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EVA Air Frequent Flyer Program

Infinity MileageLands is the loyalty rewards program of EVA Air.

How to join Infinity MileageLands?

Any person of 2 years of age or more is qualified to join this program. For Children of 2 to 12 years of age to join this program, there is also a requirement that at least one guardian shall also be a member of the loyalty program.

Infinity member can join online or through mail. When join using online medium, passenger earns 1000 bonus miles. The link to join online is: .

Membership Levels of Infinity MileageLands

  1. Green Card

  2. Silver Card

  3. Gold Card

  4. Diamond Card

Green card is the entry level of joining.

Passengers can upgrade from Green Card to Silver Card by gaining 30000 miles and minimum 6  qualifying EVA Air/UNI Air international flights, or, must have travelled on 26 or more qualifying international flights. This has to happen within 12 months. In order to retain and renew the same Silver Card membership, the person is required to have flown on at least 42 international flights or 40000 miles on international flights of EVA Air/UNI Air. A Silver Card remains valid for 2 years.

Passengers can upgrade from Silver Card to Gold Card within a 12 month period by earning at least 50000 qualifying miles on international flights or flying on at least 50 EVA Air/UNI Air international flights. Renewal of the Gold Card can be done by earning 80000 miles on international flights or flying on minimum 80 qualifying international flights.

Upgrade from Gold to Diamond card can also be done by gaining 120000 qualifying miles on international flights  or by flying on a minimum of 100 or more qualifying EVA Air/UNI Air international flights. Diamond membership can be renewed by gaining 200000 qualifying miles on international flights or flown on 140 or more flights on EVA Air or UNI Air.

Earning Infinity MileageLands

  1. On EVA Air and UNI Air flights


Purchase Fare Class

Miles Accrual Ratio

Flight Sector(s) Accrual Ratio

Business / Premium Laurel / Royal Laurel






Premium Economy




T/P (Note)











Please note that the bonus miles are not credited towards upgrades and renewals of membership.


W.e.f. 01-01-2018, Mileage points are calculated on the basis of route flown. And, this is shown in different Mileage Tables of different routes. These are calculated on Ticketed Point Mileage (TPM) as provided by IATA.

b) on Star Alliance Member flights, depending on booking class of each airline (please refer to the mileage tables).

c) on Partner Airline flights (please refer to the mileage tables).

Redeeming the Miles

Following are the ways in which the miles earned can be redeemed:

EVA Air/UNI Air Award Ticket

Star Alliance Award Ticket

EVA Air/UNI Air Upgrade Award

Star Alliance Upgrade Awards (SAUA)

Redeem EVA Wi-Fi

Travel E-Coupon Award

Exchanging for the Hotel Voucher

Subscribing a Journal / Commodity Award

EVA Flight simulator Experience Award

Transfer/Return Miles

Transfer / Return Electronic Upgrade Certificates


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Jian Sun

Posted on 13-Sep-2023
I just joined your frequent flyer program. Recently I went to Shanghai on your flight and it was very pleasant. I think since I am going to go pretty often it is a good fit. I actually completed a round trip on Eva from San Francisco to Shanghai in the last 2 weeks— can I get the credit for mileage? Thanks and best, Jian

Admin Reply :

Let us first reiterate that we are not the airline company. IF you are already registered for Frequent flyer program, then you shall be able to add the previous miles. We suggest you also check and confirm this with the airline. 

Helmtrludis RADLMEIER

Posted on 05-Dec-2018
I received a couple of emails from you in November 2018 regarding 'MY NAME'. I traveled Vancouver to Macau Nov.7/18 returning Nov. 28/18. -Name has not changed - middle names have been added ( EMILIE ELISABETH) which were not noted before. Hoping this will clear up the matter & points will be credited to my account (1302610864) I also have a renewed passport - Dec.20/17 to Dec.20/22. Please acknowledge this email to you. regards Helmtrudis Radlmeier PH - 778 265.5459

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not the airline. Your matter concerns directly with the airline, not us because we are an independent informative website. We are not in the business of ticketing. 

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