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Lufthansa Airlines Special Assistance

Special Assistance on Lufthansa can be availed by informing the carrier at least 48 hours in advance of the travel or at the time of booking.

Wheelchair/Assistive Device cases:  Small collapsible wheelchairs and assistive devices can be kept either in the overhead cabin or under the seat. The assistive devices with batteries are also accepted both as checked in as well as cabin baggage. The battery power shall be sufficient for 150% of maximum flight duration. Batteries shall be clearly marked ‘SPILLABLE’ or ‘NON-SPILLABLE’ for enabling proper care.

Assistant Travel: It is mandatory that following passengers shall travel with some assistant. These are:

a) Stretcher or incubator using passengers

b) If passenger is not able to evacuate during any emergency

c) If passenger can not communicate with crew regarding matters of safety

Lufthansa crew would help in moving the passenger to and from lavatory, but not within the lavatory. They will also help in identification and opening of the food items. However, help will not be provided for administration of medicines

Visually Impaired: Assistance is provided by way of separate safety briefings, briefing about delays and other travel issues, escorting to and from airplane and any other assistance.

Hearing Impaired: Assistance for hearing impaired is provided by way of separate briefings about the safety, delays and other travel matters. For the in-flight safety video, captioning in German and English is also available.

Assistance Animals: Only dogs are allowed as assistance animals on Lufthansa. All service dogs shall wear a harness. It also allows carriage of some type of bedding to make dogs more comfortable. In international flights which are of more than 8 hours duration, Lufthansa requires documentation that dog will not relieve on-board, or, will relieve in such a way that it will not cause sanitation issues.

Emotional or Psychiatric Support Animals: Lufthansa also allows carriage of dogs for emotional support and psychiatric service for passengers. However, this is subject to the condition that documentation from registered mental health professional shall be shown stating that passenger has mental/emotional health disability and having a dog on airplane is necessary. This documentation shall not be more than 1 year old.

Pregnant Women: If pregnancy is proceeding without any complication, then expectant mothers can fly on the carried right until the end of 36th week of pregnancy. However, it recommends that these passengers who are beyond 28th week of pregnancy shall carry a recent letter from a physician stating the expected due date, confirmation that the pregnancy is proceeding without complication and there is no harm in flying.

Expectant mothers who are beyond 36th week of pregnancy or those with complications are required to produce a certificate of exemption from Lufthansa Medical Operation Centre. It is also important for these passengers to file doctor’s certification within 72 hours of scheduled departure time of the plane.

In case pregnancy is complicated or due to twin or multiple pregnancy, certification shall be sought from 28th week of pregnancy.

Lufthansa also requires the pregnant mothers to make enquiries about the travel provisions related to expectant mothers from the destination countries. The carrier would not assume any responsibility if the other countries legal position does not permit expectant mothers to fly.

Unaccompanied minors:  Children between 5 to 11 years of age are required to take the service of Lufthansa if they are using the services of Lufthansa. Else, they have to be accompanied by someone who is at least 12 years old. The unaccompanied minor service can also be bought for children in 12 to 17 years of age.

The children who are traveling from USA and Canada and are aged between 2 to 18 (19 years in case of Canada) years need a letter of consent from their parents or legal guardians. If the children are traveling with only one parent or guardian, then also there is a requirement of consent letter from the parent who is not traveling with them.

For children who are traveling alone from Italy, from an Italian airport and on an Italian passport, are also required to obtain written consent which authorises their temporary care. This official declaration of consent can also be issued at any police station.

Charges for the service are Euro 40/ USD 60 for flight routes covering Germany and/or Europe and Euro 80/ USD 120 for intercontinental flights.

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Posted on 03-Oct-2016
My daughter is 14 . She is flying alone from Dusseldorf to delhi and the back with luftansa and swiss.How can i request assistance for her .her booking id is Y16PEG .

Admin Reply :

You can call the airline and ask for the Unaccompanied Minor service. It will entail some charges as well. Under this service, the airline staff takes care of the child all through the journey. You will also be required to furnish details of person who would be taking the child on arrival. That person come with valid ID proof at airport of arrival. Please seek details from the airline directly. 

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