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SpiceJet Special Assistance

Spicejet does not make a distinction between the domestic and international flights and has same Special Assistance provisions for both. The provisions of this assistance pertains to people who need medical clearance; people with special needs such as requiring wheelchairs, visually or hearing impaired, suffering from mental disorders and requiring stretchers; and, people needing special care such as unaccompanied minors, expectant mothers, and infants. These provisions are grouped below:

Who would need a medical clearance?

1. A person who has actively contagious and communicable disease.
2. If the physical condition of a person is likely to cause adverse impact on safety of other passengers and emergency evacuation procedures due to some disease or incapacitation.
3. There is a need for carrying medical equipment and need special attention.
4. There  exists a possibility of aggravation of medical condition during flight.

Passengers who have special needs
1.       Passengers with limited mobility and Senior Citizens requiring wheelchairs: There are no special charges for carrying people on wheelchairs. However, if passenger is boarding from a foreign destination, he or she might be required to pay the handling charges at the airport of departure. About this, the passenger is required to find the charges from the concerned airport. It shall be noted that there is a limited inventory of wheelchairs per flight, the passenger shall inform the airline at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of flight.
For people who have been incapacitated due to illness or post-operative care and need wheelchair, there is a need to produce a Fit to fly certificate which shall not have been issued prior to 48 hours of scheduled departure of flight.
Similarly, for people who are not self-reliant, there is a requirement for them to travel with a ticketed assistant. Medical clearance and a Fit to Fly certificate is required and the latter shall not have been issued prior to 48 hours of departure time.
Manual/Collapsible and non-spillable battery-powered wheelchairs are also allowed in the flight. However, wet battery powered wheelchairs in operating state are not allowed.
2.       Visually and Hearing Impaired: Visually impaired people are required to check-in at least 2-3 hours prior to the departure time for smooth flight experience. If carrying a guide dog, reservation shall be made through Spicejet Call Centre and not online. Due notice of carrying of dog shall be given during the flight booking. Dogs are not allowed on seat. A moisture absorbent mat shall be carried and be placed under the seat on which the dog shall be seated. Dog shall be well trained, restrained and muzzled.
In general it is required that the people shall inform about their special needs during the time of booking or check-in.
3.       Mental Disorder or Epilepsy: Spicejet requires that a Fit to Fly certificate be issued by a registered medical practitioner not prior to 48 hours of the scheduled departure time in cases where a person with mental disorder is flying. In addition, there is also a requirement that the passenger:
       a.       should not have taken alcohol within 12 hours of commencement of flight
       b.       is kept under sedatives during flight and stops en route, if he or she is in a state of excitement.
       c.       Spicejet requires that a registered medical practitioner and an assistant must accompany a passenger who has been in an excitement state and has been administered sedation within 2 weeks prior to the date of commencement of flight.
4.       Passengers Requiring Stretchers: Some of the main provisions relating to special assistance required by passengers on stretchers on Spicejet flights are:
       a.       No stretcher passengers allowed on international routes.
       b.       Carriage of such passengers subject to Airplane configuration feasibility.
       c.       Clearance of all such cases to be obtained from Spicejet CMO.
       d.       There are charges associated with the carriage of stretcher using passengers. These shall be enquired at Spicejet numbers.
       e.       Only one stretcher per flight is permitted.
       f.        Maximum of 2 passengers are allowed to accompany stretcher passenger.

       g.       Medical form provided on the website of Spicejet ( shall be filled by the treating doctor and the same shall be sent to Spicejet CMO by email or Fax. This shall be done prior to booking the flight. Please note that this MEDA form is not a 'Fit To Fly' certificate which is required by pregnant women

Spicejet also mentions that the ground and top clearances of stretcher so that travelling passenger shall know beforehand how he or she will be carried. Personal requests for altering the installed stretcher are not entertained. From cabin overhead panel, the clearance is of 2 feet and from floor, the clearance is 3.39 feet.

Passengers Needing Special Care
1. Unaccompanied Minors: Unaccompanied minors are charges INR 1500 per sector for domestic flights and as per following rates on flights originating from foreign airports:
Ex-India: INR 2000
Ex-Dubai: AED 200
Ex-Sharjah: AED 150
Ex-Kathmandu: NPR 4800
Ex-Male: USD 38
Ex-Colombo: LKR 4600
Ex-Bangkok: THB 1500
Ex-Muscat: OMR 25
Unaccompanied minors are not accepted for Riyadh and Kabul.
Only children in age group of 5-12 years are accepted as unaccompanied minors. There is a requirement to fill a form called the Unaccompanied Minor Form and provide photo identification proof.
2. Expectant Mothers: Expectant mothers in and including their 36th week of pregnancy are allowed to fly. Between 28-36 weeks are allowed to fly if they produce a Fit-To-Fly certificate from their attending gynaecologist/ MBBS doctor and a certification on their duration of pregnancy. Women into 37 week of pregnancy are not allowed to fly. This certificate shall not be older than 2 weeks from date of flight and in cases of complications in pregnancy or multiple pregnancies, it is required to produce a certificate no older than 48 hours from scheduled departure. 
3. Infants: Children who are less than 2 years old are classified as Infants. They must be accompanied by an adult all the time. However, children less than 7 days of age need a certificate authorization from the physician, besides the usual age proof (birth certificate), ID proof and passport of infant. Carriage of infants is not charged any basic fare but there is a need to pay a fee for booking the infant inventory on a particular flight. Infants are subject to a fee of Rs 1260 per infant. Infants are not entitled to a free cabin baggage allowance of 7 kg but not allowed a separate seat. On international flights, fee for Infant is Rs 2500 for ex-India boarding. However, there are two exceptions to this rule. Delhi to Kabul and vice versa flights are charged Rs 1260 for 1 infant. Ex-India to Bangkok, infant fee is Rs 2570 and from Ex-Bangkok to India flights, this charge is THB 1435.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 28-Jun-2020
My wife will be travelling from belgaum to Mumbai alongwith 5 month infant. Do you guys provide arrival (at belgaum airport) and departure (at Mumbai airport) assistance services? Assistance will be required in helping her with check-in, check out formalities, assisting her with luggage and similar services. Also, is there any special seat available (on board flight) for mother travelling with an infant? Awaiting for response. Thanks in advance.

Admin Reply :

Please enquire for the 'Spicejet Assist' service from the airline. This is a paid service. You have to check for special seat. There is no designated seat as such.

Ramesh Gupta

Posted on 14-Jun-2020
I am travelling with my wife from Mumbai to patna on 18th June. My wife is 24th week pregnant. Is any medical certificate required for travelling for me aur wife. Please confirm

Admin Reply :

No certificate is needed, provided it is normal and single pregnany. However, it is good to carry regular pregnancy progress reports which can be used to tell the number of weeks pregnancy has progressed, if the airlne asks for it.

Sonam shah

Posted on 09-Jan-2020
I will be on 21weeks of pregnancy while travelling on 21jan 2020.Do I need fit to fly certificate from dr?.

Admin Reply :

No you do not require Fit To Fly certificate if there is no complication and this is a single pregnancy. However, you might be asked for proof of progress of pregnancy, so do carry regular check up card or report.

Sonam shah

Posted on 05-Jan-2020
I will be travelling on my 5th month of pregnancy and alone .so is there any service for me during baggage check in. Or check out

Admin Reply :

You need to take care of your baggage on your own.


Posted on 14-Nov-2019
My wife is 26+ weeks pregnant & she will be travelling to Kolkata from Bangalore on 16.11.2019. Medical certificate has already been issued by the consulting doctor. I don't want to go for web check-in since I want more leg space for my spouse while travelling. How to proceed for the same?

Admin Reply :

If you want to have a seat with more legroom, this needs to be reserved well in time so that others do not get it ahead of you. Therefore, please ask airline about the best seat option and then get it assigned ahead of time. You might have to pay some extra amount for this seat. So, if web check in does not bring clarity on seat having more legroom or not, it is better to approach the customer service of airline directly.

rogina khongshei

Posted on 14-Nov-2019
I am pregnant and my week is 29 i.e 7 month and i have no complication with my pregnancy at all but when i enquire from the arline staff they told me that its possible to fly only upto 32 week but my doctor told me i can upto 34 week ..and the arline staff had also told me that i need to ask from the reservation team to confirm the permission to fly and the procedure so i am un aware about it pliz help me so that i can get the correct information before hand because i need to travel again .

Admin Reply :

Okay. At first, the pregancy period is considered on the date of travel, not at the time of booking tickets. Second, the airline allows pregnant woman to fly till the end of 36th week of pregnany but it only requires you to bring a Fit to Fly certificate from doctor if you have to fly after 32 weeks of pregnancy. So, you can fly if you bring a Fit to Fly certificate from doctor to fly. Hope the matter is clear now!

Meenakshi jain

Posted on 12-Nov-2019
I need to know if a child aged 12 years can get a assistance from kishngarh airport to new delhi airport if he has to travel alone on specified date.. If yes than what are the requirements and charges for same. Also need to know whom to connect to know the details of same. Thanks and regards Meenakshi

Admin Reply :

The child of age 12 years can avail the unaccompanied minor service by paying Rs 1500 as an additional fee for the service. You would need to sign a UNMR form, provide valid ID for identification proof of parent/guardian as well as the unaccompanied minor, contact details of the person whom the child is to be handed over with his proof as well. Please get in touch with the airline at their contact numbers  +91 987 180 3333, +91 965 400 3333 for further details.


Posted on 02-Jul-2019
My ticket pnr no J7E67C , Travel date 11.07.19 from Kolkata to Pune by spice Jet I require wheel chair facility for my mother of age 70 in kolkata as well as in pune airport

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with the airline well in advance of travel date and request for a wheelchair at the airports. Airline is duty-bound to do it. 


Posted on 18-Jun-2019
Is an illiterate adult who can speak in hindi but cant read or understand English . Allowed and assisted if the ticket is booked with wheelchair assistance %?

Admin Reply :

Yes, assistance will be provided.


Posted on 03-Jun-2019
I will be travelling with 9 months old baby, is there any assistance till the boarding and while de-boarding?

Admin Reply :

If you expect someone to handle baggage for you, we are afraid no airline does that. However, you can check for the porter services available at the airport?

Tony Benzilas

Posted on 27-May-2019
My wife wants to travel from Pune to Chennai and vice versa.. She is Visually Handicapped and need assistance.. What is the procedure for getting the assistance..

Admin Reply :

You will have to call the airline and mention the same to the airline. They will guide you on what all facilities the airlines provide for visually handicapped passengers.

Samarpan Apartments

Posted on 26-May-2019
Can cremation ashes be taken in carry-on to Varanasi in a domestic flight?

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be taken. There is a procedure for that. You need to produce the death certificate of the deceased. Please check with the airline other documents you need to carry along.

Divya Singh

Posted on 24-May-2019
I have a minor fracture in my left ankle and have been adviced not to put a lot of pressure on my leg. I will be traveling on 28th May 2019, is there a way you guys can help me with a wheel chair or a cart to board and then depart. I have return journey booked with spicejet too. I hope my condition would be considered and suitable help will be provided. Please reach out to me via mail or call at 9819282575 for further communication. A prompt reply will be highly appreciated

Admin Reply :

Wheelchair assistance is provided by the airline. Please get in touch with the airline customer service and place the request at least a few days ahead of your travel date. 

Sony Agrawal

Posted on 20-May-2019
Procedure for stretcher assistance in emergency

Admin Reply :

Just call the airline customer service.


Posted on 19-May-2019
Father has gone thru CABG ie cardiac bypass surgery on 15.05.2019. We need wheel chair assistance for him for the flight scheduled on 23.05.2019? Is there any other formalities for booking of flight and for the care of my father

Admin Reply :

You must get in touch with the airline customer service and seek the wheel chair assistance. Also, do mention them the special condition he is in and the airline will inform about all documents you need to carry in order to fly. 


Posted on 18-May-2019
Dear Sir, Now we are in Srilanka, we want to fly 07/06/2019 to chennai. Now my wife got 34 month pregnancy. Is it eligible to fly chennai?. Pls guide us what is the procedure.

Admin Reply :

She will have to obtain a fit to fly certificate and it shall be obtained within 2 weeks of travel date. However, if there is any complication associated with pregnancy, she will have to obtain it within 48 hours time frame.


Posted on 16-May-2019
hello sir we are going to del-dhm on 21 may 2019 and return on 28may 2019 . we need a wheelchair assistance on both dep and arrival. how we book.

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline on phone. 

Shemeer Babu

Posted on 13-May-2019
Hi, Me and my wife who is 34 week pregnant is travelling to COk rom dubai.Would like to know the format of Fit to fly certificat if any or just a letter is required form treating gynaecologist will do.

Admin Reply :

Raushan Kumar

Posted on 12-May-2019
Hello sir! I am Raushan kumar , a renownd shooter, willing to travel New delhi from Patna for a competiton carrying a sportsgun (air rifle). I have to know whether i need to pay extra for the rifle. Will the weight of rifle exempt from the checkin luggage?

Admin Reply :

Since you are going for a sporting competition, we do not think the airline is going to charge you for this. You do need supporting documents. Please check with the airline what other docs are needed. 


Posted on 11-May-2019
Special assistance for mother carrying 2 infants????

Admin Reply :

One adult is allowed to carry only one infant.

Suma Rao R

Posted on 11-May-2019
Can I carry ashes in your domestic flight

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken. Please check with the airline what all documents are required.

Anita Sharma

Posted on 08-May-2019
My mom n dad are traveling from delhi to Bangalore and she has a rod in her leg. So any proof is required or she can travel without any certificate.

Admin Reply :

If you require any mobility assistance, then customer service of airline needs to be contacted and they will tell the documents needed. However, you must mention this at the time of booking or anytime afterwards but days before flight departure time. 

All said, there is nothing wrong in having a recent fit to fly certificate.


Posted on 29-Sep-2018
I will be travelling from Muscat to ahmedabad probably in mild of October.. just wanted to confirm if I can carry baby stroller packed in a box

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried in check in baggage.

nathalie isoz

Posted on 07-Sep-2018
Hi, i had m'y baby the 21 august. 3 Week already, by c section. Since the 25 i m home. All go Well, exept that i can still no Walk so much and Not claimb Stairs. This is the norm After 3 Week. WE plan to take flight the next tuesday, 11 september from Kochi to Delhi. I would love to have a weelchair in Kochi and in Delhi too as the walk in airport van be long and have some Stairs. Is it possible and how to book?

Admin Reply :

You just have to call the customer care of the airline. Also, please do take advice from your treating doc on whether you are okay for flight. 


Posted on 21-Aug-2018
It is mention that the expectant mother can travel till 36th week if carrying fit to travel certificate...36th week Is almost completion of 8th month and start of 9th month..actually I will b travelling from oman to ahmedabad and my due in it ok if I travel by 20th oct it will be 32nd week of pregnancy ...kindly co firm.

Admin Reply :

You will need a Fit to Fly certificate from treating gynaecologist. This certificate shall have a validity of 2 weeks.

Anika Vini Singh

Posted on 08-Aug-2017
Hi, I will be travelling with my 14 months baby on 10th of august from Bangalore to Hyderabad (8:40 am)and thereafter from hyderabad to Jabalpur (12:45pm). Is it possible to get some help regarding getting my luggage and then going towards the departures.

Admin Reply :

Airline would not help you in assisting with carriage of baggage. 

Kiran Mudhili

Posted on 07-Aug-2017
Hi , i am kiran. Present my wife pregent 7 month ending.flight traveling possible or not possible? any restrictions please tell me

Admin Reply :

She might require a fit to fly certificate from the doctor. The details are provided in the content above. 


Posted on 07-Aug-2017
Hi Up to what weeks pregnant woman allowed to travel in flight?

Admin Reply :

It is mentioned in the content above. Please refer to it. 


Posted on 23-Jul-2017
Up to what weeks a pregnant can avail flight and what needs to be done

Admin Reply :

It is given in the content above. Please read through it. 


Posted on 23-Jul-2017
My wife's deliveri wiil be at Appolo Chennai in end of September .How can I book return ticket from Chennai To Kolkata for the baby in Advance?

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline customer support for this purpose. They would inform about all the docs needed for this purpose. 

Praveen Nair

Posted on 20-Jul-2017
How can i carry my mothers ashes for doing last rites in a flight. Its stored in a earthen pot.

Admin Reply :

Just need to inform the airline staff about it. Please inform them that you would be carrying it in cabin baggage. 


Posted on 17-Jul-2017
Hi..I will be travelling to hyderabad in the month of Dec. I would be in 33 week of pregnancy. So what are the documents and rules, guidelines required while booking a ticket and during the check in

Admin Reply :

You would need a Fit To Fly certificate from your treating doctor and this shall not be more than 2 weeks older from the scheduled dae of departure of flight. 

abinash nayak

Posted on 02-Mar-2017
Am 26 weeks and 1 day pregnant on date of traveling and what is the procedure to travel in spice jet?. Am travelling to Bangalore from New Delhi

Admin Reply :

There is no need for a fit to fly certificate but to show the proof of pregnancy weeks, you can carry the pregnancy card or report which is usually prepared by the doctors. 


Posted on 24-Feb-2017
hi i am travelling to Ahm-Goa tomm on spicejet direct flight alone i am pregnant by 12 weeks and need help to load my language on the trolley at the destination airport as i cant lift heavy bags ................. will any help be provided ? and im alone pls advice asap.

Admin Reply :

There will be other airport staff to help you with this one. Airline officials are not present outside. Also, airlines do not provide any service which is of personal nature. Therefore, please request the airport staff present there for this help. 

You can also call up the airline office requesting this help, if it so provides. 


Posted on 09-Feb-2017
Any option to upgrade to business class as have booking in economy class and am pregnant.

Admin Reply :

There is no business class on Spicejet.


Posted on 05-Feb-2017
Which seat I can block for a pregnant women to travel safe

Admin Reply :

This is best guided by the airline. Please contact the local office of airline. 

R. Vijay Bhasker Rao

Posted on 31-Oct-2016
I am a 45 year male unable to walk and require to move only on a wheel chair due to major spinal cord injury.I got booked tickets from hyd to varanasi on 02-11-16 and return on 07-11-16, can I carry my wheelchair along with me, what are the formalities, please inform

Admin Reply :

If yours is a manual and fully collapsible wheelchair and is not battery operated, you can take it till the boarding gate or the aircraft door (if airport has this facility). Battery operated wheelchairs are not allowed in cabin. 

Spicejet also offers its own wheelchair assistance along with an attendant to assist you in the airport area and also in transfering from wheelchair to seats and vice versa. However, we would request you to contact the airline customer care service at +919871803333/ +919654003333 for informing them about your need. 


Posted on 29-Oct-2016
I'm Rani now I enter into 28 week of pregnancy already I booked a flight ticket and this is my frst flight journey. I travel from Hyderabad to ttirupati. Is there any certificates I need to submit.

Admin Reply :

You do not need a fit to fly certificate till the end of 28th week of pregnancy but it would be good if you carry it.


Posted on 20-Oct-2016
I am planning to travel from Bangalore to Vijayawada in Spicejet alongwith my handicapped father during January 2017. My doubts are: i. we have our own foldable wheel chair. will this be allowed in the flight ? ii. If my father gets seat in the middle of other passengers how can we shift him to his seat ? iii. Can an attendant alongwith him be allowed to travel in the next seat so that we can take care of my father ? (Because he is travelling for the first time in flight) iv. They say that per passenger is allowed to carry 15 kgs. luggage. Will the wheel chair include in 15 kgs. luggage or is it excluded ? Thanks in advance

Admin Reply :

You will be allowed to take the wheelchair. You can speak to airline and get special seats assigned. We would like you to do it as soon as possible so that the seats are not already booked. Attendant is allowed but fare will have to be paid. Wheelchairs are generally excluded from the check in baggage allowance. 


Posted on 01-Oct-2016
I am pregnant by six weeks and I have been suggested that it's safe to travel by flight and I need to sign an indemnity bond.Do I need to pay for the bond?

Admin Reply :

No, there is no need to pay for anything.

Saurabh Saxena

Posted on 30-Sep-2016
My parents want to fly from Pune to Bangalore. My mother (58) has very limited mobility as she had met with an accident recently and has external fixers (Rods, rings) on her leg below knee. She is not in a good condition to fold her knees. Though she can move around through a walker but she will need a wheel chair for sure to move around. And in addition she will need a comfortable seat in flight so that she can sit comfortably. Can you please let me know what provisions spicejet has for such passengers. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

We would request you to contact the airline directly to know the details. Airline would provide the wheelchair assistance at the airport and in the cabin. It can also help with comfortable seating. However, it might not be able to provide services of personal nature such as carrying the bags. It will certainly assist in moving her to the lavatory door inside cabin. 

Samuel Subbarao

Posted on 10-Sep-2016
My daughter is 2 years and 1 month old.Are we required to purchase ticket for her.

Admin Reply :

Yes ticket has to be bought. 

Maduvanthi Paramasivan

Posted on 08-Sep-2016
Am 29 weeks pregnant now and what is the procedure to travel in spicejet?. Am travelling to Chennai from coimbatore

Admin Reply :

You would need to carry a fit-to-fly certificate from the treating doctor. 


Posted on 06-Sep-2016
Hi, My mother is travelling alone from spice jet but i need special assistance for her till the gate though she is perfectly alright no need of wheel chair. only an assistance to accompany her till the gates.

Admin Reply :

You need to contact the airline to arrange for the same. 


Posted on 25-Aug-2016
I want to cancel spice max seats .can you help me.whats the procedure for that

Admin Reply :

You need to call their customer service.


Posted on 24-Aug-2016
Dear spice jet team, My name is Triya. i want to know about traveling rules during pregnancy. with how many months I can travel during pregnancy?? Please guide me soonest possible so that I can arrange my travel. Thanks Triya

Admin Reply :

Please read through the content in above link under 'Expectant Mothers'.

Laxmi shree

Posted on 24-Aug-2016
Dear spicejet team. I am laxmi shree. When i booked my ticket a letter [h] in shree is missing in my name and printed as laxmi sree. Is there any objection.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it will be an objection. Please bring it to the notice of the airline and seek solution. 

surajit Narayan

Posted on 19-Aug-2016
I wants a wheelchair

Admin Reply :

This service provided by the airline. PLease ask for it by calling the customer service of the airline. We would request you to seek this information at the time of ticket booking since there might be a limited capacity of wheelchairs on a flight.


Posted on 27-Jul-2016
what are the significance of of priority boarding and its charges for domestic flights?

Admin Reply :

It is a service which allows you to perform check-in formalities at the airport ahead of others. You do not have to wait for as long a time as normal passengers. You have to pay Rs 200 per passenger for this service. 

Vns Ishwarya

Posted on 25-Jul-2016
Hi iam a 7th month pregnant iam travelling hyderabad to vizag are there any rules iam allowed or not

Admin Reply :

If you are in 28th month of pregnancy, it is better to carry a fit-to-fly certificate. 


Posted on 20-Jul-2016
Hello. I am travelling from pune to kerala in my 19th week and flying back in my 21st week pf pregnancy. Are there any rules and precautions I need to follow?

Admin Reply :

It is okay to fly provided there is no complication in pregnancy and it is single pregnancy. We advice you to carry pregnancy progress report card which is normally maintained by doctors for regular visits. This might be asked for by the airline staff at airport.


Posted on 19-Jun-2016
Hi, am travelling to madurai from dubai on 17th july 2016. At that time I will be 28 weeks pregnant. I have gestational diabetes too. During travelling If any complication occurs do I get immediate medical assistance? Becoz am travelling alone

Admin Reply :

You are required to produce the fit-to-fly certificate from the treating doctor. Crew can only assist but can not provide medical assistance during flight in case of any complication. They are not specialists at attending to medical issues. 

Divya Rajagopal

Posted on 07-Jun-2016
My daughter is 14 years old. I want her to avail Unaccompanied minor services in a domestic flight. Pl confirm if this is possible. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

Spicejet provides this service. All airlines provide this service. 

vaishnavi lohar

Posted on 06-Jun-2016
hello , im 24 weeks pregnant and i ve already booked flight from mumbai to belgum, so do i need to carry fit to fly certificate

Admin Reply :

There is no need to carry it if it is normal and single pregnancy

Mehebub Hossain

Posted on 30-May-2016
Sir,let u tell that I want to book my spicejet ticket from BLR to CCU.Iam a post operative patient but I didnt need any wheelchair.So,can I book my tickets?is there any requirement documents from hospital for clearance certificate.

Admin Reply :

yes, Fit ti Fly certificate would be required. 

Malini Balamurugan

Posted on 22-May-2016
I am travelling with my toddler from mumbai to chennai by 22. 15 flight .. Need special assistance to carry my luggages.

Admin Reply :

Please speak to the airline directly. Spicejet Assist is the service.

Rajeev k

Posted on 18-May-2016
Hi, Please let us know can I travel in Spice jet during my pregnancy ? I could understand about travel after 28 weeks pregnancy. what about before that? is that allowed ? if yes, from which month to which month? Please clarify

Admin Reply :

You can of course travel during pregnancy up to 36 weeks. Till 28 weeks, there is no need for a fit to fly certificate provided there is no complication and you have single pregnancy. Beyong 28 weeks of pregnancy, you must carry a fit-to-fly certificate. 


Posted on 19-Apr-2016
Hi, we are planning a trip to Dubai. My wife will be 22- 24 week pregnant during the dates of travel. So do i need to carry any doc certificate ? if yes, whats the content ? how would airline staff know how many month pregnant she is if they insist ?

Admin Reply :

If there is no prior complication or there are no multiple pregnancies, then you do not require a Fit to Fly certificate. Simply carry your pregnancy progress report or medical chart which patients are required to maintain. 


Posted on 13-Apr-2016
hi this is eswar. I want fly from chennai to madurai and i can bring the LED tv 40\" or 42\" with my baggage.Is there any formality to do for tv.This tv already coming from dubai. In this regard need your assistance.thanks.

Admin Reply :

You will have to pay special handling charges since it is more than 39 inches. Charges are AED 170


Posted on 01-Apr-2016
Hai am pregnant now I will be flying from chennai to madurai during mY 31st week and I will be accompanied with my 3.5 year kid. Can I travel like this.

Admin Reply :

You will need to have a Fit-to-Fly certificate from treating gynae. 


Posted on 24-Feb-2016
Hi im 28 week pregnant can the flight be booked now without any need to submit her pregnancy details to SpiceJet.

Admin Reply :

You have to carry the Fit to Fly certificate. The pregnancy period is not calculated on the day of booking flight but as is on the date of travel. 

Sandesh Khandelwal

Posted on 08-Feb-2016
My wife is pregnant,we will traveling from pun to Dubai on 13 is there any special facilites...Plz let me contact no 09850193356

Admin Reply :

While there is no special facility on offer for pregnant women, there are other general services which can be of some help to you. These are Priority Check In and Bag Out First. 


Posted on 15-Jan-2016
Hi, My Wife is 22 weeks pregnant now, and plans to travel during April 1st week and she will be 33 weeks then. Can the flight be booked now without any need to submit her pregnancy details to SpiceJet, and later carry the Fit-To-Fly certificate during travel ? Or is there a document to be submitted before booking the flight, if so pls provide the same? Thanks

Admin Reply :

Already answered.


Posted on 24-Dec-2015
I am in 27th week of my pregnancy is there any provision to carry extra baggage. I am travelling from guwhati to Hyderabad.

Admin Reply :

You can always carry excess baggage by paying charges for it. These charges would either be based on a per kg rate or a pre-paid slab. 


Posted on 19-Dec-2015
What the effect can be occured if a lady having more than 36 weeks pregnancy travel by air.

Admin Reply :

There can be avoidable complications.

Vipin kumar

Posted on 06-Dec-2015
My wife s pregnant 35 weeks travel by air Hyderabad to Delhi

Admin Reply :

She is required to carry a Fit To Fly certificate.

Wafeer Khan

Posted on 29-Nov-2015
Hi, My Wife is Pregnant. Just need your feedback on uptill which week she can Travel to India ( Pune) from Dubai without Medical Certificate. I think it is 32 but still need your confirmation. Regards.

Admin Reply :

It is 28 weeks, not 32 weeks.

Alafia Arif Lightwala

Posted on 14-Nov-2015
My expected delivery date is 11th jan 2016 Can i travel from dubai to ahmedabad on 14th dec 2015

Admin Reply :

Women up to 36 weeks of pregnancy are allowed to fly. And, between 28-36 weeks, you are allowed to fly by carrying a fit to fly certificate. 

Sachin khandelwal

Posted on 08-Nov-2015
my wife will be travelling to delhi at 33 weeks of her a fit to fly certificate required...where to get it from...does that MEDA form available online also required

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is required. You will get it from treating doctor or gynaecologist. MEDA form is different. It is need when the airline medical staff examines the passenger requiring special assistance.


Posted on 17-Oct-2015
hi, i am 27 weeks pregnant and i will be flying alone from dubai to bagdogra via delhi . in delhi i have a 10 hours layover. do you have a lounge area where i can rest for that period.

Admin Reply :

Even if Spicejet does not have a lounge of its own, there is a common lounge for air travellers at Delhi Airport. Passengers holding a valid ticket to travel within the next 24 hours can access the visitors lounge at T3 through Gate 1 and Gate 8


Posted on 16-Oct-2015
My wife 34/35 weeks pregnant she is travel from Ahmadabad to Hyderabad please tel me what is travel rule fly journey

Admin Reply :

She will need a Fit-to-Fly certificate from the treating gynaecologist which is to be shown to the airline staff during check in. 


Posted on 07-Oct-2015
My expected date of delivery is the 1st week f March. What will be the last date i ll be allowed to board with FIT TO FLY certificate??

Admin Reply :

You can safely take it to be 1st of March +/- 2 days.


Posted on 09-Sep-2015

Admin Reply :

Rules are mentioned in the content above. Please read through these. If there is any confusion, please let us know.

abhijeet singh

Posted on 24-Aug-2015
I am serving soldier of indian army , i have a baby who comes in the category of infant,but the problem is that i have deposited birth certificate in my unit to made dependent card of him. shall i produce dependent card instead of birth certificate

Admin Reply :

Generally, these four are acceptable:

a. Hospital discharge summary  of mother 

b. Passport of infant

c. Birth Certification

d. Vaccination chart.

You can carry dependent card as well if there is no other documentary proof with you.


Posted on 10-Aug-2015
I have booked a group tickets during an offer period but now I am pregnant and not able to travel can I cancel my name alone from the ticket.

Admin Reply :

You can do it. 


Posted on 21-Jul-2015
My wife will be travelling on 26th Jul'2015 from Hyderabad to Vizag (Vishakapatnam). She is pregnant with 34/35 week running on the day of travelling..What all procedure to be followed to fly on the mentioned date. Please help

Admin Reply :

You would be required to produce a Fit To Fly certificate. This you will get from the treating doctor. And, this certiificate shall not be older than 2 weeks from date of flight in case of normal pregnancy and 48 hours before flight in case of complications or multiple pregnancies. 

Dr Arati prabhu

Posted on 20-Jul-2015
Pregnancy rules for travelling domestic flights. I'm travelling on 8 th November 2015 I'll be 32 weeks pregnant . I'll need for to fly certificate , a doctor travelling with me and a proof of gestational age . Anything else required ??

Admin Reply :

Fit-to-fly certificate shall not be older than 2 weeks before flight in case of normal pregnancy but if there are complications, the certificate shall not be older than 48 hours.


Posted on 20-Jul-2015
I am have booked ticket for 14 sep 2015, that will be my 25 weeks of preagnancy, i am traveling from Bangalore to Mumbai by spicejet I need to do any formalities or any particular form need to be fill. Kindly let me know

Admin Reply :

No certificate is needed but please do carry your pregnancy progress report which is generally maintained by doctors. This is to help airline staff know your week at pregnancy.

Manisha Sharma

Posted on 24-Jun-2015
Hi! I have my tickets for 4th July 2015 from Dubai to Ahmedabad. I will be 25 week pregnant that time . I will be carrying my docs file n reports . Will i have to produce fit to fly certificate at that time. If anything else needed please reply .Thanks

Admin Reply :

Since you would be in 25th week of pregnancy, Fit to Fly certificate is not required. Doctors files you would be carrying will substantiate that you are not in 28-36 week pregnancy period or are not having any complication.

Swarna Shree

Posted on 22-Jun-2015
Hi, I have booked teh tickets for fly between Bangalore and Mangalore on 12th July 2015. I will be getting a fit to fly certificate from the midewife(UK) on 30th June as I will be travelling on 7th July from UK to Bangalore. Will this certificate and the medical documents suffice for my travel on 12th July , i will be accompanied by my mother. Please confirm if anything else is needed. Thanks, Swarna

Admin Reply :

For international flights, a fit to fly certificate is needed by Spicejet when you have in 28-36 weeks of pregnancy period. Second, this certificate is required from the attending gynaecologist or MBBS doctor. Third, this document shall not be more than 2 days old from date of departure of flight. So, ideally you shall get it within 48 hours prior to flight. 


Posted on 09-Jun-2015
I am travelling with two children, aged 7 years and 8 months and would want assistance with bags and baggage, boarding and deboarding at Delhi and Chandigarh. How to go about arranging it?

Admin Reply :

Unaccompanied minor service is provided only when there is no adult traveling with the minor. So, you can not avail of it. The newly launched Spice Assist service will only be helpful to you to guide through the check in procedure. You can take this service but will have limited importance since the person would not help you with the baggage.


Posted on 04-Jun-2015
I am 34 weeks and 6 days pregnant..I want to travel from Hyderabad to madurai..will u allow to travel..wat are the requirements needed

Admin Reply :

Since you are between 28-36 weeks of pregnancy, there is a requirement of Fit to Fly certificate and also the doctor's certificate confirming your state of pregnancy. These have to be obtained from your treating doctor which shall be a registered medical practitioner. If there are no complications with the pregnancy, you can have these of 2 weeks validity but, if there are complications, a 2 day validity certificate is needed. In short, it is better to have this certificate no longer than 2 days before the scheduled date of flight. Fit to Fly certificates are available with the doctors.

Raja Rajan

Posted on 31-May-2015
My wife will be 27 weeks pregnant when we will fly from Dubai next week. Whether we need to submit the Fit to Fly Certificate ? If i get the certificate today, Shall i use the same next week? Is there any validity period for it?

Admin Reply :

It would be good to carry a Fit to Fly certificate. Its validity is of 2 weeks so you can use it for the week ahead.


Posted on 21-May-2015
I will be 35weeks & 4days pregnant when I want to fly from kolkata to srinagar. which docs will be required at the time of checkin.

Admin Reply :

Doc's certficate stating the period of pregnancy, a fit to fly certificate (available with docs) and an indemnity bond (to be signed at the time of check in)

Anjana Venugopal

Posted on 20-May-2015
Hello, i will be 29 weeks pregnant on my date of travel, could you please forward me the relevant forms required to be filled by my consulting doctor? Also, I am booked to fly from Chennai to Goa, but I will be getting the report from my doctor in Dubai, is this still valid? I will be collecting it the day before travel. Or do you need a report from a doctor in my port of embarking itself? Expecting a prompt response.

Admin Reply :

You would be required to provide the Fit to Fly certificate from your treating doctor, which, in your case, is in Dubai. It is available with the doctors. There is also a need to fill Indemnity bond at the airport.


Posted on 09-May-2015
I will be travelling from kochi to chennai on June 7 and i will be in my 27 th week of pregnancy (i.e.) 27th completed and 28 started. Is it necessary to fill any form if yes, what are the requirements.. Please attach the necessary forms for travel. Should the forms be signed by the attending gynaecologist or any MBBS doctor. My gynaec is in CHennai . So how should i go on with it. Presently I am in kerala


Posted on 01-May-2015

I will be 35 weeks and 4 days when I fly from Bangalore to Chennai by spicejet. Will I have a problem at check in? Have the medical clearance form with me

Admin Reply :

As per the declared policy of Spicejet, pregnant women who have completed 36th week of pregnancy are allowed to fly. Those who are in 37th week and above are not allowed. Since you are also in 36th week of pregnancy, you will be allowed to be on board. You would need a certificate from treating gynae stating stage of pregnancy and that you are fit to fly.  


Posted on 25-Apr-2015
I am 30 weeks pregnant and I want to travel from bangalore to vizag. Can I get the format of fit to fly certificate to be submitted and how many days older the certificate is valid?

Admin Reply :

Fit to Fly certificate of spicejet is available at Though the certificate is valid for 2 weeks, there is a requirement for a more recent certificate (not more than 48 hours before the flight time) in case of complications.


Posted on 20-Mar-2015

Hi I am 24 weeka pregnant. Do I hve to carry any medical certificate with me? can I carry my medicines and food along with me in a domestic flight??

Admin Reply :

There will be no issues. Your pregnancy progress report card (that you take while visiting the doc) will be good enough. You can take medicines and food in flight provided the food is not smelly, oily or messy and it would be good to carry doctors prescription along with.


Posted on 08-Mar-2015
I am 30 week pregnant and I planing to go male to Cochin .i took the ticket by online. How I can submitt the Mede form

Admin Reply :

You will have to carry it along with you and present it at the time of check in when asked for.


Posted on 08-Mar-2015
Is it possible to send by online

Admin Reply :

It would be good if you carry it with you as well since it might be required to be produced at the check in.

Manigilla Durga Prasad Reddy

Posted on 15-Feb-2015

I am deaf, i have a Hearing Impairment certificate but i have not spicejet Hearing Impairment certificate, Then should you help me about more please

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can carry the same Hearing Impairement certificate. There is no special requirement for the same. You must carry your photo ID proof. Airlines staff will assist you at the airport.

jessy dominic

Posted on 31-Jan-2015

I am 32 week by pregnancy and i want to travel from Male' to Cochin in the next few days...which form should i submit while traveling and could you please forward that form to me as early as possible?.. Hope to hear favourable reply from you soon..

Admin Reply :

The form can be accessed through this link: You are required to duly fill it and get it signed from attending gynaecologist. You would also be required to submit a certificate from the treating gynae stating the duration of pregnancy.

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