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Hawaiian Airlines Check-In and Boarding

There are different ways to check-in on Hawaiian Airlines.

  1. Airport Check-in

  2. Web Check-in

  3. Mobile Check-in

Hawaiian Airlines Airport Check-in

At the airport, you can check-in using the kiosk. The airline has a representative at the airport for your assistance. You are required to have either of the following:

  1. HawaiianMiles account no

  2. Valid credit or debit card of your own

  3. E-ticket number

  4. Confirmation Code

  5. Boarding pass generated via web check-in.

Cut-off time of check in via kiosks:

  1. For destination in Neighbouring Islands- 30 min before departure

  2. For destinations in North America- 45 min before departure

  3. For international destinations- 60 min before departure

Passengers with bags shall check-in no sooner than 4 hours before the scheduled departure time of flight.

Who can not check-in using the Kiosks on Hawaiian Airlines?

It shall be noted that the following are ineligible to check-in using kiosks-

Most of the group bookings, codeshare operated flights, passengers with paper tickets or non-electronically issued/revalidated/exchanged tickets, one-way international flights, unaccompanied minors, carrying animals, flying to Beijing in China unless holding a passport of China.

Hawaiian Airlines Web Check-in

Web check-in is dones using website of the airline. The web check-in begins 24 hours and continues till 60 minutes before the departure time of the flight. You only need to provide the last name and also either the confirmation code or the e-ticket number. The time limit applies to all domestic and international flights of Hawaiian except flights to China.

The online check-in is not available for certain passengers and in certain situations which have already been described above.

Hawaiian Airlines Mobile Check-in

In order to check-in using the mobiles, you can either visit its website or download the mobile application. The airline has its mobile app available for iPhones as well as Android mobiles. These can be downloaded into mobiles from iTunes and Play Store respectively.

After completing the check-in from Mobile App, you will get the mobile boarding pass.


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