwal

Posted on 11-Aug-2016
Can we carry food items like kheer, roti & curries and how much can we carry(weight)? Reply ASAP.

Admin Reply :

Only dry sweets and non-oily items are allowed inside cabin. Smelly items are also not allowed.


Posted on 01-Jul-2016
Can i carry one liquor bottle from hyderabad to chennai

Admin Reply :

yes, you can carry it in check in luggage and in sealed condition. 


Posted on 01-Jul-2016
How should i carry the liqour bottle from hyderabad to chennai, reply fast the procedure to be followed for it

Admin Reply :

There is no special procedure for it. You are required to check it and not allowed in cabin. It shall be sealed and declared. 

Atish Kumar Mohanty

Posted on 18-May-2016
Can we carry Mangoes either check-in/cabin luggage in domestic flights ?

Admin Reply :

Allowed in Check in baggage in properly packed condition


Posted on 09-May-2016

Admin Reply :

15 kg check in and 7 kg cabin

Milan Bhatnagar

Posted on 07-May-2016
Are cigarette packs allowed in flight? If yes, then how many?

Admin Reply :

Allowed only in check in baggage. Airline does not prescribe any limit. 

sijo mathew

Posted on 02-May-2016
How many bottles of liquor can permitted with luggage

Admin Reply :

In checkin baggage upto 5 litres liqur allowed in sealed condition and well packed. 


Posted on 26-Mar-2016
Hi, can I take ghee in 2 ltr. transparent PET bottle (Total 4 ltr GHEE in 2 bottles) during domestic flight..??

Admin Reply :

Ghees are not allowed on board.


Posted on 23-Mar-2016
i have a 4 month old baby with me, can i carry her baby carry cot (bouncer cum stroller) whivh weighs 3.8 gs with me

Admin Reply :

Infants have to be seated in the lap of adults in cabin. Therefore, the carry cot will be allowed only till the cabin gate and not inside the cabin. From cabin gate it will be taken to hold. 


Posted on 07-Mar-2016
Dear Sir, May I know how much gold a single person is allowed to carry in the form of ornaments from Singapore to Chennai? Kindly let me know the limitations at the customs clearance both at Singapore airport and Chennai airport. Thank you, Meera

Admin Reply :

WE can not say about Customs. We can only say about the airlines. Airlines do not have any restriction.


Posted on 01-Mar-2016
Can items like Gas stove be taken??

Admin Reply :

yes, but only in check in baggage, subject to weight and dimension restrictions.

Can i carry hair straightener in cabin baggage

Posted on 15-Dec-2015
Reply soon

Admin Reply :

It is better to carry it in check in. 

Dr. Antony K

Posted on 22-Nov-2015
Can you please tell me whether I can fly Indigo and get the frequent flyer points for Air India or Lufthansa. Thanks

Admin Reply :

No, that does not happen since IndiGo does not offer frequent flyer program. 

israphil ali

Posted on 05-Aug-2015
I want to know about all Luggage limitation in domaestic flight indigo. From Delhi To Patna

Admin Reply :

It is not the right page for this query. Please post it on You can know the answer by reading through the content.

kk santhosh

Posted on 22-Jul-2015
Sir, I would like to know the quantity of liquor in ltrs permitted in the checked in buggage on indigo flight from culcutta to kochi...As i am a defence personal i am likely to carry liquor on my said course of journey..pls advice...

Admin Reply :

5 litres of liquour is permitted on domestic flights as checkin baggage. 


Posted on 23-Jun-2015
Does Kolkata airport/indigo flights provides free pram facility for infants????

Admin Reply :

No. In cabin, infants have to be carried in laps. Pram is not allowed inside cabin. You will have to carry one of your own and only till the boarding gate where is it taken away to be put in the hold.

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