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Lufthansa Airlines Baggage Allowance

Check-In Baggage

The free checked in baggage allowance of Lufthansa Airlines is based on booking class and the level of passenger. 1 bag of up to 23 kg, 2 bags of up to 23 kg each, 2 bags of up to 32 kgs each and 3 bags of up to 32 kg each are allowed free of cost on Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class and First Class cabin booking classes. Each bag shall not exceed 158 cms in sum of dimensions.

A passenger classified as Frequent Traveler is allowed 1 more free bag of 23 kg in Economy.

Senator/Star Alliance gold Member and HON Circle Member are allowed 1 extra bag of respective weight (23 or 32 kg, as the case may be). Additional, 1 Golf bag is allowed free of charge.

SWISS Golf Club Members are allowed to carry one extra golf bag without any charge.

Children under 2 years of age are allowed 1 bag up to a maximum of 23 kg weight. Status or cabin class of travel is immaterial in their case.

Free baggage rules are further relaxed for Economy Class passengers traveling on certain routes.

Carry-on Baggage

The carry on luggage allowed free of charge on Lufthansa is directly related to cabin class booked. 1 bag of up to 8 kg for Economy and Premium Economy and 2 bags of 8 kg each for Business and First Class each are allowed as free luggage. However, there is a restriction on maximum dimensions of bags- 55, 40 and 23 cms (l,b,h) for hand luggage and 57, 54 and 15 cms (l,b,h respectively) for foldable garment bags.

A laptop, handbag or any other hand luggage (not more than 30,40,10cms in L, B and H) a baby carrier, child seat or wheelchairs are some of the other items which can be carried in the cabin.

Charges for excess checked-in baggage: If the checked in luggage exceeds the weight, dimensions or numbers that are allowed for free allowance, special charges are levied. These charges depend on whether your ticket was issued before or after 15-07-2013, on your route of travel and class of booking.

For tickets issued after this date,

  • the economy and premium economy class travelers -

    • ( if the bag is larger in dimension but weight within free allowance) will have to pay 100 Euros and 150 USD/CAD for flights within Europe or third countries and, for intercontinental flights, the charge will be 200 Euros and 300 USD/CAD.

    • (if bags are heavier than freely allowed bags) will pay 50 Euros and 70 USD/CAD for flights within Europe or third countries and 100 Euros or 150 USD/CAD for Intercontinental flights.

    • (if bags are both heavy and over-sized) will have to pay 150 Euros and 220 USD/CAD for travel within Europe and third countries, or,  300 Euros or 450 USD/CAD for intercontinental travel.

the business and first class travelers -

    are required to pay only for larger than the free baggage allowance (over-sized). For flights within Europe and between third countries, the charges are 100 Euros and 150 USD/CAD and 200 Euros and 300 USD/CAD for intercontinental flights.

In case there is a requirement to carry an additional baggage, which is more than the freely allowed number of pieces, then the charges are levied for such additional bag as well.

  • economy and premium economy class travelers-

    (if it meets the dimension and weight restrictions normally applied for free allowance) will pay 75 Euro/100 USD/CAD for additional luggage on Europe and between third countries and 150 Euros/ 200 USD/CAD/15000 JPY.

    (if it is only over-sized, but not over-weight) will pay 175 Euro/250USD/CAD for within Europe and third country flights and 350 Euros/500 USD/CAD for intercontinental flights.

    (if luggage is overweight only, but not oversized), 125 Euros/170 USD/CAD for within Europe and between third countries and 250 Euros/ 350 USD/CAD.

    (if luggage is both oversized and overweight), 225 Euros/320 USD/CAD for within Europe and between third countries and 450 Euros/650 USD/CAD.

  • business and first class travelers-

    (if it meets the weight and dimension limitations of the free allowance), charges are same as that of the Economy and Premium Economy Class travelers.

    (if it meets the weight limitations but is over-sized), charges are same as that of the Economy and Premium Economy travelers for this case of baggage.

For the Economy and Premium Economy Class travelers, Lufthansa also offers reduced allowances for certain routes. So, while flying to/from USA, Mexico, Canada and Central America, the intercontinental flight charges are 75 Euro/100 USD/CAD. From/to Japan, the charges for intercontinental flights are 75 Euro/ 100 USD/CAD/9000 JPY.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Shaik Aafaq

Posted on 30-May-2023
Hello, I am traveling to Hyderabad via Hanover to Frankfurt ( Lufthansa ), Frankfurt to Muscut (Oman Air ), and Muscut to Hyderabad ( Oman Air). I have allotted 30 kgs of check-in baggage. So, my concern is can I take 1 piece of luggage i.e, (1 piece = 30 kg ) Thank you.

Admin Reply :

On Lufthansa domestic flight, free check in baggage allowance for economy passengers is 1 bag of 23 kg for every adult passenger. Oman airways allows 30 kg free allowance. There is a codeshare agreement between the two carriers which means that there will be a common baggage allowance policy as well. Since your ticket mentions, 30 kg, it canbe presumed to be the check-in baggage allowance. You shall be able to take it in 1 check-in bag.

Chanpreet Kaur

Posted on 27-Dec-2022
Hey I am going to travel from delhi to Vancouver.Is small bagpack allowed with cabin bag and Can I carry small camera with me in bagpack ?

Admin Reply :

Some airlines consider it as another cabin baggage. So, generally, we suggest that backpack shall be avoided. However, you can check with the airline customer support as well.

Vipin Raju

Posted on 27-Dec-2022
Can you please tell me laptop bag its including 7 kg of hand baggage or extra

Admin Reply :

It can be carried in addition to the cabin baggage allowance.


Posted on 06-Jan-2020
I understand Bangalore-Dresden Economy allows one 23Kg Check-in baggage. If I want to take additional baggage of 23Kg, how much extra I have to pay? Can I buy/pay this at check-in counter or any advance inline service available?

Admin Reply :

USD 230 or USD 287 is the charge for an additional bag in check-in above the free allowance limits (weight up to 23 kg and linear dimensions up to 158 cm). You are required to book the excess baggage ahead of flight date by contacting the airline. The customer support of the airline will inform whether this can be paid at the airport or not. In general, this can be paid for at the airport check in counters of the airline.

Hima Kabira

Posted on 02-Jan-2020
My flight is united airline operated by lufthansa from Mumdai,India to DFW,USA on 01/22/2020. How many baggages i can have? Flight # 9133 operated by Lufthansa. Thank you Hima K.

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned which ticket type have you booked? Economy travel on Lufthansa allows you to take 1 bag of 23 kg in check in whereas Premium Economy allows you 2 bags of 23 kg each per adult or child passenger. Carry on baggage allowance is of 8 kg.


Posted on 31-Jul-2019
the full itinerary would be lufthansa flight LYS - HKG, via MUC. The segment LYS - MUC is Economy (S), the segment MUC - HKG is Business (I), as from a Miles&More upgrade. The question is which baggage allowance applies for both segments.

Admin Reply :

Baggage allowances of respective cabin classes of travel would apply. Economy allowances for economy class travel and business class allowance for business class upgrades.


Posted on 26-Jul-2019
I booked flight with the 2nd, intercontinental traject as business upgrade. Do the business baggage rules then also apply for the 1st part (within Europe), or if not, I need to pay for excess baggage?

Admin Reply :

Please tell us the full itinerary including which airline and cabin class you are flying.


Posted on 23-Jun-2019
Hi, Your answer came in too late. But just for the sake if someone has the same question - your answer is wrong! Zam-zam water can be taken IN ADDITION to the permitted baggage allowance. It has to be sealed and in a particular packaging, which is provided like this at the airport. It has to be checked in seperately, meaning it cannot be within the luggage itself.

Admin Reply :

Thanks for adding this to our information. Even we base our answers on what others have experienced and have told us. This signals that the airline has changed its ZAMZAM water carriage policy because earlier it took it as a part of check in baggage and not in addition to it. Thanks once again. 


Posted on 21-Jun-2019
Hi, I have a flight from JED to FRA on the 22.06. Booking class Economy. Can I take Zamzam -water with me as part of my luggage allowance? Or can I take it additionally to my luggage allowance? Please advice asap. Thx in advance.

Admin Reply :

You can take it within the permitted allowance limit of check in baggage but zam zam water shall be up to 10 litres and in original plastic sealed packing. 

Christer Schalin

Posted on 07-Jun-2019
IS IT NOT POSSIBLE TO HAVE ONE PIECE 32KG instead of 23kg allowance for economy class? Additional weight 9kg at what cost?

Admin Reply :

For economy and premium economy routes within Europe, the charge is Euro 50 for taking bags up to 32 kg weight.

Christer Schalin

Posted on 06-Jun-2019
Davao-Helsinki. Baggage allowance? 23kg? How much for extra 10kg?

Admin Reply :

Since you intend to bring additional 10 kg, it has to be a separate bag as since check in bag can not be more than 32 kg. So, for 1 additional bag of up to 23 kg, you have to pay Euro 80

Arumugam arum

Posted on 31-May-2019
I want to know the baggage allowance for my flight LH 759 tonyt

Admin Reply :

LH 759 is from Chennai to Frankfurt. You have not mentioned the cabin class of travel. Anyways, for economy it is 1 bag of 23 kg and 1 cabin bag of 8 kg and for premium economy, it is

Posted on 29-Dec-2018
I have a business class ticket by Lufthansa Flt No LH 439 for 9th Jan 2019 for 2 of us from Dallas ( TX ) Dallas Ft worth Frankfurt and connecting flight to Bangalore. Kindly let me know the free baggage allowance ,Check in / carry on baggage and oblige. Dssrao.

Admin Reply :

2 check in bags of 32 kg each are free allowance per adult or child passenger in Lufthansa business class. 

Carry-on baggage allowance is 2 bags of 8 kg each per adult or child passenger.

This is the allowance when connecting flight is also provided by Lufthansa airlines

Salma khan

Posted on 07-Dec-2018
My flight is economy class from Chicago to delhi, Pnr is KLHIHU. Please let me know baggage allowance for the same.

Admin Reply :

1 check in bag of 23 kg is free allowance on economy class flights. 1 cabin bag of 8 kg is also allowed free. 

Natalie Delia

Posted on 06-Dec-2018
Flying from Toronto to Frankfurt Economy with connecting flight to MALTA BY LUFTHANSA. Do we get one checked in luggage for free each and a carry on bag for free as long as we meet the criteria of weight and size?

Admin Reply :

The check in baggage allowance on Lufthansa flights is based on piece system. So, number of pieces matter in primary consideration. Therefore, if you want to take an additional bag keeping the overall weight same, it will not be free as the number of pieces being carried is more than the prescribed limit. 

salma khan

Posted on 05-Dec-2018
please let me free baggage allowances from chicago-delhi

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the cabin class of travel. For economy class travellers, the allowance is 2 bags of 23 kg in check-in and 1 bag of 8 kg in cabin, per adult or child passenger. This is on condition that the flight is via Europe, irrespective of the number of stops. If you are flying any other class or have flight via any other region except Europe, please let us know. 

Ramachandran Rajagopalan

Posted on 07-Oct-2018
Hi, For my Lufthansa booking code SUKHEY travel to Newark USA from Chennai( LH759 and LH402 via Frankfurt ) class economy (v) on 7th Jan 2019 in itinerary it is mentioned TWO checked in bags and ONE cabin baggage free of charge Kindly clarify that surely can I take 2 check in baggage of 23kgs and 8 kg cabin without any hassle per passenger And vice versa for return on 1st July 2019 Expecting your mail reply With regards Ramachandran

Admin Reply :

Yes, if it is mentioned in the ticket, and the ticket has been booked directly with the airline, then it can be taken.

Pratibha Sharma

Posted on 27-Sep-2018
Traveling on LH763 with Economy (L) from Delhi to Munich. Pl advise the baggage details that I can carry.

Admin Reply :

1 bag of 23 kg in check in and 1 cabin bag of 8 kg is free allowance for passengers in economy class.


Posted on 18-Sep-2018
I am flying on economy from Oslo to Nairobi. My e-ticket says baggage allowance: 2 pieces. Does that include my carry-on bag (hand luggage)? Or can I go with two bags of 23 kilo each?

Admin Reply :

No, carry on baggage allowance is separate. You have to take 2 check in bags of max 23 kg each. 


Posted on 18-Sep-2018
Hi.. I have enquired regarding the baggage details of Lufthansa. I have booked ticket in Economy class and I m travelling to US from chennai. It was mentioned that from your customer care reply mail that I am allowed to take 23kg I.e., 1 checked in and a handlaggage of 8kgs. But when I enquired via phone call to Lufthansa customer care, they have mentioned that 1 can carry 2 checked in bags of 23kgs each for a person and a handlaggae of 8 KGS. I am totally confused. Kindly reply me asap.

Admin Reply :

It is now that you have clearly mentioned the route  of the airline. In your previous query, you had mentioned the flight number and NJ. The flight number was not of US destination, so we mentioned that allowance. 

For all US routes, the economy class ticket would allow 2 bags of 23 kg each. Hand baggage of 8 kg is okay. 


Posted on 17-Sep-2018

Admin Reply :

It shall be 1 check in bag of 23 kg per passenger in Economy. LH 759 is from Chennai to Frankfurt. 


Posted on 08-Sep-2018
Flying economy from Txl to Mia. What is the fee for a second piece of luggage?

Admin Reply :

It is Euro 50 for first check in bag of up to 23 kg above the free allowance.

Anushka ghosh

Posted on 21-Aug-2018
I'm a student flying to Dublin from kolkata to Delhi to Munich to Dublin. What is my baggage allowance for economy (W)? I am going on student visa so is there The student quota available like some of the other airlines

Admin Reply :

No such information on special allowance is available with us. 

Dhruvi Patel

Posted on 16-Aug-2018
Hello...I am traveling to Atlanta from economy class I just want to know I have one frame of 33 inches long of 1 kg weight. Can I carry that frame in hand other than hand luggage.

Admin Reply :

This will depend on the nature of the frame. If it is deemed to be dangerous or hazardous, then it would not be allowed. If this is fragile but not dangerous for other passengers, it might be allowed in cabin provided size and weight limits are observed. 


Posted on 14-Aug-2018
I have H-Economy tickets on a Lufthansa International flight. What is my baggage allowance?

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the route of flight. 


Posted on 09-Aug-2018
Hi, what is the free economy baggage allowance on lufthansa between Finland and Kenya? 2*23 kg? Thanks!

Admin Reply :

It is one bag of up to 23 kg in check-in baggage and 1 cabin bag of upto 8 kg, 


Posted on 07-Aug-2018
Hi, In my booking the baggage allowance is written as 2*23 kg. Does this mean that 2pcs with total of 46kgs ( 23kg for each) ?

Admin Reply :

Yes, that is right. 

Rahul Purswani

Posted on 01-Aug-2018
Is it possible to get some extension in allowance of baggage for student visa passengers travelling to USA for education?

Admin Reply :

We do not have any such information on special student baggage allowances on Lufthansa flights for USA destination.


Posted on 07-Aug-2017
Hii...i am a student travelling from delhi to canada......can i take one ladies purse apart from 8 kg hand bag..n will laptop bag is consider in 8 kg handbag weight or not??? Please reply me..

Admin Reply :

yes, ladies purse can be taken. Laptop bag will not be allowed in cabin then. If you take the laptop in cabin baggage (not separate bag), then it might be allowed.

Aaditya Venkatesha Babu Bangaru

Posted on 24-Jul-2017
Hi, I am student travelling from India to Gothenburg via Frankfurt for educational purposes. 1) Am I allowed any free luggage apart from 23+7+ laptop bag in economy class??? Are there any student offers applicable for me??? 2) Can I carry all electronic items in laptop bag itself??? Kindly reply as soon as possible.

Admin Reply :

No such offer to our knowledge. 

Divagar Jagannathan

Posted on 20-Jul-2017
Hi I am traveling from chennai to Frankfurt and then to Stuttgart. Am I allowed to take my Ayurvedic medicine with me. Or should I get permission for it.

Admin Reply :

You shall ideally have the prescription with you. 


Posted on 18-Jul-2017
For student who is going to US for higher studies please specify the baggage he / she can take to avoid any confusion at the last moment.

Admin Reply :

We are not aware of any such offer from Lufthansa


Posted on 27-Feb-2017
My daughter is going to Berlin for studies. Is there extra check in baggage allowance for students in addition to 23kg of check in baggage

Admin Reply :

There is no such allowance. 


Posted on 19-Feb-2017
I want to know that can i take two laptops with me as a student. Please reply me as early as possible.. I am very thankful to u

Admin Reply :

Can be taken, one inside the cabin baggage and 1 in laptop bag. 


Posted on 17-Feb-2017
I am travelling from Manchester (UK) to Hong Kong in economy class. There is a change of aircraft in Frankfurt. Does this mean I must pay an additional baggage fee (I am in "economy lite") for the Frankfurt leg or is the entire trip considered an intercontinental flight, entitling me to a 23 kg allowance?

Admin Reply :

Your allowance would be for the entire trip since the pnr is same. 


Posted on 12-Feb-2017
hi i need to know urgently. i am due to travel from saudi arabia to munich then to uk. how much luggage could i carey and if i take zamzam is that additional or part of the baggage allowance regards

Admin Reply :

Great, the airline has replied back saying that you would be allowed 10 L of Zam Zam water in check in baggage free of charge but it shall be packed by Safewrap at Jeddah airport.


Posted on 12-Feb-2017
Travelling from Delhi to Munich and Munich to Poznan my luggage is 166 Cm in total dimension is it possible to carry without any extra payment

Admin Reply :

Airlines look to make more money. Any size more than permitted allowance is inviting them to charge you for it. 


Posted on 12-Feb-2017
Thank you guys. really appreciared the quick response

Admin Reply :



Posted on 07-Feb-2017
I am flying economy class and I would like to know what I am allowed for carry on baggage - size and weight. Also am I allowed a personal item such as a handbag - size and weight. Thank you.

Admin Reply :

You are allowed 1 pcs of cabin baggage up to 8 kg weight. Dimensions shall be 55*40*23 cms. 


Posted on 05-Feb-2017
What is the baggage allowance on a a connection flight from Munich to the UK

Admin Reply :

For flights within Europe, there are three fare choices in Economy class. Economy Light allows you only a cabin bag of 8 kg. Economy Classic and Economy Flex allows 1 bag of 23 kg in check in and 1 hand baggage of 8 kg. On Business class, you are allowed 2 cabin bags each 8 kg and 2 check in bags of 32 kg each. 


Posted on 01-Sep-2016
Is an LED 55'' samsung Tv allowed as a check in luggage.Travelling from Charles De Gaulle to Jomo Kenyatta?

Admin Reply :

If it is within the check in baggage weight and size limits it will be allowed. 


Posted on 23-Aug-2016
Hi i am a student travelling from delhi to canada.. Is a purse(ladies handbag) allowed along with hand luggage(8 kg)??? If yes thn wht are the weight restrictions fr that coz i've listn dat no weighing is required fr it( big ladies purse) ...

Admin Reply :

Ladies purse can be carried for free and there is a no need for weighing it separately. Its dimensions shall not be more than 30cm, 40 cm and 10 cm.


Posted on 23-May-2016
Hi, I have seen two types of answer on carrying camera battery. Some where it is mentioned that it has to be packed in check-in baggage and in some replies it is mentioned as it can be carried in hand baggage. Please can you confirm, what can be carried in hand baggage and what should go in check-in baggage in international flight to Europe 1- Camera 2- Lenses 3 - Battery 4- Charger Thanks

Admin Reply :

Battery is to be taken in check-in while other items can be taken in cabin.

vasant patel

Posted on 30-Jan-2016
i am travailing on Lufthansa air from Bombay to Atlanta Ga. U.S.A how many check bag free allowed?

Admin Reply :

Economy: 1 bag of 23 kg; Premium Economy: 2 bags of 23 kg each. Business: 2 bags of 32 kg each. First class: 3 bags of 32 kg each. 

if i am booked on an international flight within 24 hours of the domestic flight what weight is allowed for checked in baggage

Posted on 16-Sep-2015
please respond early

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned about the arrival and departure stations and the other airline. 


Posted on 04-Aug-2015
Is there any special baggage allowance for students travelling for the first time with h1 visa to USA from India?

Admin Reply :

You have put this question in Lufthansa airline page. Only Air India and Jet Airways have student offers w.r.t baggage allowances. Air India allows you to carry 1 additional baggage of 23 kg each above what you are normally allowed to carry with the condition that the interior points of USA are touch via New York and Chicago only.


Posted on 25-May-2015
is carying alcohol (Vodka, 500ml) in checkin luggage allowed on lufthansa flights out of India ?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is permitted to carry alcohol as checked in luggage. 

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