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Qantas Baggage Allowance

Check-in Baggage Allowance

Qantas allows carriage  of check in baggage according to whether the flight is domestic one or is bound for Americas or for non-American destinations. Type of aircraft being used in the flight is also an important determinant of the baggage allowance.

Qantas Domestic Luggage Allowance

Qantas permits you to carry 1 piece of 23 kg and 2 pieces of 32 kg respectively for Economy and Business classes. Total dimension limit is of 140 cms and weight limit is 32 kgs per bag. Frequent flyers with Qantas are eligible for higher allowances.

  • In Economy class, Qantas Club and Silver Qantas members are allowed to carry 1 bag of 32 kg and Gold, Platinum or Platinum One members of Qantas are allowed 2 pcs of 32 kg.
  • In Business class, Qantas Club, Silver and Gold members are allowed 2 pcs of 32 kg whereas Platinum and Platinum One members are allowed 3 pcs of 32 kg.

This is summed up in table below-

Travel class Economy Business
Adult 1 pc up to 23kg (50lb) 2 pcs up to 32kg (70lb) each
Qantas Club members and Silver Qantas Frequent Flyers 1 pc up to 32kg (70lb) 2 pcs up to 32kg (70lb) each
Gold Qantas Frequent Flyers 2 pcs up to 32kg (70lb) each 2 pcs up to 32kg (70lb) each
Platinum and Platinum One Qantas Frequent Flyers 2 pcs up to 32kg (70lb) each 3 pcs up to 32kg (70lb) each

International allowance is accepted on domestic flights provided the flight is undertaken in the same calendar day (upto 12:00 Night) if ticketed separately or it is a connecting flight provided by the carrier. Please note that this is not a usual 24 hour time period which most of the airline stipulate. A Calendar day could be less than 24 hours. Both domestic and international flights shall be undertaken on Qantas. Both tickets have to shown during check in.

If you are flying on Jetstar flight booked via, do check for baggage allowance of Jetstar airlines.

Qantas International Baggage Allowance (except Americas)-

Allowance is based on cabin service class and frequent flyer level.

Adult passengers are allowed to carry 30, 40, 40, 50 kgs respectively for economy, premium economy, business and first class.

Qantas Club and Silver members are allowed 42, 52, 52, 62 kgs respectively for these classes of travel. Gold Qantas members are allowed 46, 56, 56 and 66 kgs.

Platinum and Platinum One Qantas members are allowed 50, 60, 60, 70 kgs.

This is summed up in table below-

Cabin Adult Qantas Club and Silver Qantas members  Gold Qantas Members Platinum and Platinum One Qantas Members
Economy 30kg (66lb) 42kg (92lb) 46kg (101lb) 50kg (110lb)
Premium Economy 40kg (88lb) 52kg (114lb) 56kg (123lb) 60kg (132lb)
Business 40kg (88lb) 52kg (114lb) 56kg (123lb) 60kg (132lb)
First 50kg (110lb) 62kg (136lb) 66kg (136lb) 70kg (154lb)

Max dimension of one piece shall not be more than 158 cms and weight 32 kg.

Flights to/from North and South America-

To/from North or South America Allowance
Economy 1 pcs max 32 kg (70lb) 
Premium Economy 2 pcss max 32 kg (70lb) 
Business 2 pcss max 32 kg (70lb) 
First 3 pcss max 32 kg (70lb)

For the frequent flyers, the allowance is as per given below-

To/from North or South America Allowance
Qantas Club members, Silver and Gold Qantas Frequent Flyers Economy/Premium Economy
3 pcs (max 32kg (70lb) per pc) 
3 pcs (max 32 kg (70lb) per pc)
Platinum/Platinum One Qantas Frequent Flyers Economy/Premium Economy
3 pcs (max 32 kg (70lb) per pc)
4 pcs (max 32kg (70lb) per pc)

It is important to note that the total baggage linear dimensions for 3 pcs shall not be more than 159 inches and for 2 pcs 106 inches. Also, each bag shall not be more than 62 inches in linear dimension. 

Carry On Baggage Allowance

For domestic routes, except the Dash 8 services, allowance is 7 kg per piece. You can carry 4 different combinations of baggage in the cabin. This could be:

  • 2 bags of 105 cms dimension each, or

  • 1 bag of 105 cm and 1 non-rigid garment bag of 185 cm, or

  • 1 bag of 115 cm.

Dash 8 aircraft allowance for cabin is 1 bag of 7 kg of 105 cm linear dimension

For flights from Delhi, India

  • Economy allows 1 pc of 7 kg with dimensions of either 115 cm of proper carry-on luggage, or 185 cm of non-rigid baggage. One small personal item, such as a laptop, reading material, camera, etc can also be carried in addition to this allowance.

For international routes, the allowance is dependent on cabin class of travel. First class, Business and Premium Economy class travellers are allowed either 2 bags of 115 cms or 1 bag of 115 cm and 1 non-rigid bag of 185 cms. Economy travellers are allowed 1 bag of 115 cms or 1 non-rigid bag of 185 cm. In all cases, the weight of 1 pcs of bag shall not exceed 7 kg.

Besides these carry on baggage allowances, you are also allowed to take a small personal item which includes a laptop, a camera, an overcoat, reading material, food and nappies of infants, or duty free goods. Laptops shall be carried in a slim bag and not large ones.

Children are allowed same hand baggage allowance as that of adults but the infants are not allowed any such allowance. Though, food and nappies of infants can be taken in cabin in addition to allowance.

Musical instruments are allowed in cabin provided these do not weigh more than 7 kg and meet dimensions restrictions as well. These have to be placed in the overhead lockers. LArge musical instruments such as guitars have to be checked in. Else, you will have to buy a seat to carry these as bulk items. However, there are size stipulations for these bulky items as well for which you have bought the seat. These are 158 cms, 169 cm and 178 cms for Economy, Business and First class.

Additional or Excess Baggage

Qantas allows you to purchase excess baggage well in advance of travel. You can pre-buy the slab online at discounted rates or choose to pay at the airport at standard rates.

Excess baggage can be bought online at least 3 hours prior to your scheduled Qantas flight.

For domestic flights operating within Australia, passenger can pre-purchase additional baggage on the basis of pieces. However, there is a max weight limit attached to it. Another noteworthy point is that the a max of 5 pieces can be pre-purchased in one flight.

Normal flyers and Bronze members flying economy class are allowed 1 pcs of 23 kg. If weight more than 23 kg and up to 32 kg, heavy charges would have to be paid at the airport. If the number of pcs carried is more than the allowed ones, then Airport Excess Baggage Charges will apply. These are given below.

For all other members in economy class, 1 pc of 32 kg can be pre-purchased.

All passengers of Business class are allowed 1 pcs of 32 kg.

For Domestic travel within Australia
Destination Charge (inclusive of GST)
Australia Domestic (including QantasLink) A$100 for each extra piece
A$50 heavy charge for each piece weighing over 23kg.

International travel : non-Americas

Destination Charge /excess kg
Between Australia and New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Caledonia, Samoa and Tonga A$20 per kg
Between Australia and Asia A$35 per kg
Between Asia and London A$60 per kg
Between Australia and South Africa, and Europe A$80 per kg

International travel - North and South America only

Destination Airport excess baggage charges
To the Americas A$300 for each extra piece
No heavy charge for each piece up to 32kg
From the Americas US$200 for each extra piece
No heavy charge for each piece up to 32kg

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Clement LI

Posted on 23-Aug-2023
Oversized Sport equipment (ORU kayka, packing size : 90cm x 43cm x 79cm. weight about 14 kg). Will take flight No. QF127 from Sydney to Hong Kong on 5 Oct 2023. Checked luggage ilimit s 30kg. Can I check-in with my kayka and extra cost if there is any.

Admin Reply :

You will have to keep the length of bag within 277 cm, which is okay for you. Weight is also within check in bag limits. We do not th8nk there shall be extra charge but would request you to crosscheck with airline as well.

Ss Bedi

Posted on 14-Jul-2023
My wife and son are travelling from Delhi to brisbane by Quants on 29th July 2023. The checked in baggage limit is 30 kg per person. But how many bags each person can carry as checked in baggage within above limit of 30 kg.

Admin Reply :

You can take more than one check in bag within this allowance limit. Airline does not restrict the number of check-in bags. 

Pradeep Suri

Posted on 30-May-2023
Student in Qantas allowed luggage weight of 40kg or 45 kg from del to bne

Admin Reply :

We do not think there is special baggage allowance for Students on Qantas for the flights from India. 

Gursharan jeet singh gill

Posted on 13-Mar-2023
Hi dear sir,mam hope so you are doing well.I have a one question how much check in bag allows in the quantas air line,because i am in the member. We are flying from India to Australia. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Economy class travelers are allowed 30 kg in check in baggage. If your are a memeber, please let us know what is the membership status. Then we will be able to tell what is the allowance. Else, you can make use of the table given above to know the allowance limits. 


Posted on 28-Feb-2023
I fly from malaysia to Sydney with Qantas airline economy class. I Allow to take how many bag as check in luggage? And weight too? Thanks

Admin Reply :

It is 30 kg free allowance per passenger and there is no limit on number of bags that can be carried within this limit. You just have to keep size within 158 cm linear dimensions for eavery checkin bag.


Posted on 28-Feb-2023
Can i take small carry-on case and handbag as hand luggage on flight between Johannesburg and Auckland via Sydney in economy class?

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be taken. Cabin luggage shall not be more than 7 kg weight. Size shall not be more than 115 cm in linear dimensions, that is, l+b+h


Posted on 14-Feb-2023
Hi! I'm flying from bali to Cairns in economy class just wondering if I can bring 1 small backpack as a persnal items (can fit under the seat) and 1 carry-on and, will my backpack be free charge? Thanks

Admin Reply :

Some airlines consider backpack as another carry-on. Please check with the airline for this. If this is considered another cabin bag, then it will have to be checked in. 


Posted on 13-Feb-2023
HI, My wife is travelling on Qantas with my 2 year old son on 05/03/2023 to Singapore and they got 3 hours of stop over in Singapore. Both my wife and son are allowed 7 kg of hand carry each as per itinerary in addition to 30 KG luggage each. As my son travelling for the first time on plane, can we request Qantas to check in both 7 kg bag with our luggage so that my wife can take care of my son in transit.

Admin Reply :

You can surely try this with the airlines. Generally, airlines will not do it because the cabin and check-in baggage allowances can not be clubber. If you are willing to pay extra charges for the more weight of check-in baggage, then you can put cabin bags in check-in. We do not think it will be done for free.

Benhur Gonzales Jr

Posted on 26-Jan-2023
Qantas airways this coming jan. 27.Philippines to christ church new zealand,BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE for economy class? Thanks..

Admin Reply :

30 kg in check-in baggage is the free allowance for economy class travelers. 


Posted on 21-Dec-2022
What is the luggage allowed for infant in the flight to sydney from bengaluru

Admin Reply :

Infants are allowed 10 kg check-in baggage and, in addition to it, 3 infant items (car seat/stroller/bassinet- all fully collapsible). Infants are not entitled to cabin baggage allowance.

Chandramouli Ganessan

Posted on 19-Dec-2022
Hi I am an international pax travelling from BLR to AKL via Sydney international Airport. I have registered baggage allowance of 30 KG . I want to know how many baggage can I carry and what size restrictions

Admin Reply :

Taking 2 check-in bags shall be allowed within same allowance limit of 30 kg. However, we suggest that you speak to the local airline office as well. Size of a check-in bag shall not be more than 158 cm linear dimensions. 

Bhawana Kashyap

Posted on 10-Dec-2022
What is the baggage allowance for passengers travelling from India to Melbourne. Both check in and cabin luggage details pls

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the cabin class of travel. It is 30 kg per adult pax for economy, 40 kg for premium economy and business class and 50 kg for First class. Cabin baggage allowance is of 1 bag of 7 kg. Size of cabin bag shall not be more than 115 cm in linear dimensions.


Posted on 27-Nov-2022
2 adults 1 child 1 infant roundtrip from Sydney to Los Angeles. What is the baggage allowance? Would the baggage allowance be the same from LA to Sydney?

Admin Reply :

For your route of travel, check in baggage allowance is-

  • Each adult passenger is allowed 1 bag of up to 32 kg in economy, 2 bags of upto 32 kg each in premium economy and business classes, and 3 bags of 32 kg each in First class travel. 
  • Infants are allowed 1 pc of bag of up to 10 kg with total linear dimensions of check in bag not exceeding 115 cm.
  • Children are allowed same allowance as an adult +2 child items (car seat or collapsible stroller)



kevin swallow

Posted on 10-Nov-2022
My wife and I are travelling from Edmonton to Sydney, economy class. We are travelling WestJet for the first leg. Would it be better for the 2 of us to have 3 under size check in bags versus 1 under size and 1 over size bag? The over size bag is 47 x 45 x 90 cm = 182 cm and will weigh about 27 Kg. The smaller bags will be under 23 Kg each.

Admin Reply :

If you carry 3 check-in bags of less than free allowance size, then you will have to pay for additional bags you might be carrying (more than free allowance). Weight more than 23 kg will also entail excess charges.


Posted on 15-Dec-2019
I want to take 65 imch tv on my quantas flight back to fiji. How much extra I have to pay.

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned from where you are going to Fiji. We do not think that this size TV will be allowed as check in baggage.

Malcolm Waugh

Posted on 27-Nov-2019
Hello I would like to know the pre purchase price rates for excess baggage between bris and Melb economy, bronze class?? Thanks

Admin Reply :

You can either take an additional check in bag of up to 23 kg by paying AUD 90 per pc or you can take weight more than 23 kg but less than 32 kg for one bag by paying AUD 50 per such excess weight bag.

Tara Shylendra

Posted on 02-Jul-2019
My son has enrolled in the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia. The ticket shows baggage allowance as 45kgs. My questions are : 1. Since he will be a student there for 2 years, can some extra baggage be allowed apart from the checkin of 45 kgs and the cabin baggage of 7 kgs? 2. Can he carry 2 bags totally weighing 45 kgs? 3. Since it is winter in Australia now and he is travelling in a couple of days, he needs to carry warm clothes. So, could you please make an exception and allow extra baggage? He has 2 stop overs - Bangalore to Hongkong, then Hongkong to Melbourne and Melbourne to Brisbane. 4. Once the bags are checked in at Bangalore, he can collect it at the final destination right? 5. His PNR number is PDN4UB and booking ID is ATO07Q6M1JX.

Admin Reply :

At first, please note that we are not the Qantas airline but an independent website. 

For students having a valid student visa, there is an extra allowance of 5 kg on one-way economy ticket. So, allowance becomes a total of 45 kg for premium economy ticket. Since 1 check in bag can not be more than 32 kg, 45 kgs have to be taken in 2 check-in bags. You will have to check with the airline at the time of check-in whether through check in would be possible or not. 


Posted on 30-May-2019

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the cabin class of travel. It is 30 kg for economy class, 40 kg for Premium Economy and Business Class and 50 kg for First Class. However, within your allowance, you are required to have not more than 32 kg in one check in bag. So, if allowance is more than 32 kg weight then another bag needs to be taken. 

Serena Wansey

Posted on 09-Oct-2018
My baggage allowance from U.K. to Perth is 30kg . Can it be in two bags?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be two check in bags of size not more than 158 cm in sum of dimensions for each bag. 

Gaynor Farnworth

Posted on 28-Sep-2018
My husband and I are traveling to Australia and New Zealand and we can each take 30kg luggage .Can you advise if I can pack the total 60kg between 3 cases with no additional case for cases. Many thanks

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is okay to have 3 check in bags between the two of you with a total of 60 kg check in luggage. This is allowed for passengers travelling on same pnr on your route. Also, one check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg weight. 


Posted on 22-Sep-2018
Flying from Melbourne to Mumbai- How many bags are allowed fro check in baggage for Economy class flyer? Please mentioned in details total number of bags allowed and each bag weight limit and total bag weight limit. What is the charge for extra weight for baggage? Is the charge per wise?

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in baggage allowance for this route on per person basis. Cabin baggage allowance is 7 kg. Excess baggage can be bought in slabs of 5 kg or its multiples, AUD 122 is the charge for 5 kgs. 

Harinakshi Poojary

Posted on 20-Sep-2018
How many bags are allowed fro check in baggage for Economy class flyer? Please mentioned in details total number of bags allowed and each bag weight limit and total bag weight limit.

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned route of travel. 

cezar ocampo

Posted on 10-Sep-2018
my question is if i allowed to bring used t.v (27kg and one laugage (17kg) would i pay excess kilos. because on my ticket im just allowed to bring 30kg

Admin Reply :

TV has to be bought within the permitted allowance by weight and size. You check in baggage exceeds the weight, therefore, charges will have to be paid. You shall also check whether it exceeds the size as well . If it does, then you might have to carry it in cargo. 


Posted on 01-Sep-2018
Philippines to Auckland Economy class 1 How many check in luggage can i have ang what are the acceptable dimentions of luggages? Given a 30kg max 2. Is personal bag should be added on the 7kg carry on luggage?

Admin Reply :

You can take more than one check in baggage since the allowance is based on weight system and it is 30 kg for your route. Apart from the 7 kg carry on luggage, you are allowed to carry one personal item which is a garment bag. 

stacey giunta

Posted on 15-Aug-2018
Is there an extra charge for a piece of checked luggage that exceeds 158cm? for example, 160cm? Thanks. Stacey

Admin Reply :

Ideally it shall not matter but airlines are looking to make money and this will give them opportunity for it. If difference is only 2 cm, we would request you to repack a few items to fit it within baggage allowance size limits. 

kishore desai

Posted on 27-Jul-2017
my flight from Mumbai to Melbourne. With my wife. How much baggage n weight Iwe can carry. Please informed me

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in baggage per person and 7kg cabin allowance.

kishore desai

Posted on 27-Jul-2017
We r having two bags with 18 kg weight and one bag is 32 kg so total is 68 kg but no hand bag Gage can we have to pay any extra charges

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned which route are you flying on

Madeleen Armour

Posted on 22-Feb-2017
My flight is from Johannesburg to Christthurch economy class I have two pieces of luggage to be booked in total weight 32kg, thus 2kg over weight stipulated. Would that be acceptable or incur extra charges?

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance. You will have to pay for excess weight to 2kg. Minimum slab that can be bought is of 5 kg.

robert rex chilcott

Posted on 02-Feb-2017
quantas flight 15th febuary 8lq5sc bangkok to auckland, BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE for economy class?

Admin Reply :

30 kg checkin and 7 kg cabin allowance per person. 

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