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AirAsia Liability and Limitation

Liability and Limitations of AirAsia are determined on the basis of whether Warsaw or Montreal Conventions apply. This is typically the case when the journey involves final destination or stop-over being in a country other than in the country of origin. However, in cases where these conventions do not apply, the following rules are applicable:

  1. If there has been an element of negligence on the part of passenger, then the liability of carrier will be reduced by the proportionate sum of that negligence.

  2. If the damage is caused by negligence of passenger than there is no liability of carrier.

  3. If damage to baggage is caused in observance of rules and regulations stipulated by the government, liability does not lie with AirAsia.

The claims for damages become unactionable if these are not made within 2 years of date of arrival or scheduled arrival or when carriage stopped.

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