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easyJet Baggage Allowance

Cabin Baggage

easyJet does not prescribe any weight limits for the cabin baggage. However, every passenger is allowed to take only 1 cabin bag which shall be able to fit in the overhead bin.

56cm × 45cm × 25cm shall be the size of the cabin baggage for keeping in overhead bin. And, this shall also include wheels and handles. Cabin bags of size bigger than this are checked-in and suitable charges for them have to be paid.

In addition, certain passengers are allowed to carry one additional bag which can be placed under the seat. The passengers who are allowed to carry it are easyJet Plus card holders, passengers who have bought Extra legroom or Up Front, those travelling on  Flexi fare and those travelling with an infant in lap. This might include a laptop bag or a handbag.

Size of bag which can be kept underneath is 45cm x 36cm x 20cm.

Further, passengers are allowed to bring umbrella, crutches, walking sticks and one duty free bag of standard size.

For infants less than 5 years of age, passengers can carry up to 2 of following items for free: pushchair, buggy,  car seat, travel cot, pram, baby back carrier or booster seat.

Check-in Baggage

Check-in baggage is not a free allowance on easyJet. Passengers have to buy the check-in luggage. One passenger (including infant) can buy up to 3 check in bags, each of standard size 23 kgs. However, for infants travelling in the lap of adult are not allowed to add hold baggage. Excess baggage can also be bought in units of 3kgs.

Size of check-in baggage permitted is calculated on linear dimensions and these shall not be more than 275 cm in sum of dimensions.

How to add check-in or hold baggage in easyJet?

First point to note is that the hold baggage can be added online or from the mobile app of the airline at the time of making the booking. After the booking is made, the baggage can still be added through Manage My Booking section of the website.

However, it shall be noted that the baggage added through online medium is for both the outbound and return journeys. If you want to add baggage for one-way sector, then this can not be done online and you have to get in touch with the contact center of the airline.

Charges for Check-in Baggage

The charges or fees for the hold baggage depend on whether these are being added online or at the airport.

Hold luggage up to 15 kg carry charges ranging from £8.99 to £29.99 when bought online. It will vary depending on route of flight and time of booking. This can only be bought online and not at the airport.

Hold luggage up to 23 kg carries fee from £13.99 to £33.99 when bought online. If not bought online, passenger has to pay £37 at the baggage drop desk and £47 at boarding gate.

If a passenger has already booked a weight but wants to add more weight later on, then the person can book in slabs of 3kg. Each 3 kgs would cost £12 and this is allowed only when bought online. A person who has bought 15 kg is allowed to add maximum weight till 27 kg in check-in baggage. However, if you fail to buy extra weight online, you will have to pay a per kg excess weight charge of £10.

Please note that the weight of check-in bag (including excess weight) can not be more than 32 kg.


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Mair Tomos

Posted on 08-Feb-2023
I'm trying to book an easy jet flight to Pisa for 2 couples. Can I book in 1 hold bag between the 4 of us. Website books 1 bag per person.

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the boarding station. Anyways, if your baggage allowance is in number of pieces then the hold luggage can not be clubbed. However, if the allowance is in weight per person, then it can be clubbed with the condition that all people shall be ticketed on same pnr and total weight of any one check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg.

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