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IndiGo Airlines Special Assistance

Special Assistance is provided in case of certain types of passengers. Airlines need to be informed in advance of travel date about any special need of the passenger. This shall ideally be done at the time of making the booking. IndiGo provide special assistance on-ground and in-flight to these passengers. Some of the important rules pertaining to these special passengers are given here. Since the provisions are different for domestic and international flights, these special provisions are categorised as per the flight destination below.

Though the airline has pre-determined policy of special assistance for various passengers, it is always better to notify the airline well in advance of flight time for any special assistance requirement. Ideally, this shall be done at the time of ticket booking. However, you can still inform the airline at least a few days prior to flight.

Domestic Flights 

International Flights

Infants: There is no provision of having a separate seat for a child who is more than 7 days but less than 2 years of age.

Only one infant per adult is allowed in aircraft and that too when he/she is seated in the lap of adults.

No baby chairs or seats are permitted inside the aircraft.

Infants do not qualify for free checked baggage allowance. Only hand baggage of 7 kg is allowed in cabin per infant.

Charges for carrying infants are-

INR 1500
SGD 30
AED 75
THB 705
NPR 2685
USD 24
QAR 86
EUR 23
GBP 23
BDT 1785
KWD 6.9

Infants: Charges for taking infants on international flights-

INR 2350
SGD 50
AED 150
THB 1250
OMR 16
NPR 3750
USD 36
QAR 150
EUR 33
GBP 29
BDT 2985
KWD 10

Unaccompanied Minors: There is a requirement for an adult to accompany a child under 12 years of age. While it is mandatory to accompany a child below 5 years of age, for 5-12 years of age of a child the age of accompanying adult shall be at least 16 years.

Further, if the minor of 5-12 years age has to travel alone, the parent/guardian shall sign the required form and provide their and minor’s valid photo ID.

Unaccompanied minors are charged the following in Indian Rupees and other currencies:

INR 2500
SGD 50
AED 135
THB 1100
OMR 15
NPR 4000
USD 35
QAR 120
EUR 30
GBP 25
BDT 2800
KWD 10

Unaccompanied Minors: All conditions remain same, except for the charges which are mentioned below:

INR 4500
SGD 90
AED 245
THB 1980
OMR 25
NPR 7200
USD 60
QAR 220
EUR 55
GBP 45
BDT 5040
KWD 20

Pregnant Women: Pregnant women are required to produce a certificate regarding their advancement of pregnancy.

Secondly, women having single and uncomplicated pregnancy are allowed to fly till 36th week of pregnancy. Fit-to-fly certificate obtained not later than 7 days before travel date shall be produced if pregnancy is between 33rd to 36 weeks.

However, if pregnancy is multiple but uncomplicated, they are allowed to travel only till 32nd week and required to produce F-to-F certificated from 28 weeks onwards which shall not be obtained later than 3 days from date of travel. 

In case of complicated pregnancies, doctor certificate shall not be older than 3 days from date of flight and for pregnancies between 28th and 32nd week.  there is an additional requirement to seek clearance from company doctor. Permission is given on case-to-case basis.

Pregnant Women: Same conditions of carriage as in domestic flights

Wheelchair Users: Users of wheelchairs are required to provide this information at least 48 hours before travel since there is a provision of carrying a limited inventory of only a fixed number of wheel chairs per flight on Indigo.

Only manual and collapsible wheelchairs are allowed till cabin gate (then taken in hold). The powered electronic ones with wet cell batteries are not allowed. The ones with lithium ion batteries are not allowed beyond check-in point at airport. These are dismantled at airport and batteries are removed. Passengers are advised to carry some material with which they can seal the lithium-ion battery terminals.

For customers using prosthetic devices and they are dependent on them, the same can be allowed as a part of cabin baggage, not otherwise.

Wheelchair Users: Same conditions of carriage as in domestic flights

Visually Impaired: To ensure that there are no hassles to the visually impaired, it is required to check-in at least 2-3 hours prior to travel. Any assistance required shall also be mentioned either at the time of booking or check-in.

If you are carrying a guide dog, then the same shall be told to the airlines before making the booking. In this scenario, it is suggested that the booking be made through the call centre rather than doing it yourself online.

Indigo requires production of reliable evidence that the dog has been properly trained by a reputed institution and is adequately vaccinated and medicated. 

Dogs have to be trained, muzzled and restrained. A moisture absorbent mat is a must carry. Dogs are not allowed on the seat and shall be seated on the mat below the passenger seat.

Passengers with service dogs are preferably pre-boarded to allow them to settle down ahead of other passengers. 

Visually Impaired: Same conditions of carriage as in domestic flights

Stretcher Requirements: If some passenger needs stretchers, the same shall be communicated to Indigo at least 48 hours prior to scheduled departure. Such passengers are required to download the form on the website to be filled by the physician of customer and put the booking PNR number on it and fax it to  0124-40685360124-4068536 . Customers are expected to receive booking confirmation within 24 hours of receipt of this fax. However, it shall be noted that the airline reserves the right to ask its medical representative to meet the customer at airport which is chargeable (charge is equal to prevailing fare of nine seats and an all inclusive handling charge, as given below (in Indian Rupees and foreign currencies):

























Stretcher Requirements: Same conditions of carriage as in domestic flights except that the charges will be as per prevailing charges for nine seats and additional charges for following countries of departure:

























Other Adverse Medical Conditions: If the passenger has any other adverse medical condition, he or she is requested to inform the airlines about the same about 72 hours before the scheduled departure. This information is to be provided by filling in the form provided on the website.

Other Adverse Medical Conditions: Same as in case of domestic flights


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Neha Goplani

Posted on 11-Sep-2023
I am traveling on indigo flight from Pune to nagpur as an expected mother and needing a helper for luggage. Can you help me to get the same. PNR :- N2DF7U

Admin Reply :

Please check with the airline directly for this. 


Posted on 09-May-2023
I am traveling from Chennai to Istanbul via Delhi on 24th May. I need to carry a CPAP machine with me in the cabin baggage. Please let me know if there are any prior approvals required.

Admin Reply :

It is always a good idea to inform the airline about the medical equipment you are bringing on-board.


Posted on 28-Jan-2023
Hi Can I check in an infant car seat for domestic travel?

Admin Reply :

yes, it is allowed.

Remiabai Abilash

Posted on 19-Nov-2022
Hi I am 13 weeks pregnant and I need to travel from Dubai to kochi shall I get an service assistant from Dubai and also from kochi airport

Admin Reply :

If you need service, please check with the airline or the airport. 


Posted on 02-Nov-2022
Hello My sister pregnant and also with her 4 year her daughter is traveling from Colombo to Nagpur connecting flights..But she couldn't able to carry luggage bags with himself due to her daughter and pregnancy.. How you can help her while changing international to domestic terminal???

Admin Reply :

You will have to check with the airport for the Porter Service. 


Posted on 26-Jun-2020
Hi,I am 30 weeks pregnant.In this Covid situation am I allowed to fly? What is the guideline?

Admin Reply :

Government's instructions is that pregnant women shall avoid flying.


Posted on 26-Jun-2020
Hello,My baby is 2 months old.Can we go from Bangalore to Mumbai by flight? Any special instructions do we need to follow?

Admin Reply :

Please check with the airline for confirmation. We do not think that 2 month infant would be allowed to fly due to covid situation. There is a special fee for taking infant. You are also required to bring age proof of infant which could be mother discharge summary, birth certificate or any other.


Posted on 24-Jan-2020
My wife Is 33 Week Pregnancy Good. Doctor Certificate Available. Iam Traveling On Chennai To cochin Dated On 25.01.2020.Ticket All ready Booked. If Possible On travel. Please replay

Admin Reply :

If yours is a single and uncomplicated pregnancy and also have a doctor certificate, you are allowed to fly upto 36 weeks pregnancy at the time of flight date.

Mukesh Shah

Posted on 08-Jan-2020
I am Handicapped having disability >80%.i can't do without wheel chair.I have power wheelchair which is approved for Air travel having lithium ion battery.I am traveling on 03/02/2020 from GOA TO MUMBAI by flight no.6E468 Departure at 17.40.My ticket Ref no.YFJZVF confirmed.Ihave to carry my wheelchair along with me. I have downloaded your from for wheelchair. Pl let me know is there any other formality required. I travel with the same wheelchair to USA 4 times without any formality and easily with very good assistent by their staff- (Etihad, Emirat ,UNITED & LUFTHANZA) For your information i lost my Right leg in accident. Expecting your positive & prompt reply. With regards MUKESH SHAH

Admin Reply :

Dear Sir, please note that we are not the airline, nor associated with it.

Secondly, we do not think that Indigo Airlines will allowed electronic wheelchair operated with lithium battery beyond the check-in counter. So, you might not be able to bring your own chair. However, the airline can provide you its own manually operated wheelchair till cabin gate.

Please check with the airline customer support for any other documentary or other requirement.


Posted on 14-Jun-2019
Respected sir/ madam At present I am 26 weeks pregnant and planned to travel in your esteemed airlines by 27th week provided with a fit to fly certificate from the gynaecologist who takes care of my pregnancy for the acknowledgement of my air travel stating I'm eligible to fly and no complications are noted like dat before 7 days of my travel. I would like to knew in addition to this do I need to carry any medical certificate along with me for travel. If so please let me know as soon as possible.

Admin Reply :

If you have fit to fly certificate, it will suffice. Please note that we are not the airline and are an independent website. 


Posted on 22-May-2019
Does Fit to fly certificate have any format for a pregnant woman of 32 weeks. Or any doctor can issue it in case of uncomplicated pregnancy.

Admin Reply :

The certificate shall state some basic facts about pregnancy, such as progress of pregnancy, whether complicated or not, expected date of delivery etc. Doctors know it. You can refer to the Spicejet proforma for this purpose. It can be found at page 2 of this doc


Posted on 10-Dec-2018
Hi... I came for dubai to chennai on 6dec18 with 25-26week single pregnancy(no complications) with fit to fly certificate from my treating gynecology in dubai. Again i m planning to travel back to dubai on 25dec18 with 28-29week pregnancy.. i know i should get a fit to fly certificate... but want to know whether i can get the same from a private doctor or from a government doctor. Pls confirm d same. Regards Bhavani

Admin Reply :

It can be any, private or goverment. But, the doctor has to be qualified. 


Posted on 11-Oct-2018
I am planning to fly from chennai to Delhi on 7 Nov 18 with my pregnant wife having 33 weeks 1 day pregnancy. The treating gynecologist of my wife is out of station upto 10 of Nov due to some unavoidable reason. Please suggest in which conditions I can travel in indigo air lines

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline in this respect. 

Asha devi

Posted on 05-Oct-2018
Am traveling from patna to delhi and am 30th week pregnant on the day of 4th November.... Can i travel without any formalities... My pregnancy is normal

Admin Reply :

You would need a  Fit to Fly certificate from the treating obstetrician. 

Anurag Shukla

Posted on 26-Sep-2018
My wife will be 35 week and 5 days pregnant when she is travelling from Bangalore to Lucknow via Indigo. She has uncomplicated and single pregnancy. May we please know if its enough to have fit to fly certificate from doctor to ensure hassle free boarding and travel. Thanks!

Admin Reply :

Yes Fit to Fly certification would be okay. It shall not be older than 7 days from date of travel. 

Debika Sharma

Posted on 14-Sep-2018
Hi Pls suggest me what are the terms and conditions for travelling in Indigo Airlines for 28th weeks & 13th days pregnancy women?

Admin Reply :

13 day pregnant women- No need for Fit to Fly certificate from doc. 

28 week pregnant women- There is a need to obtain Fit to Fly certificate from treating doctor. This shall not be more than 7 days older from the date of travel. 

Women shall preferably also carry their pregnancy progress reports which mention the progress of pregnancy. 



Posted on 29-Aug-2018
I am travelling Delhi- Jaipur - Delhi. I use a CPAP machine for sleep apnea. 1)Can I carry this as hand baggage or check-in baggage. 2)Do I need to inform INDIGO staff - if so at what point? 3)Will airport security allow it in as hand baggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is allowed in cabin luggage. You need to inform the airline in advance, preferably at the time of ticket booking but at least 48 hours before travel date. 


Posted on 06-Aug-2017
our parents are travelling for the first time in flight without our assistant..they are not exposed much to this airport there any particular person to assist them from entry till boarding the flight and at arrival?please let us know

Admin Reply :

There will be airline personnel to guide them all through from airport. There is no special service to this effect. 


Posted on 31-Jul-2017
Hi, I will be 29 weeks 6 days pregnant on my journey date i.e. 05Aug2017. Can I do web checkin?

Admin Reply :

No, web check in not allowed for pregnant women.


Posted on 31-Jul-2017
Hi, I will be 29weeks 6days pregnant on my journey date i.e. 05Aug2017. Can I do web checkin now?

Admin Reply :

Pregnant womes are not allowed web check in since they have to produce docs at the time of check in at airport 


Posted on 19-Jul-2017
My mother will be travelling by indigo on 6th Aug 2017 from pune to delhi alone. I need assistant service for her to checkin and checkout her till departure How can i avail the service.

Admin Reply :

You need to get in touch with the airline directly for this matter. 

Nisha Thapa

Posted on 17-Jul-2017
Hi I am traveling in my 33 weeks of pregnancy from Bangalore to bagdogra. Can you pls provide me the sample copy of fit to fly certificate for the same.

Admin Reply :

WE do not have one of Indigo, but one from Spicejet can be found at Use this as a proforma FTF certificate for Indigo. Otherwise, doctors would surely have it. 

Praveer Chaturvedi

Posted on 15-Jul-2017
My mother Madhu chaturvedi,IndiGo PNR is ZHMFFK- 6E 226 29Jul LKOBLR 1355/1620. I need to book a wheel chair for her in Lucknow and Bangalore as well because she is suffering from arthritis

Admin Reply :

This service is provided by the airline. Please contact the airline directly and ask for the same. 

avinash shivram waikul

Posted on 25-Feb-2017

Admin Reply :

PLease get in touch with the airline for this purpose. 

You can check the menu here:


Arpit Shukla

Posted on 17-Feb-2017
Are e-cigarettes allowed in domestic flights?

Admin Reply :

Not allowed. 


Posted on 16-Feb-2017
I will be travelling from Coimbatore to chennai on March 2 and I will be 29 weeks pregnant while travelling. Can you please help me in getting the sample document of fit to fly certificate for pregnant woman .. Also I will be return back in March 9 from chennai to Coimbatore. I will get the certificate from my gynecologist on 28 th Feb. Can you please let me know if the certificate will be valid till 9 th of march.

Admin Reply :

We have given the one of Spicejet airline for this purpose. You can use the same performa for Indigo, without the logo of airline. This can be seen at

Debjani Das

Posted on 15-Feb-2017
I need to know about the travel facilities provided for pregnant woman as I am planning to take flight in 35th week

Admin Reply :

You can travel but the fit to fly certificate is required. Details are provided in webpage content above. 

manoj kumar

Posted on 13-Feb-2017
If my wife having pregnant and running 21 week. Should we still require F to F medical certificate?

Admin Reply :

You have to consider period of pregnancy from the date of travel. There shall not be any issue. Fit to Fly certificate is not required.


Posted on 07-Feb-2017
My mom is flying in indigo in 15th of Feb in indigo she needs wheelchair Guide me

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline for this requirement. Ideally, you shall raise a request 48 hrs before the flight. 

cs yadav

Posted on 07-Feb-2017
what is performa of fly to safe certificate

Admin Reply :

It is fit to fly certificate. IT is available with the doctors. 


Posted on 03-Feb-2017
My parents are flying from Ranchi to Chennai on Feb 28 and my mother is having a knee problem and she is unable to walk. I want to know by when I should put a request for wheelchair assistance. Is there any form which needs to be filled or is there any number at which the information has to be provided in advance. Please assist.

Admin Reply :

At least 2 days before, you shall put in this request. You can do so anytime before it also by quoting your PNR no. 


Posted on 30-Jan-2017
34week pregnancy can travel in flight or not

Admin Reply :

You need to carry a fit to fly certificate from treating doc. Please refer to content above for other requirements for Pregnant Women.

Leo Stephen

Posted on 14-Nov-2016
i am travelling with my wife on 15 Nov, she is 26 weeks pregnant, she required Fit to fly certificate ?? How many days before fit 2 fly certificate is required from date of journey. Is there any format ? Her doctor just checked her up and gave certificate like "to whom so ever it concern" this is to certify that (my wife name ) is under my care for pregnancy of 26 weeks, she is fot to travel by air. with seal of hospital and signature of doctor. Please let me know if this if fine of should i get any other certificate from doctor. One more thing we are coming back on 17 nov, the same certificate will be valid or do i need to take different certificate from another doctor while coming back. regards

Admin Reply :

She does not required a fit to fly certificate. it shall be done not more than 2 days before the flight. It is better to prepare it on letterhead of doc or hospital. Since you would not have crossed 28 week pregnancy limit, same certificate can work.

ashwani bali

Posted on 13-Nov-2016
i am travelling with my wife & kid(infant) to dubai so can i club my baggage weight for all three

Admin Reply :

Check in baggage can be clubbed for passengers travelling on same pnr but one check in baggage shall not be more than 32 kgs. 


Posted on 11-Nov-2016
from where we can download fit to fly certificate format.Please help My flight is on 8 Jan and that time it will be 28 week pregnancy.

Admin Reply :

Fit to fly certificate is available with the gynaecologists. However, you can check for the proforma (available for Spicejet ) on this link:


Posted on 05-Nov-2016
I will b 25 weeks 6 day on 8/11/16 on the date of travelling. I will b travelling back to Dubai. I arrived from dubai on 30/10/16 just a week ago. Do I need fit to fly certificate.

Admin Reply :

No it is not needed. 


Posted on 02-Nov-2016
I am 34 weeks pregnant. I want to travel to jammu. I am having a doctor's certificate. So, will the airlines will allow me to travel?

Admin Reply :

Indigo will allow you to travel. 

CA Anky

Posted on 01-Nov-2016
Myself Mrs ANKY will complete preganancy of 36 weeks on 10 December 2016 and myself booked indigo flight from Ahmedabad to new Delhi on 4 th December 2016....can a fly or not...if I can fly what documents needed for it .... pls much worried to whom I should contact ???

Admin Reply :

No you would not be allowed to fly since 36 weeks pregnancy would be over. 

Sandip Das

Posted on 28-Oct-2016
Dear Sir/ Ma'am, My wife is 28 week pregnant and our journey date is 31 Oct. 2016. On that day she become 29 week and one days!!!! Shall we need the fit certificate. Conditions is normal and not carrying twins. Please advise. Thanks S. Das

Admin Reply :

Fit to Fly certificate is needed. 

Aktar Hussain

Posted on 25-Oct-2016
My wife is pregnant in eight month fifteen days. Can I travel with her?

Admin Reply :

Your wife shall have a fit to fly certificate issued by treating gynaecologist which is no more than 3 days old from date of travel. 


Posted on 17-Oct-2016
Can airline system provide an assistant or a person to carry my luggage from gate to counter and at destination from belt to gate? If I am 14 weeks pregnant. My travel from Lucknow to Mumbai. Otherwise can allow one of my family member to enter till conter ?please confirm everything.

Admin Reply :

Airlines do not provide this service of handling the baggage of passengers. Please check with the airport for the porter service availability. 

Liton ahmed

Posted on 13-Oct-2016
Hi I will be traveling Kolkata to Jaipur. I have baby his age is 2 year 20 days on traveling date. I don't take separate ticket for him. What should i do.. plz guide

Admin Reply :

You can take one at airport. It would be good if you could bring it to the notice of airline before travel date. 


Posted on 12-Oct-2016
My wife traveling on 14 october from banglore to delhi, she will be 27 weeks and 2 days of pregnant on that day she flying. Do she need to carry fitness to fly certificate? And can I get a format of it? Thanks

Admin Reply :

Ideally, she can travel without the certificate since she is less than 28 weeks of pregnancy. But, it would still be good if she could carry it. Doctors have this proforma. 

S Balaji

Posted on 11-Oct-2016
Sir, I request you to provide two wheelchairs to my in laws,Mr Narayanan Krishnaswamy,IAS(Retd)91 years old and Mrs Rajamani Narayanan 88 years old travelling from Thiruvananthapuram to Chennai by indigo flight 6E 315 on Sunday October16,2016 in Thiruvananthapuram as well as Chennai airports.(PNR VDRCHQ) Thank you, Yours faithfully, Balaji 9444041172

Admin Reply :

You are requested to contact the airline directly for this purpose. 

Shailesh Kumar & Swadha Rimjhim

Posted on 09-Oct-2016
Hi Sir, I am traveling on 5th Nov 2016 my wife is pregnant she will be completed 27th week on that days. Please guide be if any medical certificate require for the same. Kindly assist on urgent basis.

Admin Reply :

It would be good if you could carry a fit to fly certificate from treatin doc. 


Posted on 09-Oct-2016
Hi.. I see that indigo allows till 36 weeks of pregnancy with a fit to fly, if there are no complications. But some questions are been answered as it is allowed only till 32 weeks of pregnancy. I'm planning to travel in my 35th weeks. Can you please clarify me.

Admin Reply :

Max period of pregancy wherein you can travel on Indigo is 36 weeks. After this, you are not allowed. 

Now, for pregnancy from 32 to 36 weeks, you do need a certificate of fit to fly if you have to fly. 

salini kanchan biswal

Posted on 05-Oct-2016
I am in my 28th week of I need to produce the F-Fcertificate for 6/10/2016 journey??

Admin Reply :

It would be good if you could carry it. Sorry for being late to reply. There was a rush of queries. 


Posted on 30-Sep-2016
I am travelling to Dubai with my twin kids who are 3 year 10 months I need some special assistance from Bangalore and also at the Dubai airport because we will be changing the terminal , thank you

Admin Reply :

Please speak to the airline directly in this respect. 


Posted on 29-Sep-2016
My parents doesn't know English and going to fly to Singapore for the first time...can they geta assistance through out their journey ? Thanks

Admin Reply :

Yes, that shall not be a problem. 


Posted on 26-Sep-2016
I am travelling from Dubai to India on 30th September. On the day of travel I will be 29 weeks and 2 days Pregnant. I came to Dubai in August with a Fit to fly certificate from my doctor in India. Doctor has stated that I can fly back to India upto mid October. I have all the medical reports with me. With the F2F certificate dated July and with my medicals reports, can I fly back or do I need another F2F certificate from Dubai ?

Admin Reply :

It would be good if you could also arrange it from the Dubai doctor since the certificate from the India doctor (your treating doctor) would be old and this might not be accepted by the airline. 

Ashutosh Sharma

Posted on 25-Sep-2016
My wife will be running 35 weeks and 04 days of her pregnancy on her travel date 28.09.2016 from Ahmedabad to Delhi. What related medical documents does she really needed for air travel. Will it be okey if she travels in this stage. Moreover, she has no complications regarding till date. Also suggest how & from where to obtain the format of fit to fly certificate....plz clarify

Admin Reply :

Please consult the treating gynae. and have the fit to fly certificate for your travel. Docs do have the format of this certificate

Monica Paul

Posted on 23-Sep-2016
I will be travelling from Raipur to Kolkata on 28/09/2016 and I will be on my 29th week at that point. Do I have to produce a fit to fly certificate?

Admin Reply :

If there is no complication and yours is a case of single pregnancy then Fit to Fly certificate is not required. However, you shall take regular examination booklet or chart with you. 

Dipankar Pandey

Posted on 18-Sep-2016
My wife is pregnant and will be traveling from Hyderabad to Delhi on 28/12/2016 and she will be having the start of the 8 month on the same day. What prevision should we take and what doc is required to be carried if any.

Admin Reply :

She must carry a fit to fly certificate from here treating doctor. 


Posted on 17-Sep-2016
My wife will be travelling from Dubai to India in September. On the day of travel she will be 28 weeks and 2 days pregnant with no complications. We have a fit to fly certificate from the doctor in India (where she is being treated) which states she can fly back to India till October. We also have all medical reports of India. Will that be enough or we need a fit to fly certificate from a doc in Dubai?

Admin Reply :

These documents would be sufficient.


Posted on 15-Sep-2016
My wife having pregnancy of 27 weeks 06 days on day on flight day.Do l need to give fit to fly certificate.

Admin Reply :

It is better to have one. 


Posted on 11-Sep-2016
Dear Sir, My wife will be having 26 weeks 3 days of pregancy at time of travelling. Do I need to give F-To-F certi.So where I need to submitd during boarding time or during booking ?

Admin Reply :

No, Fit to Fly certificate is not needed for pregnancy time below 28 weeks. You shall carry regular medical check up docs for airlines staff to ascertain your progress of pregnancy. 

Suresh Mehta

Posted on 08-Sep-2016
I booked ticket for 13 weeks pregnant woman and not shown in ticket.Can she get seat in first row and special assistance to get boarding pass without any additional cost. Pl.advise. Rgds Suresh Mehta

Admin Reply :

You can use web check in to get the seat of choice if it is not pre-occupied. Please speak to the airline customer service for any special consideration. 


Posted on 06-Sep-2016
Hi I will be traveling Jaipur to Bangalore. I have baby her age is 2 year 25 days on traveling date. We take separate ticket for her bt I dnt hve her birth certificate.. plz guide...

Admin Reply :

Hospital ID card, Vaccination record or discharge summary of mother can also be taken to prove the age of infant. 

Koteswara Rao

Posted on 06-Sep-2016
I will be travelling with my wife from Ahmedabad to hyderabad on Sep 08, 2016. My wife will be pregnant of 22 weeks by journey date. Is any document / certificate is required from our doctor to travel. Please suggest ... Thanks

Admin Reply :

Fit to fly certificate not needed if there is no complication. 

Lily Longjam

Posted on 01-Sep-2016
Its mentioned that pregnant woman are required to produce a certificate regarding their advancement of pregnancy. Is it okay if the certificate is sonography result taken recently?

Admin Reply :

Actually, when women are not required to produce fit-to-fly certificate, the airline would like to know which stage of pregnancy is passenger in. For this purpose, the passenger are required to carry the general medical chart or notebook which is maintained by gynaecologists. 


Posted on 01-Sep-2016
I will be traveling from Mumbai to Ranchi with My wife who will be just 9 months of pregnancy at the time of traveling. We have already one child and this would be our 2nd child. She has no complications. Can she travel without any certificate from her doctor.

Admin Reply :

Is it 9 months or 9 weeks? If it is 9 weeks, there is no need for a fit to fly certificate. 


Posted on 25-Aug-2016
Hello There, My Wife is in her 30th Week of Pregnancy. We have got a certificate signed and stamped from our doctor stating that she is 30 week pregnant and her expected date of delivery. But The doctor didnot mention that its an uncomplicated delivery or its not twins. is that ok? Please revert quick as I need to book tickets immediately

Admin Reply :

That shall not be a problem.


Posted on 24-Aug-2016
I will be 30 week 4 days pregnant on day of travel...I suppose I don't need fit to fly certificate and just my pregnancy progress report with expected date from Dr. Would work ??

Admin Reply :

yes, that is right. 


Posted on 21-Aug-2016
kindly assist me what if i have to travel in the eight month of pregnancy?

Admin Reply :

You will need to carry a Fit to Fly certificate if travelling on domestic flights of India and in 32 weeks of pregancy till 36th week. This shall be of recent origin and not an old one. Details are provided in the content. Please read through the above link. 


Posted on 19-Aug-2016
How many days before fit 2 fly certificate is required from date of journey.

Admin Reply :

It shal not be more than 7 days old. 


Posted on 11-Aug-2016
Hi I want to fly after 32 weeks of pregnancy from Jaipur to Mumbai so what kind of documents required

Admin Reply :

Fit to Fly certificate from your treating doctor is required. 


Posted on 08-Aug-2016
Here I see that Admin is also saying to the queries that you can travel upto 36 weeks with a fit to fly certificate with no complications an single pregnancy but there is a query to which the admin had replied -you are not allowed to travel on Indigo beyond 32weeks. ..Please clarify

Admin Reply :

You are right. There was policy change by the airline. Information and policies can change by time. Please ask your query. We will update you with the latest information. 

Our apologies for late reply. We were facing server issues. 

Gandhi Mathi

Posted on 04-Aug-2016
Hi, I\'ll be traveling during 27th to 28th pregnancy... is there to provide any certificate

Admin Reply :

There is no such need if pregnancy is less than 28 weeks at the time of travel on condition that there  is single pregnancy and no complication.

Sarojita biswal

Posted on 25-Jul-2016
I have booked my ticket through online and msg received through my Gmail is there any requirement of print out of my ticket

Admin Reply :

Yes. You have to take a print of ticket sent in email

Vinod Kumar

Posted on 21-Jul-2016
Hi, My wife is having 30 weeks of pregnancy, we have booked tickets from Delhi to Hyderabad on 24th july 2016, do we need any pregnancy certificate? If yes do we need to follow any specific format or we can get from our Doctor. Plz clarify.

Admin Reply :

Fit to fly certificate is required for travel from 32 weeks onwards, provided there is no complication or multiple pregnancy. You can carry a pregnancy progress report which is normally prepared by the docs since the airline staff might need to verify the progress in pregnancy. 


Posted on 13-Jul-2016
Hi, I will be on my 30th week when travelling back home for delivery from Delhi to Manipur. No complaints on my health and this is my second child , I have no complications will I still need the certificate from my gynecologist? will it be alright to travel for me.

Admin Reply :

No, it is not required. But, you must carry pregnancy report which is usually maintained by docs to inform airlines people what is the week of progress.

nirmala khobragade

Posted on 09-Jul-2016
hellow siir i m pregnent women i will complete 27 weeks on 12th july. i have booked ticket from pune to nagpur on 13th july with my husband. should i required doctor certificate ? actually now i come to know this. plz help me. what is the procedure

Admin Reply :

No the certificate is not needed


Posted on 08-Jul-2016
Hi dear, So I mean that the total baggage allowance provided for both of us which is (15 kg+15 kg)of check in baggage and (7 kg+7 kg)of cabin baggage both I Can club check in at the check in counter right as I can\'t carry with a child n pregnant right?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you are right. We have got this information directly from the airline. If you get some different treatment at airport, please let us know through this medium. 


Posted on 03-Jul-2016
Hi Dear, I am pregnant at 17weeks on d day i travel in ur domestic flight and ll be traveling with a child of 2.3 years. will there be an option to checkin our hand-baggage allowance of 14kg(together) as i cant carry the hand luggage? and ll there be any assistance provided til the time i board the flight if they dont allow to checking the hand luggage. Pls let me know. Thanks

Admin Reply :

You would be allowed to club check in and both cabin bags and take these in check-in since you are travelling along being pregnant and having a child as well. 

Imran khan

Posted on 25-Jun-2016 wife will be 33 wks and one day pregnant on 6th of july...she will be travelling alone from dubai to bangalore .pregnancy is single and uncomplicated ,as mentioned by you that one can travel with this condition till 36 wks. I need assistance regarding format of fit to fly certificate and if she needs wheel chair just to avoid prolong walking is it allowed or she need to provide any other certificate related to it..please to reply

Admin Reply :

For wheelchair assistance, you must speak to airline since they will arrange for it at the airport. Fit-to-Fly certificate proformas are present with the doctors and they can give the same. Indigo also provides one at:     but this is not specifically for pregnant women. 


Posted on 23-Jun-2016
My father will be travelling alone to Chennai from new Delhi for the first time. He is 75 years old and is not able to use escalator. He needs assistance to board...what is the procedure?

Admin Reply :

He shall be required to travel with a companion. 


Posted on 18-Jun-2016
I am traveling on 26 June from Delhi to Coimbatore.i will be28 week pregnant the day I am flying. Do I need to carry fitness to fly certificate? And can I get a format of it? Thanks

Admin Reply :

It is not needed if the pregnancy is single and there is no complication. Your docs would have the format. 


Anju Joy

Posted on 15-Jun-2016
Is it allowed to travel in indigoairlines if it is 35 weeks and 4 days of pregnancy.from delhi to kerala

Admin Reply :

You are allowed to fly till 36th week of pregnancy as on date of travel on conditions that it is a single and uncomplicated pregnancy and you are carrying a fit-to-fly certificate from treating doctor


Posted on 14-Jun-2016
Hi, Please let me know if there is free cabin luggage allowance for infant in domestic flight. Also, whether an empty flask is allowed to carry in cabin luggage.

Admin Reply :

For infants, you can carry 1 cabin baggage of 7 kg in domestic flights. Empty flask can also be carried.

Aarshi Arif

Posted on 11-Jun-2016
Can a pregnant women of 24 to 25 weeks with uncomplicated state travel in a domestic flight.

Admin Reply :

yes, she can travel 

Sunil Kumar S

Posted on 08-Jun-2016
Sir My wife attaining 27 weeks 6 days pregnant Fit Fly certificate is required or not from Mumbai to Thiruvanathapuram flying

Admin Reply :

If pregnancy is single and without any complication, then there is no need for Fit To Fly certificate till 32 weeks. 


Posted on 06-Jun-2016
Hi I will be travelling with my 3 month old baby from Chandigarh to Mumbai. Can I get some assistance for the entire baggage handling at both Chnadigarh and Mumbai airports? Since the baby is too small, I won\'t even be able to carry my hand baggage by myself, hence want to know.

Admin Reply :

Indigo might be able to assist any further than guiding you through the airport.


Posted on 05-Jun-2016
Sir i want to carry liquir in the indigo flight. Is it possible to carry liqiur in the flight. If yes than how many units of liquir i can carry in the flight. Please guide....

Admin Reply :

Upto 5 litres in check in baggage in sealed condition. 


Posted on 05-Jun-2016
Hello sir.. we r travelling from chennai to Dubai with our 6 months old baby .Can I carry one diaper bag with some baby food (like cerelac ,smashed fruits n vegetables) in it .. as because total time its gonna take up to 7 to 8 hrs completing immigration n all.. please inform ...many thanks

Admin Reply :

Total cabin baggage allowance per passenger is 7 kg and this shall not be breached. Though infants are not allowed separate cabin bags on international flights, you would be allowed to carry these items in limited quantity. 

Sahad Parammal

Posted on 03-Jun-2016
Myself and wife traveling on 25th June 2016 and she will be in her 28th week of pregnancy during that time. Is there any proforma available for \"Fit to Fly Certificate\" for flying in Indigo?

Admin Reply :

Use this link  This is for Spicejet. You can just take proforma from here.

Indigo also has a link :     but this is not specifically for pregnant women. 


Posted on 01-Jun-2016
My daughter has to fly hyd-blr and back.She has single,un complicated pregnancy of 34 weeks.She will be carrying the F-T-F certificate too. In the answers columns,admin has mentioned max 36 weeks in one reply and 32 weeks in an other. Please clarify which is correct.

Admin Reply :

You shall not be confused. If she is carrying a Fit-to-Fly certificate there is no issue. Pregnant women are allowed till 36 weeks of pregnancy provided there is no complication and pregnancy is single. That is the upper limit of flying. If such passengers are above 32 weeks in pregnancy, Fit to fly certificate is needed, till 36 weeks.


Posted on 30-May-2016
I am travelling with a 2 month old infant.Could you please let me know whether i can carry milk powder and warm water?Also please let me know what ID proof has to be submitted for the infant to travel?

Admin Reply :

Milk powder allowed but not warm water. You will get warm water from cabin crew itself. Birth Certificate of Infant would be fine. 


Posted on 28-May-2016
I am.travelling on June 10 th to Kerala from Bangalore. I am 17 weeks pregnant. Are there any procedures I need to follow

Admin Reply :

If there is no complication and yours is a case of single pregnancy, you just need to carry your pregnancy progress report or chart whatever your doc uses for regular update which can clearly show the current state of pregnancy. Nothing else needed. 


Posted on 28-May-2016
Sir what is latest cancellation fee for domestic flight. Is there any cancellation slabs for different period of cancellation ....? What is cancellation rule regarding infant and child.. after cancellation which fees are likely to return me and which are not refundable.....? In case of child and infant how much cancellation charge will be aplicable...?

Admin Reply :

Yes, there has been change in ticket cancellation charges. You can check these at 

In case of infants, full amount of infant fee will be refunded. 

Komanduri Padmaja Kishore

Posted on 26-May-2016
My ticket reference is RH8E2B travelling from Mumbai to Hyderabad on 06-06-2016 by flight No.6E461. I seek your assistance for provision of a Wheel Chair for me at Mumbai & Hyderabad airports. Kindly do the needful. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline directly for special assistance. 


Posted on 25-May-2016
I am travelling from Chennai to Dubai . plz make me clear about the cabin luggage allowance for infant in an international flight.. apart from 7 kg check in luggage per infant ,is there any free cabin baggage allowed for my baby?

Admin Reply :

For international flights, you are allowed one check in baggage of 7 kg for Infants, no cabin allowance. Infant fee is Rs 2000. There shall be only 1 infant per adult.

Dr. Radhika C R

Posted on 22-May-2016
I would like to know what is the maximum duration of pregnancy that you allow a pregnant woman to travel. Thank you

Admin Reply :

Till 36 weeks of pregnancy, if pregnancy is singple and uncomplicated. 


Posted on 19-May-2016
Hi I\'m travelling from IXB to MAA this afternoon. I just wanted to inquire if carrying an umbrella in luggage won\'t create problem?

Admin Reply :

Shall be within permitted allowance. 

rajesh sharma

Posted on 19-May-2016
I am single elderly woman travelling alone Udaipur Delhi indigo flight on 21-5-2016 . Since I have some knee problem I need travel assistance in checking in of luggage and than assist me in boarding and deboarding with locating luggage at belts and leave me out of exit

Admin Reply :

Support will be extended by the airline staff at the airport. Please inform the airline about the exact type of support you are looking for at least a day before date of travel.  


Posted on 17-May-2016
I m 34 weeks pregnant and because of some personal conditions I hv to travel from jaipur to benguluru ......what should I do to full fill the terms and conditions of flight

Admin Reply :

You are not allowed to fly on Indigo since pregnancy is beyond 32 weeks. 


Posted on 16-May-2016
I booked a ticket from Chennai to ahmedabad on July 11 for my father in law. He recently fractured his leg. He may require to carry a walker. May I know if he is carrying his Walker would that be included in 7kgs as hand baggage?

Admin Reply :

This can be taken extra, in addition to 7 kg cabin allowance. 


Posted on 11-May-2016
Im an International flyer from US to TVM but I have a 3 day stop over at Mumbai. Since Iv booked the tickets seperatley, the baggage allowance is different in International & Domestic. What would be the best possible rates for extra baggage (20kg) from Mumbai to TVM? And also, i cannot carry anything above 2kg weight due to medical conditions on both my hands. So is there a possibility to check in the hand luggage too without additional cost.

Admin Reply :

Rates for 20 kg excess baggage would be about Rs 4600 for Indigo, Rs 3500 for Goair and Rs 4400 for Spicejet. There are pre-booking+per kg rates. You will have to pay for taking cabin baggage into check-in and increasing the weight above limits. 

Andy Patel

Posted on 07-May-2016
International passengers arriving from USA to Mumbai Have a handicapped person From International airport how do we transfer baggage to your domestic airport Do you have a shuttle Do u pick up our checked in baggage right after customs OR we have to carry to domestic ourself. What is the weight limit for international passengers with connecting flight within 24 hours

Admin Reply :

With respect to your query on shuttle service, we are providing the link for your reference: If airlines are different, then international allowance of one carrier will not be accepted on domestic routes of another carrier.


Posted on 06-May-2016
I am travelling with an infant can I carry baby medicine (syrups) in checked in baggage?\\ do i will get any assistance from u to carry my hang baggage or baby??

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be carried in check in baggage. Airline provides assistance at airport. 


Posted on 02-May-2016
I am travelling with an infant can I carry baby food and baby water and milk in the cabin baggage?

Admin Reply :

Hot water is not allowed inside the cabin. You can ask for it from the cabin crew. Milk is allowed in not more than 100 ml quantity. If you want to carry more, the solution is to bring milk powder and seek hot water from cabin crew, 

Amita Dhanu

Posted on 01-May-2016
I am travelling to Goa with my husband and son today afternoon. My husband uses CPAP machine for sleep apnea. Can I carry this ad hand baggage or should this be booked.

Admin Reply :

You can take this in cabin but please inform the airline about it. 


Posted on 28-Apr-2016
I am travelling with my husbnad and 13 months baby from bnaglore to Vizag. Can i carry my baby stroller in hand luggageor have to put it in check in luggage.

Admin Reply :

Fully collapsible strollers allowed on till the cabin gate. After that these are put in check in. 


Posted on 24-Apr-2016
I am about 30 weeks pregnant and i will be carrying a fit to fly certificate. I have booked my tickets online. So do i need to contact the airlines beforehand or at what time should i reach the airport.

Admin Reply :

Checkin timelines are provided here:  Please discard the earlier message. 

Prashant Kumar Dubey

Posted on 17-Apr-2016
i want to know much liquor can i carry?

Admin Reply :

up ot 5 litres in check in baggage in sealed condition

Manoj balani

Posted on 11-Apr-2016
Dear sir I have a flight on 27th April from pune to delhi at 12.40 am with a connecting flight vistara from delhi to srinagar at 6.45am. Firstly will the checked baggage be directly transferred from indigo to the vistara flight or will I have to check in again. Secondly will hand baggage be permitted on the delhi srinagar flight. If not pl let me know how I can carry homeopathic medicine and water for travel sickness from pune to delhi and delhi to srinagar which I need for myself and my 6year old daughter. What provision can be made to carry the same. Lastly what is the baggage allowance per person as we are 2 adults and 1 child 6years.

Admin Reply :

Since there is a change of airline, you wil have to check in again. You might be allowed to carry medicines on board, but not the baggage. Please carry doctor prescription, if possible. Baggage allowance will be 15 kg check in and 7 kg cabin per person for both Air Vistara and IndiGo Airlines

Neha mohatta

Posted on 11-Apr-2016
I have to travel with my 7month old baby from mumbai to Coimbatore so i just wanted to know that till how long can i take pram along with me in the airport premises. And that i have read in the rules blog that i can club my hand luggage with my check in luggage. And no extra cost will be applied. Is that true? And what are the rules for carrying pram along with. And if any charges will be imploed on it?

Admin Reply :

you will be allowed to take fully collapsible pram only till cabin gate of airline and thereafter it will be taken to the hold baggage. Clubbing of hand baggage with check in baggage is not allowed generally. There are no extra charges for carrying fully collapsible prams. 


Posted on 09-Apr-2016
Can we carry power bank in the cabin baggage of indigo airlines?

Admin Reply :

This can be taken in cabin baggage.

Madhubala Tamrakar

Posted on 31-Mar-2016
I am working in Delhi and 22 Weeks pregnant . I have to fly back to Udaipur for my delivery to my family. Its an IVF Pregnancy and initially Placenta was low lying. Now placenta is 29mm high from os. Just wanted to know when (after maximum period) I can fly without any restrictions. As I will have to take sabbatical, I want to work till the maximum period before my leaves.

Admin Reply :

If you feel that there is a need to get yourself examined for fitness to undertake air travel, it is good thing to do and have the Fit to Fly certificate from treating doctor. 

Archna Kher

Posted on 21-Mar-2016
I have booked a flight for my parents from Delhi to Mumbai. I want a wheelchair for my father and an attendant who can assist them with luggage and other formalities. Please inform me about the procedure for the same.

Admin Reply :

It might not be possible to have an attendant from an airline. However, you will have the required assistance like wheelchair at the airport. For this, please inform the airlines at the time of booking tickets or at least 2 days before the scheduled departure of flight. 

Ashish Surana

Posted on 21-Mar-2016
Dear Sir/ Madam, IS A \"FIT TO FLY\" certificate necessary for the following passenger availing \"Meet & Assist\" facility? RE: CRM:01460153 Inbox x IndiGo Customer Relations <> Mar 19 (2 days ago) to me Dear Sir/Ma\'am Greetings from IndiGo! With regards to your mail, we would like to confirm that we have forwarded your mail to the concerned airport teams for further action. We would request you to please advise the passenger to report at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight. We thank you for taking time to communicate with us. In case of any assistance, please feel free to contact our 24X7 contact center at 00911246613838 or 00919910383838. Best Regards Navdeep Singh Customer Relations InterGlobe Aviation Limited (\"IndiGo\") Level 5 Tower D Global Business Park M G Road Gurgaon Haryana 122002 India 0124-7172216 ------------------- Original Message ------------------- From: Received: 3/14/2016 8:52 PM To: Nodal Cc:; Subject: Dear Sir/ Madam, Kindly be apprised that subsequent to the conversation undersigned and my travel agent had with Indigo for availing \"Meet & Assist\" facility, I got a ticket booked for my Grand Mother\'s travel for CCU HYD sector, requesting for \"Meet & Assist\" facility - as her vision is partially impaired, as per following detail: CCU HYD 24th March\' 2016 in 6E538 for Mrs. Shila Dugar aged 89 Booking Ref./ PNR: PDDTGN Numeric Booking ID: 310707041327 She is travelling to Hyderabad for treatment of her eyes. I hereby reiterate that she needs full accompaniment and help from getting the boarding pass till boarding the flight, in flight assistance and assistance & accompaniment till handover to self here in Hyderabad. As advised by Indigo personnel, besides, print out of the above ticket, she would be carrying her Voter ID No.WB/18/108/780065 (scan copy attached herewith) and a \"Fit to Fly\" certificate from doctor in Kolkata. As advised, she would just have a hand baggage with her i.e., there won\'t be any checked-in baggage. In order to kindly ensure her hassle free journey, you may kindly mention/ transmit the information at Indigo Hyderabad desk that Ashish Surana, her grandson, with Driving License No. TS00720150011653 (scan copy attached herewith) and contact details 9573455044/ 9848029218, is the authorized person to receive her at Hyderabad from the airlines personnel assisting him. Soliciting your help, I remain, With Regards, Ashish Surana 9573455044/ 9848029218

Admin Reply :

We fail to understand why you have put all this conversation here. What can we do for you?


Posted on 20-Mar-2016
I have an infant of 5 months travelling with me from kolkata to jaipur can I carry electric kettle for preparing warm water for feeding milk to the baby in hand luggage? Or any alternative solution for getting warm water for the baby in flight for feeding?

Admin Reply :

Warm water will be provided inside the cabin by the crew. Just carry the milk powder. Electric kettle can be taken in check in baggage. 


Posted on 20-Mar-2016
Can I carry my handbag along with my hand carry luggage ?

Admin Reply :

Total weight shall not exceed 7 kg. You can take hand purse along with hand baggage.


Posted on 14-Mar-2016
My wife is 27 week and one day pregnant her booking is on 15th march from Bangalore to mumbai. She needs fit to fly certificate. If it requires thn where we will get this.

Admin Reply :

You will get this certificate from the treating doctor. It has to be from the treating doctor.

Gevendra Kumar

Posted on 13-Mar-2016
I am travelling 15 th of April 16. This date my wife will 25 th week of pregnency. there is no complication in pregnency. Can i travel in this week. Any certificate is required?

Admin Reply :

She is allowed to fly and there is no need for Fit to Fly certificate. You are requested to carry pregnancy progress report or chart which is maintainted during this course by the doctor. This will serve as a proof of pregnancy being in 25th week.

Sonia shrivastava

Posted on 03-Mar-2016
I want to travel by indigo flight on 7 may 2016 from indore to goa and return on 10 th may 2016. I am completing my 32 weeks of pregnancy on 5 may 2016. Kindly let me know can I travel. ? What documents are needed to travel. ?

Admin Reply :

As per Indigo policy, women crossing 32 weeks of pregnancy on date of flight are not allowed to fly.

namrata namdeo

Posted on 02-Mar-2016

Admin Reply :

Medicines can be taken in cabin baggage. You shall carry a prescription for the same. 

can i take mortal remains of a person in hand baggage

Posted on 29-Feb-2016
can I take ashes for asti visarjan in hand baggage

Admin Reply :

We missed this query from you. You can carry the mortal remains of person after funeral in hand cabin but these shall  be properly secured.


Posted on 28-Feb-2016
Hello. I will be travelling by Indigo connecting flight from Pune to Agartala which has a stop at Kolkata (2.5 hrs layover). At the time of travel I will be in my 29th week of pregnancy. Will I face any issues at the airport since its a connecting flight? Also will I need to produce the fit to fly certificate at both airports (Pune & Kolkata)?

Admin Reply :

You will not be required to check in again, therefore, this certificate does not need to be shown ideally. However, if the airline staff do ask you, there is no issue in showing it to them.


Posted on 28-Feb-2016
I am travelling with my one year old infant from hyderabad to New Delhi . Am I allowed to carry her stroller and how much should it weigh?

Admin Reply :

Stroller has to be fully collapsible and there is no weight limit attached to it. It is allowed till cabin gate only and from there it is taken to hold.


Posted on 27-Feb-2016
Is child trollers allowed as cabin laguage in domestic Indigo flight

Admin Reply :

No, not allowed inside cabin, but only till cabin gate. From there it is taken to check in hold. But, it has to be a fully collapsible stroller.


Posted on 25-Feb-2016
Im 27 week pregnant and would we booking tickets from banglore to delhi do I need any fit certificate from doctor as there is no complications till yet and my due date is on may end.

Admin Reply :

Till the end of 27th week of pregnancy there is no need for fit to fly certification. However, you shall carry the pregnancy progress report/chart whatever document you have to show as proof when asked about it at checkin. However, if you have crossed the 27th week on the day of flight, you shall carry a fit to fly certification. 


Posted on 23-Feb-2016
I have booked AI-47 From Kochi to NewDelhi on 05-03-2016 and Indigo 6E-315 from New Delhi to Kochi on 05-04-2016.I would like to get wheelchair assistance for my mother Mrs.Sasikala Devi. Kindly let me know the procedures involved.

Admin Reply :

Indigo does have inventory of wheelchairs on its flights. You are required to contact the airline for this assistance at least 24 hours before the flight. 

Ruchi Sharma

Posted on 20-Feb-2016
I have 6 month old baby .can I take his pram &amp;walker to Lucknow to Delhi. I have to pay for this or its free because of infant. Please reply me as soon as possible. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Fully collapsible pram is allowed in addition to your allowance if infant is travelling. But, this is allowed only till cabin gate and from there it is taken to check in hold.


Posted on 15-Feb-2016
Am pregnant 12 weeks ona visit in dubai and am travelling back on 17 th feb that time i will be 12 weeks and 5 days ..should i produce any certificate showing that am pregnant

Admin Reply :

There is no need for a Fit To Fly certificate. However, you can carry your pregnancy progress report or chart whatever docs maintain on regular basis to show at the airport that you are 12 or 13 weeks pregnant and there is no complication. 


Posted on 10-Feb-2016
I book flite agrtala to kolkata may 25 week running pregnancy kya iske liye koi document ki aawasyakata jai please tell me boarding ke samay problem to nahi hogi

Admin Reply :

If you are in 25th week of pregnancy at the date of travel, there is no need for any document except for the pregnancy report which would show which week pregnancy it is. No Fit to Fly certificate need if it is a single pregnancy and there are no complications. 


Posted on 09-Feb-2016
My wife running 28 week on may and i book indigo flite ticket agartala to kolkata what\'s i need certificate .please tell me.

Admin Reply :

Fit to Fly certificate is required. It shall not be obtained later than 3 days from date of flight and shall be from the treating doc. 


Posted on 01-Feb-2016
Hi I will be 28 weeks while I commence my journey from B\'lore to Goa. Apart from the fit to fly certificate from the hospital, should I also be filling the indigo medical form Please clarify. Thanks

Admin Reply :

No, you need only Fit to Fly certificate. 

Reena Negi

Posted on 19-Jan-2016
Can I carry two check in bags with a total weight of 15 kg if I am domestic traveling in India with indigo?

Admin Reply :

Yes, this is allowed.


Posted on 16-Jan-2016
Dear sir Pls be informed that my wife having 30 th week of 2 nd pregant and travelling from Dubai to BLR. The doctor provided fitness travelling certificate. Pls let know the policy of your flight and allowable maximum weeks. Regards Raj

Admin Reply :

No other document is needed if Fit to Fly certificate is carried. However, it shall not be issued later than 72 hours from date of flight. 


Posted on 09-Jan-2016
Can I carry 16kg baggage during check other than handbag. Will it be chargable?

Admin Reply :

Allowance is limiteed to 15 kg check in baggage and 7 kg is for the cabin baggage per adult or child passenger on domestic routes within India. This is free allowance and will not be charged


Posted on 04-Jan-2016
I will be 25 weeks pregnant with twins(multiple pregnancy)..want to travel from ahmedabad to pune. do i need fit to travel certificate,and my treating gynaecologist is from pune so is it ok if i get fit to travel certificate from a registered practioner of ahmedabad.

Admin Reply :

The certificate has to be from the treating obstetrician and it shall not be older than 3 days from day of flight.


Posted on 31-Dec-2015
Hi.i am going to travel from Bhubaneswar to Hyderabad on 15th dat tym I ll be 27th week I need fit to fly certificate

Admin Reply :

Till the end of 27 th week of pregnancy the Fit to Fly certificate is not required provided there is no prior complication and yours is not a case of multiple pregnancies. 


Posted on 25-Nov-2015
How to prepurchase extra baggage online for spicejet and indigo domestic airlines

Admin Reply :

By calling their customer service or by logging in to your account with the airline.

Punam gupta

Posted on 23-Nov-2015
Hi ,Hi, I am going to travel through Indigo on 10 January that time I will be 31 week pregnant .Can you please tell me the content of the Fit to fly Certificate . And Also let me any Other Restriction of the Dr.’s degree(or other things) for fit to fly Certificate .Is Ultrasound Report is also required for fly which is done before two day of the travel.

Admin Reply :

Doctors have the Fit-to-fly certificate proforma with them. Doctor shall be a recognised medical practictioner, preferably your treating Gynae. Ultrasound report is not needed. 

We can provide you the link to get medical form but can not confirm whether these are the same as what is required by the airline or with what is present with the doctors. Here are two links for the same:

Sravani varma

Posted on 20-Nov-2015
I am pregnant and will be travelling from hyderabad to vishakapatnam with indigo on Dec 13th.., which would be my 31st week of pregnancy... When and to whom ..will i submit the fit to fly certificate ?and what is the limit on carrying luggage?

Admin Reply :

Fit to Fly certificate is to be shown during the check in process at airport. You are allowed normal check in allowance of 15 kg and cabin allowance of 7 kg. 

Sachin khandelwal

Posted on 08-Nov-2015
my wife will be travelling to delhi at 30 weeks of her a fit to fly certificate required...where to get it from...does that MEDA form available online also required

Admin Reply :

Which airline are you going to travel with? We have received your enquiry both for IndiGo as well as Spicejet. For IndiGo, only upto 32 weeks pregnant women are allowed to fly. Fit to Fly certifciate will be required.

Syed Affsar Abbas

Posted on 31-Oct-2015
Enter Your Comments My wife will be traveling in November 2015.she will be 19 weeks pregnant on the traveling does she need to produce a fitness certificate?

Admin Reply :

No, fit to fly certificate is not needed if there is no complication in pregnancy and it is not a case of multiple pregnancies. 


Posted on 21-Oct-2015
What all details are required to be mentioned in fit to fly certificate for pregnant passenger???

Admin Reply :

Among other things, it shall state progress of pregnancy, whether there is any  complication or a case of multiple pregnancies. It shall also certify that you are fit to fly in this condition during the period of your travel from all aspects. Proformas are there with the gynaecologists and medical practitioners for Fit-to-Fly Certificate.

H L Bhaskara

Posted on 12-Oct-2015
We are proposing to send our nice son who is 7 years old & healthy from bangalore to Jaipur in Rajastan to join his mother. His mother will be receiving there. 1. What are the help we can expect-whether Indigo staff will accompany him from check in point to flight boarding? 2. Upon his arrival at the destiny whether Indigo staff will help him by accompanying till he is received by the receiver at the destiny airport? Thanks & Regards H L bhaskara

Admin Reply :

IndiGo staff will surely take care of the unaccompanied minor. This is a paid service and IndiGo charges Rs 1500 for it. There will be some documentation required to be done at the airport IndiGo checkin. Parent/Guardian will be required to present at airport till the take-off of airplane. Airline staff will accompany child all through to the cabin and care will also be taken while inside the cabin. At arrival airport, he will be handed over to the person whom you will mention. Contact and identity details of that person would also be required to be given by you. 

Travel T &C during 28th week pregnancy

Posted on 11-Oct-2015
My wife is in her 28th month of preganncy . Can she travel alone and would there be any assistance provided on the airport for luggage. What is the limit on carrying luggage.

Admin Reply :

Airlines does not object to air travel it if her treating doctor provides a Fit to Fly certificate. For domestic travel, 15 kg check in luggage and 7 kg cabin luggage would be allowed free of cost. If she needs any special assistance at departure or arrival airport, please speak to the customer service representative of the airline at the airport. 


Posted on 05-Oct-2015
I am pregnant and will be travelling from Mumbai to Chennai on October 15th which would be my 26th week. I hope fit to fly certificate is not required. Other than that please let me know any other document is required during travel ? Or if my reports mentioning the due date or week would work.

Admin Reply :

Yes, Fit to Fly would not be needed. However, you would need to carry pregnancy progress report which will tell the duration of pregnancy. 

Pooja G

Posted on 03-Oct-2015
I am pregnant and I would be travelling on my 17th week of pregnancy from Kolkata to Bangalore . Is any certificate needed? I would be carrying the medical reports also with me. Kindly reply

Admin Reply :

No special documents or certificates are needed if it does not involve any complications. Medical reports and the pregnancy progress chart you are carrying would be sufficient. 

Mohit Malik

Posted on 08-Sep-2015
My wife is pregnant and expected date of delivery is 15 Oct 15 can she travel on 14 Sep 15 with fit to fly certificate? Flight is from Kolkata to New Delhi. She is fit n fine in all aspects and can do all her daily works without any aid.

Admin Reply :

It would be good if Fit To Fly certificate carried. Please ask the doctor whether she has crossed the 32 week pregnancy period. If yes, she will not be allowed to fly. If no, she will be allowed to fly with Fit to Fly certificate.


Posted on 11-Jul-2015
Iam traveling from Dubai to Hyderabad kindly advice baggage allowance and pregnancy certificate valid till date as Iam flying on 13/07/15

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in baggage and 7 kg cabin allowance is permitted on Spicejet. Fit to Fly certificate shall be no later than 2 weeks from scheduled departure. However, in situations where there is any complication, it is required to be issued no later than 48 hours before scheduled departure of flight.


Posted on 11-Jul-2015
Iam traveling from Dubai to Hyderabad on indigo airlines kindly advice baggage allowance and pregnancy certificate valid till date as Iam flying on 13/07/15

Admin Reply :

30 kgs of check in baggage is allowed. Pregnancy certificate shall be obtained from treating doctor.

jugraj morya

Posted on 07-Jul-2015
what are the document is to be required while travelling in indigo airlines by pregnant ladies in 29 weeks.

Admin Reply :

A Fit to Fly certificate from treating doctor is required. Proforma of this certificate is with the doctors.

Pravin Gaikwad

Posted on 05-Jul-2015
Hello, my wife vil b traveling on 8th July from Hyderabad to Pune. She vil b in her 27th week of pregnancy by the time. So I would like to know if it is required to produce fit to fly certificate while traveling even if doctor has permitted her for air travel.

Admin Reply :

Since pregnancy would be in 27th week and would not have gone into the 28th week, the rules do not make it mandatory to produce Fit To Fly Certificate. But, you are required to show a certificate wherein advancement of pregnancy is recorded or is stated by the doctor. Mere verbal permission would not work. 


Posted on 29-Jun-2015
hi, I would be traveling by indigo eve flight Mumbai to kochi on 3rd, wanted to confirm if I can get someone to assist me with my luggage along with charges. Need assistance as I recently underwent a surgery

Admin Reply :

IndiGo has a policy wherein passengers in need of special assistance are required to inform it of the same at least 72 hours before scheduled departure of flight so that proper arrangement can be done for the same. You will have to contact their customer service if you are in need of special assistance.

Debraj Haldar

Posted on 15-Jun-2015
Dear sir...I will travel from kochi to kolkata on 20 jun 2015 with my 29 weeks pregnant wife..I got a form i.e, "Application for carriage of medical passenger" in your site...os it the fit to fly certificate which i need to produce while travelling.....? Or some other form is there....please confirm me....

Admin Reply :

This form is actually a MEDA form and not a Fit to Fly Certificate. This has been clarified by airline representative itself. So, the Fit to Fly certificate can be obtained from the treating doctor who do have the proforma of these forms. You will need to produce the Fit to Fly certificate at check in.

shaifali mathpal

Posted on 01-Jun-2015
Is it mandatory to submit the fit to fly certificate, if traveling in 28th week of pregnancy. From where I'll get that certificate? would Indigo people will provide or my doctor?. Plz tell the procedure of fit to fly certificate. Though its a normal pregnancy case.

Admin Reply :

Yes, you are required to produce Fit To Fly certificate even though you are expecting a normal delivery, without any complicatioins, since you are in the 28th week of pregnancy. It can be obtained from your treating doctor.

abdul wakeel

Posted on 31-May-2015
Dear sir, My sister had to travel from dubai to Chennai through Indigo Airlines on 5th of June 2015. On the date of travel, she will be in 32weeks pregnant. Is she eligible to travel? If yes, When and what are the documents to be submitted.

Admin Reply :

She is eligible to travel uptill the end of 32 weeks of pregnancy. She will be required to produce a Fit to Fly certificate from her treating doctor and this is commonly available with the doctors. This certificate shall not be more than 3 days older from the date of travel. So in your case, it shall not be older than 2nd June 2015. This certificate shall also mention the advancement of pregnancy.

ravindra Kumar Pandey

Posted on 22-May-2015
my doughter prugnent about 30 week what she travel from haiderabad to Lucknow

Admin Reply :

sir, your question is not clear. Please specify the requirement. She would need a Fit to Fly Certificate from her treating doctor.


Posted on 18-May-2015
My brother who is 12 yrs of age is travelling to dubai and is in need of special assistance as no one is travelling with him so wht are the fares and how everything is goin to go pickup in hyd and drop in dubai?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can get special assistance for your child. You will have to carry the child to airport and ask for airport assitant staff of Spicejet. The accompanying person is required to stay at the airport till the time the child is handed over to the cabin crew. There is a need to fill certain forms which will specify the person to whom the child is to be handed over at the destination airport. 

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