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SpiceJet Baggage Allowance

Table of Contents
1. Cabin Baggage-Domestic
2. Check-in Baggage-Domestic
3. Excess Baggage Charges-Domestic (Airport & Pre-paid)
4. Check-in Baggage-International
5. Excess Baggage Charges- International (Airport & Pre-paid)
6. Special Baggage Charges
7. Spicejet Liquor Policy
8. Cabin Baggage-International
9. Connecting Flights
10. Ask a Question

Cabin Baggage - Domestic

  • Per passenger one piece of cabin baggage is allowed subject to maximum weight of 7kgs in economy and 10 kg in business class.
  • Economy class allowance includes laptop and duty-free bagswithin 7 kg but the business class allowance excludes laptop and duty free bags.  
  • Sum of dimensions upto a maximum 115cms on Boeing and 108 cms (50+35+23 cms, l+b+h) on others (Bombardier).

If there are infants alongwith, then another baggage of maximum 7kgs weight is permissible subject to abovementioned dimensions.

Cabin baggage is not permissible on flights originating from Jammu and Kashmir.

Please note that clubbing of hand baggage is not allowed in carry on baggage and total weight limit of a bag has to be 7 kgs only.

Also, duty free items of upto 3 kgs can be carried in cabin provided you have the invoice of same with you. 

If weight of carry-on baggage is more than 7kg, then Rs 400 per kg would be charged. 

Passengers who have bought 'Hand baggage only' fares have to observe 7kg weight limit and size restriction by including even their laptops and duty free items in it. 

Check-In Baggage Allowance - Domestic 

  • You can take one piece of check-in baggage of 15 kg max weight and 158 cm linear dimensions (L+B+H) in domestic flights of Spicejet. 

To compensate for the no cabin baggage policy for flights from Srinagar and Jammu airports, the free checked in luggage which can be carried is a maximum of 22 kgs. Clubbing of baggage is allowed in case of check in baggage but total weight of one bag shall not be more than 30 kgs. 

If passengers have bought fare of 'Only Hand Baggage Flights' and have to take check in baggage, there will be a charge of of Rs 400 for changing the fare type and then they will be allowed to take up to 15 kg check-in baggage. 

Excess Check-in Baggage Charges at Airport- Domestic

  • At the airport, passengers carrying excess baggage, more than 15 kg, will have pay excess baggage charges at rate of Rs 550 per kg at the airport.
  • If you carry more than 1 piece of luggage as check-in, then Rs 1000 is to be paid.

Pre-paid Excess Baggage Charges- Domestic

If they want to buy before, the following slabs of check-in baggage can be bought upto 3 hours before departure of flight. These can be purchased by calling, online or at airports. 

Weight Slab Price
5 kg  INR 2250
10 kg  INR 4500
15 kg  INR 6750
20 kg  INR 9000
30 kg  INR 13500
1 extra piece INR 900
2 extra pieces INR 1800

Cancellation of excess baggage bought is not allowed. Even if it is used partially, you will have to buy at same rates.

Special baggage such as sporting and skiing equipment, musical instruments, LCD and LED TV of more than 39 inches size and other large items will form part of check-in baggage and will carry a handling charge. This charge is Rs 1000 per item for domestic flights. Maximum of 2 LCD/LED TVs are accepted as checked-in baggage per passenger provided these are below 55 inches in size. No LCD/LED TV more than 55 inches in size is acceptable.

Check-in Baggage Allowance & Excess Baggage Charges- International Flights

Flying from foreign origin to India on Spicejet, passengers are allowed 2 pieces of check-in baggage. However, the dimensions of checked-in baggage shall not exceed 158 cms (L+W+H) and each bag shall not be more than 32 kgs of weight.

The free baggage allowance on international flights for economy and business class passengers are given in following table: 

Flight Checked-in baggage allowance (in weight) Cost for excess baggage per kg
India to Malé 20 kg INR 600
India to Muscat 30 kg INR 600
India to Bangkok 20 kg INR 600
India to Colombo 30 kg INR 660
India to Dubai 30 kg INR 600
India to Ras Al-Khaimah 30 kg INR 600
India to Kabul 30 kg INR 600
India to Dhaka 30 kg INR 600
India to Chattogram 20 kg INR 600
India to Hong Kong 30 kg INR 1300
India to Jeddah 30 kg INR 1200
India to Riyadh 30 kg INR 1200
India to Kuwait 30 kg INR 1000
India to Sharjah 30 kg INR 600
Malé to India 20 Kg USD 9
Colombo to India 30 kg LKR 1560
Dubai to India 30 kg AED 60 + AED 40*
40 Kg is permitted for sale and travel period till 31st August'2022 except Dubai to Amritsar flight
Ras al Khaimah to India 30 kg AED 60 + AED 40*
Kabul to India 30 kg USD 9
Muscat to India 30 kg OMR 4
Bangkok to India 20 kg THB 315
Dhaka to India 30 Kg BDT 700
Dhaka to Dubai/Jeddah/Riyadh BDT 1300
Chattogram to India 20 kg BDT 700
Hong Kong to India 30 kg HKD 140
Jeddah to India 30 kg baggage + 5 litres of zam zam water SAR 65
Flights from Jeddah to India for the travel period from 24th July'22 till 31st Aug'22, 40 Kg will be permitted.
Riyadh to India 30 kg SAR 65
Flights from Riyadh to India for the travel period from 10th July'22 till 31st Aug'22, 40 Kg will be permitted.
Kuwait to India 30 Kg. KWD 5 + KWD 2*
Sharjah to India 30 kg AED 60 + AED 30*
International to International via India on SpiceJet flight 30 kg INR 1050

International flights-Charges for Extra Piece of Baggage

Ex India: Extra Per Piece   INR 2000
Ex Male To India   USD 30
Ex Colombo To India   LKR 5500
Ex Dubai To India   AED 100 + AED 40*
Ex Ras Al-Khaimah To India   AED 100 + AED 40*
Ex Kabul To India   USD 30
Ex Muscat To India   OMR 12
Ex Bangkok To India   THB 940
Ex Dhaka To India   BDT 2500
Ex Chattogram To India   BDT 2500
Ex HongKong To India   HKD 220
Ex-Jeddah To India 30 kg baggage + 5 litres of zam zam water SAR 105
Ex-Riyadh To India 30 kg SAR 105
Ex-Kuwait To India   KWD10 + KWD2*
Ex-Sharjah To India   AED 110 + AED 30*

International Flights Pre-paid Excess Baggage Rates

Excess baggage can also be pre-booked as per the following slabs for international travel. These have to bought at least 12 hours before scheduled departure of flights. And, these can be bought online, on phone or at the airports.

Flight Charges for 5 kg excess baggage Charges for 10 kg excess baggage
India to Malé Up to INR 2750 Up to INR 5500
India to Muscat Up to INR 2750 Up to INR 5500
India to Bangkok Up to INR 2750 Up to INR 5500
India to Colombo Up to INR 3000 Up to INR 6000
India to Dubai Up to INR 2750 Up to INR 5500
India to Ras al Khaimah Up to INR 2750 Up to INR 5500
India to Kabul Up to INR 2750 Up to INR 5500
India to Dhaka Up to INR 2760 Up to INR 5520
India to Chattogram Up to INR 2750 Up to INR 5500
India to Hong Kong Up to INR 6475 Up to INR 12950
India to Jeddah Up to INR 5500 Up to INR 11000
India to Riyadh Up to INR 5500 Up to INR 11000
India to Kuwait Up to INR 5000 Up to INR 10000
India to Sharjah Up to INR 2750 Up to INR 5500
Ex Maleé Up to USD 45 Up to USD 90
Ex Colombo Up to LKR 7722 Up to LKR 15444
Ex Dubai AED 150 AED 300
Ex Ras Al-Khaimah AED 150 AED 300
Ex Kabul Up to USD 45 Up to USD 89
Ex Muscat Up to OMR 20 Up to OMR 40
Ex Bangkok Up to THB 1496 Up to THB 2993
Ex Dhaka Up to BDT 3325 Up to BDT 6650
Ex Chattogram Up to BDT 3247 Up to BDT 6495
Ex Hong Kong Up to HKD 695 Up to HKD 1390
ExJeddah Up to SAR 309 Up to SAR 618
Ex Riyadh Up to SAR 309 Up to SAR 618
Ex Sharjah Up to AED 150 Up to AED 300
Ex-India: 1 extra piece   INR 1500
Ex-India: 2 extra pieces   INR 3000

Special Baggage Allowance

This includes oversized or odd sized items as well as special baggage, like LED/LCD TVs more than 39 inches in size, sporting and musical equipments or other large items are charged as per the following table:

Domestic (Within India) INR 1200
International (India) INR 3000
Dubai AED 150 + (AED 40* + AED 45*)
Ras Al-Khaimah AED 150 + (AED 40* + AED 45*)
Colombo LKR 5000
Kabul USD 40
Male USD 40
Muscat OMR 16
Bangkok THB 1300
Bangladesh BDT 3000
Ex-Dhaka BDT 3400

You are allowed to carry 2 LED/LCD TVs of below 55 inches size per passenger. However, the ones of 39 inches and more, up to 55 inches will be charged as per above rates.

It is to be further noted that for flights to Kathmandu, only Indian currency of up to denomination of 100 is permitted. You can not carry a currency of denomination 500 or 1000.

Spicejet Liquor Policy

Only on International flights are you allowed to carry liquor of 5 litre in check in baggage if percentage of alcohol is 24% to 70% or in cabin baggage if bought from Duty Free shop (must carry the bill).  On-board consumption of liquor is not allowed. On domestic flights, it shall be noted that carrying liquor to/from Bihar and Gujarat is not allowed on Spicejet flights as these are dry states.

Hand Baggage/Cabin Baggage

Hand luggage to be carried is subject to restrictions of number, weight and dimensions. Only 1 hand baggage is allowed per passenger subject to the condition that it shall not weigh more than 7kgs and shall be of 115 cms overall dimension for Boeing and 108 cm (50cm+35cm+23cm) on Bombardiers. In addition, 1 ladies handbag or standard size laptop bag can be carried within this allowance limit for economy. Additional items that can be carried are: Overcoat wrap, blanket, walking stick, infants food, camera and binoculars. 

Case of Connecting Flights

In case there is a connection between the Spicejet domestic and Spicejet international flights, the baggage allowance rules of the Spicejet International sector would apply.

However, in case of connection between the Spicejet domestic flight and another airline international flight, the maximum check-in baggage allowance on Spicejet would be limited to 15 kg only and the passenger will have to pay the excess baggage charges as per domestic rates (either airport rates or pre-paid slab rates). These charges are given above. 

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Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 04-Sep-2023
Can I carry sugar and spices in my hand baggage?

Admin Reply :

It is better to carry in check in bagggage.


Posted on 18-Aug-2023
Can I carry hair removal tweezers in my bags in spicejet in a domestic flight.

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be taken in flight.


Posted on 02-Aug-2023
Can i carry a trimmer.??

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be carried in checkin bag.


Posted on 15-Jul-2023
Can I carry Zamzam water in domestic flight free of charge

Admin Reply :

Yes. you can take it within permitted allowance limits if not coming from Jeddah. If coming from Jeddah, it can be taken in addition to check in baggage. 

Sufyan sayeed

Posted on 01-May-2023
I want to know what is current charges for access baggage at Dubai Airport

Admin Reply :

It will be AED 60 per excess kg and AED 40 handling charge.


Posted on 02-Apr-2023
Is that possible, can I carry 32 inch television extra, except 2 piece of baggage of 30kg from Dubai to Kochi ?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried but there will be extra charge to be paid for more weight since it is being carried in addition to 30 kg allowance limit.


Posted on 31-Mar-2023
Hi i purchased from Spicejet website additional baggage 1pcs but not mention 1pcs weight, can i know 1pcs weight from Jeddah Secter

Admin Reply :

It shall be 15 kgs.


Posted on 27-Feb-2023
is there 40kg offer in spicejet now

Admin Reply :

We have not come across this offer.


Posted on 23-Feb-2023
Hi, Can we carry indian sweets of 250 grams and snacks in hand baggage or checked in baggage

Admin Reply :

You can take in cabin if these are  not messy in nature. 

Asgarali Porbanderwala

Posted on 24-Jan-2023
Travelling to dubai check baggage is how many pieces in 30 kg

Admin Reply :

Max 2 pcs of check-in bags are allowed within 30 kg free allowance limit.

Ashwini Raman

Posted on 09-Dec-2022
I want to take my broken induction to chennai for service will they allow them

Admin Reply :

Induction stoves are allowed in check in baggage, but since it is broken and we do not know what shape it is in, we suggest you bring this to the notice of airline before carrying it.

Seyed Hussain

Posted on 24-Nov-2022
We brought zam zam water from Madina after performing Umrah. On the way back we stopped over at Dubai and traveling from Dubai to Madurai in Spicejet. Shall we get free of charge for this 5 litre Sam zam water?

Admin Reply :

Yes, 5 litres are allowed in check-in in addition to check-in baggage allowance

Dr Ravikumar

Posted on 23-Nov-2022
Can I take badminton racquet and badminton bag in hand luggage?

Admin Reply :

It is good to take it in check-in. 


Anchal Agarwal

Posted on 12-Nov-2022
Can I carry toaster with me? If yes it can be carried in check in baggage or Hand luggage??

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be carried in check-in baggage.


Posted on 01-Nov-2022
Can laptop be taken into check in baggage travelling from India to UAE?

Admin Reply :

We suggest you take it in cabin since, due to battery, it might not be allowed in check-in. 

Vijay Takkekar

Posted on 02-Jul-2020
Can I carry 2 check in baggages + 1 hand bag in domestic flight Delhi to Belgaum

Admin Reply :

We believe there is a limit of 1 check in bag in present situation. 1 carry on is okay.

Amit Bharti

Posted on 29-Jun-2020
Hi I am going to be travel from Delhi to Dharamshala via spicejet and I have 2 check in baggage with 20kg each how much I have to pay the excess baggage charges

Admin Reply :

We do not think you will be allowed to take a 2nd check in bag.

Sujit Kumar som

Posted on 29-Jun-2020
Can I carry induction oven in domestic flight

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be carried in check-in baggage.

Mei lian

Posted on 27-Jun-2020
Can I carry body lotions,perfumes, essential oils ,shampoos,deoderants in cargo luggage bag??

Admin Reply :

yes, these can be carried in well-packed condition.

Amit Kumar Singh

Posted on 19-Jun-2020
Can I carry an old hard disk of my my desktop computer in hand bag or in cabin bag

Admin Reply :

This is best carried in check in baggage. However, you can check this with the airline local office.


Posted on 02-Feb-2020
Can i carry 2 check-in luggage within 15kg

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can bring 2 checkin bags within 15 kg allowance.


Posted on 01-Feb-2020
Hi tom m travelling to Jaipur from Mumbai with an infant can I carry a induction cooktop?

Admin Reply :

Induction cooker can be taken in check in baggage.

Diya M

Posted on 01-Feb-2020
Can I carry hair straightener in my checked in luggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken in check in baggage within free allowance limits.

Irshad Ahmad

Posted on 21-Jan-2020
i will travel from riyadh to gorakhpur via mumbai date 28/01/2020....may i carry two 15kg/15kg check in bags instead of one single bag 30kg. please let me know. (SpiceJet airlines)

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can carry 30 kg in two check in bags. Size of each check in bag shall not be more than 158 cm in linear dimensions

Mallikarjuna Rao

Posted on 17-Jan-2020
Can I carry mehandi pack in cabin bag. Let me know

Admin Reply :

This might not be allowed.


Posted on 13-Jan-2020
I would like to carry 55 inches tv from DXB to Mangalore (spice jet) ,is it allowed and how much is the transport cost and tax ?

Admin Reply :

Airline will charge you about AED 170 for it.


Posted on 08-Jan-2020
Hii I want to carry 43 inch Sony Tv to India from Dubai airport, so can you clear me the cost of the allowance will be required

Admin Reply :

It shall be about AED 180 since TV is more than 39 inches screen size.


Posted on 08-Jan-2020
Hii How much cost for LED TV 43 inch baggage allowance from Dubai to Madurai Pls reply asap

Admin Reply :

It shall be about AED 180.

Akshatha Balachandran

Posted on 02-Jan-2020
Dubai To Mangalore Baggage Allowance Please tell Me

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in baggage and 7 kg carry on allowance per adult or child passenger.


Posted on 27-Dec-2019
Hai am travelling from nairobi to cochin via mumbai in KQ on 28th jan and my return is on 13th evening from cochin to mumbai and 14th morning to nairobi. My querie is want extra 30 kg of weight above ur normal 15 kg while coming from cok to mumbai. I have seen in ur website that I can buy 30 kg as an international flyer for 4500 inr. Tried to purchase and failed. Can u please send me the link or suggest how I can pay

Admin Reply :

You shall speak to the customer service agent of the airline in order to make the booking for extra baggage and make payment. If you want to try it online, you can use Manage Booking tab on airline website at The link is :

Chandrika Ashokbhai Patel

Posted on 24-Dec-2019
Medicine allow Also Ayurvedic medicine allow

Admin Reply :

PLease check with the airline local office about this.


Posted on 24-Dec-2019
Do to less time from flight to flight I am carrying only hand luggage can it is possible to carry one litre liquor in hand luggage. Flight from Doha to Hyderabad (indigo)and Hyderabad to Vijayawada (spice jet) Time gap only Two and half hours only from one flight to another flight.

Admin Reply :

Liquor has to be carried in check in baggage, unless it is carried from a duty free shop at airport after checking in the bags and is kept in original in packed condition.


Posted on 06-Dec-2019
I have two power banks, 10000 mah each. Can I carry them in my hand luggage? I'm traveling from Dubai to Goa via Mumbai.

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be taken in cabin.

Dr Gayathri

Posted on 30-Nov-2019
If 2 are traveling together, can we club our check in baggage as one big suitcase weighing less than 30kgs? Instead of 2 of us caring separate check in bags weighing 15kgs?

Admin Reply :

Yes, check in baggage of two or more people can be clubbed provided they are flying on same PNR and on condition that the weight of one check in bag is not more than 32 kg. 


Posted on 28-Nov-2019
If 3 persons- 2 adults and 1 kid (2 yr old) travelling from Bengaluru to Calicut. Total check-in baggage weight is 45 kg?

Admin Reply :

Child is classified as infant when age is below 2 years. So, if child has already completed 2 years of age, he or she will be entitled to same allowance in check in and cabin baggage as that of an adult. Hence, the standard allowance of flying on economy (non-lite) fares will be 15 kg each for adults and children.

P. Singh

Posted on 24-Nov-2019
For business class from Hong Kong to New Delhi the baggage allowance is 35 kg How many bags are allowed for check-in?

Admin Reply :

Since any one check in bag can not be more than 32 kg, you will have to divide the 35 kg allowance into two check-in bags. Size of each shall not more than 158 cm linear dimensions.

Pravin Bhosale

Posted on 24-Nov-2019
Can I take DSLR camera in check in baggage

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken in check-in after removing the batteries and packing these securely to be taken in cabin. People generally take it in cabin.

Shashank Nerurkar

Posted on 19-Nov-2019
Hello, Can I carry 1 bottle of liquor on my flight from Mangalore to Mumbai ? Thanks & Regards, Shashank Nerurkar

Admin Reply :

It has to be taken in check-in baggage and under sealed condition. Also, it shall be declared at airport. It has to be a part of the check in baggage allowance.

Shalini sachan

Posted on 16-Nov-2019
Travelling from hongkong to delhi economy. Can i take two check in luggage with total weight being 30 kg as 20+10 kg?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be two check in bags within permitted allowance limits. Do adhere to baggage size limits as well.


Posted on 15-Nov-2019

Admin Reply :

It is 15 kg check-in baggage allowance per person which is the standard allowance. However, if the 'Hand Baggage Only' ticket is booked, then only cabin baggage is allowed unless you decide to take check-in baggage and are willing to pay Rs 400 at airport to change the fare type to standard allowance.


Posted on 13-Nov-2019
What will cost from Del to Pat fly on 6 Dec in economic class for extra bag checking

Admin Reply :

How much weight you want to bring? It will be based on excess weight, not on additional number of pieces.

Meherajul Haque

Posted on 12-Nov-2019
Is zamzam water 5 lt allowed or not in SpiceJet dom

Admin Reply :

If you are taking a Spicejet connecting flight in domestic sector from international flight originating in Jeddah and are ticketed on same PNR, you can bring 5 litre in check in besides 30 kg free allowance. 


Posted on 12-Nov-2019
Can we carry gold in domestic flight? If yes how much can we carry?

Admin Reply :

There is no limit given by the airline. However, we can not say about other authorities. This has to be taken in cabin and shall not be checked in because it is a precious item.


Posted on 06-Nov-2019
I am working with a truism department in jeddah and selling your your ticket too yesterday one of my client asked me that he can carry one hand bag plus laptop free of charge all of the airlines no problem

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not the airline. Spicejet allows 1 cabin bag and 1 laptop within total weight of 7 kg for free.

Divya Jain

Posted on 05-Nov-2019
Where do I carry hair straighteners (hand bag or check in)? - SPICEJET (domestic flight)

Admin Reply :

It is best carried in check-in baggage.


Posted on 04-Nov-2019
How many charge for 49”TV DOHA to CNN

Admin Reply :

Please provide the right stations. Else, tell us which other airline is involved in itinerary.

Md Sanaul Sk

Posted on 04-Nov-2019
Can I carry 20kg baggage from Bangkok to Kolkata?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken for free in check in provided the size is less than 158 cm in linear dimensions (L+b+H)


Posted on 31-Jul-2019
Hi, I am travelling to Dubai with my son who is 6 months. Could you please tell me how many ml of breast milk is allowed as a part of carry on? I plan to get pumped milk. ( aware that there is liquid restriction on audits for carry on, hope there is none for breast milk)

Admin Reply :

There is a limit of 100ml limit for any liquid to be carried in cabin. 


Posted on 31-Jul-2019
Hi. I am travelling from Mumbai to Dubai. I want to carry a single badminton racket in my cabin luggage. Is that possible?

Admin Reply :

Sports equipments are required to be checked in.


Posted on 31-Jul-2019
We are 3 people travelling on same PNR. Each of us have checkin baggage limit of 15 total 45 kg. Now can we take 4 bags ( instead of 3 bags) such that total weight will be less than 45 kg?

Admin Reply :

Yes, this clubbing of check in baggage can be done. Please ensure that the weight of no single check in bag is more than 32 kg. 

Juber Shaikh

Posted on 29-Jul-2019
Hi, I wil be traveling from Jeddah to Mumbai. I have taken spicemax. Just want to know how much weight I can carry in hand and how much in bagage with single carton or two

Admin Reply :

Up to 7 kg is the cabin allowance. Check in baggage allowance is 30 kg per adult or child passenger. 

shefali rathore

Posted on 28-Jul-2019
Is Pickle allowed in domestic flight? (bhopal to mumbai)

Admin Reply :

It is better to avoid taking it. 


Posted on 25-Jul-2019
N46CTB this is pnr but for web checkin it is not accepting give me reason

Admin Reply :

1 person has already checked in. 


Posted on 18-Jul-2019
We are three passengers travelling on single PNR on domestic flight. By mistake I have booked as Hand Baggage only ticket. Should we have split into 3 baggages of 7Kgs with approved dimensions or can make single/double baggage of 21 Kgs and make as check in baggage.

Admin Reply :

Cabin bags do not have to be clubbed. These have to remain separate.


Posted on 17-Jul-2019
I am traveling from Delhi to Bangalore. I have 3.5 liters of liquor (46% alcohol) which someone gifted me. Can I carry them in check in baggage? Should I carry the purchase receipts?

Admin Reply :

These have to be sealed, carried in check-in baggage within permitted weight allowance and shall be declared during check in.

Syed Awaize

Posted on 13-Jul-2019
i am travelling from jeddah to hyderabad india on 31st july..i have 3 bookings 2 adults and 1 child...How many zam zam water 5ltrs i can carry...? 2 or 3 nos?for childeren booking is allowwed zam zam or not?

Admin Reply :

5 litres per person. If child is above 2 years of age, same allowance as that of an adult. Please note that this 5 litre shall be a part of your check in baggage allowance. It means that the 30 kg free allowance shall include 5 litre of zamzam water.

Pandian C

Posted on 07-Jul-2019
I have booked ticket from chennai to silchar with separate pnr i.e chennai to kolkata one pnr and kolkata to silchar another pnr both the flights are spice jet only. Can my check in baggage booked directly from chennai to silchar or again i have to re-check in the baggage at kolkata airport.

Admin Reply :

You have to recheck in.


Posted on 06-Jul-2019
I bought one kids motor cycle 15 v. I am coming by SG 18 flight. Can I carry this pack in flight? If it is this packing will exceed 185 ( L*W*H ) what to do? How much I want to pay extra? I am coming from Dubai.

Admin Reply :

You will have to pay special handling charges which are close to AED 170 or so. This has to be carrieed in check in baggage. If weight is more than 30 kg then even excess weight charges will also have to be paid,

Aritree Chaudhuri

Posted on 04-Jul-2019
Is folding umbrella allowed in hand baggage

Admin Reply :

No, this is not allowed. You have to take it in check in baggage.


Posted on 03-Jul-2019
We are three passengers travelling on single PNR on domestic flight. How much luggage can we carry in single bag. Is properly packed sandwiches,burgers,cookies ,Banana, dryfruit,chocolates allowed in cabin luggage.

Admin Reply :

All items mentioned can be carried in cabin. Your check in baggage allowance is 15 kg per adult or child passenger. You can club check in baggage for people traveling on same pnr and on condition that one check in bag shall not exceed 32 kg in weight. 

Abha Goel

Posted on 03-Jul-2019
How do I pre book for extra baggage. Please call 8428816467. ASAP. My flight is by 3:00pm.

Admin Reply :

You shall make use of 'Manage Booking' tab on the website of the airline at


Posted on 01-Jul-2019
what is spice saver

Admin Reply :

Spice Saver is a cabin fare type. 


Posted on 01-Jul-2019
How much gold allowed in flight

Admin Reply :

Airline does not limit carriage of Gold but it has to be taken in cabin. 

Gunjan Thakur

Posted on 29-Jun-2019
How much weight of gold jewellery allowed in cabin baggage for male traveller in domestic flight

Admin Reply :

Airline does not mention limits of carrying jewellry. It shall be carrid in cabin though. We can not say about other authorities at the airport.

Mohinder Singh

Posted on 29-Jun-2019
We have taken student discount ticket on Kolkata Chennai SG flight. How much maximum baggage is allowed in the check in baggage ?

Admin Reply :

Additional 10 kg in check in baggage can be carried apart from the regular free allowance of 15 kg in check in by the students.


Posted on 28-Jun-2019
In my ticket 30 kg baggae allowed I want to know that is it in a single bag or in two bag i will carry for 30 kg baggage If i take two baggage it is extra luggage count

Admin Reply :

You can take 30 kg in single bag or divide it in 2 bags. Each bag shall have L+B+H of up to 158 cm.


Posted on 27-Jun-2019
Hi. We wish to carry badminton rackets as part of the checked baggage. It is within our checked baggage allowance and is standard size racket case. Will there by any charges for it ?

Admin Reply :

We do not think there will be any charges for these if these are carried in the check in baggage.


Posted on 25-Jun-2019
How do I take along my metal idol with me? Is it possible?

Admin Reply :

It can be carried in check in baggage.

venkatesh chikkaiah

Posted on 23-Jun-2019
Bought hand baggage only ticket by mistake. How much I have to pay At air port to convert the ticket to cabin baggage allowed ticket

Admin Reply :

About Rs 400 to be paid at airport to change the ticket type and be eligible to carry 15 kg check in baggage.


Posted on 22-Jun-2019
I’m travelling to JED to CCJ on june 25th .Is it allowed Checked in baggage 30 kg in a one piece ?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken in single check in bag.

Murtuza Panjiwala

Posted on 22-Jun-2019
What is spice saver fare for international pazsenger How much baggage is allowed in spice saver fare tkt

Admin Reply :

Saver fare allows 15 kg check in baggage allowance + cabin allowance of 7 kg. This is per passenger.


Posted on 22-Jun-2019
Can I carry 2 check-in bags with total weight of 15 kg. e.g. one bag - 10 kg and other 5 kg in Spicejet domestic flight.

Admin Reply :

Yes, that can be done.


Posted on 21-Jun-2019
what are the television rules of free baggage

Admin Reply :

Up to 39 inches led/lcd TV allowed free within free check in baggage allowance. More than 39 inches and up to 55 inches screen size, but within free allowance limits by weight is allowed by paying special handling charges. More than 55 inches TV is not allowed.

prateek gaur

Posted on 20-Jun-2019
i have two queries one is can i carry Sony handy camcorder and second is original birth certificate carry with child

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried in cabin on condition that inside cabin the batteries will have to removed and kept separately. Birth certificate of child shall also be taken in original.

Dipti singh

Posted on 20-Jun-2019
How many kg luggage is allowed n checkd in bag luggage ?

Admin Reply :

Cabin baggage up to 7 kg. Check in baggage up to 15 kg in general. If it is 'Hand Baggage Only' ticket, only cabin baggage allowed. 

Narendra M. Rathod

Posted on 20-Jun-2019
Hi, i am travelling to dubai on 8th july 2019, 23:05 p.m. flight from mumbai I wanted to know if i can carry mangoes in my hand luggage or check in luggage. Is there any restriction to carry 1 dozen or less mangoes in hand luggage or check in luggage in the Mumbai to dubai flight. Regards Narendra Rathod 9820214669

Admin Reply :

Mangoes are best taken in check in baggage.

Ar. Gaurav Sharma

Posted on 20-Jun-2019
We are three passengers travelling on single PNR on domestic flight. How much luggage can we carry in single bag?

Admin Reply :

Allowance for ecoonomy class is 15 kg per passenger. For people traveling on same pnr, the check in bags can be clubbed within permitted allowance limit but ech check in bag shall not xceed 32 kg weight limit.

Prakhar Pathak

Posted on 20-Jun-2019
I want to take a small shivling made up of stone and one small pocket silver belpatri with my hand bag these are allowed or not

Admin Reply :

Depends on how airline officials at airport take it. There are good chances that ou might be asked to put shivling in check-in baggage.

Anjali Suresh Kheskani

Posted on 19-Jun-2019
Can you please advise how can I book extra Luggage ? I am trying to fnd online steps but unable to get on the website.

Admin Reply :

Please make use of this link: 

syed awaize

Posted on 19-Jun-2019
I am travelling from Jeddah. 2 adults and 1 child. 1. can i carry my personal laptop along with my Hand baggage of 7 kgs. or only i have to carry 7kg bag? 2. I am carrying 32 inch LCD TV which is not more than 15 kgs. is it consider as one baggage ? or i can carry another 15 kgs bag along with the 32 Inch LCD?

Admin Reply :

Laptop can be carried within the free allowance limits of 7 kg of cabin. A 32 inches LCD TV is free to take in check in baggage provided the weight and size limit of free allowance (15 kg and 158 cm sum of dimensions) is met. 


Posted on 18-Jun-2019
Is umbrella allowed in carry on luggage in domestic flights?

Admin Reply :

No, it has to be checked in.

Rita Dawn

Posted on 17-Jun-2019
want to prepone my air ticket

Admin Reply :

You can change the itinerary using My Bookings section of the airline website.

syed awaize

Posted on 16-Jun-2019
i am planning to travel with my wife and one kid from Jeddah (Saudi) to Hyderabad (IND), what will be my luggage,and can i bring my laptop along with 2 hand carries

Admin Reply :

30 kg per adult or child passenger is check in baggage allowance. Cabin allowance is 7 kg for economy class travelers. Laptop is included in the allowance limits of cabin baggage.


Posted on 16-Jun-2019
I want carry 80mlperfumes of 5 pieces in my check in baggage can i carry that? And also already i asked about an battery. I have an inverter and separately 12 v battery minimum weight is2 kg of that battery can i carry that ? In which baggage? Im going to attend an marriage so i want to carry some amount of cash. How much indian money can be carried by each person in flight? Reply me..

Admin Reply :

Perfumes can be carried in packed condition in check in baggage. 12 V battery can also be carried in cabin with proper packaging to ensure that there is no leakage and terminals are insulated. Airline does not restrict carriage of cash in plane.

Siddharth Jain

Posted on 14-Jun-2019
What baggage allowance is there for international passengers taking a domestic flight within 24hours? Also if the baggage allowance is same as all other travellers can you please let us know the price for pre paid baggage for international travellers taking a domestic flight? Thanks

Admin Reply :

If it is international and domestic flight of spicejet only, then international allowance will be applicable for flights within 24 hours of each other. If international flight is on another carrier, then 15 kg free checkin allowance on Spicejet and for the rest, the pre-paid excess baggage rates as per the slabs have to be paid. There are revised rates for it. 


Posted on 13-Jun-2019
Can i take ayurvedic medicines (some of them are in liquid form) ?

Admin Reply :

You need to carry the prescription of qualified doctor along. 


Posted on 13-Jun-2019
Can I carry a table fan with me in check -in luggage if the total weight of the luggage is less than 15 kgs ?

Admin Reply :

This can be taken in check in baggage provided the sum of dimensions of its packing is less than 158 cm (l+b+h). Also, airline reserves the right to charge you Rs 1000 for special handling, if it deems that this product wil require special handling.

Dr. Prem chand

Posted on 13-Jun-2019
Where the medicines and razor blades may be placed in check in language or in carry on bags

Admin Reply :

Medicines can be taken in cabin if these are required during the flight. Always take the latest doctor prescription for the same. Razor blades must be checkedin

KIRAN makhija

Posted on 13-Jun-2019
Any facility for sr citizens to carry extra hand or check in baggage without any additional costs

Admin Reply :

No special baggage allowance for seniors.


Posted on 12-Jun-2019
Spicejet, Can I carry 80ml perfume in cabin baggage. From Pune to Bangalore?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried in cabin in a separate resealable transparent plastic bag. It shall be properly packed. 

KIRAN makhija

Posted on 12-Jun-2019
I have only hand baggage domestic flight tickets travelling along with 2 sr citizens cheaper i can take more luggage in flight either hand or checkin baggage . Please guide

Admin Reply :

You can pay rs 400 at airport to convert hand baggage only ticket into a standard one. This will help you take 15 kg free check in baggage per passenger. We believe this is the cheapest way to do it.


Posted on 12-Jun-2019
Can i carry party popper 6 pieces.. And also I want to carry an inverter with 12v battery for my home use can i carry that... ?

Admin Reply :

Party popper is to be taken in check in baggage. Carriage of batteries has elaborate rules. We need to know the type of battery it is and what is the watt hour power.


Posted on 11-Jun-2019

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can take 2 check in bags of total weight 15 kg

Aayush Patel

Posted on 10-Jun-2019
Should DSLR camera allowed to take on hand bag in international flights ?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken in hand baggage with batteries removed and kept separately in cabin bag with terminals insulated.

Shanola Sylvia Fernandez

Posted on 09-Jun-2019
Hello, I have a connecting flight Mangalore to Dubai UAE (SpiceJet) and Dubai UAE to Luanda (emrites). What is the extra baggage cost? Do I need to check in again in Dubai UAE to Luanda flight?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you will have to check in again at Dubai while boarding Emirates. You are requested to provide excess weight so that we can tell you what is the rate you have to pay for it.


Posted on 09-Jun-2019
Can i carry my personal things in hand baggage. Means my personal body carrying things. And perfume & power bank also And also i want carry an lock for the doors can i carry that

Admin Reply :

Lock can be kept in check in. Powerbank is to be carried in cabin only. Perfume is to be carried in cabin as well in a separate plastic bag. IT shall not be more than 100 ml in volume


Posted on 09-Jun-2019
I want to avail student discount on my flight.. Can u please tell how to avail it..?

Admin Reply :

You have to tick mark 'Student' while booking flights and need to carry valid Id and student proof at airport for checking in.


Posted on 08-Jun-2019
if I carry 52" led how much Dirham need to if I fly from Dubai.

Admin Reply :

About AED 170.


Posted on 06-Jun-2019
Is there any handling charges on 32 inch led TV from Dubai to Mumbai

Admin Reply :

No, this is free so long as weight and size of TV package is within permitted allowance limits


Posted on 06-Jun-2019
Can i carry a hair straightner nd a boiler in my checked in luggage..??

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried in check in baggage.

Arsha g kurup

Posted on 06-Jun-2019
I have booked a spice saver flight for 8th june From delhi to kochi my flight no is SG 8952 can you please confirm how much free check in baggage i am allowed??

Admin Reply :

15 kg check in baggage is free.


Posted on 05-Jun-2019
I booked 02 tiket dubai,but wt different,PRL08ZDRJFD,030696389998

Admin Reply :

Please check with the agency which booked tickets for you. Can you tell us what baggage allowances have been mentioned to you?


Posted on 05-Jun-2019
How much baggege allowed I fligh

Admin Reply :

Please mention the route of flight.


Posted on 05-Jun-2019
I am 16 years old,can I travel alone on flight

Admin Reply :

Since you are above 15 years of age, you can fly alone. Please check with the airline whether you need some additional docs other than regular travel documents.

Anushka Raj

Posted on 04-Jun-2019
Hello.. I am traveling from Patna to Delhi in spicejet in hand baggage only flight.. can I carry sweets in hand baggage which are leak proof and well packed??

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be carried but still discretion of airline officials at airport will matter.


Posted on 04-Jun-2019
How much is 32 inches tv handling charges from Dubai to mumbai

Admin Reply :

There is no charge for TVs up to 39 inches provided these within free weight allowance limit and the size of TV package is less than 158 cm in sum of dimensions

Arpit Jindal

Posted on 04-Jun-2019
Can I carry a knife, nail cutter, a needle packed safely in my checked in luggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried.


Posted on 04-Jun-2019
I want to enquire about spice jet domestic buggage allowance because I come from international airport ,but it's not connected flight.But traveling on the same day. I come from saudia and landed on terminal 2 and I will come domestic airport ( Mumbai terminal 1 ) . Please tell me the buggage allowance and any bus facilities available there from international airport to domestic airport . Thanks

Admin Reply :

15 kg will be the free check in baggage allowance and 7 kg in cabin. Rest will be charges at excess baggage rates.

Vimala panno

Posted on 03-Jun-2019
I had booked a ticket from Dharamsala to Jaipur. I have free 15kg for my baggage, right? And I bought more 5 kg for baggage. So I can bring 20kg fo my baggage , right?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be 20 kg in one bag on payment of excess baggage charges for excess 5 kg in check-in luggage.


Posted on 02-Jun-2019
Can we carry insulin in handbaggage

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried. You need to carry doctor prescription with it. Please check with the airline customer service about other docs needed. 

Ujjwal kumar

Posted on 01-Jun-2019
If I have three tickets , I allowed to carry more than 15 kg in one bag

Admin Reply :

Yes, clubbing of only check in baggage is allowed for people traveling on same PNR but on two conditions. Overall weight shall be within free allowance limits and no check in bag shall be more than 32 kg in weight for ease of handling at airport. 

Aveet Lakra

Posted on 01-Jun-2019
How will i book cabin luggage as i have booked the tickets without cabin luggage

Admin Reply :

Cabin baggage allowance exists at 7 kg in all fare tickets. .You would have bought a 'Hand Baggage Only' ticket wherein you can not take check-in baggage unless you change it to regular ticket.


Posted on 01-Jun-2019
Is this only hand baggage flight ... ? When I go to the booking page it says the charges thats 6220rs is only hand baggage charge and check in baggage will be chargable?? And if so how much would that? I meant how would I be charged for the regular 15kg that's normally free of cost otherwise and why are the charges not showing with the check in and cabin bag together ?

Admin Reply :

If you have a Hand Baggage Only fare ticket, but you want to take standard allowance of 15 kg in check-in, then you have to pay Rs 400 at airport to get this Hand Baggage Fare converted to regular fare and then 15 kg check in would be allowed free. 


Posted on 01-Jun-2019
Can I carry fresh fruits in cabin

Admin Reply :

These can be carried but shall not be messy for airline or passengers. Airline officials at airport have discretion to deny you any fruit which is deemed not to be allowed onboard.


Posted on 01-Jun-2019
Can I carry my iPad in my cabin baggage in slickest

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken within the total weight allowance.


Posted on 30-May-2019
Can I carry mixer-grinder(around 3kg) in cabin as hand baggage?

Admin Reply :

It shall ideally be checked in.


Posted on 30-May-2019
Hi i want to ask how much Size of TV is allowed from Dubai to amritsar without any extra charges.

Admin Reply :

Up to 39 inches screen size TV which has total weight and size within permitted allowance limits.

Meenakshi Singh

Posted on 29-May-2019
How much luggage allowed with 8year old boy

Admin Reply :

If ticket booked is 'Hand baggage only' , then only hand baggage allowed else 15 kg check in baggage allowed for free per adult or child passenger. Cabin allowance is of 7 kg per passenger

Meenakshi Singh

Posted on 29-May-2019
How much luggage allowed with 8 year old boy in Kanpur to Mumbai flight

Admin Reply :

It will be same as that of an adult as child is more than 2 years of age.


Posted on 29-May-2019
I will carry TV in on of the trolley, what will be the fragile changes from a flight which is from gorakhpur to Bangalore via Mumbai, reply asap.

Admin Reply :

What is the screen size of the TV? Up to 39 inches TVs can be carried free if they are within size limit of 158 cm l+b+h and weight limit as per your allowance. However, if the size is more Rs 1000 handling charge is to be paid even if size and weight is within given limits. However, if weight is more, then excess baggage charges will also apply.


Posted on 29-May-2019
I have booked two tickets in domestic flight... m allowed for 30 kg check in luggage..can I carry 24 kg n 6 kg of two bags..

Admin Reply :

You can carry two check in bags of 24 and 6 kgs within 30 kg free allowance. Size of each bag shall not be more than 158 cm l+b+h

Mohd Anash

Posted on 29-May-2019
Hi dear Spicejet helpdesk I need to know and I have small doubts regarding check in baggage... I am traveling frm Kuwaiti to Chennai on August 10th-2019 and I booked a domestic ticket on Spicejet from Chennai to Madurai on August 11th morning 6.15AM Spicejet flights Wat is my doubts is I have check in baggage from kuwait to Chennai on air Arabia flight 30kgs and hand laggage 7kg That same check in baggage 30kg I can bring frm domestic flight from Chennai to Madurai without any paying additional charge orelse if I need to pay means wat is procedure and payment details....

Admin Reply :

Spicejet does not connect with the other airlines. Therefore, it will only allow 15 kg as free check in baggage allowance. For the rest, excess baggage charges have to be paid.


Posted on 28-May-2019
Can I carry 1 ltr Steel Thermos Water Bottle with my cabin bag?

Admin Reply :

It can be taken


Posted on 27-May-2019
I have only 1 bag it's nearby 10kg around so is it considered cabin baggage or what?

Admin Reply :

Bags are not classified as cabin or check in according to weight. These are classified as such on the basis of whether it is being carried with you in cabin or is separated from you and kept in check-in. So, cabin allowance is 7 kg and check in baggage allowance is 10 kg. If you take 10 kg in cabin only, then some small fee is to be paid. You have to decided whether you want to take it in cabin or in check-in. 

Ameer ali

Posted on 27-May-2019
Im flying from dubai to madurai and then transit to chennai. May i know how many kg luggage is allowed for me!

Admin Reply :

30 kg in check in would be allowed even on domestic flights and 7 kg cabin baggage.

Abhishek Narain Singh

Posted on 26-May-2019
I am going to bangalore from Varanasi, and have layover in Chennai. Can I carry my one badminton racket, not a kit. And also tell me is carrying iron to press clothes is allowed in spice jet or not.

Admin Reply :

Both these items have to be checked in. Sports equipment might entail handling fees. 


Posted on 26-May-2019
Can Spice jet check baggage through to Bhutan Airlines? I fly DXB - DEL on SG12 then fly on DEL - PHB (Paro) on B3 774. I have no Indian visa do cannot collect hold baggage - can it be checked through?

Admin Reply :

We do not think Spicejet through checks-in to another airline. 


Posted on 26-May-2019
I want to know the baggage allowance for tickets booked on student id.

Admin Reply :

What is the route of flight and cabin class of travel?


Posted on 25-May-2019
Kitna bag kg le ja sakte hai

Admin Reply :

Please use English medium for communication. 

Jiwan Shrestha

Posted on 24-May-2019
Slabs of check-in baggage needs to be bought only 12 hours of departure of flight? Can we buy before that? Reply

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can buy before that as well. 

Jiwan Shrestha

Posted on 24-May-2019
Is the above mentioned check-in baggage buying slabs for domestic flights are same while buying? Is there any hidden charges?

Admin Reply :

We have updated the data. There are no hidden charges.

Sanjeev Bairagi

Posted on 24-May-2019
Can we make the payment by card for Special baggage TV 55 Inch

Admin Reply :

Please check with the airline. 

Lalit Gupta

Posted on 24-May-2019
Check N baggage allowance on domestic flight should be 15 kg one piece or 15kg total for three prices also Thanks

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is right. Weight shall not exceed, if it is to be carried free.


Posted on 24-May-2019

Admin Reply :

Please mention the route. 

Sunil singh

Posted on 23-May-2019
Can you tell me please, Bangkok to Delhi flight no. SG90 how much baggage’s are available for flight booking.

Admin Reply :

20 kg check in baggage and 7 kg cabin allowance per adult or child person.


Posted on 22-May-2019
Hey I'm travelling from BLR to CCU, can I carry shampoo, sunscreen, body lotion and sweets, fruit like apple,and a Powerbank(any restrictions on mah)?

Admin Reply :

No liquid shall be more than 100 ml and these have to be put in the resealable plastic bag. It would be good if these could be carried in check in baggage. Sweets which are not likely to cause mess and are packed properly might be allowed. There are regulations on powerbank to be carried but practically, they allow most of these to be carried in cabin. There is no issue as such. 

Puja Raina

Posted on 22-May-2019
Please confirm the total check-in bagage allowed against E-Ticket for Order 632803874918508656 and airline PNR-HCNY3A.

Admin Reply :

Yours is a Spicesaver fare which allows 15 kg check in baggage for free for each of you. 

Puja Raina

Posted on 22-May-2019
Please confirm the total check-in bagage allowed, if 5 year old child is also accompanying.

Admin Reply :

Any child more than 2 years of age is eligible for same check in baggage allowance as an adult. If yours is an standard economy ticket, 15 kg check in bag is allowed each for the child and for you. so, you can take two such bags. However, if this is a 'Hand baggage only' fare, then only hand baggage is to be taken. It is 7 kg cabin baggage for each one of you. However, if ticket booked in Hand Baggage Only but you want to take check in bags as well, then a small fee is to be paid at airport for taking the check in bag of up to 15 kg each. This fee is either Rs 400 or 500, please check. 


Posted on 21-May-2019
Can i carry my make up products in hand lagguage..?

Admin Reply :

These are best checked in,.

Mrs vijayslacmi

Posted on 21-May-2019
I have rewuested wherl chair due to age and joint problem

Admin Reply :

Please check with the airline.  We are not the airline and not associated with it. 

Biswajit Maiti

Posted on 21-May-2019
can I carry "GHEE" in hand baggage from Kolkata to Dhaka? If yes, how much quantity maximum?

Admin Reply :

Please check with the local office of the airline or the customer support. This could be a liquid item and this will restrict its volume to be carried to only 100ml.

A.V.S.krishna Rao

Posted on 21-May-2019
I have purchased tickets spice saver (fare type) from visakhapatnam to delhi. what is free baggage allowence will be provided

Admin Reply :

15 kg check in and 7 kg cabin baggage is the free allowance per adult and child. 


Posted on 21-May-2019
Hi, I'm planning to travel with Spicy Jet from Leh (ixl), to New Delhi carrying a bicycle (dismounted and packed). Is the bicycle treated as special luggage or it is enough adding 400Rs per kg in case of weight excess? Thanks for a clarification

Admin Reply :

There will be a fee of Rs 1000 for carrying the bicycle.

Swati pagare

Posted on 19-May-2019
Is hair dryer allowed in check in baggage on domestic flights?

Admin Reply :

Yes. it can be taken in check-in baggage.

Bhupender yadav

Posted on 19-May-2019
I will be traveling Bombay to Silchar from spice Jet airlines . How much allowed to carry check in baggage and Hand baggage. Please let me know.

Admin Reply :

7 kg cabin and 15 kg in check in is standard allowance. If you have bought hand baggage only fare, then only cabin naggage would be free. However, you can get this 'hand baggage only' fare converted to standard allowance by paying Rs 400 at airport.

Vijayalaxmi balmur

Posted on 19-May-2019
Can i keep laptop in check in baggave

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be done.


Posted on 19-May-2019
Hi, can I carry drone toy in check in or hand bag in flight from Hong Kong to Delhi . Thanks in advance

Admin Reply :

These have to be declared and the battery shall not be more than 100 Wh. Please also consult the local airline office and check through the customs rules before bringing these into India.


Posted on 18-May-2019
Howmuch luggage is allowed in spice jet Jeddah to Hyderabad please can you provide me the details thank u

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in baggage allowance and 7 kg cabin baggage per person.


Posted on 18-May-2019
I need to carry my 49” Sony smart tv from Dubai to India (Madurai) What is the charges in Dubai ? What is the charges in India? It is possible to carry 49” tv please advise

Admin Reply :

AED 150 + AED 85 are the charges for carrying LED TV of more than 39 inches.

Vinod Gupta

Posted on 18-May-2019
Can I carry mango in Ahmedabad Jaipur domestic provide information with weight

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken in check-in baggage.


Posted on 17-May-2019
What is student baggage allowance (domestic) in spicejet?

Admin Reply :

Extra 10 kg baggage in check in can be taken by the student.


Posted on 17-May-2019
Is dried fish allowed to be carried in hand baggage or otherwise? It is nicely packed and ensured won’t stink.

Admin Reply :

No, it is not allowed.


Posted on 17-May-2019
taking 2 check each 21kg and 1 carry 8 kgs from Coimbatoreto chennai in spice how much will be the extra charge I need to pay

Admin Reply :

Please let us know which ticket have you bought. If this is a Hand Baggage Only fare, you shall get it converted to standard economy ticket by paying Rs 400 at airport. This will help you get 15 kg in check in baggage for free. Thereafter, you will have excess of 27 kg. If you decide to pay at airport, it will be Rs 400 per kg (total Rs 10800). 

1 kg excess on hand baggage will cost Rs 250 at airport. 

Suba Mangala

Posted on 17-May-2019
Can I take homemade vegetable curries and gravy, pickle in my cabin baggage

Admin Reply :

We do not think all this will be allowed in cabin. 

Sneha mathew

Posted on 15-May-2019
We are three people travelling by the same PNR no. So can the luggage be clubbed? Or is it 15kgs in individual bags. Can't we just get the luggage weight clubbed to 45kgs together! I mean 45kgs we will divide into 2 bags. Will there be any problem?

Admin Reply :

You can club the check in bags of people traveling on same pnr. The only condition is that no single bag shall be more than 32 kg weight. 

Karan sharma

Posted on 15-May-2019
I have booked 2 tickets on 2 different pnrs for same flight. Can my baggage be clubbed?

Admin Reply :

No, baggage of people traveling on different pnrs can not be clubbed.

anshu kumar

Posted on 15-May-2019
Can i take glassware items inside hand luggage?

Admin Reply :

These might not be allowed in cabin. Please mark the box as fragile and take as check in baggage.


Posted on 14-May-2019
How much quantity of zam zam water can take from Dubai(DXB) to Calicut(CCJ)? . Does it included with total baggage weight ?

Admin Reply :

Up to 5 litres in check in baggage is allowed and it is to be within the free check in bag weight limit.


Posted on 13-May-2019
I will be traveling from Dubai to Bombay in Emirates Airlines. I will be booked Bombay to Chennai in spice jet. How much allowed to carry check in baggage and Hand baggage. Please let me know.

Admin Reply :

The baggage allowance is of 15 kg in check-in. Hand baggage allowance is 7 kg. Spicejet will go by its own allowance and any baggage more than free allowance will be charged for.


Raghavi shivaram

Posted on 13-May-2019
Can I bring hair straightener in cargo luggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried in check in baggage.

Ravi Domadia

Posted on 13-May-2019
I have booked spicejet cabbin baggage only flight and i booked for 2 person and and pnr number is N7SDNS for mumbai to ahemdabad. Can i carry 2 baggage of 15 kg each total 30 kg in checked in baggage and pay fees of 800 rs at airport?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can pay Rs 400 at airport for each of you to get the standard allowance of 15 kg in check in baggage for each of you.


Posted on 13-May-2019
lagguge information only hand bag ya trolly u go to flight

Admin Reply :

Please be clear in your query.


Posted on 13-May-2019
I have booked a domestic flight at spicejet saver..which allows to carry only 7 kg hand baggage...but now i want to carry check in baggage of 10 kg extra so how much it will cost extra

Admin Reply :

Spicejet Saver allows you to have free check in baggage allowance of 15 kg. It is 'Hand Baggage Only' fare which allows you to have only one cabin bag. 

bhargav nemmadivenkat

Posted on 12-May-2019
Can I take Pickles From my Home.I am Having my flight from hyderabad to delhi Business Class.Is that allowed?

Admin Reply :

Seal packed pickles can be taken in check in baggage, not in cabin.


Posted on 11-May-2019
Can I carry unfoldable orthopedic Walker with me

Admin Reply :

If it is required for movement, it can be taken


Posted on 11-May-2019
PNR:SYIDFZ,flight from Bangalore to Bagdogra, Spice Jet SG-714,is it possible to carry hair straightener in hand bag in flight

Admin Reply :

It shall be checked in.


Posted on 10-May-2019
Can I carry my hair straightener in the cabin baggage in domestic flight ( spicejet)?

Admin Reply :

No, this might not be allowed in cabin.


Posted on 09-May-2019
Dear SpiceJet, is there any scheme pre book excess baggage for international travelers at cheaper price like GoAir and Indigo is giving to the passengers at very cheap price. I am traveling from Seoul to New Delhi and wants spice jet for my domestic travel from New Delhi to Srinagar.

Admin Reply :

For domestic flights of Spicejet, following are pre-paid slabs:

Fee type INR

5 kg - Up to 1975

10 kg - Up to 3950

15 kg - Up to 5925

20 kg - Up to 7900

30 kg - Up to 11850


Posted on 08-May-2019
I want to take few items to my home .. Can i take dates, coffe powder, sweets and few eatable things without unopening it as it as in shop in my cabin baggage. Can u list which are the eatable i can take in cabin baggage .

Admin Reply :

Taking Sweets and coffee powder might require some persuation. Sweets shall be dry. Coffee powder shall ideally be checked in. Any eatable which is likely to cause damage or stain the aircraft seats or other passengers might not be allowed. Depends a lot on discretion of the airline officials at airport.

Pallavi Thakur

Posted on 08-May-2019
If am taking a flight from Hyderabad to Mumbai how much luggage I am supposed to carry ?

Admin Reply :

If you have 'Hand Baggage' fare type booked, only hand baggage is allowed. If any other fare type is booked in economy, 15 kg check in baggage and up to 7 kg in cabin is free. However, if Spicejet Business Class is booked, then allowance is 30 kg in check in and 10 kg in cabin per passenger. 


Posted on 08-May-2019
I have booked 2 seats in flight No.SG 3073 From Chennai to Kochi on 15/5/2019. The PNR is Q8YN2P. Can I carry one check in baggage also?

Admin Reply :

You have the SpiceSaver fare type booked. It allows you to bring 15 kg check in bag for free per passenger along with 1 cabin bag of up to 7 kg per passenger

Megha Malhotra

Posted on 07-May-2019
Can i carry an electric kettle in luggage in a domestic flight?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken in check in baggage.

Asha Upadhyay

Posted on 07-May-2019
We are 3 passengers travelling in same PNR number by spicejet domestic flight. Can we carry 2 bags weighing 23 and 22 kg(total 45 kg) or we have to carry 3 bags of 15 kg each. One adult and two children

Admin Reply :

You can club check in baggage of the people traveling on same pnr but no check in bag shall be more than 32 kg of weight. Therefore, your clubbing is right. Please also note that linear dimension of each bag shall not be more than 158 cm (L+B+H)

Vineet Jain

Posted on 06-May-2019
I have book flight ticket of SpiceJet under Hand Baggage Only. I need to carry check in bag also. So how much do I have to pay extra in total or per kg?

Admin Reply :

You have to pay only Rs 400 at airport to change the fare type from Hand Baggage Only to standard one.


Posted on 06-May-2019
I booked my ticket one month before itself in spicejet. I booked ticket only with hand baggage... Now i want add cabin luggage. But i dont want to pay 400 for that... Is there ia another way for this ???

Admin Reply :

No, the payment has to be done. You can always change the fare type from Hand Baggage to standard one by paying Rs 400 at airport and take up to 15 kg in check in baggage. 


Posted on 05-May-2019
Can I carry Shampoo, 1 litre baby oill ,Soap, and 10 pcs perfume or body spray in my check in luggage in Spicejet domestic flight.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken but with proper packaging so that there is no damage to the other baggage or airplane.

Jamaluddin Jinnah

Posted on 05-May-2019
How many pieces of baggage are allowed in spicejet domestic check in luggage allowance within 15 Kg weight

Admin Reply :

You can bring more than one check in bag within free allowance limit of 15 kg and size limit of 158 cm linear dimensions for each bag.

Rashmi badola

Posted on 29-Dec-2018
Can I keep shampoo spices ginger in my bag

Admin Reply :

Can be taken in check in bag with proper packing. 


Posted on 28-Dec-2018
Can I carry liquids over 100 ml in my carry on luggage ?

Admin Reply :

No,this is not allowed.


Posted on 25-Dec-2018
Can I carry a bottle of Moisturizer in cabin luggage?

Admin Reply :

Liquids more than 100 ml not allowed in cabin. It is better to carry it in check in to avoid hassles.


Posted on 24-Dec-2018
I am planning to carry lightweight Baby Pram, say not weighing more than 7.5 kg and overall length is not more than 42 Inches. Would it subject to any additional charges? If yes what would it be if we are travelling from India to Dubai? Thank you!

Admin Reply :

The pram does not entail any charge if the infant is also travelling. It shall be fully collapsible and will be put in hold. 

Hare Krishna

Posted on 23-Dec-2018
My cabine bag is 7 kg but my checking bag is 0 kg why.

Admin Reply :

This happens when you buy a Hand Baggage Only fare ticket. However, you can bring standard 15 kg check in baggage and claim it for free allowance at airport after changing your fare type from Hand Baggage Only to standard one on payment of Rs 400. 


Posted on 22-Dec-2018
Can I take rice cooker as hand baggage in domestic spicejet flight?

Admin Reply :

It shall be taken in chekc in baggage

Narendra R Jain

Posted on 21-Dec-2018
How I book wheel chair for my old mother

Admin Reply :

You will have to contact the airline customer service. They will provide the required guidelines and also send you the form to be filled. 


Posted on 20-Dec-2018
Can I carry my 12 months old gsd. What will be the charge

Admin Reply :

It will have to be carried in check in baggage. Not allowed in cabin. Please read the details here:


Posted on 18-Dec-2018
What is student baggage allowance (domestic) in spicejet?

Admin Reply :

Students allowed additional 10 kg check in baggage allowance. Valid ID needs to be produced at the airport to avail the benefit. 


Posted on 18-Dec-2018
How much time before check in formalities must complete.... Tell me Pl time of check in......spicejet..

Admin Reply :

PLease check all details here:


Posted on 18-Dec-2018
I'll be traveling Dubai to India, wanted to know if laptopbag/Personal Iteam + 7kg of carryon is allowed.....Or laptopbag/personal item + carry on total has to be 7kg. Also where this Information on spicejet site? I'm looking into there faq section and i don;t some this information that you have posted here:

Admin Reply :

This is not provided in FAQ section. After this query, we have again contacted the airline and the customer service says that the policy is to have laptops+hand baggage allowance total to 7 kg. So, laptop can not be carried in addition to cabin allownace. It has to be carried within this allowance limit. 

Suhrid Hazra

Posted on 17-Dec-2018
Can i carry electric iron, electric extension board, body spray, saving foam.? Also which bag i need to put which item? Please help me.

Admin Reply :

Please carry these in check in baggage. Shaving foam might not be permitted. Please avoid taking it. 

AnilKumar Nair

Posted on 14-Dec-2018
2.3 years old baby baggage allowed? FROM Dubai to Mangalore Spicejet Airways

Admin Reply :

For kids of more than 2 years of age, the normal baggage allowance as that of an adult applies. So, you can bring in 30 kg free check in baggage for the child as well since the age is more than 2 years. 


Posted on 13-Dec-2018
I m going to travel from Hyderabad to jaipur and in my flight only hand baggage is allowed. I want to carry extra checked in baggage..what iChoudhary have to do for this?

Admin Reply :

You can take the standard baggage allowance of 15 kg as free check in at the airport, and then make a payment of about Rs 400-500 to change the ticket from Hand baggage only one to the standard one. Then, there will be no charge on check in baggage. However, if you take more than this baggage, then excess baggage charges will  have to be paid for. 


Posted on 12-Dec-2018
I would like to know can I carry TV remote with my check-in buggage.

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be carried. Please remove the batteries and keep these separately in cabin luggage. 


Posted on 11-Dec-2018
Can I carry TV remote in my hand buggage?

Admin Reply :

That shall not be a problem when the batteries are removed and packed separately. 

Kishor M.

Posted on 09-Dec-2018
Muze surat se goa jana he Feb 19 ko toh me cabin me mere sath kitna kg. lagauge leke jaa sakta hu

Admin Reply :

Please ask your query in English.

Annie George

Posted on 08-Dec-2018
have 2 kochi chennai hand back only tickets. Seems you policy is that I can pay 4s 450 per ticket and change the'fare type" Can I dp it at the time of checking in george

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be done at the time of check-in at the airport.


Posted on 06-Dec-2018
Can i carry hair dryer in spicejet for UAE Tour

Admin Reply :

Allowed in check in baggage only.

Nitin Malik

Posted on 04-Dec-2018
Can I carry more than ONE check-in baggage with me in Spice Jet domestic flights. I understand in case of baggage over 15 kgs I need to pay for extra baggage cost, which is 400 Rs per kg. But my question is can I check-in more than ONE baggage. I am going to travel Hyderabad to Dehradun on 8th Dec. My PNR # is W3MDUR. I might travel with 3 check-in baggage, I understand the fees charged for extra KGs of baggage. But just to repeat I need confirmation that whether I can take 3 check-in Baggages with me.

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can check in more than one bag with overall weight being less than 15 kg. 


Posted on 03-Dec-2018
I need to travel with my 3 months baby can I carry a pram/stroller with me

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be carried. You can take it till the cabin gate and from there it will be taken to the hold by the cabin crew. 


Posted on 02-Dec-2018

Admin Reply :

It can be carried only in flights of Boeing B737-800 and 900 series in kennel in the check baggage. More terms and conditions are available here:


Sanobar Fatma

Posted on 28-Nov-2018
I have to travel with baby of 2 months there is written that I can carry an additional hand luggage of 7 kg. Can I pack total 14 kg in one hand luggage or 2 separate luggage of 7 kg each

Admin Reply :

These have to be two separate bags of 7 kg each Clubbing of cabin baggage allowances is not allowed.

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