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United Airlines Refunds

If there is a change in schedule, UA has three options:

1. fly the passenger in its own airplane subject to availability of seat.

2. reroute the passenger over lines of more than one carrier

3. Extend validity of ticket to 1 year to enable passenger to travel at a future date without paying any extra fee.

Denied Boarding for flights originating in USA or Canada: In case of overbooked flights, UA might have to provide compensation to the passengers who have been denied boarding. The following rules apply:

1. Ask for volunteers who can give up their seats

2. Apply boarding priority rules to determine who shall be boarding first, in case there are not sufficient number of volunteers to give up their seats. As per these rules, passengers with disabilities and the unaccompanied minors will be the last to be denied boarding and for others, their priority will be decided by fare class, itinerary, membership status and whether the person has completed all check in and boarding requirements.

3. Whether boarding has been denied voluntarily or involuntarily, passengers will be provided transportation on its own or on another carrier.


Involuntary Denial of Boarding for flights originating in USA or Canada: Compensation for flights flying within US is 200% of the fare amount up to a maximum of USD 650. This is the compensation paid when the alternative flight will be having an arrival time difference of more than 1 hour and less than 2 hours of the original flight. And,  if the arrival time is more than 2 hours late than that of the original flight, then the compensation is 400% up to USD 1300.


For flights from USA to another destination, the quantum of compensation is exactly as per the figures quoted above. That is, 200% of fare subject to a maximum of USD 650 and 400% subject to a maximum of USD 1300 provided that the time delay is more than 1 hour and upto 4 hours in former case and more than 4 hours in the latter case.


For flights from Canada to another destination, compensation for denied boarding is maximum of CAD 200 and CAD 300 in cases where flight delay is 1-4 hours and more than 4 hours respectively.


These provisions clearly show that the compensation for denial of boarding will not be provided in situations where the alternative flight is expected to reach next stopover or destination in less than 60 minutes of the original flight. At the same time, compensation will not be paid in case of cancellation of flights or when the passenger fails to present himself at the boarding gate at least 15 minutes before closure of gates in case of domestic flights and 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of flights in case of international departures.


Lose of tickets If the ticket bought by the passenger is the one which is refundable and the ticket gets lost, the refund will be of the total fare value minus the service charges if the ticket has not been used at all. However, if some portion of the ticket has been used, then the refund will depend on whether passenger has bought a new ticket that covers the same transportation which has been there in the unused portion of the ticket. In case new ticket has been bought, the refund will be of total fare paid for new ticket. In case the new ticket has not been bought covering same transportation as present in the unused part of the original ticket, the refund will be of the difference between full normal fare and the amount of used portion of ticket.

Service charge of USD/CAD 150 is to be paid to United towards handling charges for refunds of lost ticket.

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