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AirAsia Check-In and Boarding

You can check in at AirAsia online, through web or mobile, or at the counter of the airports. Here are some of the rules pertaining to these different modes of checking in.

AirAsia Counter Check In

For the domestic flights of AirAsia, the check in begins 2 hours before the departure of flight and closes 45 minutes to 1 hour before departure (at KLIA).

For the international flights, check in begins 3 hours before scheduled departure and closes 1 hour prior to departure.

For AirAsia X, check in begins 3 hours before departure of flights and it closes 1 hour prior to departure.

It shall be understood that the counter check in is not a free service from AirAsia and there are charges for the same. A service fee is levied for the same which varies from airport to airport. This fee is not charged when check in is done through web or mobile.

Web Check In- Mobile Check In

Passengers have to visit for online check in on AirAsia flights.

Web and mobile check-in facility on AirAsia is available 14 days prior to and upto 1 hour before scheduled departure of flights. This is for AK, QZ, FD, PQ, Z2, I5 and DJ flights. For AirAsia X flights D7, XJ, XT this facility is available 14 days prior to and upto 4 hours before scheduled departure.

A maximum of 50 guests can check in at a time through web and 9 through mobile.

Pregnant women, guests with infants, reduced mobility or with special needs, lone fliers below 16 years of age or with a medical condition are advised to follow counter check in. Web or mobile check in is not allowed for them.

Passengers are required to carry print outs of their boarding passes or have the WAP and images enabled phones (if mobile is used).

AirAsia Kiosk Check-in

Passengers are allowed to check-in using kiosks kept at the airport from 14 days and up to 1 hour before scheduled departure of flights.

Self Bag tags are available at different airports where kiosks are kept. 

Premium Flex guests are allowed Xpress Boarding and also offered a complimentary choice of seat.

Boarding: Boarding gates close 20 minutes before scheduled departure and passengers are required to be present at the gate at least 60 minutes before departure.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Sudhesh Kumar

Posted on 01-Jul-2019
How to get travel certificate from air asia

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline. 

qua hock chye

Posted on 08-Jun-2019

Admin Reply :

You can use web check in or mobile app check in as well. This is a lot more convenient. Please check for the conditions of web check in. If you are having check in baggage, then this has to be put at the drop off counter at airport after tagging. 


Posted on 24-Jul-2017
Hello, Can we bring 49 Inchs LED TV from Malaysia to Bangalore as part of normal check in baggage. what is the allowable limit of dimension in AirAsia/Malaysian Airlines for oversized baggages

Admin Reply :

Size limit is 158 cms in sum of dimensions. Please do observe this size limit, otherwise the airline might refuse to carry the baggage. 


Posted on 04-Jul-2016
Hi I travelled by Air Asia on 17th June from Bangalore to Delhi. I have lost my boarding pass that I need for reimbursement purpose. How can I get a post travel boarding pass/ travel certificate/ letter from the airlines as evidence that I really travelled on that flight.

Admin Reply :

You can check the same with the airline online by providing your booking reference number. Else, call the airline and request for Travel Certificate, if it works. 

Pawanpreet Kaur

Posted on 13-Nov-2015
Are eatables which are properly packed(won\'t be opening) like sweets in flight is allowed in Cabin baggage for Air Asia???

Admin Reply :

Dry sweets are allowed in cabin baggage. 

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