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Southwest Airlines Refunds

Refundable Tickets When you have bought fully refundable tickets, then if there is surrender of ticket due to any reason, then the unused amount will either be refunded in full, or, on request of passengers, it would be credited towards future travel. There is an exception to this rule. When a passenger combine refundable with Wanna Get Away or Ding! non-refundable fare, and the passenger does not travel on later segments as well as fails to inform airline 10 minutes before scheduled departure time, then the whole amount is taken by airlines and there is no refund Another point to be noted is that the fare refund request shall be made when the ticket is still valid and has not expired.


Non-Refundable tickets Generally, the non-refundable ticket fare is not eligible for refunds but the same can be applied as travel credit for future travel. No cash or credit card refunds are provided.


When there is a delay in flight, involuntary cancellation or termination of flight before reaching the final destination caused due to cancellation, missed connection, delay or omission of scheduled stop, then  the carrier is duty bound to offer the passenger new seat in next flight or make the refunds for unused part of ticket or provide credit for future travel.

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