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Air France Liability and Limitation

Death or Bodily Injury

Air France is responsible for damage arising out of death or bodily harm to its passengers in accordance with the provision of international conventions in force. As per Article 17 of Montreal Convention of May 1999, the carrier will not be liable if it proves that:

  • passenger itself was of such physical condition prior to boarding flight.

  • damage, wholly or partly, was caused due to wrongful act or omission on part of person claiming compensation as per Article 20 of Montreal Convention.

  • damage was not due to negligence or wrongful act or omission on the part of carrier, insofaras the damage exceeds 1,13,100 SDRs.

Amount of compensation payable:

  • There will be no limitation in these cases. 1,13,100 SDRs will be the limit of liability and airline will not contest it till this sum.

  • There is a provision of making advance payment as well after the identification of beneficiary, within 15 days. The amount will not be less than 16000 SDRs or equivalent sum in Euros in the event of death.



Air France will not be responsible for delay if it proves that its officials and agents took all reasonable measures to prevent the damage due to delay. Also, if the delay is attributable to passenger or the passenger contributed to it due to negligence, wrongful act or omission.

Carriers liability is limited to SDRs 4694 per passenger. In case of delay in delivery of checked baggage, the damage is limited at 1131 SDRs per passenger.

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