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(updated: 6-3-2018)

New: List of 102 Indigo Flights Moved to Terminal 2 of IGI Airport

There can be cases of denied boarding, cancellation of flights and flight delays. The airline provides refunds, alternative flight arrangements and compensation in these situations to the passengers as per the rules of DGCA.

Denied Boarding

In cases where the airline denies boarding to passengers who have checked in on time and where voluntary disembarkment has not been sufficient to accomodate others, it is entitled to provide alternative flight within 1 hour of scheduled departure time. In this scenario, passengers would be entitled to compensation. However, if alternative flight is not provided within 1 hours, airline has to provide compensation as per following rules:

  • If alternative flight is within 24 hrs, 200% of base fare+fuel charge, up to Rs 10000.
  • If alternative flight is more than 24 hrs, 400% of base fare+fuel charge, up to max of Rs 20000.
  • If passenger does not seekk alternative flight, full refund and compensation of 400% of one-way basic fare+airline fuel charge, up to max Rs 20000. 

Flight Cancellation

It is the duty of the airline to provide advanced information about flight cancellations to passengers. 

Information about flight cancellation shall be given to passenger at least 2 weeks before flight departure time and shall be offered alternative flight or refund of ticket amount.

If the information about flight cancellation is provided within 2 weeks but prior to 24 hours of flight departure time, then alternative flight within 2 hours shall be provided. 

If this is not possible, passengers are entitled to following compensation in addition to refunds amount:

  • Rs 5000 or booked one-way fare with fuel surcharge, whichever lower, for flights having block time of up to 01 hrs.
  • Rs 7500 or booked one-way fare with fuel surcharge, whichever lower, for flights having block time of more than 01 hrs and less than 02 hrs.
  • Rs 10000 or or booked one-way fare with fuel surcharge, whichever lower, for flights having block time of more than 02 hrs.

Flight Delays

Passengers are entitled to proper refreshments and meals and hotel accomodation when it is necessary, when the Indigo flight get delayed in following manner:

  • when delay is 2 hrs or more, in case of flights having block period up to 2.5hrs
  • when delay is 3 hrs or more, in case of flights having block period of more than 2.5 hrs and up to 5 hrs
  • when delay is 4 hrs or more, in case of flights having block period of more than 5 hrs. 

Where the passenger is already in-transit and a subsequent part of the flight is cancelled, the customer can do either of the following:

  • Remain at the transit station and re-book an alternative IndiGo flight at no additional cost for final destination, subject, of course, to availability

  • Remain at the transit station and accept partial refund for the cancelled part of journey

  • Return to the point of origin and receive a refund, or re-booking on alternative IndiGo flight at no additional cost or a credit for future travel on IndiGo.

Refunds will be made, upon production of satisfactory proof, to persons who have either paid for the booking or in whose name the booking has been done.

Ticket Cancellation Charges or Change in Time

Domestic Flights  
Upto 2 hrs before scheduled departure Rs 3000 or base fare+surcharge per person, whichever is lower
0-2 hrs before scheduled departure "No Show" charges
International Flights  
Before 4 hrs of scheduled departure Rs 3500 or base fare+surcharge per person, whichever is lower
0-4 hrs before scheduled departure "No Show" charges


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Ponnalagu murugesan

Posted on 05-Jul-2019
Hi sir i am booking yesterday indigo flight from singapore to tiruchirappalli my fight time at 14.10 am but i am miss my flight so please help me to refund sir

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with the airline directly. We are not Indigo Airline, but are an independent website. 

Tarun kalra

Posted on 31-May-2019
My flight from Bangkok to Delhi on 3rd of June I want to delay it to 4th of June What will be the charges

Admin Reply :

Rescheduling charges are Rs 2500.

Salamonraj Kamalakar

Posted on 27-May-2019
My flight 6E 73 journey date 26th May 2019, was delayed for 1.5 hours and after take off one hour later it was broken down for some technical issue and it took 4 hours to change the aircraft and fly again. So total Delay was more than 6 hours. Because of this delay, I have to take unpaid leave for the whole day and that cost me around S$ 150. How do I get the compensation for this delay?

Admin Reply :

You shall be approaching the airline at first for the compensation and make a formal request for the same. We expect it works out at the level of airline itself.

Donald Menezes

Posted on 14-May-2019
PNR GYF88L. Is the passenger eligible for refund?

Admin Reply :

We are not able to check. PNR seems to be wrong. Have you booked with agency and this seems to be its confirmation number.


Posted on 14-Dec-2018
My indigo flight is delayed by 1hour 10 minutes. Do I get any compensation?

Admin Reply :

We do not think this will entitle you to compensation. Please read through the terms and conditions on airline website. If the delay is caused, the reason for delay holds importance. Also, the delay can entitle you to have  a refund, or a future travel date, or alternative flight but not compensation.


Posted on 07-Dec-2018
My flight was delayed by half an hour. I had paid some additional charges which was for assurance of baggage and time. But now when my flight was delayed I want to know the procedure for compensation.

Admin Reply :

We would suggest that you read through the airline policy for compensations. We do not think that the airline will provide any compensation for 30 minutes delay. However, to begin the procedure for compensation claim, you can either call the airline customer service or write an email to them.


Posted on 29-Nov-2018
If I cancel my ticket atleast 15 days before the scheduled departure, will i get the full refund?

Admin Reply :

It depends on terms and conditions of the ticket. In any case, the refund amounts on cancellation of tickets are determined after deducting at least cancellation charges. 

P Tomer

Posted on 01-Sep-2018
I booked flight from Delhi to Bangalore 6E 2297 Date 01/09/2018 which has been rescheduled by Indigo from 09:00 am to 10:00 Am . Can I claim for delay in flight ? Kindly tell me procedure to claim..

Admin Reply :

Please raise the formal request with the airline through any channel of communication.

Esmail Noufel

Posted on 24-Aug-2018
21st aug cancelled my ticket how i can get my money back

Admin Reply :

You will get it through the entity which booked the ticket. If ticket booked with the airline, it will give the refunds. If booked with agency, it will give refunds. You need to contact them. If you have not raised a formal request for the same, it is always good to do it. 

Esmail Noufel

Posted on 24-Aug-2018
I resrved my ticket cochin to muscat you are cancelled my ticket so how can get my money back

Admin Reply :

We are not the indigo airline and not related to it. 


Posted on 12-Aug-2017
Kindly return eligible refund for Noshow pnr PBUEWM on 11/8/17 Mum-Chennai flight NVSrinivasan 9833600018

Admin Reply :

We are not the airline. Please contact the airline directly, if you have booked with it. 

Atikur Rahman

Posted on 10-Aug-2017
Hello sir my flight missed Pune to delhi and delhi to guwahati . Process to refund money

Admin Reply :

Please contact the agency which booked tickets for you. 

Sanjeev mathur

Posted on 02-Aug-2017
My flight is missing then how much be refundable

Admin Reply :

Depends on when it was missed. 

Regi Mathew

Posted on 01-Mar-2017
I have cancelled my flight. How much time will take to refund the amout to my bank account

Admin Reply :

7-10 days.


Posted on 26-Feb-2017
My parents missed their flight from Mumbai to Delhi due to a confusion on their end on flight timing. Can one claim refund of taxes and how does one go about it. They took fresh tickets and flew back eventually.

Admin Reply :

You just have to raise a formal request in this respect either by calling their customer service or through email and it will be done. 

Ravindra Kumar dhyani

Posted on 25-Feb-2017
My pnr is kbg7u-6e on 28 March but I will go to 28feb plz give me some suggestions

Admin Reply :

You shall get in touch with the airline or the agency which booked ticket


Posted on 19-Feb-2017
If i cancel my tickets 1 month before the date of fly than how much refund will i get?

Admin Reply :

Ticket cancellation charges of about Rs 2250-2500 would be deducted. It also depends on which type of ticket you bought. Airline or agency, who booked tickets, would inform you. 

karunesh pandey

Posted on 16-Feb-2017
my flt 6E 6929 pnr QGLLXK DEL -BLR is reshcdule on 21/02/2017 for 07/10 hrs to 5/45 hrs .i want to book for next day for same flt at 07:10 hrs. how to change please guide.

Admin Reply :

You can do it by speaking to the airline customer care. 


Posted on 10-Feb-2017
My PNR M652XL . I booked the new ticket again . From chennai to Hyderabad but I didnt get my refund yet . Please take necessary action .

Admin Reply :

You will have to approach the airline for refunds. They might have kept your sum in credit shell, you are requested to seek its release from the airline. 

Asma Khalid

Posted on 10-Nov-2016
I had booked a round trip from Kolkata to Delhi and back. I canceled the return leg of the journey. I had opted for the credit shell option. Please tell me how to utilise the credit for booking another Indigo ticket.

Admin Reply :

Once you would be making a new booking, you will be able to use the amount kept in credit shell for buying tickets.

Birendra Prasad

Posted on 08-Nov-2016
My PNR-PGESHH, and i would like to get refund since flight is reshedule and i am not comfortable with reshudle timing of flight.

Admin Reply :

Please approach airline or agency whosoever booked ticket.

Sukhdev Saina

Posted on 21-Oct-2016
I had cancelled two tickets from Delhi to Bagdogra -6E369 .My Pnr no. Is DYIQTW. So I want to know about details of refund.

Admin Reply :

Ticketing agency will inform about the correct refunds status. 


Posted on 16-Oct-2016
Hi, Is there any kind of delay or reschedule plan pertaining to flight from pune to nagpur on 2nd December at 11:00 am ?

Admin Reply :

Please seek this information from the airline or the agent who booked the ticket. 


Posted on 16-Oct-2016
We had more than 4 hours delay at Pune yesterday for Flight 6E 807. We were suppose to leave by 11:45pm to Bangalore but we're made stuck there with no much communication or compensation. Let me know when and how I can get compensation for this as per DGCA rules and regulations. I was traveling with 4 yrs kid who was made to sleep on chair for hours with no proper arrangements.

Admin Reply :

Any compensation arising out of cancellation or delay of flights will be processed as per DGCA guideline outlined in Civil Aviation Requirement, Section - 3, Series M Part IV. This document can be accessed at :

Mohit Kumar

Posted on 15-Oct-2016
My indigo flight was 1 nov.2016 due to some problem I can't go.My ticket was refundable. So, problem is that how much deducted before 15 days.

Admin Reply :

There would be a ticket cancellation charge of about Rs 2250. Precisely what amount would be refunded can not be disclosed by airline to us. Please quote your pnr no to airline to know details.


Posted on 14-Oct-2016
Yesterday i booked a ticket from hydrabad to kolkata for 2 person,due to some technical problem my ticket was not connirmed but money has been deducted twice, what should i do to get my money back.thnx

Admin Reply :

You shall immediately contact the airline or the agency with which you have booked. One of it would be reversed. 


Posted on 07-Oct-2016
Today i booked a ticket from chandigarh to srinagar, due some technical problem my ticket was not confirmed but money has been deducted twice, what should i do to get my money back.thnx

Admin Reply :

You must contact the airline to know if ticket was made or not. 


Posted on 03-Oct-2016
Hi, I had booked the tickets to travel to Delhi from Pune on 24th Dec 2016. However now we would like to re-book the same flight as the rates have reduced when we checked on 3rd Oct 2016. Please let me know if we shall get the refund of the difference amount. Warm regards, Urvashi

Admin Reply :

Ticket cancellation charges would first apply. You can always re-book and claim for refunds. Exactly how much of refunds will be provided will be told only to you by the entity which booked ticket (airline or agent)

santanu sarkar

Posted on 02-Oct-2016
change the flight tickets time

Admin Reply :

Please follow up with the airline or do it on your own online. 


Posted on 14-Sep-2016
Hi, I have booked direct flight from Vadodara to Bangalore in Nov-16. Direct flight has been cancelled by airline and they offer me alternate flight ( Vadodara - Mumbai - Bangalore) instead of direct flight. Can I get any compensation for it ?

Admin Reply :

You will get the refunds. 


Posted on 13-Sep-2016
My ticket with booking reference XFZC4K on 2nd december 2016 from delhi to kochi in 6E859 flight has been cancelled by me. Which address/mail i.d should i send the request to refund the cancellation amount

Admin Reply :

Please use this link

Kavana kamath

Posted on 05-Sep-2016
I missed my flight today morning how can I get my airport tax refund my booking reference Dear kamath -Your IndiGo PNR is B66U2S- 6E 482 05Sep BLRBOM 0610/0745. Web check-in now by clicking here -

Admin Reply :

You can get it by contacting the airline or the agent who booked ticket. 

Amitabh Negi

Posted on 04-Sep-2016
Sir, I booked a flight 6E-755, PNR GHP1GB from Dehradun to Delhi for 03 Sep 2016. The flight was scheduled to take off at 1425. I got stuck in traffic and spoke to your customer care executive on the phone informing her that I might get a bit late and to inform the check in counter. She aggreed to do so. I reached the airpot with my wife at approx 1405 and was informed that the flight has boarded and the gates are closed, at the Indigo ticket window, and the security guard. I had to travel by Jet as I had no option. I was informed that some amount will be refunded to me as a ' No Show '. I mailed immediately and repeatedly after that , but my mails were bounced back with the message that " their inbox is full ". May I be kindly informed if any refund is due to me at all or what is the rule position on this kind of situation. I will be grateful. Amitabh Negi

Admin Reply :

At first, let us make clear that we are not related to any airlines and we do not have telephonic customer service support. So, you did not speak to us. 

Second, since yours is a case of No Show, some small amount will be refunded. You shall speak to the customer service of the airline. 

Milind Patwardhan

Posted on 27-Aug-2016
Hi, This is Milind Patwardhan and booked my ticket before 2 monthnsof departure and later on I cancelled my ticket. How shall I get my refund. Please let me know the procedure step by step.

Admin Reply :

You shall raise a formal request whether you booked with an agent or an airline. If booked with agent, then agent has to be approached for this purpose. If booked with airline, it has to be approached. These days, airlines keep refundable amounts in their credit shell which enables you to travel in a future date. So, you can request for release of money from credit shell if you want it in your account. Refunds will be given back through the same medium which was used for booking of tickets. 

umang agarwal

Posted on 16-Aug-2016
sir,i have mistakenly made a ticket with due date of 23rd sept from ahmedabad to hyderbad,which is non-refundable....i would kindly request you to change the date from 23rd to29th sept....i would be highly obiliged if you accept my request sir.. llooking forward for your help, Umang agarwal

Admin Reply :

We are not related to any airlines. Please do it on your own end by calling the customer service of the airline. 

Donny CRUZ darwin

Posted on 30-Jul-2016
Dear sir, I couldn\'t fly on 26/07/2016 as I fractured my Ligament.My flight was from Trivandrum to Bangalore and Bangalore to Nagpur. Airline PNR/ Eticket number was F7QCWC. I was offered a full refund by the airlines. Hope I will get it soon. Awaiting a positive reply from your side. Donny CRUZ darwin

Admin Reply :

You need to contact the airline for this purpose. We are not related to any airline. 

S.P. Tripathi

Posted on 29-Jul-2016
Flight No 6E124 ,PNR E8LG4Z. dt 28.07.16 to Mumbai to Delhi cancelled. Tkt booked with net banking. How & when will I get refund. Hope I get the full refund.

Admin Reply :

You will get refund into your bank account. You will have to raise a formal request for the same. 


Posted on 22-Jul-2016
Why the Indigo evening flight between GHY & CCU is delayed very frequently?

Admin Reply :

There is no specific answer to this query. 

Sandeep sharma

Posted on 18-Jul-2016
I missed my indigo flight delhi to kolkata 16 july 2 can i get refund or reshdule the ticket?

Admin Reply :

You can seek refunds by making a formal request for the same with the airline. 


Posted on 11-Jul-2016
Sir, I had tried to book two seats for my parents on 6 E 134 PNQ to NAG on 12 jul 16. The payment was made through SBI Internet banking however the ticket was not booked. 29805331f3b720160711113213 is the indigo transaction reference. Pl help me get the refund

Admin Reply :

We would request you to contact the airline in this regard. They would have all record, even if there was failure in ticket booking. 


Posted on 09-Jul-2016

Admin Reply :

Refunds are not granted in full and there are cancellation charges which have to be paid. If you have any issue with respect to the refunds, pleases speak to the airline directly if you have booked tickets with it. 

Diksha Gautam

Posted on 04-Jul-2016
In case I cancel my flight , when will the refund be credited to my account.

Admin Reply :

yes, at the time of cancellation, the airline will notify you whether you want to keep it in shell or not. If you opt not to keep in shell, then it will get transferred to account . 

Kishor makwana

Posted on 12-Jun-2016
Hi i have booked indigo flight for haidrabad to ticket show the flight timings was 6:05 am on 12 june 2016... So i reached airport by ....then i go for boarding timing is 4:55 that time i got to kw that my flight timings have changed...and new timing was..5:40..for that i have to check in before 5:15...i hurry but i couldn\'t make it due to security cheacking line....i got late by only 5mint...and i missed my flight...i requested indigo\'s staff to make me help for cheack in but they said that door is cloesd....they havent mailed or massaged me for change in flight i want to knaw that hw can i refund my money....and i want to know that if a passenger get boarding...and if he cant reached to the check in counter duline any reasons....then airline should make one announced his name for once....?....i was my first and worst experience with indigo....

Admin Reply :

This is one of the rare bad experiences. You are required to be at airport check in counter at least 2 hrs before departure time. However, since flight was pre-poned, you could get in touch with nodal officer on following contact details: Ms. Priya Kataria E-mail: 

vicky sarsiya

Posted on 10-Jun-2016
what if i missed the flight am i eligible to get my money back

Admin Reply :

If you miss the flight and do not show at boarding gate at the appointed time, you will be considered a 'No Show' and all amount will be forfeited except for some nominal charges which will be refunded back. 

Prashant Agrawal

Posted on 26-May-2016
Hi, I had booked a ticket form Delhi to Pune for 23 May 2016,but due to some weather problem the flight got cancelled. Ticket was for Ms.Richa Sharma and the PNR number is XBNR7T. So we want refund of that flight. There was a return flight from Pune to Delhi on 27 May 2016, so as she didn\'t make to come pune hence the return has no sense. We want refund of both sides. My contact number is: 7028080290

Admin Reply :

Airline will not provide us this information and neither can we start process of refunds. Whosoever booked the tickets will only be able to process this request.

Shubhada Dhananjay Dhawde

Posted on 26-Apr-2016
I missed my flight hyderabad to.mumbai .I had booked two tickets. I did not travel at all. Can I get refund.This Relates to Indigo airlines.

Admin Reply :

Yes, please contact the agent who booked tickets.

Navaluri Sriram

Posted on 19-Apr-2016
Sir, I booked my IndiGo return journey on 15/Jun/2016 from Dubai to Chennai through agent using online booking Make mytrip Booking no OYEMYJ ,MakeMy Trip Bookind Id : NN2304312566909. I would like to know the following details 1. How do i Get the refund OR 2. Can I re-book onto an alternative IndiGo flight at no additional cost for date 30/April/2016. At present I am in ABUDABHI. I could not find proper destination here in ABUDABHI and DUBAI . I shall be much obliged if you can help me in this regard ASAP. Consider this is urgent. Sriram N

Admin Reply :

Refunds will have to be processed through the agency. You will have to speak to the agency for alternative flight arrangement. This can be done but we can not assure that it will not entail any costs. 


Posted on 13-Apr-2016

Admin Reply :

There is no frequent flyer program for indigo airlines.

aganya rana

Posted on 14-Mar-2016
PNR L5TKSV. dt 12.03.16 to delhi to dehradun cancelled. Tkt booked with debit card. How & when will I get refund. Hope I get the full refund.

Admin Reply :

You must raise a formal request with the airline, if booked with it directly or with the agent which booked it. This can be done through email or phone while asking airline to do the needful. Yes, if it is a refundable ticket, you will get the refund after deduction of applicable charges. 


Posted on 07-Dec-2015
PNR HGHPJB. Flt 6E 545 dt 7.12.15 to Mumbai (return on same day) cancelled. Tkt booked with credit card. How & when will I get refund. Hope I get the full refund.

Admin Reply :

At first, please raise a formal request for refund. Second, it will be paid back to your credit card account within 7-10 working days. 

Venkata Ramanujulu

Posted on 07-Dec-2015
My flight from Delhi to Chennai was cancelled on 3rd Dec.2015. (6E 606, PNR ZYES7G). Please let me know the reschedule process.

Admin Reply :

Airline will communicate with you or your ticket booking agency regarding this. Please follow up with them.


Posted on 05-Dec-2015
i want to book a flight on 6th dec,2015 from chennai to new delhi. i want to make enquiry regarding the options your airlines provide in case they cancel our flight due to bad weather in chennai. please respond asap.

Admin Reply :

All options are provided in the content in website at

Susanta Chaudhuri

Posted on 02-Dec-2015
Indigo flight no-527 cancelled on 02.12.2015,please inform me reschedule date and flight no.,time against PNR-AF7BKE

Admin Reply :

You will be notified via email or SMS by the airline or agency which booked your ticket.

Awshmita Datta

Posted on 02-Dec-2015
My flight no. 6E 272 from Chennai to Kolkata on 03.12.2105 will hopefully be cancelled due to closure of Chennai airport. Please inform me whether the flight will take off on 03.12.2015. And if cancelled inform the Rescheduled date.

Admin Reply :

Chennai airport shut for 4 days.


Posted on 03-Sep-2015
Sir, I have booked for extra luggage (5Kg) for the journey from Banglore to New Delhi by the flight 6E-106 Economy class. Actualy I donot require it and it was paid by me due to misunderstanding of booking portal of . Kindly refund exta luggage charges or tell me the procedure for its refund paid by me. Thanking You Deepali Dani

Admin Reply :

Refunds are processed by agencies which make your ticket. You will have to approach the booking agency for this and initiate the process of refund by making a request for the same. 

Dr Bhaskar Lekurwale

Posted on 09-Jul-2015
I have availed indigo trip From kolkata to nagpur very frequently. Kindly redem my accrued points with indigo. Moreover also intimate me the lowest are for the source and destination regularly at my this I'd. Reads

Admin Reply :

Indigo does not have a frequent flyer program.There is no question of these being accumulated or redeemed. 


Posted on 15-May-2015
what will be the cancellation charges fr chennai bangalore flight booked 3 months in advance but has to be cancelled 1 month before ,due to health reasons personal

Admin Reply :

Since you have done bookings before 1 April, 2015, you will be charged at rate of Rs 1500 per passenger. The new fee slan structure will be for bookings made on or after 1 April, 2015

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