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(updated: 28-02-2018)

Pregnant Women & New Born

No women in more than 35 weeks of pregnancy will be allowed to travel on AI flights under normal circumstances. From 32 to 35 weeks of pregnancy, a medical Fit-To-Fly certificate is to be produced from treating Obstetrician. Certificate shall not be obtained more than 3 days prior to departure.

Cases of multiple pregnancy or complicated pregnancy are not accepted beyond 32nd weeks.

In cases of new-born babies, air travel is not permitted for an infant who is less than 14 days old. If there is a need for travel for saving the life, medical certificate from Obstetrician and Pediatrician shall be obtained and must be accompanied by a doctor.

Unaccompanied Minors.

Air India provides committed services for unaccompanied minors. All required documents shall be filled and submitted to Air India office 3 days prior to date of travel. 

A child is considered minor when he or she is above 5 years of age but less than 16 years. For other routes, the child is a minor if he or she is above 5 years but less than 12 years of age. 

Air India also provides assistance of Airhostess to accompany a child who is less than 5 years of age. This facility is available for Air India operated flights only. Also, this facility is available only when a request for the same is made at least 3 days in advance of travel date.

For the Disabled

Air India reserves the right to refuse carriage of a person on its flights if these conditions exist:

a) Persons refusing to submit to requirements of carriage.

b) Persons with infections who can cause the same to other passengers or make the others on flights discomfort.

c) Persons on stretcher, incubator or with severe immobility, severe hearing or vision impairment, unless they are accompanied by an escort.

Wheelchair cases

There are no charges for wheelchair usage at all airports for any class of travelers.

For incapacitated passengers, medical clearance is not required if the assistance is required only at airport and at time of embarkation and disembarkation. For the passengers who do not need medical clearance but need only assistance, FREMEC certificate from any carrier can serve as a valid medical document provided it is still valid.     

Passengers are allowed to carry their own wheelchairs or assistive devices in cabin, provided there is space for the same. Else, it can be put in the baggage hold from where it can be retrieved for use by passenger. If the passenger wants to put his wheelchair in checked in baggage, they have the option of using airport wheelchair till the plane door.

Stretcher cases

Only 1 stretcher is allowed per flight and that too only in Economy class.  It is the Medical Services Deptt from which clearance for stretcher cases is required. MEDIF forms are required to be filled and these shall also include the treating physician’s certificate and the passenger declaration.

In cases where permanent disability of passenger is established, there is no need for furnishing a MEDIF form every time a flight is to be taken. Rather, FREMEC form can do the needful.

Mentally retarded cases

They are not allowed if they are not accompanied by suitable attendant. Treating doctors certificate is required. There is also a requirement to have the injectable sedative medicine prescribed by the doctor.

Visually Impaired Cases 

Visually impaired passengers are allowed to travel with their trained dogs provided these are properly restrained, muzzled and seated on a moisture absorbent mat. Dogs are not allowed on seat. Also, if traveling to a foreign land, the laws and rules of destination countries must be observed and all formalities related to it shall be completed before embarking on journey.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Suchesh Rayan Dsouza

Posted on 02-Jul-2023
My wife 34weeks pregnant, travelling this week from Dammam Airport. Required additional documents except fit to fly certificate?

Admin Reply :

Only fit to fly certificate is needed.


Posted on 28-Jul-2019
I am 26 week pregent. Do I need fit to fly certificate ?

Admin Reply :

If there is no complication and yours is a single pregnancy, then it is not needed. Please note that the pregnancy progress shall be calculated on the basis of travel date. 


Posted on 30-Jun-2019
I am 28 weeks I need fit to fly certificate

Admin Reply :

If you are 32 weeks pregnant at the time of travel, you need a fit to fly certificate. 

Ibraheem Kareem

Posted on 17-Jun-2019
Can I get form of Medical fit certification for pregnant passenger to get attested from doctor From which link this form can be downloaded for for Air India passengers

Admin Reply :

The airline does not provide it, However, reference can be made with the proforma of Spicejet airline for the purpose of taking content relevant for you. It is available at: Even doctors also have this. 


Posted on 11-Jun-2019
I want to travel with my 6 months old infant and 7 year old daughter to UK.Baby is premature and while holding her I will not be able to carry the luggage.Will I be provided any support for getting my luggage carried.

Admin Reply :

Airline does not provide the baggage handling facility, However, you can check for the porter services from airport authorities. 

Nikita Lahoti

Posted on 06-Jun-2019
l m pregnant n will be traveling with one of my son who is 2.4 yrs old. So I need an assistant from air India to accompany me

Admin Reply :

Please check with the airline customer service regarding the same.


Posted on 13-May-2019
Dear sir I want to book a ticket from DMM to CCJ for my wife ,she is 30 weeks pregnant.where will get medical fitness certificate form . kindly send me through email address

Admin Reply :

This certificate can be had from  your treating obstretrician and is quite common. You do not need it specifically from the airline. 

We have the Spicejet proforma for your reference at

Sima char

Posted on 10-May-2019
I m 30 weeks pregnant.... Do i need fit to fly certificate?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you need a fit to fly certificate from obstetrician which is not more than 3 days old from date of travel.

Uma Muthusamy

Posted on 22-Dec-2018
Hi I have booked to fly from Chennai to Bangalore by flight number AI563 (PNR) J4XTR. I have small airways disease and I am required to carry my own an Innogen G3 oxygen concentrator (FAA) approved) with sufficient battery power. I live in Sydney and will get the Medical Clearance form completed by my doctor here. I am a frequent traveller and my travel from Sydney to Bengaluru has been approved by Malaysian Airlines. Please give me an email address where I can send the approval form for travel. I may be contacted on +61 435990673 Regards Uma Regards

Admin Reply :

Australia Toll Free Number of Air India office:

1800 247 463 

Email ID:

You will have to contact the airline local office for the same and explain the requirements. They will guide you on what all docs are needed for travelling in india with this condition. No worries, special assistance will be provided. It is the duty of airline to provide it. 


Posted on 11-Sep-2018
I am 23 weeks I need fit to fly certificate

Admin Reply :

It is not needed, if there is no pregnancy related complication and is a single pregnancy. However, you shall still have consultation with doc about travel and carry your pregnancy report which might be asked for as a proof of progress of pregnancy.


Posted on 11-Sep-2018
How can we get wheelchair assistance at the airport for 32-35 weeks pregnant lady

Admin Reply :

You can make the request at the time of ticket booking and even a few days before the travel date. 


Posted on 29-Aug-2018
Hello Admin. My wife is travelling from Shanghai to Bangalore.She is 14 weeks pregnant and travelling with 2 kids unaccompanied. Any assistance from airline can she get on extra charges.Like receiving from airport and assisting in immigration,baggage,check-in etc. Thank you

Admin Reply :

Kids are already accompanied by an adult. Airline staff can guide her for all procedures but they will not be holding the baggage or carrying the kids. However, you can still request assistance from Air India for confirmation.


Posted on 19-Aug-2018
Hello Admin i want to travel with my wife on 20 september from copenhagen to hyderabad. She Will be 28 weeks on pregnancy at the time of travelling. Does she need fit to fly Certificate from doctor to travel after 28 weeks because she is under 32 weeks pregnancy.or any other documents for travelling.

Admin Reply :

It is always a good idea to carry a Fit to Fly certificate, if it can be obtained by the passenger before travel. 

Parmjit kaur

Posted on 15-Aug-2018
Hi sir i wanna ask about baggage how much luggage i can carry Amritsar to Birmingham and i have a infant child she is under 2 si can u tell me total luggage of travel thanx

Admin Reply :

If travelling economy, 2 bags of 23 kg each are allowed in check-in per adult or child passenger. Infant allowed 1 check in bag of 10 kg. In cabin, 8 kg is the allowance per adult or child passenger. Infants not allowed cabin allowance.

Litty a eapen

Posted on 19-Jul-2017
Am pregnant and I book ticket in air India for next month.can u sent me the travelling form for pregnant women ,need to fill by doctor Thanks

Admin Reply :

The proforma of this certificate is generally available with the doctors. 

We have one from Spicejet. This can be found at 

You can make use of the same content for Air India as well. 

kiran shah

Posted on 15-Jul-2017
Sir my name is Kiran shah. I have book domestic air India flight. But by over side 1 alphabet in ticket is change so I am able to travel or not please help?

Admin Reply :

PLease get in touch with the airline in this respect. 

Bahader Singh

Posted on 17-Feb-2017
Hi I need to carry my Portable Oxygen machine battery operated onboard my flight what is the procedure Thanks

Admin Reply :

You just have to inform the airline about it. They will tell the docs needed, if any. Please contact their Special Assistance team for this.

anit gandhi

Posted on 16-Feb-2017
can we take 49" + led/smart tv from muscat to Bombay.

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be taken within permitted free baggage allowance limits for check in baggage. 


Posted on 09-Feb-2017
dear air india team my wife is 26 week pregnet and u want to traval kuwait to mangalore tommorrow. is fit to fly certificate required for travel she is fit and fine please guide me.

Admin Reply :

No need for fit to fly certificate because she is less than 32 weeks of pregnancy.


Posted on 29-Jan-2017

Admin Reply :

Women can travel till 32 weeks of pregnancy. This period can be extended to 35 weeks if normal delivery is expected. A certificate from doctor is required.

A physician can travel as an escort with the pregnant lady on authority of the Chief Medical Officer of Air India only in case when the travel is done close to period of delivery.


Posted on 24-Oct-2016
My mom is 60 years old, she is travelling alone from India to Melbourne. She needs assistance to go to the terminal and gate. She also wants assistance to fill the immigration forms.

Admin Reply :

PLease contact the airline in this respect.. 


Posted on 04-Oct-2016
My wife will travel on this Friday from dubai to calicut and she is prgnent for 18 weeks.question is Does she need medical fitness certificate?. if yes how many days fitness certificate is accepted

Admin Reply :

No she does not need it unless hers is a case of multiple pregnancies or complications. 


Posted on 23-Sep-2016
Hello Sir, My mother is 65 years old , has diabetes( needs insulin dose) and suffers frequent low blood pressure issues. She wishes to travel and meet us in USA. We are looking at direct flight from delhi to sfo. Should she travel or not? hypothetically if she needs help in flight, is the staff empathetic about seniors? Please guide,

Admin Reply :

If she needs help of an assistance in flight, it is suggested that she is accompanied by an assistant. Airline staff will not administer any medicine or help in eating food. Airline cabin crew will assist in taking the patient till washroom but will not assist in providing personal assistance any further. 

For detailed queries, we suggest you speak to airline directly.  

Anita Kathe

Posted on 07-Sep-2016
I am travelling on 11th Sept 4.40AM from Ahemadabad to London Heathrow. I need wheel chair assistance. My ticket number is - 0989164231999. My India contact number is 07096232082. I have just done my IVF treatment and cannot walk too much or carry luggage in hand . Let me know what further docs you need from me. Kind Regards, Anita Kathe

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline directly for this special assistance. They will also inform you what other docs would be needed. They might require a fit-to-fly certification. 


Posted on 23-Aug-2016
how do i download the fit to fly form for pregnant women

Admin Reply :

It is available with the treating doctors.


Posted on 17-Jul-2016
Hi I am 26 weeks pregnant and planning to travel from london to Hyderabad by air India in business class. I would like to know if u would provide me with a wheel chair and special assistance during my transit in Delhi airport as I am not comfortable for walking long distances in the airport.

Admin Reply :

Yes, this assistance can be provided.  You need to get in touch with the airline local office for this and well in advance of your travel date. Please refer to this link for more details:


Posted on 11-Jul-2016
Dear air india team,I want to book a ticket to USA for my wife ,she is 30 weeks pregnant..Can she travel alone at her 32 nd weeks of pregnancy along with 2 year old son with fit for travel certificate as there is no complications so far and its single pregnancy ? Thanks in adv..

Admin Reply :

yes, she can travel. 

Venkatesh Padmanabhan

Posted on 24-Jun-2016
Dear AirIndia team My wife is 10 weeks pregnant and she is traveling from Muscat to Chennai. Will she get any assistance from AirIndia for loading and unloading luggage at the Muscat as well as Chennai airport Thanks Venkatesh Padmanabhan +968 94589623

Admin Reply :

Air India will only provide assistance is guiding the passenger through airport. 

Manoj balani

Posted on 11-Apr-2016
Dear sir, I have an air india flight from srinagar to pune with a halt at jammu and layover at delhi on 2nd may 2016 at 14.25pm. The layover is only 60 min at delhi with change of flight so I am worried if I can move across in the given time along with my kid and wife and whether checked baggage will be directly transferred to the delhi pune flight or will i have to check in sgain. Moreover in AI flights its mentioned that hand baggage is not permitted from srinagar but since my kid and myself suffer from travel sickness and I need to carry homeopathic medicines and water and it will be a long time from srinagar to pune so what can be done. If the baggage will be transferred directly will I atleast get to access my hand baggage before boarding the delhi pune flight.

Admin Reply :

At first, medicines might be permitted to be carried, though not in a cabin bag. You might be allowed to carry these in hand. You shall request for through check in with Air India. 

zeena dsouza

Posted on 11-Mar-2016
Can I travel upto 32week of pregnancy?? Because I want to book ticket from mumbai to mangalore.

Admin Reply :

You can travel upto 35 weeks of pregnancy, but after completing 32 and up to 35 weeks, there is a requirement of Fit to Fly certificate. Thus, if you would be 32 week pregnant on date of travel and that week would not have ended, then you can travel even without a Fit to Fly certificate.

Please note that this provision is for single and normal pregnancy cases only.

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