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IndiGo Airlines Baggage Allowance

Domestic Flights

Check-in Baggage Policy

  • No free check-in baggage allowance for Lite Fare tickets. 
  • Free baggage allowance of 15 kgs per adult or child (more than 2 years of age) for Economy Regular and Economy Flexible fare types. Only 1 check-in bag is allowed for this weight. Taking more than 1 check-in bag will entail charges. For Double or MultiSeats bookings, extra 10 kg is allowed free per person.
  • A check-in bag shall be of 158 cm ( 62 inch) of total dimension (L+B+H).
  • For carrying more than 1 check-in bag, Rs 1000 would be charged extra per additional bag.
  • Clubbing of check in bags of more than one passenger is allowed provided they are flying in same PNR and weight of check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg. 
  • Infants do not qualify for free check in baggage allowance.

People travelling on Lite fare tickets can avail regular check-in baggage allowance of 15 kg by paying Rs 200

You can even buy the excess baggage only as per the following pre-defined slabs for the sake of convenience and save money as paying at airport costs more.

Pre-paid Excess Baggage Fees

Pre-paid excess baggage can be booked either on phone call or on website of the airline up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight. 

Charge for additional piece of baggage (at the airport) Rs 1000 per additional bag, (online) Rs 900 per pc with max of 2 pcs.

If you have to pay for the pre-paid excess baggage for Indigo domestic flights and in your currency, then the prices for each slab are-

  3 kg  5 kg  10 Kg  15 Kg  20 Kg  30Kg  Airport Per Kg
INR 1350 2250 4500 6750 9000 13500 550
SGD 27 45 90 135 180 270 11
AED 73 122 243 365 486 729 30
THB 594 990 1980 2970 3960 5940 242
OMR 7 11 23 34 45 68 3
NPR 2160 3600 7200 10800 14400 21600 880
USD 18 29 59 88 117 176 7
QAR 65 108 216 324 432 648 26
EUR 16 27 54 81 108 162 7
GBP 14 23 45 68 90 135 6
BDT 1512 2520 5040 7560 10080 15120 616
KWD 5 9 18 27 36 54 2
MYR 74 124 248 371 495 743 30
SAR 66 110 221 331 441 662 27
HKD 135 225 450 675 900 1350 55
TRY 257 428 855 1283 1710 2565 105
CNY 112 187 374 560 747 1121 46

Carry-on Baggage Policy

Indigo follows the BCAS guidelines for carriage of hand luggage.

  • Hand baggage of upto 7 kgs weight is allowed for adults, children and infants.
  • Maximum dimensions shall not exceed 55, 35 and 25 cms of L, B and H respectively.
  • You are also allowed a laptop or other personal item or duty free shopping bags of up to 3 kg weight in addition to cabin bag.
  • Hand baggage can not be clubbed for passengers flying on same PNR.
  • Cabin luggage of infant has to be carried in cabin only.Infant allowed 1 pcs of 7 kg in cabin. 

If cabin baggage is found to be over-weight at boarding gate, there will be a charge of Rs 300 per kg per sector.

Please note that no hand baggage is allowed on flights from Jammu and Kashmir.

Liquids are allowed to be carried on board, provided these clear the security screening and meet the following two conditions mandatorily:

  • Liquid is put in a 100 ml container at the maximum

  • All these liquid containers of 100 ml can be fitted into re-saleable 1 litre plastic bag.

It shall be noted that the airlines reserve the right to refuse carriage of overweight, oversized and safety-risk items as hand baggage.

International Flights

Check-in Baggage Policy

Free baggage allowance for International Flights of Indigo Airlines-

30 kg Abu Dhabi, Dammam, Dhaka, Doha, Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Kuwait, Muscat, Sharjah, Yangon, Colombo, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City
25kg + 5L Zamzam water Jeddah
20 kg Bangkok, Male, Phuket
23 kg India to Istanbul
40 kg Dubai World Central Dubai

In all flight sectors, the maximum size dimension of the baggage, a sum total of L, B and H, to be taken is 158 cms (62 inches). 

These are levied as per the international destination and in the currency of the departure station from which the flights are flown, which is given below. These extra luggage charges are inclusive of service tax and cess but might not include the additional airport charges, if chargeable.

Pre-paid and Airport Excess Baggage Rates for Flights from India to International Destinations (in INR)

Ex-India To 5 kg 10 kg 15 kg 20 kg 30 kg Airport (per Kg)
 Bangkok/ Phuket  2760 5520 8280 11040 16560 600
  Dubai/ Sharjah / Abu Dhabi   2760 5520 8280 11040 16560 600
 Singapore  2760 5520 8280 11040 16560 600
  Kuala Lumpur 2760 5520 8280 11040 16560 600
 Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh 2760 5520 8280 11040 16560 600
 Yangon 2760 5520 8280 11040 16560 600
 Dhaka 2760 5520 8280 11040 16560 600
 Muscat 2760 5520 8280 11040 16560 600
 Male 2760 5520 8280 11040 16560 600
 Doha 2760 5520 8280 11040 16560 600
 Hongkong 6900 13800 20700 27600 41400 1500
 Kuwait 5520 11040 16560 22080 33120 1200
 Istanbul 5520 11040 16560 22080 33120 1200
 Chengdu / Guangzhou 5520 11040 16560 22080 33120 1200
 Riyadh/ Jeddha 5520 11040 16560 22080 33120 1200
 Colombo 3035 6070 9105 12140 18210 660
 Kathmandu 2500 5000 7500 10000 15000 550

For passengers willing to carry excess weight, the Excess Baggage charges are levied. Passengers have to book pre-paid online slabs at least 6 hours before flight departure using the call centre and online services of airline. Alternatively, passengers can pay at a per kg rate at the airport.

Pre-paid and Airport Excess Baggage Rates  in INR for Flights from International Cities to India

All prices are in respective currencies of departure airport

  5 kg 10 kg 15 kg 20 kg 30 kg Airport/ kg
Ex-Singapore 119 238 356 475 713 25
Ex-Dubai/ Sharjah/ Abu Dhabi 285 570 855 1140 1710 60
Ex-Doha 285 570 855 1140 1710 60
Ex-Kuwait 19 38 57 76 114 4
Ex-Muscat 19 38 57 76 114 4
Ex-Male 43 86 128 171 257 9
Ex-Kuala Lumpur 285 570 855 1140 1710 60
Ex-Dhaka 3325 6650 9975 13300 19950 700
Ex-Kathmandu 3040 6080 9120 12160 18240 640
Ex-Istanbul 475 950 1425 1900 2850 100
Ex-Hong kong 665 1330 1995 2660 3990 140
Ex-Bangkok/ Phuket 1496 2993 4489 5985 8978 315
Ex-Chengdu 475 950 1425 1900 2850 100
Ex-Guangzhou 475 950 1425 1900 2850 100
Ex-Hanoi 48 95 143 190 285 10
Ex-Yangon 48 95 143 190 285 10
Ex- Ho Chi Minh 48 95 143 190 285 10
Ex- Jeddah 309 618 926 1235 1853 65
Ex- Riyadh 309 618 926 1235 1853 65

The international flight shall be within 24 hours of the domestic flight and the pre-paid slab shall be bought at least 24 hours before departure time of the international flights. Proof of international flight would be required. 

Additional Baggage

- Rs 2000 per piece at airport, Rs 1800 when bought online.

Additional Piece International (At Airport)
INR 2000
SGD 40
AED 110
THB 940
OMR 12
NPR 3580
USD 32
QAR 110
EUR 30
GBP 30
BDT 2380
MYR 130
SAR 110
HKD 260
TRY 160
CNY 240

Pre-paid Excess Baggage Rates for Connecting International Flights

All prices are in local currencies of departure countries. 

Excess baggage shall be booked at least 6 hrs before the scheduled departure time of flight. Domestic flight shall be within 48 hrs of the international flight or 48 hrs after completion of institutional quarantine. 

Passenger shall be able to provide the proof of international travel and/or quaratine release documents at the time of check-in. If these docs are not provided, the airline will charges for excess baggage at airport rates.

  8 kg 15 kg 30 kg
INR 1600 3000 6000
SGD 32 60 120
AED 86.4 162 324
THB 752 1410 2820
OMR 9.44 17.7 35.4
NPR 2864 5370 10740
USD 25.6 48 96
QAR 86.4 162 324
EUR 24 45 90
GBP 19.2 36 72
BDT 1904 3570 7140
KWD 7.36 13.8 27.6
MYR 91.2 171 342
SAR 86.4 162 324
HKD 240 450 900
TRY 240 450 900
CNY 176 330 660

Charges for Carrying Check in baggage on International Flight With  A Lite Fare Ticket

In case passenger has booked Lite Fare on international flights, but shows up with check in baggage at airport, following charges will have to be paid for carrying a 20 kg check-in baggage.

Origin Destination 20kg for LITE Fare (INR)
Delhi Kuala Lumpur 3070
Kuala Lumpur Delhi 2766
Bengaluru Kuala Lumpur 1710
Kuala Lumpur Bengaluru 1530
Chennai Kuala Lumpur 1710
Kuala Lumpur Chennai 1530
Bengaluru Bangkok 2350
Bangkok Bengaluru 3290
Kolkata Bangkok 2350
Bangkok Kolkata 3290
Chennai Bangkok 2350
Bangkok Chennai 3290
Varanasi Bangkok 2350
Bangkok Varanasi 3290
Bengaluru Singapore 2500
Singapore Bengaluru 2500
Chennai Singapore 2500
Singapore Chennai 2500
Tiruchirappalli Singapore 2500
Singapore Tiruchirappalli 2500
Hyderabad  Singapore  1900
Singapore  Hyderabad  1900
Kolkata Ho Chi Minh 2000
Ho Chi Minh Kolkata 2000
Kolkata Hanoi 2000
Hanoi Kolkata 2000

Charges for Over-sized items

For special baggage which is over or odd-sized such as skiing, musical, golf bags, surfboards, LCD and LED TVs of more than 39 inches L+B+H (32 inches for ex-Riyadh flights), there will be a fee per item per sector and will depend on the departing sector. This charge will be over and above the excess baggage charge.

You have the choice of paying a higher charge at the airport, or pre-book these at a discounted price. These prices are mentioned below:

  International International Connection
(Airport Charges) (Pre-book charges) (Airport Charges) (Pre-book charges)
INR 2500 2000 1200 1000
SGD 50 40 24 20
AED 150 108 60 54
THB 1175 940 564 470
OMR 14.8 10.8 7.1 5.9
NPR 4475 3580 2148 1790
USD 40 32 19.2 16
QAR 150 114 68 57
EUR 38 30 18 15
GBP 38 30 18 15
LKR 7000 5600 3360 2800
BDT 2975 2375 1428 1188
KWD 11.5 9.2 5.5 4.6

Discounted pre-paid slabs for excess checked-in baggage for international flights are available in different weight slabs. Rates can be seen in this post. However, this option is not open for ex-Dubai flights currently. Also, you need to book it at least 6 hours before scheduled departure time of flight via its website or its call centre.

Connected Segments of Indigo Flights- Issuance of Boarding Pass and Through Check-in of Baggage

a) Domestic to International- Single PNR, boarding pass up to final destination issued, through check-in of baggage till final destination.

b) International to Domestic- Single PNR, boarding pass up to first point of entry in India (stopover location), no through check-in possible. Customers have to collect baggage at stopover and recheck in again for final leg of journey.

c) International to International- Single PNR, boarding pass up to final destination, through check in of baggage possible

d) Codeshare Connections- Boarding pass issued up to final destination, through check-in of baggage possible.

Codeshare Flights

Origin Stations Currency Charges at Airport Per Kg
Ex India  INR 1000
Ex-Malta EUR 22
Ex-Prague EUR 24
Ex-Amsterdam EUR 24
Ex-Budapest EUR 22
Ex-Vienna EUR 22
Ex-Paris EUR 27
Ex- Copenhagen EUR 27
Ex-Dublin EUR 27
Ex-Tel Aviv-Yafo EUR 22
Ex-Brussel EUR 24
Ex-Athens EUR 20
Ex-Zurich EUR 24

How to Add Excess Baggage On Indigo Website?

1. Go to
2. Click "View/Change Booking"
3. Enter details as required. Typically, it is your Booking Reference No.(PNR) and Email ID 
4. Click on Get Itinerary.
5. Go to the option of "Additional services".
6. Select "Add Meal/Add Bag" then Confirm and Continue.

Further, for special baggage which is large or odd-sized, such as golf bags, musical instruments, surf boards, bicycles, etc. there will be Special Baggage charges of Rs 1200 per item per sector. 

LCD and LED TVs As Checked-in Baggage

Since the passengers have to carry LCD and LED TVs on domestic and international flights, the airline clearly mentions the rules of their carriage.

IndiGo allows a maximum of 2 such TVs to be carried on its flight per passenger and the maximum size of each TV acceptable is 55 inches (139.7cms). More than 2 TVs and TVs of more than 55 inches dimension are not allowed to be carried. Even as it allows 2 TVs of 55 inches dimension each, there are certain conditions attached.

If a person is carrying only 1 LCD/LED TV and if the total weight of the baggage (including that of the TV) is more than the free baggage allowance, then excess weight is chargeable as per given rates above (note that these are different for domestic and international flights, as given in table above). In case the TV is more than 39 inches but less than 55 inches, then there is a levy of additional handling charges of Rs 1200.

In case a person is carrying 2 LCD/LED TVs and if the total weight of the baggage (including that of both TVs) is more than the free baggage allowance then excess weight is chargeable as per given rates (note that these are different for domestic and international flights, as given intable above). There is a general rule that the carriage of 2nd TV will always entail additional handling charges and for this the dimension of the TV would be immaterial. The rates at which the additional charges would be levied are the same as are levied for a TV having more than 39 inches (note that these are different for the domestic and international flights, as given in grid above). This situation can be understood as:

  • Both TVs not exceeding 39 inches (99.06 cms) dimension: Excess Baggage Weight Charge + handling charge for 1 TV

  • One TV having more than 39 inches but less than 55 inches, and second TV not exceeding 39 inches: Excess Baggage Weight charge + handling charge for 1 TV

  • Both TVs of more than 39 inches dimension: Excess baggage weight charge + handling charge of both TVs.

Infant Allowance

On domestic and international flights of IndiGo, free cabin baggage allowance of 7 kg is allowed for infants. There is no check-in baggage allowance for infants.

Other Important Links

IndiGo Online or Web Check In Rules

Special Assistance for Pregnant Women, Infants, Wheel Chair bound passengers and others


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Mannan Mannan

Posted on 22-Sep-2023
I am going to Lagos via doha by airlines operating by indigo. In my ticket they have mentioned 2 pc as a baggage allowance so how many kilograms can i carry

Admin Reply :

PLease provide the full itinerary including stops and the airlines which are flying on each sector.


Posted on 21-Sep-2023
I will go to Mumbai from dammam.On my air ticket baggage allowance written 30 kg 1 piece only Can I do 2 bags of 15 kg?

Admin Reply :

Has ticket been issued by Indigo or by some agency?

Sohel Ahamed Khan

Posted on 18-Sep-2023
I will go to Kolkata from Kuwait. My ludge bag is 30 kg. Can I do 2 bags of 15 kg? I have via Delhi, can I get my ludge direct Kolkata, I have to collect from Delhi

Admin Reply :

You can split 30 kg into two check in bags. You will have to recheckin bag after completibg immigration.

sujit lenka

Posted on 17-Sep-2023
Hi team , I'm going to Bhubaneswar from Riyadh with connecting flight in new-Delhi. its allowed 30kg in check-in bag with 2 bag allowed . Let me know that , is there any fix weight(15)kg per bag or both weight should be 30kgs.

Admin Reply :

Total of both shall be 30 kg. There is no fix weight for any one check in bag.


Posted on 15-Sep-2023
Hi. I could not find the page to purchase excess baggage online. It will be helpful if one could share the link. Thank you. Sree

Admin Reply :

Go to Excess Baggage and click Buy Now on this page: 

Sk Samim

Posted on 14-Sep-2023
How much weight should I carry for hydarabad to muscat?

Admin Reply :

30 kg is the check in baggage allowance and 7 kg in cabin. 


Posted on 13-Sep-2023
My question is i have 3 ticket in same PNR then how many kg allowed in one bag...?

Admin Reply :

PLease do mention route of travel.

Sikha Barooa

Posted on 13-Sep-2023
Can 2 person with same PNR allowed 25 kg check in luggage’s

Admin Reply :

What is route of travel? Each person entitled to check in baggage allowance of 15 kg in domestic flights of India 


Posted on 12-Sep-2023
Can I carry cooking induction in flight?

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be carried in check in baggage within permitted allowance limits.

Hans Ram Tiwari

Posted on 10-Sep-2023
Hi i am travelling with my wife from Dammam to New Delhi on 19th September 2023, my question is can i carry One Box of Sony XP-500 Portable Wireless Speaker with check in baggage.

Admin Reply :

You can bring it but it might entail charges if it deemed to be an odd-sized item considering its size. 


Posted on 09-Sep-2023
I am travelling from dubai to hyderabad i just want to know i can i carry 55'' tv or there will be any handling charges for same if there is then how much please let me know .

Admin Reply :

There will be handling charges since screen size is more than 39 inches. Charge shall be about AED 150 at airport or AED 108 when paid online. It shall be about this amount. 


Posted on 06-Sep-2023
Can I carry electronic rice cooker in hand carry ?

Admin Reply :

May not be allowed in hand baggage. Will depend on airline offcials at airport.


Posted on 06-Sep-2023
Hi … travelling from Hyderabad to Abu Dhabi , my question is can I carry electronic rice cooker in check in baggage ?

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be carried within allowance limits of size, weight and number of pieces.

Manoj Kumar Dash

Posted on 04-Sep-2023
Can I take one old gas stove in checkin baggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken withinh allowanxe limits. However, there can be some charges for it if airline deems it to be a special item.


Posted on 03-Sep-2023
Can I carry unsharpened sword in the check in baggage?

Admin Reply :

Different airlines have different policies w.r.t. carriage of swords. It may be allowed with proper packing. We suggest you check with airline as well.


Posted on 30-Aug-2023
Can sunscreen lotion 50gm, face liquid spray less than 50ml, underarm roller 40ml be carried in check in baggage if it exceeds 100ml?

Admin Reply :

In check in baggage, 100ml restriction does not apply.


Posted on 30-Aug-2023
Can we take new gas stove in checked in baggage to Abu dhabi

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken within permitted allowance limits.


Posted on 30-Aug-2023
Hi, are we allowed to carry helmet in cabin in indigo airlines ?

Admin Reply :

You might not be allowed to carry helmet in cabin. Why not check it in?


Posted on 29-Aug-2023
Can I carry God's wooddframe rectangle shape...which can be opened and closed which is almost 2 -3 palm size in cabin bag? Or check in bag?

Admin Reply :

It is okay to take it in check in baggage.


Posted on 27-Aug-2023
Shall I carry pickle n potted plants and sweet in hand language bag or not

Admin Reply :

Plants not allowed. Pickle might also not be allowed as it can make cabin messy. Dry sweets can be taken.

Kalsang Choden

Posted on 27-Aug-2023
If 2 pax are travelling on a single PNR , can they take one suitcase weighing 30 kgs on domestic flight

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken

Aditi Rastogi

Posted on 26-Aug-2023
We as a family of four will be travelling under same PNR. Can we combine baggage and limit of 15kgs of individual be clubbed?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be clubbed.


Posted on 23-Aug-2023
Hi...travelling from Vizag to Ahmedabad via connecting flight from Mumbai. 1)Can I carry junk jewellery? Small silver items? Any limit for those? 2)Can I carry medium sized God's frame box which can be opened & closed in my backpack? 3)Can I carry small LED light which has to be used as per medical treatment for phototherapy?

Admin Reply :

No limits imposed by airline. It has to be taken in cabin bag only, not in check in. Yes the light can be taken in check in baggage.

Markandey singh

Posted on 18-Aug-2023
30 kgs can be carried in 1 bag indigo flight is muscut to mumbai

Admin Reply :

It can he carried in one or two check in bags

Shilpa Sansare

Posted on 18-Aug-2023
Hi, I m travelling from Rajkot to Mumbai by end of this month. I wanted to know whether can I carry ghee (clarified butter) in my check in baggage. Thanks

Admin Reply :

It is better not to take Ghee in flight.

Sanchita Sabat

Posted on 15-Aug-2023
Are earpods allowed in check-in baggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be taken. We suggest that you take these in cabin. 

Kulvinder Sharma

Posted on 15-Aug-2023
Please let me know extra baggage charges for son’s flight ex Del to Bru through Istanbul. His ticket is confirmed on 26-8-23 vide reference no.AO231022690. Please apprise me tariff so that I can pre book it for my son’s convenience ! Regards K Sharma 9915751201

Admin Reply :

You have free check in baggage allowance of 30 kg and cabin allowance of 8 kg. If you want to pre-purchase excess baggage, then the same will be reflected at the time of making the online purchase. However, we can give the estimate. Excess baggage is available in slabs of 8kg, 15 kg and 30 kg and the price in INR is Rs 1600, 3000 and 6000 respectively. This shall be bought at least 6 hrs before the flight time and will be available only when the domestic and international flight are within 48 hrs time of each other. 


Posted on 15-Aug-2023
Hi, Can we carry sweet box

Admin Reply :

Yes, dry sweets can be carried.

Priti Arvind Narang

Posted on 09-Aug-2023
We r 2 people travelling so totally we can carry 2 bags weighing 30 kg as check in baggage my question is can one bag weigh 18 kg and the other 12 kg

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be done for people flying on same pnr.


Posted on 08-Aug-2023
What is the baggage weight allowed for child from 2 to 5 yrs in international flight from dubai to chennai in indigo flight

Admin Reply :

Same as that of an adult.


Posted on 07-Aug-2023
10000mah power bank allowed in indigo flight

Admin Reply :

Allowed in cabin only.

Shubham Singh

Posted on 07-Aug-2023
Hi, Can we carry induction stove in check in Baggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken within the weight and size limts of the check in baggage.


Posted on 05-Aug-2023
I am travelling from Bahrain to Goa via Mumbai. Is olive oil allowed to be carried in check-in baggage. If so, how much litre can i carry??

Admin Reply :

You can take it within permitted allowance limits of the check in baggage by size, weight and numbers of pieces. 

Krishna B Hariharan

Posted on 02-Aug-2023
Does it count as multiseat booking if me and my parents booked the flight together a row…can we take 10kg extra for free then?

Admin Reply :

Triple seat booking is done against one passengers and then 10 kg additional baggage allowance.


Posted on 01-Aug-2023
Today I have flight in abudhabi to Chennai early morning 2.35am flight I packed 30kg luggage one bag and 7 kg for my hand luggage is allowed for one bag 30 kg

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can take 30kg in one bag in check in.

Pranay raj

Posted on 31-Jul-2023
Hi sir I'm travelling Abu Dhabi to Hyderabad my question is I have sound bar it's a 90 cm how can I take in flight

Admin Reply :

You can take it in cabin or in check in baggage.

Ayon Tarafdar

Posted on 31-Jul-2023
I have a question regarding the personal article that is allowed as part of carry-on baggage. I'm taking a domestic flight with an international connection. Can the personal article be a backpack, having a camera + other items (eg. documents, dry food) and not exceeding 3 kg?

Admin Reply :

Backpack miggt be considered as another cabin bag, it is good to avoid taking it. Take a laptop bag instead.

Rahul Rathlavath

Posted on 30-Jul-2023
Can we take shampoo and talcum powder in flight

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be taken. Limits are applied to quantity of liquids and powders taken in cabin, while there is no such limit on the checkin baggage.

Manjeet Dhuga

Posted on 28-Jul-2023
Yes, I’m travelling Delhi to Canada but I buy I extra separate flight Chandigarh to Delhi.but I have two suitcases each 23 kg.I want to know how much cost me for my luggage. Please help me for explain the cost.

Admin Reply :

You will have to pay for excess baggage to Indigo for Chandigarh to Delhi flight because it allows only 1 bag of up to 15 kg in domestic sector.So, for the international connections which can be on a different airline, there are discounted slabs given in content above. Charges are Rs 6000 for a 30 kg excess baggage slab provided you buy it at least 6 hrs prior to scheduled departure time of time and the different between the two flights is not more than 48 hrs. 

We would also suggest that you speak to the airline customer support for confirmation of the same. 

Manjeet Dhuga

Posted on 27-Jul-2023
I’m taking Chandigarh to Delhi flight. I have one personal item, one carry on 8 kg and two bags checked in each 23 kg. How much cost me all this luggage.

Admin Reply :

It looks you are coming from an international connection. If yes, Indigo provides discounted excess baggage charges for it. Pls let us know details such as difference in time before taking indigo flight to help you with right answer .

Rahul Rathlavath

Posted on 27-Jul-2023
I am traveling from hyd to patna please say me which things are not allowed in both cabin and check in bag?

Admin Reply :

Please mention any item which you are doubtful about



Posted on 26-Jul-2023
Hi, I am travelling from sharjah to trivandrum next week, my check in baggage allowance was 30kg but I am taking 32kg that means 2 kg extra can they allow??

Admin Reply :

This will be chargeable. This is an earning opportunity for the airline, even if it is 1 kg extra.

Ramesh C R

Posted on 26-Jul-2023
I am travelling to Singapore on 28th of this month through Indego airlines. Can I carry electric kettle of measurement 20x20x22 cms size weighing about 2kg in check in bag?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried in check in baggage within allowance limits of size and weight for free.

imran shaikh

Posted on 25-Jul-2023
can i carry 39'' led in dubai to bbsr direct flight

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried free of cost within permitted size and weight limits of the check in baggage allowance. 

Indrajeet Sarkar

Posted on 23-Jul-2023
Can i carry 20packs (20x10=200 sticks) in domestic flight? Bcz saw in a number of post that it is limited to 100 sticks in domestic and 200 sticks in international. So just wanted to be sure.

Admin Reply :

WE suggest that you check this with the airline customer support. We will also also have to get in touch with them for this. If we are able to find an answer, we will reply back on this thread.


Indrajeet Sarkar

Posted on 22-Jul-2023
What is the maximum permissible number of packs of cigarettes(each pack contains 10 cigs) allowed in Indigo domestic airlines. And if there is any other rule regarding carrying cigarettes.

Admin Reply :

Airline does not restrict the number of cigarette packs you can bring on board. So, you can take it free of cost within permitted allowance limits by weight and size. Indigo allows it in cabin as well as check-in. However, it strictly prohibits smoking in flight. So, if taken in cabin, it shall be well packed and sealed.

Nihar Ranjan Mohapatra

Posted on 21-Jul-2023
What is the criteria of gold and silver carrying in check in baggage

Admin Reply :

Precious metals are to be taken in cabin baggage only. 


Posted on 20-Jul-2023
Hi, can I take my 24 inch IMAC which is a desktop only in my checked in baggage. Thank you

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be takenin check in baggage. However, if the airline perceives it to be an odd-sized item, then Rs 2000 might be charged for it.


Posted on 19-Jul-2023
How many luggage bags are allowed from India to Istanbul nd Istanbul to Dublin Ireland

Admin Reply :

Maximum 2 check in bags are allowed by Indigo airlines for international flights. This is the case so far as free allowance is concerned. You can take more bags on payment of charges.


Posted on 18-Jul-2023
What is the dimensions of hand luggage India to Qatar

Admin Reply :

Sum of dimensions shall be 115cm


Posted on 17-Jul-2023
Hi! I have booked Dubai to Coimbatore Flight with Indigo with a layover of 3 hrs in Hyd. My allowed baggage allowance is 30 kg as it is International flight with layover in Hyd. The plane will be changed at Hyderabad. Can I take single one bag of 32 kgs? Will it be fine to take a single bag of 30 kg for Hyderabad to Coimbatore or shall I pack 2 bags of 15 kgs.

Admin Reply :

For flights with international connection, 2 check in bags can be taken.

Venkatesh Golla

Posted on 15-Jul-2023
I have booked ticket from Hyderabad to Mumbai, per person baggage allowance is only 15kgs , I have next international flight from Mumbai to Singapore and I want to know that same baggage allowance is applicable for me or not .As Singapore Airlines allowed 2 Piece with each 23KGS.

Admin Reply :

You will have to pay excess baggage charges for the international connections, but these are available at discounted rates. These rates are in pre-paid slabs of 8 kg, 15 kg and 30 kg of excess baggage. You can check these in the content above.


Posted on 15-Jul-2023
I have booked a corporate ticket for domestic flight and the free cabin luggage allowed is 10kg as per the ticket. Does that mean I can carry a 10kg bag plus 3kg personal bag or is it just one bag of 10kgs?

Admin Reply :

You will have to check with the airline since there could be special benefits associated with a corporate ticket. 


Posted on 13-Jul-2023
Power Bank Hand luggage allowed

Admin Reply :

Yes, powerbanks are allowed only in hand carry.

Fathima Binth Salim

Posted on 13-Jul-2023
I have connection flight from Kochi to Amsterdam in KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Kochi to Banglore and Banglore to Amsterdam. Both booked from KLM under 1 ticket. As the ticket is of business class, it allows 32×2 check-in luggage plus 2 cabin luggage and carry bag of 18kg per person. Although my ticket is of KLM Business class, Kochi to Banglore is shown as IndiGo Economy. So will there be any issues with my luggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you will have to pay excess baggage charges, but at discounted rates. The rates are given in the content above.

Sheik Mohamed meeran

Posted on 13-Jul-2023
43 inch led tv ras al khaimah -to- chennai allowed (or) charges

Admin Reply :

There will be charges for it since it is more than 39 inches screen size. Charge is about AED 110. 

Faizal kiyasudeen

Posted on 12-Jul-2023
Hi My hand luggage is 7 kg I will departure international flight Can I bring the laptop for hand luggage,thats one added for included or excluded?

Admin Reply :

You can bring one laptop in addition to it. It shall not weight more than 3 kg.

Benazir begum

Posted on 11-Jul-2023
I'm travelling next week in indigo flight from Dubai to Chennai. Am I Allowed to carry a 55 inch tv

Admin Reply :

Yes, on payment of charges.

Bhavani Kuppa

Posted on 09-Jul-2023
I have a booking on INdigo and have to buy 10 kgs excess baggage, but the Add ons link allows me to buy 3 kgs only. Can you please guide on how to buy the 10 kgs . Please provide step by step process. Thank you

Admin Reply :

You shall be able to do it from Add Ons --->Excess Baggage--->Buy Now. These Add Ons can be found at If still you are not able to do it, please lodge complaint with the airline directly. Also, please try a different browser for the same. Sometimes, there are compatibility issues of browser, though this issue shall not come with Indigo airline website. 


Posted on 07-Jul-2023
I have booked ticket from Vijayawada to Bangalore, per person baggage allowance is only 15kgs , I have next international flight from Bangalore, and I want to know if that student baggage allowance is applicable for me or not as I am a student .

Admin Reply :

If you meet terms and conditions given in then you can get 10 kg extra baggage allowance.


Posted on 06-Jul-2023
My travel date 12 July from Abudhabi to Kochi baggage is 30 kg is it possible to pack in one bag

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can take 1 bag of 30 kg. Max permitted weight for any one check in bag is 32 kg. The 2 piece limit applied by Indigo is the upper limit on number of bags since people tend to take many bags within 30 kg allowance. So, if you want to take 30 kg in 1 check in bag, it is okay. 

However, please also observe the size limits of the bag.

Magar Missu

Posted on 30-Jun-2023
How many luggage allowed for 10 years old child

Admin Reply :

Children of more than 2 years of age have same baggage allowance as that of an adult. 

lilibeth alit

Posted on 29-Jun-2023
i have flight from damman to many kilos allowed to check in luggage

Admin Reply :

Can you please provide the break up of itinerary with the airlines flying on sector and also mention the cabin class of travel.

Ayisha nasrin

Posted on 21-Jun-2023
I'm flying from Calicut to Dubai.Can I carry 2 bag with total weight of 30kg. Is there any additional fee. What is the allowed dimension of each bag

Admin Reply :

Yes you can take two check in bags within 30 kg allowance limit. No extra fee. Size of each check in bag shall be 158 cm linear dimension


Posted on 14-May-2023
Sir i want to carry 55 inch tv from abudhabi to kozhikode can u allow ? if allow you have any charge ?

Admin Reply :

We are not the airline company, but an informative website. Yes, you can bring a 55 inch TV but on payment of charges. These are given in the content above. AED 150 is the charge if you pay at airport, or AED 105 when paid online before coming to airport.

Sairus Haneefa

Posted on 10-May-2023
I am booking my wife and child (age 8 years old) From Riyadh to Thiruvananthapuram Adult allow 30kg + 7kg cabin but My child how much kilograms baggage and cabin ? Please reply.

Admin Reply :

Children of more than 2 years age allowed same allowance as that of adult.


Posted on 08-May-2023
Can I carry my guitar, laptop bag & hand carry in indigo flight without paying any additional charges

Admin Reply :

Guitar can be taken in cabin provided it is packed in soft case. Laptop can be carried in addition to hand baggage allowance. Weight shall not be more than 3 kg. No charges have to be paid for these. 


Posted on 04-May-2023
Can i carry brass god idol 15 inch in indigo flight guwahati to delhi???

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be carried within check in baggage allowance .

Jignesh Panchal

Posted on 02-May-2023
We are 4 family members with 2 kids and 2 adults in domestic flight 15 kg per person is allowed. We have booked ticket against same PNR. Is Clubbing of check in baggage allowed?? if it is so can we take two bags each of 30 kg against 4 passengers.

Admin Reply :

Yes clubbing of only check in baggage allowance is allowed for people on same pnr. Any one check in bag shall not be more tham 32 kg weight.


Posted on 16-Apr-2023
Which shape baggage are allowed

Admin Reply :

Regular cabin or check in bags shall be taken. If you have anything specific to ask, please mention that.


Posted on 09-Apr-2023
i have booked Del-Auh flight with 40kg Check in baggage and also i purchased 5kg extra baggage . Now total i have 45kg Baggage so i make two pieces one of 23kg & second one is 23kg .Is it fine

Admin Reply :

For Delhi- AUH flights of Indigo, the allowance is in weight. Total of 45 kg has to be taken in 2 check-in bags since any one bag can not be more than 32 kg. That is the upper weight limit for any check-in bag. 



Posted on 07-Apr-2023
Can i carry my badminton racquet in carry on baggage in CNN-DOH flight?

Admin Reply :

All sports and muscial instruments are best checked in on the Indigo flights. However, badminton racuet might be allowed in cabin provided it is within size limits and the airline officers at airport allow it to be carried in cabin.


Posted on 29-Mar-2023
Can I carry 40 " TV, I booked Muscat to TRV via Kochi is there any charges for TV?

Admin Reply :

TV will be charged for since it is mre than 39 inches screen size.

Vipul Sharma

Posted on 27-Mar-2023
What is the excess baggage charge per kg from Chandigarh to Bengaluru

Admin Reply :

Airport charges per kg of excess baggage on India domestic routes are Rs 550/kg


Posted on 13-Mar-2023
Is it Hair fiber carrying in hyderabad to Jaipur allowed or not??

Admin Reply :

Allowed in check in baggage and in packed condition.


Posted on 11-Mar-2023
55 inch led allow from dubai to calicut????

Admin Reply :

Allowed but on payment of excess baggage charges. These are given in the content above.

Shireen Begum

Posted on 20-Feb-2023
Can I carry extension box

Admin Reply :

Yes, extension box can be carried in check in baggage


Posted on 20-Feb-2023
Can I carry shampoo, oil, syringes, sunscreen in cabbin baggage

Admin Reply :

Toilteries can be taken in separate transparent plastic resealable bag in cabin but syringes not allowed. Also, liquids more than 100ml not allowed in cabin.


Posted on 20-Feb-2023
Can I carry razor, electric steam inhaler in cabbin baggage

Admin Reply :

Allowed in checkin baggage

sumanth sanyal

Posted on 09-Feb-2023
Three people in same pnr can carry 30+15 in check in luggage

Admin Reply :

Yes, it shall be possible

Sonaly Ghosh

Posted on 08-Feb-2023
How much personal use gold jewellery allowed in domestic flights?

Admin Reply :

Airlines does not limit the quantity of jewellry to be carried in flight. You have to take it in the cabin.


Posted on 04-Feb-2023
Hi.I have connecting flight. I am traveling from doha (Qatar) to Dehradun via hyderabad. So, where i received my luggage?

Admin Reply :

You might have to recheck in again at Hyderabad, which is the first port of entry in India. Please check with the local airline office for confirmation. 

dasitha kawin samaraweera

Posted on 02-Feb-2023
As per my ticket i can carry 30 kg. I need to know can i carry 2 luggages with in that 30kg limit with out paying any extra charge in indigo international flight

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can take 2 check in bags within 30 kg permitted allowance limits. Size of each of these shall not exceed 158 cm linear dimensions. 

dasitha kawin samaraweera

Posted on 02-Feb-2023
Can i carry my guitar in indigo international flight without giving any extra ?

Admin Reply :

No, excess baggage charges will have to be applied for carrying musical instruments. These are given above in the content. 

Janet Davis

Posted on 02-Feb-2023
What is the baggage allowance please from Goa to Mumbai

Admin Reply :

Generally, 15 kg check in baggage allowance is free along with 7 kg cabin baggage allowance.

Renjith ts

Posted on 02-Feb-2023
Childrens fare are free or not

Admin Reply :

No, there is nothing free.

Ankitha Chandu

Posted on 31-Jan-2023
May I know about the allowance for silver items and if bills are required for all of them.

Admin Reply :

All precious items shall be carried in carry-on baggage, not in check-in. Though the bills are not required by the airline as such, there are other authorities at airport such as security agencies which might put up questions to you. So, it is a good idea to carry the bills.

Saddam Husain

Posted on 29-Jan-2023
I have 30 kg check in bag allowed, can I carry 2 piece bag 15kg + 15 kg

Admin Reply :

Yes, for international sectors where baggage allowance is 30 kg, you are allowed 2 check-in bags. However, there might be a charge of Rs 2000 for the second bag. This you need to check with the airline local office.


Posted on 26-Jan-2023
Hi there. I'm flying from Bangalore to Kuwait via Hyderabad. I'm confused abour indigos baggage allowance. It says "30kgs per person (2 pieces only), basis the sector. At the airport INR 2000 per piece will be chargeable. Additional excess baggage charges may apply" Does it mean that even though I'm allowed to take 30kgs I will still be charged INR 2000 per piece of luggage?! So if I have 2 pieces of luggage of 30kgs total weight, that's INR4000?! Am i understanding this correctly? It makes no sense to allow 30kgs and then charge INR2000 per piece. Please clarify. Thanks for your hard work.

Admin Reply :

No, if you have free allowance of 30 kg, you can take this much free of cost. Rs 2000 is the charge for any items which is oversized or odd-sized and has to be carried in check-in. 

Promit Dutta

Posted on 26-Jan-2023
Can I carry electric trimmer and electric razor in carry on luggage?

Admin Reply :

These items shall be taken in check in baggage ideally. 

D Patil

Posted on 25-Jan-2023
I have a connecting flight econony class from Bangalore to Doha (Indigo) and Doha to Berlin (QatarAirways). I am planning to buy additional baggage allowance. However I am not getting proper answer for above connecting flights . Hence I request can someone help me for additional baggage charges.

Admin Reply :

Bangalore to Doha minimum 5 kg slab of exces weight costs Rs 2760 when bought online before the flight. QAR 50 per kg for Doha-Berlin sector when bought online before flying. 

Suhair Parambath

Posted on 23-Jan-2023
Can I carry single bag weighing 30kg, or should be separated ? on indigo international flight.

Admin Reply :

You can take a single bag. No issue. 


Posted on 13-Jan-2023
Can I carry cardboard box in check-in baggage of 30kg from Dubai to Kochi

Admin Reply :

Yes it is allowed.

drjitendra agarwal

Posted on 12-Jan-2023
Baggage allowance in indigo 6E-2237

Admin Reply :

Please mention the route of travel when asking question. We assume this flight is from Delhi to Guwahati. Allowance is 15 kg in check in baggage and 7 kg in cabin baggage per adult passenger. However, the Lite fare passengers are only entitled to bring 1 cabin bag of up to 7 kg weight. Size of check in bag shall not exceed 158 cm linear dimensions.

Shruti Goyal

Posted on 09-Jan-2023
Can I carry induction stove in international flight?? Is it allowed as check in baggage or hand luggage??

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken as a check-in baggage within permitted allowance limits for free.

Vandana Gondesi

Posted on 01-Jan-2023
Can I carry electric kettle in the airlines

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can bring electric kettle as a part of check-in baggage.

vikrant sharma

Posted on 23-Dec-2022
Can dry sweets be carried in hand baggage

Admin Reply :

Yes, dry sweets can be taken in cabin.

Rajinder Gulati

Posted on 23-Dec-2022
I m carrying one extra suitcase on my flight from Bangkok to Delhi. How much it will cost?

Admin Reply :

What is the weight of the baggage?


Posted on 21-Dec-2022
Can I carry empty lighter ? If yes, In check-in or cabin ?

Admin Reply :

It can be carried in check-in


Posted on 16-Dec-2022
Three members of family travelling together on one ticket, same PNR no. Can carry 45 Kg of luggage in 2 bags.

Admin Reply :

Yes, checked in baggage of people traveling on same pnr can be clubbed. So, you can take 2 bags of total 45 kg, within overall permitted allowance limit and within the size limits of each bag, for passengers ticketed on same pnr and travelling together.

Kunwar Anand

Posted on 30-Nov-2022
How do I carry my Uncle's ashes on IndiGo from Bangalore to Delhi flight for visarjan at Haridwar

Admin Reply :

You are required to furnish following documents-

  • Death or Postmortem certificate
  • NOC issued by the local police station
  • Cremation certificate issued by government authorised cremator
  • Indemnity from the medical practitioner stating that the deceased is free from infectious disease (Often the statement appears on the death certificate itself)


  • Lighter material (like fibre, cay, etc.) to be used as urn
  • No metal urn is acceptable for carriage
  • The urn must be placed inside a box with adequate cushioning

We suggest you also speak to the airline agent. 

Surya Mani Singh

Posted on 20-Nov-2022
How much gold jewellery I carry

Admin Reply :

Airline does not restrict its carriage in terms of quantity. However, it is required to be carried in cabin baggage. For customs and other authorities at airport, we can not say. You will have to check with the local Customs authorities.

Ankur Vora

Posted on 10-Nov-2022
Can we take the cricket bat along in the flight?

Admin Reply :

It has to be taken in the checkin bag. You might have to pay some fee of about Rs 2000 (pls check with airline) for carrying it.

Biju Balakumaran

Posted on 30-Oct-2022
Details of Free baggage allowance when I travel from Thiruvananthapuram to Muscat.

Admin Reply :

30 kg check-in baggage and 7 kg cabin baggage is free oer adult passenger on international flights to Muscat.

Vibha Dewangan

Posted on 27-Oct-2022
I am going with my parents (total 3 passengers) on same PNR, is there any clubbing option so that I am allowed to take 3 check-in baggage one containing more than 15kg and other 2 less than 15kg?(Weight of all 3 bags won't exceed 45kg)

Admin Reply :

Yes, this can be done. Please be mindful of that total weight of a check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg and sum of dimensions not more than 158 cm.

Bharat Gupta

Posted on 23-Oct-2022
I am an Indian resident living in Delhi. I wish to hand carry some speakers from Vietnam. They do not have a blue-tooth or Lithium battery. I wish I knew what are the rules and regulations about carrying speakers on International flights of Indigo ?

Admin Reply :

In general, speakers are allowed on airlines, provided these fit the size and weight limits of carry-on or check-in baggage. However, we suggest that you do speak to the airline in this respect to be doubly sure on this. 


Mitali Agrawal

Posted on 06-Oct-2022
Hi, Can I carry an electric scooter on an international flight Dubai to mumbai

Admin Reply :

That will depend on the discretion of the airline officers at airport. Much will depend on weight and size of it and the ease of handling. In all probability, you might be asked to carry it through cargo and may not be allowed in check-in baggage. 


Posted on 29-Sep-2022
How much i have pay per kilo from Delhi to copenhagen via dhiha

Admin Reply :

Excess baggage charge is RS 600 per kg at Delhi airport. 

Kabeer anas

Posted on 28-Sep-2022
Sir I am planed to travel colombo to cochin via chennai What is my baggage allowance From colomobo chennai and chennai to cochin Becouse Did inter national traveler need to pay for excesses baggage charge Trabsfer from international to domestic flight as a conection

Admin Reply :

International allowance is 30 kg from Colombo. this will be applicable for whole route if the PNR for both legs of journey is same and this is a connection provided by the airline itself. 


Abrar Ahmed

Posted on 15-Jul-2020
Can i carry 55 inch LED TV from QATAR to Jaipur.

Admin Reply :

It can be carried provided the sum of dimensions are within permitted allowance limits.


Posted on 13-Jul-2020
Can i carry 750 ml liquor, one bottle with me.

Admin Reply :

Allowed in check in baggage in sealed condition and upon declaration



Posted on 10-Jul-2020
Can I carry plant pots on domestic flights

Admin Reply :

If pots are empty, these can be taken in check in. But, live plants will not be allowed. Secondly, in present circumstances, you are not allowed to take more than one check in bag and the weight has to be less than 20 kg.


Posted on 09-Jul-2020
Can I carry my pet fish in cabin luggage? The size of the fish is around 2-5 cm. Please let me know if there is any other procedure.

Admin Reply :

No, this is not allowed. Please check with the cargo team of airline.


Posted on 09-Jul-2020
I am tra elling to.i dia from qatar via vande bharath flight,can you please tell me if i can carry a 65inch tv with me under any special baggage allowance/charges.flight is from qatar to hyderabad.

Admin Reply :

Since there are special flights, please check this with the airline office directly. Under normal circumstances, this size TV would not have been allowed.

Purva Darade

Posted on 07-Jul-2020
Hi! I am travelling Mumbai to ranchi. Am I allowed to carry induction cooktop and utensils in the check in baggage?

Admin Reply :

yes, these can be carried in check in baggage.

Supriya Venkatreddy

Posted on 07-Jul-2020
Can we carry desktop from hyderabad to raipur in flight?

Admin Reply :

It has to be carried in checkin and since only 1 bag is allowed, you will not be able to take any other baggage in check in.


Posted on 06-Jul-2020
Can we carry computer(desktop) in indigo domestic aircraft

Admin Reply :

You are allowed only one check in bag.

Shobhit dewan

Posted on 05-Jul-2020
Hi, Wanted to know that i would be travelling from pune to delhi, and want to carry a desktop i.e.- , a 22inch flat monitor, small cpu , keyboard n mouse. Am i allowed to take them all with me in cabin, or i need to submit them as checkin luggage

Admin Reply :

These may not be allowed in cabin because of size limits. However, these can be taken in checkin in normal times. Not sure about carriag e in current situation when only one check in bag is allowed.


Hrushabh Matsagar

Posted on 30-Jun-2020
Can I be able to carry electronic roti maker to bangkok

Admin Reply :

It can be carried in check-in baggage.

Surabhi Jain

Posted on 24-Jun-2020
Hello, I want to know the check in baggage allowance for an adult and a child. Also cabin baggage for both.

Admin Reply :

Check in baggage allowance is same for both. 15 kg is free check in baggage allowance for domestic flights per passenger and 7 kg is cabin allowance for them. We are assuming you are flying domestic. However, the passengers who are traveling on Lite fares do not have free check in baggage allowance. If they want to have free allowance, they have to pay a nominal fee and get the ticket type changed to a regular one. This can be done at airport.


Posted on 21-Jun-2020
I lost my jbl Bluetooth headsets in airplane. What is the procedure to find it.

Admin Reply :

You have to file complaint with the airline.

Soni Bhojwani

Posted on 15-Jun-2020
Can i carry Radha krishna's metal murti in tokri in flight in hand baggage.

Admin Reply :

It depends on size and weight of the idol. Only certain personal items are allowed along with cabin baggage. This is not one of those. So, it is better to check it in and keep it in one baggage.


Posted on 02-Feb-2020
From india to dubai via indigo airlines 72 cm luggage allowed pls confirm

Admin Reply :

Do you want to know about cabin baggage or check in baggage? Also, please mention the item which is 72 cm in dimension and whether this is only one dimension or sum of dimensions.

K Veerabhadrarao

Posted on 01-Feb-2020
What is the maximum allowable LED TV size by INDIGO domestic airlines to Rahjamundry Airport.

Admin Reply :

Up to 39 inches LED Tv can be taken within free allowance limits. More than 39 inches but less than 55 inches TVs are to be paid for, even if these are within free allowance limits. Beyond 55 inches screen size TVs not allowed in checkin baggage


Posted on 16-Jan-2020
Can I take mixter grinder in my luggage bag .pls reply me.

Admin Reply :

Yes, this can be taken as a part of check in baggage within the permitted allowance limits of size and weight. If the size is more than free allowance, then you might be charges Rs 2000.

Pradeep Kumar marwari

Posted on 16-Jan-2020
1 pasanger allow luggage wait

Admin Reply :

Please mention the route and cabin class of travel.


Posted on 15-Jan-2020
Can I carry 2nos.of bags weighing 15kgs each to Dubai from Ahmedabad on indigo international flight. .

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can bring 2 check in bags of total weight 30 kg.

Roshan Kumar

Posted on 08-Jan-2020
I have a flight from Singapore to Ranchi on flight is indigo airlines. My query is that as I am a seafarer and the ticket which my company has issued is having an allowance of am I allowed to carry 40kg luggage, because generally seafarers are getting 40kg baggage allowance

Admin Reply :

You have to check this with your company which booked tickets. Indigo does not offer more baggage allowance for seafarers.


Posted on 07-Jan-2020
Can I carry 1kg of ghee in my check in luggage on a domestic flight to Mumbai?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is allowed by airline in seal packed condition


Posted on 03-Jan-2020
Hi I have flight from Chengdu (China) to Chennai via Delhi and I am carrying 55 inch led tv .my question is my luggage is automatically transfer to Cheenai flight or need to transfer by me ?and my second question is can I pay the taxes for the tv in Chennai airport or in Delhi Airport? Please reply me soon????

Admin Reply :

You will have to get the customs and immigration done at first port of entry. Therefore, the baggage will be checked again.

Nicola bayley

Posted on 01-Jan-2020
Could you please tell me if it is permitted to carry spare AA batteries and spare lithium ion batteries in hand luggage on a domestic flight?

Admin Reply :

These can be taken within free allowance limits by weight and size of hand baggage. These have to be insulated and packed securely.

Latika Suryavanshi

Posted on 01-Jan-2020
Can I carry plants from Malaysia to India.

Admin Reply :

No, live plants would not be allowed on commercial airlines.


Posted on 31-Dec-2019
Can i take a small electric rice cooker in checked in baggage from Guwahati to Delhi

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken in check in baggage within free allowance limits by weight and size.


Posted on 30-Dec-2019
sir I am traveling from Dubai to vizag via Chennai connecting flight I am planning to take 55inch TV so how much handling charge I have to pay.

Admin Reply :

AED 170 approx would be charged for TV of more than 39 inches. IF weight is more than free allowance, then excess baggage charges would apply additionally.

Tamal majumder

Posted on 25-Dec-2019
Hi sir , i am travelling from delhi to agartala with a 42 inch LED TV . The weight of the tv along with my luggage is less than 15 kg . So will there be any charge for me carrying the TV . If yes then how much ? Hopping for an early reply . Thankyou.

Admin Reply :

Yes, there will be a charge because TV is more than 39 inches screen size. The charge will be Rs 2500.

Sai pavanprasad

Posted on 22-Dec-2019
I have 55 inch led tv traveling from dubai to Hyderabad, hyd to vtz( visakhapatnam) if there is any problem in domestic flight . allowed Baggage weight 30kgs in with led, International and domestic both baggage is 30kgs mentioned ticket.

Admin Reply :

You can bring 55 inches LED TV in check in baggage but since it is more than 39 inches, special handling charges have to be paid even if the total weight is within free allowance limits.


Posted on 18-Dec-2019
I have 55 inch led tv traveling from KUWAIT to CHENNAI and CHENNAI to COIMBATORE if there is any problem after CHENNAI TO COIMBATORE. allowed Baggage weight 30kgs with led tv.

Admin Reply :

You will have to pay excess baggage handling charges for taking TV of more than 39 inches screen size.


Posted on 14-Dec-2019
i have purchased 55 inch LED TV travel on 26th December from Kuwait to Chennai. this size is allowed or not any candling charges for this size

Admin Reply :

Up to 55 inches TV is allowed but there is a special fee levied for this. This will be about 10-11 KWD.


Posted on 14-Dec-2019
i have Purchased JBL sound bar that Cartoon shape is L shape ans size is (H-110 CM x L-45 CM x W-40 CM ) this shape and size is wallowed or not

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the origin and destination station of flight. Further, this is more than 158 cm linear dimension limit for check in baggage which airline stipulates, therefore, over size baggage handling fees will apply.These are given in the content above.

Adarsh S

Posted on 14-Dec-2019
Can i carry coconut oil in domestic flight

Admin Reply :

It can be carried in sealed original packing condition in check in baggage, if the volume is more than 100 ml.


Posted on 13-Dec-2019
How much is the handling charge for one 40 inch LED TV from Dubai to thirvanathapuram

Admin Reply :

AED 170 or 180 will be charged

Devender Kumar Sharma

Posted on 05-Dec-2019
I am carrying the 32" LCD with me , what are the safety precautions to be taken care. The TV is brand new & is in Original packing. If it gets damaged then the damages will be whose responsibility.

Admin Reply :

A number of people take LED TV in check in baggage and we have not received any complaint against any airline for damage. However, you can check with the airline directly about the compensation for damages. 


Posted on 04-Dec-2019
Can we carry curtain rod in domestic flight. 37-48 inch

Admin Reply :

This can be taken in check in baggage as it will not be allowed in cabin.


Posted on 01-Dec-2019
Its allowed to bring mehandi powder india to qatar .any costumes problem

Admin Reply :

We can not say about the Customs. Please check with the relevant authorities.


Posted on 30-Nov-2019
How much is the handling charge for one 50 inch LED TV from Guangzhou to Kolkata?

Admin Reply :

It is the Chinese currency equivalent of Rs 2500. It comes to about 260 Yuan.


Posted on 30-Nov-2019
I am travelling from Prayagraj to Delhi. Can i carry honey 500gm - 1kg in hand baggage or checked in baggage?

Admin Reply :

It has to be checked in. 


Posted on 29-Nov-2019
I am travelling from Bangalore to surat, can i carry gas stove(new unpacked) ?

Admin Reply :

It has to be properly packed and shall be taken in check in baggage. It shall be within permitted allowance limits of size and weight of checkin bags (158 cm linear dimensions and 15 kg) if this is to be taken for free. However, if the size is more an additional handing fee is charged for taking it. 


Posted on 27-Nov-2019
Just want to check how much jewel is allowed in domestic flight

Admin Reply :

Airline does not impose any such restriction.


Posted on 27-Nov-2019
I’m traveling from Guangzhou to Kolkata , Can I carry one 50 inch LED TV , if yes do I need to pay any extra handeling charges ?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried and charges have to be paid because it is more than 39 inches in screen size. Also check for the total weight. If weight is more than what is allowed free, additional charges for excess weight also have to be paid.

Sreeja Ghosh

Posted on 26-Nov-2019
Can I carry a sealed can of rosogolla in a domestic flight?

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be carried.

Yaseen Qureshi

Posted on 25-Nov-2019
Sorry little bit confused the Cabin bag is 7kg + 3kg or 3kg is Included in 7kgs.

Admin Reply :

Cabin bag is 7 kg max weight.

Yaseen Qureshi

Posted on 24-Nov-2019
I am Travelling From Doha to Hyderabad I got Information from your Website that i can carry 7Kg + 3Kg(Small Bag) Hand baggage and 30 Kg Check in Baggage is it True.

Admin Reply :

The 3 kg weight limit is for a personal item which is to be carried along with the cabin bag of max weight 7 kg. 


Posted on 22-Nov-2019
is there any customs duty for 32 inch led tv

Admin Reply :

WE can not say about the customs duties. Please check with relevant authoritative sources.

Mohammad EKhlaque Ahmad

Posted on 20-Nov-2019
Can i carry 32 inch TV in indigo flight from DOHA to PATNA , if yes then do i need to pay extra handling charges and how much. Regards Mohammad Ekhlahque Ahmad

Admin Reply :

Since size is below 39 inches, it can be carried for free if this is with check-in baggage allowance weight and size limits. If total weight of checkin baggage is more than freel allowance (oveweight), normal excess baggage charges would be apply

Deepakk Oza

Posted on 19-Nov-2019
Perfume and Shaving kit is allowed in hand carry bag while check-in for international flight ?

Admin Reply :

Shaving kit etc shall be best carried in check in baggage. So is the case with perfume. It has to be sealed and well packed. 


Posted on 17-Nov-2019
Is any policy of carrying gold/silver ornaments in domestic flight?

Admin Reply :

No such special policy by the airline.


Posted on 15-Nov-2019
Can I carry vegetables, fruits and chips in check in baggage in indigo domestic airlines

Admin Reply :

Any eatable item which is likely to create a mess in plane might not be allowed. Chips are fine but vegetables or fruits might be restricted.


Posted on 13-Nov-2019
Can i carry 3 powerbanks in indigo domestic flight?

Admin Reply :

There is no limit on number of powerbanks being carried. But, these have to be taken in cabin baggage only.


Posted on 12-Nov-2019
Can I carry smart TV of 65 inch in domestic (within india) by flight as a luggage

Admin Reply :

No, the maximum limit of TV to be carried in Indigo check in luggage is of screen size 55 inches.


Posted on 11-Nov-2019
Beard trimmers are to be carried in hand baggage or checkin luggage?

Admin Reply :

It is best to take these in check-in baggage.


Posted on 11-Nov-2019
I have a light weight fragile badminton racket. Can i carry it in cabin luggage ? It will be my only cabin luggage

Admin Reply :

Generally, sports and musical instruments are to be checked in. However, if the racket is fragile and you want to take in cabin, you must contact the airline customer service for the same and inform them about this. 


Posted on 10-Nov-2019
Can liquid items carry in laguage?

Admin Reply :

Liquids of up to 100ml can be carried in a separate tamper evident plastic transparent bag. However, not all liquids are allowed to be carried on board. Do mention which liquids you are planning to take. 


Posted on 06-Nov-2019
Is hair straightener allowed?

Admin Reply :

Allowed in checkin baggage, within permitted allowance limits.


Posted on 05-Nov-2019
Can i carrry induction stove and water heating immersion rod in my baggage in flight ?

Admin Reply :

Allowed only in check in baggage, within permissible allowance limits of bag for free. 

Mohd khalid

Posted on 05-Nov-2019
Sr indigo flight Riyadh to mombai 30 kg 2 pc ya one pc baggeg pleesss Sr give ditels

Admin Reply :

You can bring more than one check-in bag for a total of 30 kg. 


Posted on 05-Nov-2019
Can I carry two TVs of 55" from Doha to Delhi? How much will be the additional handling charge? for each TV.

Admin Reply :

OMR 16 per TV is the fee which you will have to pay.


Posted on 05-Nov-2019
Sir I have a 49 inch led how can I go dxb to hyd

Admin Reply :

You will have to pay excess baggage charge of about  AED 170 to take it as it is more than 39 inches in screen size.


Posted on 04-Nov-2019
Can i carry GHEE in my check in luggage?

Admin Reply :

It shall be seal packed and within permitted allowance limits. 


Posted on 03-Nov-2019
Can i carry immersions rod( water heater) in my luggage??

Admin Reply :

Allowed in check in baggage.

Abhishek Roy

Posted on 01-Aug-2019
Am I allowed to carry biryani and chicken chap in my hand baggage if it is less than 7 kgs ?

Admin Reply :

Indigo had this policy of not allowing smelly items in cabin baggage as some passengers might object to the smell. Therefore, we do not think it shall be carried in cabin. However, you shall contact the airline local office to know whether this policy remains or not.

Mohammed Ghouse Mohiuddin

Posted on 31-Jul-2019
Hi, Sir/madam, I am flying to Istanbul from Hyderabad via delhi in indigo airlines. And I am carrying two power banks in my hand luggage. One with 20000mah battery and another with 10000 mah. Is that allowed? They won't object? Thanks in advance

Admin Reply :

Powerbanks have to be taken in cabin. These are not allowed in check in baggage. 


Posted on 30-Jul-2019
Can I check in a guitar?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried

mandip singh

Posted on 30-Jul-2019
tell me can i bring 7 kg oil or not

Admin Reply :

You need to take prior approval of airline before taking it. 

Basudeb Goswami

Posted on 30-Jul-2019
Can I carry my guitar with me in cabin? I shall go to Mangalore from Kolkata on 2.08.19 in your airline.

Admin Reply :

It can be carried in cabin in soft case.


Posted on 29-Jul-2019
Can I carry a guitar and laptop together as cabin baggage ? Any extra charges ? It might exceed 7kg together

Admin Reply :

Cabin luggage of 7kg and standard laptop bag of up to 3 kg is no issue. However, carriage of guitar in addition to it in soft case packing in cabin might depend on discretion of airline officials at airport. 


Posted on 27-Jul-2019
Can i carry 49 inch TV in indigo flight from Dubai to Mumbai, if yes then do i need to pay extra handling charges and how much. Regards Rajesh

Admin Reply :

Yes, this is chargeable. Charges are approx AED 170. 


Posted on 27-Jul-2019
Can i carry shaving kit (mach 3 razors and blades etc) In check in baggage...and how many number of bags can i bring in check in baggage...i m travelling bhu to bnglore... in indigo airlines...

Admin Reply :

You can take more than one bag in check-in provided the check in baggage weight is within permitted allowance limits. 

Mano Adithya

Posted on 26-Jul-2019
Sir can we carry induction stove in our luggage

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken in check in baggage within free allowance limits.


Posted on 25-Jul-2019
I Wish to enquire that the chech in baggage of 20kilos from kuala lumpur to bangaluru can be in 1 bag or 2 bags. kindly inform as my flight is this mon.thanks

Admin Reply :

It can be brought in two check in bags of each having um of dimensions 158 cm (L+B+H)


Posted on 25-Jul-2019
I will travel by Indigo from Patna to Singapore via Bangalore (connecting Indigo flight). Is the luggages are auto transferable in Bangalore airport for destination Singapore, having same pnr / ref no.

Admin Reply :

You will have to complete the entry formalities, so baggage has to be checked in again.

Ashish Nautiyal

Posted on 25-Jul-2019
Dear Sir/Madam, My question is I am traveling to Delhi via Mumbai from Doha, I have 55 inches TV. I can carry 55" TV as indigo will take handling charge on this ok but my point is as my flight will be landed first at Mumbai airport then I have to clear all customs clearance at the airport and then I have to go for domestic flight to Delhi. Will Indigo and airport security allowed the same baggage things carry on a domestic flight as I have to carry the TV and some liqueurs also? Please advise. Regards- Ashish

Admin Reply :

Yes, since this is a connecting flight, same allowance would apply. Liquor shall be taken in check in baggage up to 5 litres and upon declaration.

saramma jacob

Posted on 24-Jul-2019
can I carry 15kg each in two baggage instead of one bag with 30 kg to doha

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be carried in two check in bags within total baggage allowance limits. PLease keep sum of dimensions of each check in bag at less than 158 cm. 

madhusoodanan p

Posted on 21-Jul-2019
Can I carry Hyderabadi Biriyani with my hand baggage ?

Admin Reply :

Smelly food items are generally objected to for carriage in cabin.

Poonam Agarwal

Posted on 21-Jul-2019
Is utensils allowed

Admin Reply :

Allowed in checkin baggage


Posted on 21-Jul-2019
Hello, My query is can i carry my desktop computer (cpu and monitor) in the baggage in a domestic flight india?

Admin Reply :

It can be carried as a part of free check in baggage allowance.


Posted on 20-Jul-2019
Can I carry 55 inch TV from singapore to chennai

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried on payment of handling charges as it is more than 39 inches screen size.

Antara Hembram

Posted on 18-Jul-2019
Can I carry electric iron and electric kettle in indigo domestic flight??

Admin Reply :

Allowed in check in baggage, a a part of free allowance.


Posted on 16-Jul-2019
What is the maximum number of boxes/bags allowed in check-in baggage. I have a TV too, Total allowance is 30kgs, apart from TV i can use 3-4 boxes for the balance weight. Flight from Abudhabi to Kochi via mumbai (connecting)

Admin Reply :

Airlines does not limit the number of bags within permitted allowance. 


Posted on 15-Jul-2019
Hi i have an electric kids scooter weight of 13 kgs can i carry those in a check in baggage

Admin Reply :

If this is odd-sized you might have to pay special handling charges of Rs 1000 in domestic flight. However, it is the airline officials at airport who have final discretion to allow it or not. Please do inform the airline well in advance of your travel date about its carriage. 


Posted on 14-Jul-2019
Hi is this dimension allowed in indigo international flight Size is 88×50×15 CM With in 30 kgs only Is this allowed? Please clarify my doubts?

Admin Reply :

The sum of dimensions of your check in bag comes to 153 cm which is below 158 cm given by the airline. Therefore, it is okay to carry this bag for free. 


Posted on 14-Jul-2019
Can I carry chocolate bags purchased from America in indigo domestic flights as cabin luggage If yes what is the limit

Admin Reply :

These can be carried in well packed condition. There is no limit prescribed but overall weight of free cabin allowance shall not exceed.


Posted on 11-Jul-2019
I'm going to travel from Doha to Visakhapatnam connecting from Hyderabad woth 30Kg baggage allowance. I'm planning to carry one 49" TV while going, If I pay special baggage charge for this TV at Doha, will it be again chargeable at my connecting flight at Hyderabad?

Admin Reply :

It will be charged only one since the connection is provided by the airline. 


Posted on 11-Jul-2019
Hi , i am travel from Doha to hyd in indigo flight . Is allowed carry 55 Inch LED -TV.

Admin Reply :

Yes, up to 55 inches TV can be carried on payment of special handling charge provided total check in baggage weight is within free allowance. 

Rajan Alex Panicker

Posted on 07-Jul-2019
I am an International passenger booking my air tickets from Chicago to Trivandrum ( Qatar airways}, Trivandrum to Chennai (Indigo Airlines) & back to Chicago by Qatar airways . Could you pls let me know the baggage allowance permitted from Trivandrum to Chennai for an International passenger. Is it 2 check in baggages(23kg/bag) & a cabin baggage (small) -7 Kg. awaiting your reply Kindly oblige Rajan Panicker

Admin Reply :

Indigo does not permit international allowance from other airline to its own flight in India. It will charge you for carrying more than 15 kg standard allowance in check-in luggage which it allows for free (provided you have booked a standard fare ticket on Indigo). So, your excess will be 31 kg. 

If your indigo flight is within 24 hours of your international flight and you can pre-book a slab of 30 kg baggage for Rs 3000 at least 24 hours before the journey. Rest 1 kg can be paid for at airport at per kg rate.


Posted on 06-Jul-2019
Can I change a flight timing on same day booking, is there any charges

Admin Reply :

Yes, there are charges for changing the itinerary. 

K. Neethu

Posted on 04-Jul-2019
Can I keep a knife wrapped properly in check-in baggage for the domestic flight from Hyd to Delhi?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried.


Posted on 03-Jul-2019
how i transfer my luggage from dubai to del with connecting flight to chennai

Admin Reply :

Immigration and Customs have to be completed at first point of entry in India. So, will have to recheck in at Delhi airport.


Posted on 03-Jul-2019
Dear Team, I am planning to travel on October using Indigo Airlines .. from Abu Dhabi to Delhi and then Delhi to Srinagar, i have a 50 inch LCD TV with me , apart from the Duty charges , what are the charges i will be bearing and will it be easily transferred in the domestic flight as well.?

Admin Reply :

There are special handling charges to be paid if screen size of TV is more than 39 inches. AED 170 or so are the charges to be paid.


Posted on 02-Jul-2019
Can we carry 55 inches LED -TV through indigo.

Admin Reply :

upto 55 inches screen size TVs can be carried. 


Posted on 02-Jul-2019
Hi , i am traveling from Doha to delhi in indigo flight . Is allowed carry 55 Inch LED -TV. We are two passenger and total baggage allowance is 30+30+7+7 =74 and TV weight is 18 KG. please consult on this . Regards -Ashish

Admin Reply :

This TV will be charged for handling charges as it is more than 39 inches and also for overweight as its weight of 18 kg is more by the allowance limit of 30 kg. 

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