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Alaska Airlines Check-In and Boarding

Check-in Cut-off Time:

  1. With Check-in Baggage

           a. Domestic Flights: 40 minutes

           b. International Flights: 60 minutes

     2. Without Check-in Baggage

          a. Domestic Flights: 40 minutes

          b. International Flights: 60 minutes

Boarding Gate arrival time shall be no later than 30 minutes before departure of flight.

Exceptions: Cut-off time is 90 minutes from Guadalajara (international), and 45 minutes from Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Denver.

Methods of Check-in

Passengers can check-in on Alaska Air using the following methods:

  1. Online Check-in

  2. Mobile Check-in

  3. Kiosk Check-in

  4. Counter Check-in

Alaska Air Online Check-in

Time Limits: Online check in can be done on Alaska Airline beginning 24 hours and upto 1 hour before the departure of flight.

Alaska Air web check in allows you to:

  1. Print boarding pass

  2. Change the seat assignment

  3. Pay for check-in bags using debit or credit cards

  4. Upgrade class of travel to First class

  5. Print the receipt of flight

Steps to follow for Online Check-in

  1. Enter the online check-in process by providing Name of City of Departure and  either of the following:

           a. Confirmation Code

           b. Mileage Plan Number

           c. E-ticket Number

       2. Select the travellers who have to check-in

           a. Itinerary verification is done next. Also, passengers carrying baggage are required to mention the same here.

           b. Print a boarding pass for each of the passenger who has checked in.

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