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SpiceJet Check-In and Boarding

Spicejet Online Check In

The facility of Spicejet web check in allows passengers to select seats and get the boarding passes through email or sms, which can then be printed and taken to the airport. At the airport, there is no need to queue up in the line if you are carrying only hand baggage and can proceed directly for security clearance.

However, when you are carrying checkin baggage and you web check in, you will have to first go to the airport counter without standing in the line and get the bags tagged or stamped, and then proceed for securty clearance. This is applicable for domestic flights. In case of international flights, passengers are required to show up at the airport counter for verification of documents and again get the boarding passes. 

spicejet web check in

Spicejet online check in facility is available from all airports across the country, except from Jammu and Kashmir airports. It is also not available on Ex-international destination flights where passengers board from an international airport. 

Spicejet Web Check In Cut-off Time

Web check in opens 48 hours before and closes 2 hours before scheduled departure of flights in case of domestic flights. For corporate users, the benefit is that web check-in opens right from the time of ticket booking and it remains open till 2 hrs before departure of flight.  For international flights, it opens 48 hours and closes 3 hours before scheduled departure of flights. 

Who are not allowed to Web Check in?

  • Passengers with infants, pregnant women, requiring wheelchair, or requiring any other special assistance 
  • Passengers travelling in groups of more than 9 people
  • Unaccompanied minors

SpiceJet Airport Check-in

Domestic Flights 

All passengers are required to show their valid ID proofs at the time of check-in. This provision is also applicable to children and infants. There is also a requirement of carrying Passport and valid travel documents (including PIO card) for the foreigners/ NRIs or Non-Indian Nationals if they are traveling to Port Blair.

Check-In starts 2 hours prior to scheduled departure of flight. Check-in closes 45 minutes before the departure time. Boarding gate closes 20 minutes before flight departure.

It is mandatory to carry itinerary printouts to airport for check-in. If you do not  have one, you can get the printout from the airport on paying a fee of Rs 100.

Connecting flights (domestic)

In the domestic sector, Spicejet will be issuing 2 boarding passes to a passenger. Check in is allowed till 45 minutes prior to scheduled departure for final destination from the transit point. If passenger fails to show up for boarding 20 minutes prior to departure at point of transit, then it will be treated as a ‘Gate No Show’ case and his or her baggage would be offloaded and handed over to him or her or to the concerned airport authority.

International Flights

Passengers shall report at least 3 hours prior to scheduled departure. Check-in would close 1 hour prior to scheduled departure (75 minutes for Dubai and Kabul). Boarding gate would close 25 minutes before scheduled departure (from Kabul, this period is 45 minutes). There will not be any refunds if the provisions of this check-in are not met by passengers.

Connecting Flights (international)

For international connecting flight, check in starts 4 hours and ends 60 minutes prior to departure time. Boarding cards are issued only up to the point of transit. In cases where passengers are coming from international flights and take connecting flights to domestic destinations, they are not allowed to carry more than 100 ml of liquid in their hand/cabin baggage. Duty free liquor is also not allowed as cabin baggage.

Spicejet Boarding Pass

Spicejet is India’s low cost carrier. When you book Spicejet tickets and check-in using the web, mobile app or at the airport, you are issued a boarding pass at the end of the check-in process. You shall refer to the check-in process of the Spicejet airline for more details. 

When is the boarding pass issued and how to get it?

The boarding pass will be issued at the end of the check-in process. For those who have completed the web check in, the pass will be available for download online. For those who checked in at the airport, it will be issued at the airport. 

Is the boarding pass required to be printed?

Yes, it is important to print the boarding pass. 

How do I get the boarding pass for connecting domestic flights?

If you are flying on connections of Spicejet in the domestic sector, you will be given two boarding passes right at the origin station.

How do I get the boarding pass for the connecting international flight?

The boarding pass for the international leg of the travel is issued at the last departing station. 

What if the boarding pass is lost?

If the pass is lost, then you can get another one one more time. If you have checked in online, then click the same link to find that it shows already checked-in status and the option to print the boarding pass one more time.

For how long shall the pass be retained?

The boarding pass shall be retained till the time travel is completed. 

Though the airline requires you to retain it till the time you exit the terminal, in instances where connecting flights are to be taken, you might be asked to show the boarding pass of the previous flight. 

Sometimes, your company or organization might also require it as a proof of travel, so we recommend you retain it for the required duration of time.


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Mangesh Rumde

Posted on 31-Aug-2023
Can i carry 22 inch monitor in cabin luggage

Admin Reply :

It shall be carried in check in baggage.

Govind Lal swarnkar Swarnkar

Posted on 30-Jun-2023
I want boarding pass for SG 8913scheduled on 02nd Jul 2023. PNR IEPSPD. Sector new delhi to srinagar.

Admin Reply :

The boarding pass can be got from the website of the airline or you can get the same from the airline only. 

Satyabhan Singh

Posted on 29-Apr-2023
I don't have download my boarding pass

Admin Reply :

You can retrieve it from website of airline. Else, speak to airline customer suppprt.


Posted on 27-Jun-2020
Whether web check in is necessary for travelers with a pregnant traveler

Admin Reply :

In normal circumstance, web check in for pregnant women is not allowed because the progress of pregnancy document or fit to fly document is required to be shown at airport. So, we suggest you speak to airline about present times whether only web check in being allowed. We understand that the airline is discouraging pregnant women from flying.


Posted on 10-Jan-2020

Admin Reply :

Please check with the airline directly.


Posted on 11-Dec-2019
Hi, I have booked Dubai to Kozhikode flight with Spice jet for 16th December 4:30 PM. Can I drop my check in baggage on 15th night. If there is any facility to do that it will be great an appreciated. Please let me know as soon as possible.. Thank you

Admin Reply :

We do not think that this is allowed by Spicejet. 

Rajesh Kumar Agarwalla

Posted on 03-Jun-2019
i had booked flight for benglore for 3rd of June schedule departure time 21.05 but got message in morning that reschedule flight time at 22.00 but my flight get take off at 23.00 pm total late 2 hour from original time. Can I get any compensation or any other benefits and what to do for get anything if deserve. Thank you

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline in this respect.


Posted on 01-Jun-2019
Hi I would like to know the luggage limitation for Patna to Hyderabad. How much checkin for each customer and how many hand luggage?

Admin Reply :

15 kg is the standard check in baggage allowance and 7 kg is the cabin allowance.

Mr. Vipul Singh

Posted on 10-Sep-2018
Enquiry for boarding pass.

Admin Reply :

You can check the boarding pass using Manage Booking on airline website.


Posted on 06-Sep-2018
I will be travelling to Bangalore in October via Spice Jet and wanted to know if I could carry my bike helmet with me as part of my hand luggage as I do not have check in luggage with me at all

Admin Reply :

Will depend on airline officials at airport. 

Mr.Yusuf Ali

Posted on 15-Aug-2017
How many baggage-allowance spicejet jaipur to dubai

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in and 7kg cabin

Sheetal Joshi

Posted on 12-Aug-2017
I am first time flyer in spice jet from pune to ticket is booked by my friend in delhi.. so do i hv to carry the photocopy of his debit card or it is not necessary? Need ur comment..thank you.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it has to be carried and along with it the authorisation letter that his card was used for booking tickets.

Bhawna Goel

Posted on 11-Aug-2017
I have booked tickets for me and my family through make my trip and received e-ticktes. Now when I am doing web checkin all the seats are being charged like Rs. 300 or Rs. 150. Could you tell me why is it so? Other airlines don't charge anything during web check-in.

Admin Reply :

You must be choosing the seats which carry the charge. LCC Airlines, such as Indigo and Spicejet, do have preferential charges for certain seats, say window or aisle seats, or seats in a particular row which is more comfortable to sit, etc. 


Posted on 09-Aug-2017
I did web check-in. N received a mobile boarding pass with a scanner code.. do I still need to print the another boarding board..

Admin Reply :

It is always better to have a printed boarding pass on hand. In India, this is mandatory due to security considerations.


Posted on 08-Aug-2017
Is there any early baggage drop off facility for spice jet in dubai airpirt, any charges is there for the sama & to where I have to go for the same

Admin Reply :

No such facility. 


Posted on 01-Aug-2017
Do i need to pay any charges during web check-in of my flight???

Admin Reply :

No charges for check in.


Posted on 31-Jul-2017
My ticket entry name is Dipen Patel but my id proof name is dipenkumar Patel is an valid

Admin Reply :

Shall not be a problem but do inform the airline in advance. 


Posted on 29-Jul-2017
When do i have to reach airport if i am already web check in and got my boarding pass. P.S. I am running a bit late .

Admin Reply :

Is it a domestic flight or an international one? For domestic flights, you need to report at boarding gate at least 45 minutes before scheduled departure time of flight. So, you shall be at airport at least 90 minutes before the flight. 

For international flights you need to report at least 90 minutes before flight time at the check in counter at airport. 


Posted on 23-Jul-2017
1)Do i need separate print-outs if i have booked 5 e-tickets in a single order??? 2)Can i get boarding pass of all those passengers travelling with me?? 3)How can i get online boarding passes??

Admin Reply :

If you have received e-tickets in email, please take their print. Of course, you can get the boarding pass. If you have booked online on the website of the airline, it can be done by logging into the account. 


Posted on 26-Feb-2017
I did Web check in . I have a hand baggage if I directly go to security clearance how will I get tag for my hand bang .will security clearance guys provides it? Please reply ?

Admin Reply :

Hand bags were stamped byh security staff only at airports. But, from Dec 2016, 6 airports stopped security stamping of hand luggage.

ajay krish

Posted on 24-Feb-2017
Done webcheck in ....Have a hand baggage shld I get a tag fr the bag r other wise straight to security check....

Admin Reply :

Go straight to security check


Posted on 01-Feb-2017
does have to pay for preferred seats? Can we get boarding pass online? without any charges

Admin Reply :

Yes, some of the preferred seats might have to be paid for. Yes, boarding pass can be obtained online using My Booking service. There is no charge for receiving it online


Posted on 30-Jan-2017
Hi I am first time flier. i am traveling from Kolkata to Bengaluru on 10th Feb 2017. My PNR # M6YS9P. I have downloaded e-ticket. What else i have to do before coming to counter. Pls do needful.

Admin Reply :

You need to carry the valid ID proofs along with the printed form of the ticket and/or the boarding pass. If you have booked ticket using the credit or debit card of any other person then you must also carry the photocopy of that card along with the authorization from that person that you have used it for booking tickets. If there is anything else you want to know, please shoot us your query.


Posted on 13-Nov-2016

Admin Reply :

There is a manage my booking section within the search engine box where you search flights. Use that feature. 

Sucheta Chatterjee

Posted on 08-Nov-2016
I have booked a flight from Del- Jai, I m done with my Web check in...n got my boarding pass as well..but I m carrying luggage do I have to go to the counters for my check-in luggage???Please advice.

Admin Reply :

No, you have to proceed to drop off counters where you will tag checkin bags and leave these there.


Posted on 04-Nov-2016
Dear Sir , This is to inform you that I have booked a air ticket from delhi to Guwahati . By mistake I chose hand baggage flight option only . So now please let me know what will be charge if my luggage exceeds hand baggage . I want to carry around 15 kg luggage . Please advice .

Admin Reply :

Get the fare type changed by paying some nominal charges and then you would be allowed to take the check in baggage as per free allowance. Please call the airline to do th same. 

Tay Lay Chang

Posted on 03-Nov-2016
Can I web check in if one of the travel passengers due to medical reason cannot fly with us for our flight from Kolkatta to Bagdogra? Who do I informed in Spicejet regarding the withdrawal of this passenger from the flight

Admin Reply :

You shall inform the customer service of the airline. You can use web check in facility of the airline. 


Posted on 23-Oct-2016
hi i have done web check in but i have check-in baggage . so how to proceed

Admin Reply :

When you go at airport, please check for the drop-off box counters of the airline for tagging the check in bags and leave these there. 

kamalkumar bohra

Posted on 19-Oct-2016
Sir I have done my booking for kochi With single pnr 2 adult with child So that single id proof is nort sufficient For boarding

Admin Reply :

Every passenger shall have a valid ID proof. 

Dipankar Mitra

Posted on 05-Oct-2016
How can I have online boarding pass ?

Admin Reply :

You can have it online from the website of the airline. 


Posted on 02-Oct-2016
Is it mandatory to have hard copy of boarding pass after web check in.or mobile boarding pass and hard copy of the ticket are sufficient. Please confirm

Admin Reply :

yes, it is mandatory. Printouts are a must. 


Posted on 29-Sep-2016
Is it compulsory to do online web check in for seats orelse can I approach spice jet airlines counter at airport and get boarding passes and seats booked at that time only. Do you charge for seating ..... ?

Admin Reply :

You can do it either way. It is not mandatory to web check in online. It is an option provided for your convenience. The benefit of web chech in is that you get seats of choice ahead of others. If you select preferential seat which is paid in nature, there will be charges for it. 


Posted on 27-Sep-2016
Hi Admin, My Web check-In is done for tomorrow journey(28-09-2016) and it's for domestic flight from Bangalore to Vijayawada my flight time at 06:20 PM and only hand bag (no luggage).So what time i should be in for Airport and what is the the next procedure.Please send procedure i am travelling first time. Thanks Suresh

Admin Reply :

You just have to reach the security clearance directly without being at the check-in desk. PLease take all your travel documents along. 


Posted on 09-Sep-2016
Is printout of mobile boarding pass is necessary for domestic flight?

Admin Reply :

yes, print out of boarding pass is mandatory. 


Posted on 03-Sep-2016
At the time of web checkin i selected a seat showing preferential Rs 200/0 and then proceeded i got my boarding without redirecting me to payment for Rs200 as it shown at seat they charge me at airport??

Admin Reply :

It must have been added along with your fare while booking ticket. Please speak to the customer service of the airline. 

dinesh rajbhar

Posted on 31-Aug-2016
if am having only laptop or cabin bag, did i have to get that bag stamped or tagged on check in counter.

Admin Reply :

No, that is not required. You can proceed directly for security clearance after web check in. 


Posted on 15-Aug-2016
After web check in can I proceed to security without a printout of the boarding pass? The soft copy of the pass is on my phone. I only have hand luggage.

Admin Reply :

Yes, you do not have to be in line. But, you must have the printed copy of boarding pass. Soft copies are not sufficient. 

Sinoj Nair

Posted on 28-Jul-2016
Hi, I have entered my name as Sinoj Nair in my ticket. However, all the ID proofs are as Sinojkumar Nair. Is that a problem for identity check during collection of boarding pass?

Admin Reply :

Yes that would pose problem. Names have to be same.


Posted on 15-Jul-2016
I booked two tickets (Mumbai-Chennai) scheduled at 10:15 pm, July 16 2016. I am quite surprised that i was asked to pay Rs.400 while choosing normal seats during web check in. First time ever coming across something like this while i have travelled through many other flyers who don\'t charge anything while checking in through web for normal seats! disappointed.

Admin Reply :

It would have charged you for some reason. Might be you are mistaken that these are normal seats. 


Posted on 12-Jul-2016
Is web check in chargeable?

Admin Reply :

Not at all.


Posted on 09-Jul-2016
Mobile e- boarding pass is enough to pass security check or printout is mandatory??

Admin Reply :

Print outs are mandatory.


Posted on 01-Jul-2016
Does spicejet charge any fees for preferred seat selection, for example window seat, if we Web check in? If I Web check in the printout of online boarding pass is sufficient to board airplane or do I have to get boarding pass at spicejet Airport counter? I have a child of two and a half years of age. Can I use his birth certificate as ID proof?

Admin Reply :

Yes it allows preferential seat selection by paying additional fee at the time of online check in. After completing the check in process, you will be prompted to have the print out of the boarding pass or send it to your email ID/phone. Once you do it, there is no need for having the boarding pass again at the airport. This is for domestic flights only. For the international flights, there is a need to get the boarding pass at the airport in exchange for the confirmation slip. 

Generally, airlines accept birth certificate of child as valid ID till 3 years of age. So, there shall not be any problem. 

Shakuntala Shetty

Posted on 09-Jun-2016
I have not received my Boarding Pass E mail for the travel on 11th June 16 & 12th June 2016 PNR No. RENESH & Q4YZKI respectively. Kindly send the boarding pass to my above mail.

Admin Reply :

Use "manage my booking" facility provided on website of spicejet (in the booking engine box) and take the print of travel itinerary. We are not related to any airline and, therefore, can not send the boarding pass to your email Id. 

Asha C N

Posted on 07-Jun-2016
I Just want when do I receive my Check in baggage onvce I reach the destination airport. Should I wait or it will be issued immediately? Suppose I am travelling from Bagalore airport to Pune. Please advise

Admin Reply :

You might have to wait for some time. 

dayanand chaudhari

Posted on 12-May-2016
Child of age 4. What type of id proof is valid for check in ?

Admin Reply :

School ID is the best proof. 


Posted on 03-May-2016
How should i get gate no in my online chekin or tag in my hand baggage

Admin Reply :

Gate no is not mentioned on boarding pass. This can be known at airport. 


Posted on 07-Apr-2016
Sir/med I have a flight on 26 April from Hyd to dxb ,but I don\'t no my set no and boarding pass but how to get my boarding pass and set no .

Admin Reply :

You can use the web check-in facility provided by airline to select seat of choice and get boarding pass online. Details are provided on this link:

suman koirala

Posted on 25-Mar-2016
I have a flight on 8th april 2016 frm kochin to kolkata i dnt knw the website for taking out boarding pass can u plz help me reagarding this matter..???

Admin Reply :

You will have visit the website of Spicejet for this purpose. This can be done at as shown in the content above.


Posted on 25-Mar-2016
Hi. Can I select my preferred seats during online check in even if I have check-in luggages ? Please reply. Thank you

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can select the seats even while you have check in baggage. 

Dr Rohit Mahambrey

Posted on 05-Mar-2016
I have a domestic leg before an international flight with 3 hours of layover in between. Entire itinerary is on single PNR with Spicejet. How early to report for the domestic leg checkin? Will I have to re check at international leg again? Can I use web checkin for both? My luggage will be collected at end of journey or at layover?

Admin Reply :

For domestic flights, airport check in begins 2 hrs before schedule departure of flights. Domestic flights web check in begins at least 48 hours before scheduled departure. 

You can use web check in for both but will be required to be present at the airport for document validation for international flights. Also, if you are carrying check in baggage, then again you are required to be present at the drop-box counter of airline at the airport. 

For international flights, if you have done web check in, then you are required to be present at the airport at least 1.5 hrs before departure of flighinstaed of the usual 3 hours.  

shankar lal gupta

Posted on 24-Feb-2016
reply. what to do?

Admin Reply :

your query is not clear to us. You do not need to do anything with free check in baggage. Simply take it to airport if you have done web check in already. 


Posted on 24-Feb-2016
Is web check in free?

Admin Reply :

yes, it is free.


Posted on 20-Feb-2016
hello admin.i have booked a flight in spicejet(hand luggage only ) for the first time,i have no clue about the check in question is, if i have done a web-checkin , i will be provided with a boarding pass to my that pass printed on paper is enough to proceed directly to security check?? or should i go and get the boarding pass provided by the airline at the time of checkin?? when i have travelled earlier in jetairways..i have been provided with mobile boarding pass when i checked online...i went to the airline checkin counter a got my airline boarding pass showing this..thank you for the reply.

Admin Reply :

Printed boarding pass is sufficient to proceed directly to security clearance. No need to go to check in counter.


Posted on 13-Feb-2016
I am traveling with the infant and child can o get pre-reserved seat in same row

Admin Reply :

You can select seats of choice using web check in. Else, you can request the airline customer service for the same.

Nilesh Singh

Posted on 08-Dec-2015
How can I get online check in & boarding pass?

Admin Reply :

Yes, of course, you can get online check in and boarding pass. 

Subhàsh chander

Posted on 21-Nov-2015
My boarding pass time

Admin Reply :

Where is the question?

what is meaning of itinerary printouts

Posted on 18-Nov-2015
please clear the meaning of itinerary printouts

Admin Reply :

You have to take the prints of itinerary.


Posted on 30-Oct-2015
Is it necessary to get the online boarding pass stamped at the time of check-in or we can directly go to security check as we do not have check-in baggage ?

Admin Reply :

If travelling on domestic sector, you can directly proceed to security check. If you are travelling on international sector, then you will again be issued a boarding pass at the airport even after checking in online. This is done to check the travel documents before passengers boards the place for international travel.  

Chandrasekaran Duraisamy

Posted on 20-Sep-2015
Boarding pass

Admin Reply :

please provide right question.

nandita roy

Posted on 26-Jun-2015
whether you are provide any free lunch during the journey?

Admin Reply :

Sorry, free meals are not provided.

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