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Air Arabia Baggage Allowance

Check in baggage

Air Arabia does not provide free baggage allowance. Passengers have to pay for their check in luggage. This can be done by either opting to pay as per the pre-booked slabs or by paying for excess baggage at the airports.

Pre-booking can be done in 4 ways: online, by telephonic call at call centre, visit to sales office or visit to travel partners.

Each bag shall not weigh more than 32 kgs and shall be of sum of dimensions up to 160 cm.

Please note that though the carrier, as a policy, does not offer free allowance, it launched limited period offers on select routes where it might be offering free allowance or at considerably lower rates.

Pre-book charges

    a. Flights FROM UAE:

  • Fee starts from AED 15 per passenger per one way for carrying 20 kg or 30 kg in 1 piece. However if the 30 kg or 40 kg is taken in 2 pieces of check-in baggage, then  charges are AED 20 per passenger per one way.

     b. Flights FROM Morocco:

  • 15 KG: from EUR 25 per passenger per one way
  • 20 KG: from EUR 30 per passenger per one way
  • 30 KG: from EUR 54 per passenger per one way
  • 40 KG: from EUR 79 per passenger per one way

     c. Flights FROM Egypt:

  • 20 KG in 1 piece: from EGP 70 / passenger / one way
  • 30 KG in 1 piece : from EGP 100 / passenger / one way
  • 30 KG total baggage in up to 2 pieces:from EGP 120 / passenger / one way
  • 40 Kg total baggage in up to 2 pieces:from EGP 120 / passenger / one way

Hand Baggage

Air Arabia allows you to carry bags of dimensions 55, 40 and 20 cms and of weight up to 10 kg free of cost. Infants are also allowed to carry one standard size bag.

If you want to carry, liquids, gels and pastes in cabin baggage, these have to be put in 100 ml individual containers and these shall fit a resealable bag of 1 litre capacity. For flight to/from Middle East, STEB bags shall be used.

LED TV Policy

TVs upto 40 inches, within check in baggage allowance by weight- no charges. 

For more than 40 inches, but within check in allowance, it charges AED 150 + handling charge (which comes to about 180 dhs)

For more than 40 inches and exceeding permitted allowance, it charges both excess baggage rate and  Dh 180

LED TVs of upto 60 inches screen size is allowed on its flight. There is no free allowance even if this is being carried within the permitted check in baggage allowance. 


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Kopila Gautam

Posted on 21-Sep-2023
Hi, I have 30 kg bag allowance (2 pcs) but i want to take extra weight. How much it would cost per kg for extra weight?

Admin Reply :

Air Arabia does not disclose the excess baggage charges to people who have not booked. We suggest you check this with the airline.

Heena punjabi

Posted on 20-Sep-2023
Hi I am travelling from mumbai to uganda what will be the charge for extra par kilo

Admin Reply :

Pls tell how mych extra is being carried.


Posted on 20-Sep-2023
How many litter alcohol i can keep in my baggage a

Admin Reply :

We believe 2 litres shall be okay, but we suggest you speak to airline.


Posted on 19-Sep-2023
I will be travelling to Kenya from jeedah how many kgs am I allowed to carry to check-in ?

Admin Reply :

Econony basic - no check in baggage, Economy Value - 20 kg, Economy Extra- 30kg

Akhila Prakash

Posted on 18-Sep-2023
Hi, I'm traveling from Sharjah to TRV. Can I bring 34kg baggage and 10kg hand baggage

Admin Reply :

Excess baggage will be charged. Hand baggage is okay.

Akhila Prakash

Posted on 18-Sep-2023
Sharjah to TRV baggage 32kg + 10 hand baggage is it okay by Air Arabi

Admin Reply :

Economy value ticket gives 30 kg check in allowance and 10 kg cabin allowance.


Posted on 16-Sep-2023
I’m going from Ahmedabad to Sharjah and I have a laptop bag and a hand bag (10 kg) is it possible to have both free of cost

Admin Reply :

Yes, if total weight is 10 kg, then both can be taken for free.


Posted on 14-Sep-2023
Hey I am a student having connection flight through sharjah. Can I bring 65*40 and 55*40 baggage fir total 30kg baggage allowance and two hand baggage upto 10 kg?

Admin Reply :

Only one hand bag is allowed. You can bring more than one check in bag with total of 30 kg. 


Posted on 10-Sep-2023
Hey I am a student having connecting flight through sharjah. I have 40 kg allowance in 2 piece can I carry just one bag with around 36 kg

Admin Reply :

No check in bag shall have more than 32 kg weight

Satyapal Singh

Posted on 09-Sep-2023
I have one piece in 30 kg baggage This bagage hight 75cm This is allowed

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the route of travel. You have to consider sum of length, breadth and height, not just height. It shall be less than 158 cm.

Md Afsar Alam

Posted on 04-Sep-2023
Hi i am traveling from Jeddah to shj to Delhi. I have 30kg language+10kg hand luggage can I take Zamzam water 5litter extra

Admin Reply :

Yes you can bring it.

Md Afsar Alam

Posted on 04-Sep-2023
Hi Jeddah to shj to Delhi allow cartoon box in luggage

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be carried.

Pramodbhai Panchal

Posted on 30-Aug-2023
Is Hand carry weight 10kg and Laptop weight excluded or included ?

Admin Reply :

Laptop weight is included.


Posted on 28-Aug-2023
I have booked 40kg in 2 piece so does this include the check in bag

Admin Reply :

40 kg is check in baggage allowance only.


Posted on 28-Aug-2023
I am traveling by Air Arabia from Sharjah to Chennai with infant, does the stroller is also considered as baggage or it is free of charge.

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be carried free of charge.


Posted on 27-Aug-2023
Hii air arabia, Am a passenger in air arabia gonna take my flight in the evening, in the ticket I have 30 kg check in luggage and 10 kgs cabin bag. NOW , the doubt is dies this weight mean only two bags one to check in and 1 to cabin is allowed or in additional of these two, laptop bag also included .. If 3 are includes, can I take laptop bag with 10 kgs as cabin bag and laptop bag for laptop seperately....

Admin Reply :

30 kg is check in baggage weight. 10 kg is for cabin but includes laptop weight in it.

tommaso Cavagnero

Posted on 27-Aug-2023
Is It possibile to carry a solar powerbank charger with 20000 mah in the hand luggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it has to be taken only in hand baggage


Posted on 26-Aug-2023
Can I carry a unflammable paint and brushes And how

Admin Reply :

We do thinnk this shall be allowed in passenger plane. Pls take cargo route.

Sunita Melwani

Posted on 26-Aug-2023
Hello I have booked Mumbai to Amman flight. It has a layover in Sharjah. Do I need to pay for baggage allowance twice. Or the Baggage allowance I have bought is upto the final destination. Request you to please confirm. Thank you Sunita Melwani

Admin Reply :

It is till final destination normally. However, pls check with airline customer support as well.

Jernej Zupin

Posted on 24-Aug-2023
Hello! As a hand luggage, can I carry a 10kg carry-on and additionally a laptop backpack with some other personal things in it?

Admin Reply :

It is better not to take back pack.

Savitri dudi

Posted on 23-Aug-2023
Can rice & dal be carried in hand bag

Admin Reply :

It is better to take it in check in baggage

Sruthy Santhosh

Posted on 11-Aug-2023
I am travelling to Yerevan from Sharjah on 17/08/2023. Can I take one powerbank with me during travell. If possible, How can I carry that? In checked baggage or in hand baggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes this can be carried, but only in cabin baggage.


Posted on 10-Aug-2023
In air Arabia 30 kg one piece means? Can I divide it to two pieces?

Admin Reply :

yes, if you take 30 kg in 2 pieces, then there will be charges. 

Shivkumar Gupta

Posted on 06-Aug-2023
I booked tickets air Arabia baggage is 40 kg in 2 pc if I take 25 kg one and I take tv LCD 43 inches 11 kg is this any charge?

Admin Reply :

AED 150 will be charges approx. Since the TV size is more than 40inches. 


Posted on 05-Aug-2023
If Iam carrying 2 pc checked baggage,Is their any dimension limitations ?

Admin Reply :

Linear dimension shall not be more than 160cm. Linear dimensions means adding length, breadth and height of bag only once and including wheels and handles within this limit.


Posted on 01-Aug-2023
My Air arabia ticket shows that my baggage allowance is 30 kg in 1 piece...i wanted to now if i can carry the same weight in 2 pieces.

Admin Reply :

You might be charged for it.

Abdul samad

Posted on 31-Jul-2023
cartoon box is allowed /not allowed in air arabia flight. Please reply to me

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is allowed.

Ben Sutcliffe

Posted on 26-Jul-2023
Can I bring my violin as hand luggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken if it meets size and weight limits of cabin bag.

Jaisal V

Posted on 22-Jul-2023
Can i take 28 inch trolley bag from abudhabi to calicut

Admin Reply :

Please check the size in L+B+H and it shall meet the size limits of the baggage allowance by airline.


Posted on 20-Jul-2023
Is stroller aslo counted as baggage? I am traveling with my infant.

Admin Reply :

No, fully collapsible stroller is not counted towards baggage.

iq shaikh

Posted on 09-Jul-2023
sir i m travelling from jeddah to sharjah on 10 july we have 3 tkts and 1 infant may i carry 4 5 liter bottles zam zam to free of cost or i have to pay extra lagged cost

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can carry it provided it is in genuine sealed 5 litre container. It can be brought in addition to check in baggage. 


Posted on 29-Jun-2023
Hi, I am travelling in economic class Cok - Auh. My baggage shows 30 kg in 1 piece. Is it mandatory to take as a single piece or can I split the 30 kg luggage into two boxes? Thanks in advance.

Admin Reply :

You can take it in 2 bags on payment of higher charges. We suggest you check this with airline as well

Mohamed Iqbal

Posted on 24-Jun-2023
Hi tarval 26_6-2023 abudubai to cheenai so I have zam zam 5lits free charge? Air aribia .

Admin Reply :

You shall be able to bring it in check in baggage.

Mohamed Iqbal

Posted on 24-Jun-2023
Hi I need to travel June 26 2023 3l kg and hang luggage 8 kg . Zamzam water 5lits free charge?

Admin Reply :

Pls mention route and cabin class of travel.

Abdur Rashid

Posted on 22-Jun-2023
I have 2 baggeg 2 pieces on ticket, give me the size of the bag

Admin Reply :

Sizeof each check in bag shall be 160 cm linear dimensions


Posted on 22-Jun-2023
I am traveling alone with three kids I want to Know if I can send the cabin baggage with the checked baggage and if I it is allowed to have a a cabin stroller as a carry on baggage

Admin Reply :

Cabin and Check in baggage is not to be clubbed. You can take stroller. 

Salma Elfawal

Posted on 21-Jun-2023
Hello, can I carry my guitar to the plane as a carry-on luggage. It's dimensions are 100 x 40 x 15 (height, width, thickness). I hope you can reply as soon as possible as I'm worried i might have to check it in, which may cause damage. Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Its dimensions seem more than cabin baggage so it might not be able to fit the on board space. Pls check with airline as well.


Posted on 15-Jun-2023
My baggage allowance is 1*30 1 piece.Can I divide into 2bags without any additional charges at the airport?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can take more than one bag within the overall limit of 30 kg. 

Mohamed Shaik Kamil

Posted on 15-Jun-2023
Sir my question is. What is the dimensions of the baggages? I'M ready to travel next Wednesday. Therefore i prepared my luggage for one piece in 30kg. There is any restriction about the size. Please let me know ASAP.

Admin Reply :

The size of check in bag shall not be more than 160 cm when you add up length, breadth and height one time each. 


Posted on 13-Jun-2023
Hi It's written on the ticket (30kg total in 2 piece) that means that we have to carry 15 kg 2 baggage or what I didn't understand that so can u explain me

Admin Reply :

It means that you can take a total of 30 kg as free allowance in maximum of 2 check in bags (not more than these)

Faheem Ahmed

Posted on 09-Jun-2023
Hi I am an expat working in Abha, KSA. InshaAllah This year I with my wife, will perform Hajj and after that I have my flight with Air Arabia on 3rd July 2023, from Abha to Delhi via Sharjah. Can I carry ZamZam with me?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can bring 5 litres of Zam zam water per passenger.

Nawaz Khan

Posted on 08-Jun-2023
Hi, Just want to know whether ZAM ZAM 5 Lites sealed box is allowed in check-in baggage for BUSINESS VISA holder? I am planning to go to Tirvandram from Riyadh. Also, i hope 5 Lts ZAMZAM is not part of 30 KGS check-in baggage allowance right?

Admin Reply :

You are allowed to carry 1 gallon of 5 litres in genuine sealed containers in addition to check in baggage allowance.


Posted on 08-Jun-2023
I am travelling bahrain to abudhabi to Cochin, i have baggage 1pc 30kg+10kg hand baggage. Can i send my 10kg hand baggage with my luggage

Admin Reply :

No, cabin bag is meant to be carried in cabin only if it is to be carried free.


Posted on 23-May-2023
Hello i would like to know can i keep my blender jars in hand luggage? Because they are glass am worried they might get damaged in checked luggage

Admin Reply :

PLease check with the airline whether these can be carried in cabin. Its size, after packing, must conform to the size limits of the cabin bag. And, the weight too shall be within given limits. Otherwise, there is no option but to take it in check-in.

Nadeem akram

Posted on 21-May-2023
I have my booking on 21 june.. on the ticket its shows 2pc baggage for 30kg.. it means its necessary to carry 2 bag or we can take 30kg in one bag.. pls clarify...

Admin Reply :

No, it is not necessary to take it in 2 bags. You can take a single bag of up to 30 kg. 


Posted on 11-May-2023
Hi, I have 9kg carry on and a 5kg laptop bag can I go with it in the plane as hand luggage please? Traveling from Sharjah to Nairobi

Admin Reply :

Cabin bag weight is fine, within 10 kg free allowance. Laptop can be taken as well.

Umang Dalal

Posted on 04-May-2023
My flight is on 10th May from Mumbai to Milan via Sharjah. The transit time for the flight at Sharjah is 1 hour 15 minutes, is that enough to change terminals? And will my baggage will be transferred directly to Milan because if not then 1 hour 15 minutes would be very less. Please reply

Admin Reply :

You shall check this will the airline. Baggage transfer depends on a number of factors.


Posted on 03-May-2023
Mumbai to Abu Dhabi - what is the luggage allowance and what is the cost?

Admin Reply :

If you have economy basic ticket, then only cabin baggage is free. Economy value ticket allows 30 kg free chexkin baggage allowance along with cabin baggage. Economy extra allows 40 kg in check in. This is to be taken in two bags as one can not be more than 32 kg weight.

Mohammed Thasleem

Posted on 01-May-2023
after cancellation how long will take to refund the money in my air arabia account

Admin Reply :

Depends on how payment was done. Minimum 7-10 days are taken. 

Sreeshma K Sajeevan

Posted on 26-Apr-2023
In my itinerary,it's is mentioned 30kg in 2 pieces free. I'm too much confused about this. Is it means,I have to take the baggage into 2 bags and the sum should be 30 kg.please respond in email

Admin Reply :

You can either take it in 1 bag or in 2 bags. Total weight shall be 30 kg. You have not mentioned the cabin class you are flying.


Posted on 26-Apr-2023
Hi,,my total free baggage allowance is 30 kg in 1 pc ,can i add hand bag

Admin Reply :

Yes, hand bag can be taken in cabin, separately from the check in baggage. 

Mohamed Harees

Posted on 22-Apr-2023
Hi i have flight 23april sharjah to srilanka i have 16kg one bage and 17kg another bag now how much fine will come?

Admin Reply :

We suggest that you pack it upto 30 kg total weight as if it is more, you might be charged up to AED 180.

Kavya V Prakash

Posted on 22-Apr-2023
Is it possible to carry 30 kg in one luggage bag in air arabia? Iam a student and taking an international flight?

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be taken in 1 bag.

Mohamed Harees

Posted on 22-Apr-2023
Can i bring 10kg hand bag sharjah to srilanka.

Admin Reply :

Yes, cabin baggage allowance is of 10 kg.

Umang Dalal

Posted on 22-Apr-2023
I am flying from Mumbai to Milan via sharjah, Can i bring my asthma inhaler and tablets for thyroid and diabetes and headache?

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be taken. It would be good to have the prescriptions of doctor as well for proof. 

Amaan Shaikh

Posted on 21-Apr-2023
Hi,,my total free baggage allowance is 30 kg in 2 pieces,,but i have 32 kg now,,i want to know whats the charges/ kg for extra baggage please let me know thanx

Admin Reply :

Excess charges depend on route and cabin class of travel. Please refer to the content above or mention the cabin class of travel and route of travel to have the right answer from us.


Posted on 21-Apr-2023
Can I carry dry indian sweet made from fox nuts and cashews, and also are pre mix tea and coffee sachet allowed? If yes then can I carry them in cabbin luggage or checking bag?

Admin Reply :

If the quantity is small, sweets can be taken in cabin. Premix tea and coffee sachet are ideally taken in checkin.

abdul munam

Posted on 18-Apr-2023
My brother booked a ticket from Riyadh to Hyderabad via behrain he got total baggage allowance 30kgs. So can he divide his luggage into two bags one for 17 kgs and another for 13lgs?

Admin Reply :

It is okay to take it in 2 bags of 17 kg and 13 kg.

Nuheen Khan

Posted on 15-Apr-2023
I am travelling on 19 April from Riyadh to Hyderabad. I want to carry my Guitar with me.What is the procedure ?Do I need to pay extra ?

Admin Reply :

You shall check the size and weight of the guitar. If this is within cabin baggage allowance, it can be carried in flight. Else, you might have to buy a seat for carrying it in cabin. Please contact the airline local office.

Mohamed Raffi Imam Hussain

Posted on 13-Apr-2023
Is Cartoon box baggage allowed from chennai to abu dhabi sector?

Admin Reply :

Yes, cartons can be taken as check-in baggage.


Posted on 04-Apr-2023
Hi i have flight from Abudhabi to calicut on 23th April.can i take a seperate backpack including Laptop and DSLR camera along with 10kg hand carry?

Admin Reply :

Backpack might be considered another cabin bag. So, it is better to take it in check in.


Posted on 01-Apr-2023
Hi air arabia! My flight ticket is 15kgs each in 2check in bags that is 30kg and cabin bag 7kgs nd hand bag 10kgs is allowed in flight?

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the cabin class and route of travel. Cabin bag of 10 kg is allowed.

rahmathulla pakkada

Posted on 31-Mar-2023
We had gone for Umrah from UAE and returned here. We have our Zam Zam water 5 litre bottles to carry to India. How will it calculate in luggage?.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried within permitted allowance limits of check in baggage. You shall have valid Umrah visa.


Posted on 28-Mar-2023
my lagage allowence id 30kg but checking time 31.5kg

Admin Reply :

Please reduce the weight of baggage, else excess charges will have to be paid. You can avoid paying these if you keep weight and size of baggage within allowed limits.

Md Arif Uddin

Posted on 09-Mar-2023
30 kg total in 2 piece means : 30 kg x 30 kg = 2 luggage?

Admin Reply :

No, 30 kg is the total weight. You can divide this 30 kg into two bags.


Posted on 06-Mar-2023
Hello, I have flight from Sharjah with 20kg 1 piece for the baggage. I also have my sisters traveling with me. Is it possible if we want to combine both of our bag into 1 piece of bag thus I have 40kg baggage?

Admin Reply :

No check in bag shall be more than 32 kg. So, you can club upto a total weight of 32 kg in one check in bag, and on condition that passengers are traveling on same PNR.

Sunil Bajaj

Posted on 03-Mar-2023
What is the free checked in baggage allowance in economy class from Mumbai to Abu Dhabi on Air Arabia?

Admin Reply :

Economy Lite- no free allowance, you have to buy it. 

Economy Basic- 20 kg free allowance

Economy Flex- 35 kg free allowance 


Posted on 02-Mar-2023
Can I take 32 inch LED tv from India to Use.whether they will charge for this in uae

Admin Reply :

We can not say about the duties in UAE. We can only answer about the queries about airline policies. AED 150 will be charged by the airline.


Posted on 27-Feb-2023
How to carry power bank 20000mah while going from Abu Dhabi to Chittagong by air Arabia

Admin Reply :

Please check the voltage mentioned on it. Multiply it by 20 and check whether the figure arrived at is upto 100 . If yes, you can carry it without approval from airline. Powerbanks of any rating have to be carried in carry on baggage. You can also check this video


Posted on 27-Feb-2023
Hi in my tickect ,it is mentioned as "Baggage (s) 30 Kg Total in 2 Piece Free ".So can i carry 2 bag with total 30kg plus 10kg hand baggage

Admin Reply :

Yes, that is right. 


Posted on 20-Feb-2023
I don't have a umara visa I am a resident visa holder, how can I carry zam zam water from Riyadh? can I carry zam zam water in 30kg of baggage.

Admin Reply :

You can carry it free of cost within 30 kg allowance limit. 

Mohammed Thasleem

Posted on 19-Feb-2023
Hi, Air Arabia is only allowed to carry zam zam water who have a valid umara visa, but can I take zam zam water including 30kg check-in baggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can bring 1 gallon of 5 litres apart from the check-in baggage.

Lil V

Posted on 13-Feb-2023
Hello, I would like to know if I can take my paintings 50 x 70 from Sharjah to Yerevan in addition to 1 piece of luggage. Thank you

Admin Reply :

It is recommended to take delicate items in the cabin baggage. You shall be able to take these.

Agrima Ranganadh

Posted on 11-Feb-2023
Hi ..! I'm traveling from Sharjah to keeala . I want to know whether I can keep smarr watch in handbag.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken in hand bag.


Posted on 09-Feb-2023
My ticket Y class ticket weight allow kg sir

Admin Reply :

Y class is economy. You have not mentioned the route of travel. 


Posted on 08-Feb-2023
I want to carry my acoustic guitar with my hand baggage during the travel from bahrain to kozhikode please tell me if there is any procedure to carry music instruments

Admin Reply :

Musical instruments can be carried in cabin, if these are able to fit the size of cabin baggage. If these are larger and have to be carried in cabin, then seat needs to be bought for it. 

Mohammad saddam

Posted on 05-Feb-2023
Hii sir My name Mohmmad saddam I’m travel from sharjah to New Delhi on 10 February my ticket mention 30kg total 2 pieces. Hand bag possible carry or not

Admin Reply :

Hand bag would be in addition to check-in baggage. 

Mohammad saddam

Posted on 05-Feb-2023
What means value Y ?

Admin Reply :

You seem to be asking about the fare class. Y is economy fare class.

Mrs Kirti Pramod Jog

Posted on 01-Feb-2023
HI,we are travelling frm Mumbai to Doha n return journey in march 23.How much check in baggage is allowed free of cost by Air Arabia? We are aware that 10 kg.. free cabin baggage is allowed.

Admin Reply :

The baggage allowance depends on which fare class has been booked. If you have booked  Economy Basic, there is no free allowance. If you have booked Economy Value, there is a 30 kg free allowance. If you have booked Economy Extra ticket, then allowance is 40 kg. So, just check the ticket to know what fare class it is. The allowance would also be mentioned on the ticket.

Imthiaz Ahammad

Posted on 30-Jan-2023
Hi If iam traveling from madina to banglore how much zam Zam is allowed exclusive of my luggage of 30 kg check in two boxes. Kindly let me know if it is necessary for exact division of luggage in two pieces. How can I add my check in luggage extra if needed. Please answer my questions..

Admin Reply :

Yes, 1 gallon of 5 litres of zam zam water in original packing is allowed in addition to 30 kg baggage. You do not have to divide the weight equally among two bags.

Anandu rajendran pillai

Posted on 28-Jan-2023
Hi, i am travelling from saudi arabia to india. My luggage is 30kg 2 pieces. Is it possible to carry 1 luggage with 30kg?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can take a single check-in bag of up to 30 kg . 


Posted on 26-Jan-2023
I've flight on 29 , I'll buy 20'kg as i have flight from Cairo to India . How much will it cost with handling charges?

Admin Reply :

EGP 70 is the charge for 20 kg check-in bag.


Posted on 20-Jan-2023
I am travelling with two kids of ages 4 and 2.can i club my baggage without exceeding 90 kg

Admin Reply :

Yes, for weight-based baggage allowance routes, you can club the check in baggage of people travelling on same pnr provided that the weight of one bag is not more thn 32 kg,

Uthuman Mohideen Abubacker

Posted on 19-Jan-2023
Hi Dear AirArabia, How many liters of ZamZam water i can take from Dammam to Tiruvandrum as free luggage.

Admin Reply :

1 gallon of 5 litres of Zam Zam water is allowed free of charge in addition to checked in baggage allowance.

Amer Khan

Posted on 13-Jan-2023
I have a flight from Sharjah to Hyderabad. I have 2 questions. 1) For 40" LED .Can I carry without any extra charge. Which size is free 39" or 40" ?. 2) How much exactly amount I need to pay for 55"LED at sharjah airport .

Admin Reply :

AED 150 is the charge to be paid for LED TVs of 40 inches screen size or above.


Posted on 12-Jan-2023
Hi I will be travelling in air arabia, and my question is that am I allowed to take DSLR camera along with 10kg hand luggage.

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be taken.


Posted on 08-Jan-2023
Hi iam prashanth iam travelling from dubai to india on 08th jan 2023 so there is luggage 30+10 so I make 2 pieces one is 16kg one is 15 there is 1 kg extra so I need pay? And I hv laptop also can I carry my laptop nd 10kg hand luggage?pls tell me

Admin Reply :

30 kg is meant for checking in and 10 kg is to be taken in cabin baggage. Please do not mix the two. 


Posted on 08-Jan-2023
Hi , I am flying from Sharjah to Karachi at the end of January from economy class. My ticket states two piece 30kg. Is it total 30 can be divided in to two pieces or two bags of 30kg ( each bag 30 kg). Please advise. Thanks

Admin Reply :

You can take max of 2 bag with total of 30 kg weight in check in baggage.

Kantono Docus

Posted on 08-Jan-2023
Hi my ticket shows that I have to carry 30kgs in 2 pieces of 15kgs each , does it include the cabin luggage too?

Admin Reply :

No, cabin baggage is separate and in addition to it.

Sha Nawaz

Posted on 08-Jan-2023
Hello I am traveling from Amman to Bangalore. Can I carry a free hand bag luggage of exact 10 kg.

Admin Reply :

Yes, you are allowed to bring 10 kg cabin baggage.

Sha Nawaz

Posted on 05-Jan-2023
Hi iam shanawaz iam traveling from Amman to Bangalore. The luggage is total 30 kg in 2pices .can I carry only one piece of 30kg.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried in 1 piece of 30 kg. 

Amer Khan

Posted on 05-Jan-2023
In 30kgs checked luggage. I have one bag 13kg One cartoon 150cm 10kg One cartoon 100cm 7kg. My question is can I carry 2 cartoons and one bag in 30kg luggage from sharjah to Hyderabad.

Admin Reply :

It would be good if you do not take more than 2 pcs of check-in luggage within 30 kg allowance.

Muzzammil Ahmad bhat

Posted on 29-Dec-2022
Hi I am student and I am travelling from delhi airport to shiraz on 2nd of January and have 30kg for checkin and 10kg hand baggage and one laptop bag.. Is this allowed for said region. Plz help in this as soon as possible

Admin Reply :

Yes, if this is the free allowance you are getting, you can take it for sure.

Dona sunil

Posted on 19-Dec-2022
Hi, i will be travelling from Cochin to TIBLISI on 22nd, i have baggage allowance of 30 kg check in and 10 kg hand luggage. Will I be able to carry 2 pieces of hand luggage if one of them is a laptop bag?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is okay to have laptop separate from cabin bag. 

Lavine Odhiambo

Posted on 15-Dec-2022
My baggage allowance is 1*30 1 piece.I am allowed to divide into 2bags of 15 kgs each without any additional charges at the airport?And if there are charges how much is it?From Hail in Ksa to Sharjah to Nairobi.

Admin Reply :

The moment you increase number of bags to 2, you might have to pay extra charges for it. 


Posted on 24-Nov-2022
Hello there. I will be traveling from uae to kenya next month economy class. I have 2 checked baggage, At 16kgs and 22kgs. Will I have any problems please. Thanks

Admin Reply :

MAx baggage allowance is 30 kg on Air Arabia if you have booked Economy Extra ticket. PLease check with the airline whether it will allow more allowance. 


Posted on 20-Nov-2022
Hi I’m traveling to Bahrain to Cochin air Arabia flight i have Three bags 15kg +15kg and 7kg any problem please help me

Admin Reply :

Please check for your allowance. Max allowance given by Air Arabia is 30 kg. If you are allowed 30 kg allowance, then you can take it in 2 bags. 7 kg is the cabin baggage allowance. So, there is no issue.


Posted on 19-Nov-2022
Hello there. I am traveling from uae to kenya. I have 3 checked luggages. At 20 kg, 12kg and 15kg. Will I have any problems please.

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the cabin classes of travel. Economy Basic does not have free allowance and you will have to pay for all baggage. Economy Value tickets allow 20 kg free in check-in, rest of weight upto 30 kg total is to be paid for.  Economy Extra allows 30 kg free allowance and might not be allowed any more.

In general, if you are taking more than 30 kg of weight in total, you shall first inform the airline because the airline might not allow you take more than 30 kg. 

Vishal R Patel

Posted on 17-Nov-2022
I booked ticket from Ahmedabad to Yerevan in extra fair which allows 40 kg in two baggages and 10 kg hand baggage. I have extra 7 kg in check in baggage. 1. How.much I have to pay for extra weight? 2. If yes, where I have to pay online or at airport?

Admin Reply :

You will have to check whether the airline allows more weight or not. If it is allowed, you shall be allowed to do so online using this link . Please enter your ticket confirmation number along with last name and depart date for getting details.


Posted on 17-Nov-2022
I have booked Air Arabia Flight on Dec 19 from Kochin to Abu Dhabi. I want to carry musical instrument "Veena" with me. Please advise if this is possible. Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with the airline for this. If you want to carry it in cabin, you might have to buy an additional seat for this as it is most likely to exceed the size of cabin bag. For carrying in check-in, you might have to pay excess charge. 


Posted on 05-Nov-2022
I booked ticket on next month dec 22 from sharjah to Thiruvananthapuram. My doubt is i have 30kg in total 2 pieces .may I bring 30kg in one bag and 7kg hand luckage ..please clarify me

Admin Reply :

Yes you can bring 30 kg in one check-in bag and have 7kg as cabin baggage. 

amrit raj

Posted on 31-Oct-2022
i have 40 kg + 7 kg so it is 2 pcs means 20+20 kg or any

Admin Reply :

40 kg is the total allowance. There is further requirement of not having more than 32 kg in one check in bag. So, it means that the 40 kg weight is to be taken in 2 check-in bags. 


Posted on 31-Oct-2022
How to carry my drum from India to Abu dhabi in air Arabia?

Admin Reply :

This is to be taken in check in baggage. If it is too big, it might have to be taken through cargo route. Please speak to airline officials at airport in this regard.


Posted on 16-Oct-2022

Admin Reply :

You will have to pay excess baggage fee, since your bags will weigh total of 46 kg, whereas allowance would be for less (Economy Basic- No free allowance, Economy Value is 30 kg and Economy Extra is 40 kg free allowance).

Please note that no single check in baggage shall not be more than 32 kg weight.


Posted on 15-Oct-2022
Air Arabia, economy class, Mumbai to Turkey via Sharjah Can I carry two bags( check in) within 23 kgs

Admin Reply :

The baggage allowance for this route in based on weight system, not on piece system. You have not mentioned which fare class in Economy have you bought. Within Economy cabin class, there are three fare classes. 

Sumit nair

Posted on 25-Jun-2020
Hi i am travelling on 28june sharjah kochi.i am allowed 30kg checkin baggage and 7lg hand baggage.....i doubt i have 1_2kg excess checking baggage so how much i will be charged at airport for per excess kg?

Admin Reply :

We suggest that you keep it within permitted allowance limits. Beyond this limit, there is a flat rate, not a per Kg rate. Not sure about current rates, please check with the airline local office. It could be AE 140 or 180.


Posted on 23-Jun-2020
Hai iam flying from sharjah to coimbatore thru chartered flights services tomorrow,jus confirm laptop is included in 10 kg hand baggage allowance or it will be taken seperately, and also confirm I can carry power bank in my hand baggage

Admin Reply :

Laptop can be carried in addition to free allowance baggage.

Ibrahim mohaideen

Posted on 23-Jun-2020
Tomorrow iam flying shj to coimbatore pls confirm I can carry 55 inch tv weight is 24kg for chartered flight services, FYI I have baggage allowance of 30 kg..thanks

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried provided the size of baggage is within 160 cm sum of dimensions limit set up the airline. Since size is more than 39 inches, you will have to pay extra charges for it.


Posted on 12-Jun-2020
Hi, is it allowed to take guitar In flights of economy category from Yerevan to Chennai, is there any extra charges for it? And if it is allowed please advice how to carry it without any damages.

Admin Reply :

This can be taken in flight, both in cabin and in check-in. Either ways, the size must adhere to the permitted limits. If you decided to take it in cabin and the size is more tha permitted allowance limit, then a separate seat shall be booked.

Rijo john

Posted on 02-Feb-2020
I am travelling from Sharjah to trivandrum I have 30kg check in and 10kg hand luggage is it possible to add this10 kg hand luggage to check in luggage with 2 bags

Admin Reply :

No, cabin baggage allowance and check in baggage allowance can not be mixed or clubbed. These have to remain separate.


Posted on 02-Feb-2020
Hi, I am flying Mumbai to Sharjah and then to Baku in the Economy class. My questions are as follows- 1) Am I supposed to carry toothpaste / deodorants / sanitizer etc. (less than 100ml) in STEB or can I carry it normally? 2) If I want to buy extra luggage on my way back only, is that an option or do I have to book it now itself? 3) Out of the following items, is there anything I cannot carry in cabin luggage - cheese spreads / desserts / chocolates / jams / dry fruits / ceramic wear / small souvenirs? 4) Is Duty Free shopping also included in Cabin Luggage weight? e.g. If I shop at Sharjah Thank you.

Admin Reply :

You shall ideally carry all liquids in STEB and these shall be less than 100 ml. You can book it for return journey using Manage My Booking or seeking assitance from the airline customer support office. These items shall not be an issue for carrying in cabin baggage, except for ceramic ware. Duty free is separate from cabin allowance.

mohammad khalid

Posted on 02-Feb-2020
how many pecess in 40 kg im carry in pakistan

Admin Reply :

You have to take it in 2 check in bags because one can not be more than 30 kg in weight.


Posted on 01-Feb-2020
I made payment for allowance of 20 kg at the time of ticket booking but now i want to add more 10kg before the date of journey how should i do it and how much will it cost to add the extra baggage through online and not at the airport

Admin Reply :

We believe this needs to be checked with the airline airport office. You have not mentioned the route of flight.


Posted on 31-Jan-2020
I have booked ecinomy chennai to sharjah and sharjah to kenya. Had more booked 40 kgs. How much can I carry hand luggage apart from 40.kgs. if I need more weight of another 20.kgs what I have to do.

Admin Reply :

You will have to speak to airline if you still want to carry more than 40 kg in check in baggage.


Posted on 24-Jan-2020
I have booked in 40kgs but my lagguage is 42kg reaming 2kgs how much charged airarabia flight aljouf to hyd

Admin Reply :

It is better to reduce the weight within permitted allowance. Excess baggage fee might not be a per kg charge rather a flat fee of AED 140 or so. Please get this confirmation from the airline customer service office in your country.

Also, please divide the 40 kg check in baggage into 2 bags as one bag can not be more than 32 kg.


Posted on 23-Jan-2020
I want to carry 55' TV from Sharjah to BENGALORE. How much it ll charge? Is it based on weight of TV or inch?

Admin Reply :

There will be a charge for this - AED 150 +handling charge. Max size allowed is 60 inches and above 39 inches it has to be charged for even if it is within the weight limits of check in baggage allowance.

So, as is clear, it is based on screen size primarily.


Posted on 20-Jan-2020
I have booked 2 tickets for Dubai on flight no.G9 407 dt .22 Jan.2020 time04-55 from Bonbay . Baggage is shown as 10 kg. Each On ticket .Whether it is for hand baggage {(cabin }) Is check in baggage allowed on this flight ? Can I use this 10 kg.limit for my check in baggage ? Or Will I have to pay extr a fees for check in baggage though within limit of 10 kg. The issue is though my 2 bags are below 10 kg. Its size is bigger than your specified limit of 22 × 16 ×8 .Pl.advise.

Admin Reply :

10 kg is cabin baggage allowance. Check in baggage limits is 30kg for 1 adult or child passenger when Economy Value ticket is booked. Economy Extra ticket allows you to take 40 kg check in baggage. Economy Basic ticket does not allow you to take any free check in baggage allowance. Size of check in baggage is 158 cm linear dimensions (L+B+H).

Jigna Thakkar

Posted on 19-Jan-2020
f I have already booked for Economy Extra which allows 40 kg of weight and if I still need to add more 10 kg what should I do? Tickets from Mumbai to kyiv Borispol

Admin Reply :

You will have to speak to the airline first if you want to take more than 40kg. If the airplane can take more load, you will be allowed to bring in another 10 kg by paying excess baggage fees.

M. yunus

Posted on 19-Jan-2020
sir can give me the right size of check in luggage 30kg (How much - Hight, width, Length in cm or inch. because i cant understand 160 cms dimension

Admin Reply :

Sum of length, breadth and width shall be 160 cm. L,B,h are to added only once

Nayan S Momaya

Posted on 16-Jan-2020
Can I carry three power banks (each being 10000mAh and less) in hand baggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, that shall not be a problem.

rajeev menon

Posted on 15-Jan-2020
can i carry an e-scooter in check in baggage to india?

Admin Reply :

Please check this with the airline contact office at airport. Will depend on size and whether battery could be removed or not.


Posted on 13-Jan-2020
We have 8 persons fly from Casablanca to Tunis by flight 3o147. How about the checkin bag fee rate? Thanks.

Admin Reply :

Which ticket have you booked? Economy Basic allows you no free allowance. Economy Value allows you 15 kg check in baggage per person. Economy Extra allows you 30 kg free check in baggage allowance.

Rates of check in baggage---

15 kg Euro 11

20 kg Euro 17

30 Kg Euro 41

aFzAL zAx

Posted on 27-Dec-2019
I have booked flight from madeena to sharjah . I need 20 kg baggage allowance . What to do?? . 20 kg baggage is allowed in that booking or i have to pay extra for that?

Admin Reply :

If you have booked Economy Basic ticket, then you will have to pay for it. It could be AED 30.

Economy Value allows you 20 kg free check in baggage allowance

Economy Extra allows you 40 kg free check in baggage allowance

masthan shaik

Posted on 25-Dec-2019
How much do LED TV 43 Inches charge

Admin Reply :

AED 150 + handling charges have to be paid if TV is more thn 40 inches screen size.


Posted on 19-Dec-2019
Hi, I am travelling from Mumbai to Sharjah ,my hand cabin size hand luggage is 60cm instead of 55cm is it allowed? , the language it self is 55cm but with wheels it will be 60cm.

Admin Reply :

Dimensions are measured inclusive of wheels and handles. You shall also check for the sum of dimensions of the carry on luggage.


Posted on 19-Dec-2019
I booked my ticket on 31st December to India in economy class. How many kilos allowed in my check in baggage?

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the origin station. Generally, 30 kg check in baggage is free.

Suneer Shajahan

Posted on 18-Dec-2019
How many itres per ticket can i bring coconut oil from Trivandrum to Sharjah?

Admin Reply :

There is no weight limit for carriage of this oil on this route in check in baggage.

Dipti Fernandes

Posted on 18-Dec-2019
Can I carry cheese in my checked in bag to India?

Admin Reply :

That shall not be a problem with the airline.


Posted on 17-Dec-2019
I am travelling from India to sharjah.i wants to take a mixi is it allowed

Admin Reply :

Allowed in check in baggage within permitted weight limits.

Minu Anavya R.J

Posted on 16-Dec-2019
I want to carry 55' TV from Sharjah to TVM. How much it ll charge? Is it based on weight of TV or inch?

Admin Reply :

Dhirams 180 are likely to be charged.


Posted on 16-Dec-2019
Hi sir i hav baggage 30+ 10 exclude tv 55inch also I have it allow ??

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the cabin class and route of travel. Please provide complete information for us to help you.


Posted on 15-Dec-2019
im going to armenia tom. is it allowed to bring vape..thru check in baggage

Admin Reply :

This is not allowed as it is inflammable substance.


Posted on 10-Dec-2019
can i keep solar light in our checken luggage

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried but if there is an accompanying battery of Lithium ion type, then that needs to be removed, insulated properly and packed separately to be carried in cabin.


Posted on 05-Dec-2019
I'm traveling with my three children (ages 7, 5 and 3), can we combine the total hand-carry (10 kg) weight of our baggage for our convenience?

Admin Reply :

No, cabin baggage allowances can not be clubbed.


Posted on 04-Dec-2019
Hi, i am travelling from sharjah to Mumbai, is it ok to carry LED Lamp ,Torch Light & Iron Box in checked baggage? kindly please advise.

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be taken in check in baggage with proper packing and the batteries, if any, need to be removed, insulated and packed separately.


Posted on 30-Nov-2019
Hi..I'm traveling to Sharjah.Is it allowed to take a flower vase and musical instrument violin on hand luggage ?

Admin Reply :

Both of these shall ideally be taken in check in baggage.

Hugh Pritchard

Posted on 27-Nov-2019
I am unable to book on Air Arabias site and the airline is non-responsive. All 3 of my credit cards are getting denied by their system so I was going to book via a 3rd party website. However, the 3rd party websites wont allow me to pre=book extra baggage. how much would it cost at the airport. probably the 20 kilo option. i am going from Jaipur to Yerevan with a connection in UAE

Admin Reply :

Pre-paid baggage costs about AED 30 and the airport rates are about 20% dearer. So, it shall be about AED 35-40 for a 20 kg excess weight. Else, you can check with the local office of airline. AED can be converted to local currency.



Posted on 26-Nov-2019
Hii..I have my flight booked from Sharjah to Jaipur with free hand baggage of 10kgs and 0 kg check in baggage. But as I have some weight so I modified my booking And and added baggage to 30 kg by paying 13 AED. But this modified baggage is not showing on ticket so will it be okay na , Am I allowed to carry check in baggage of 30 kgs or there is some problem?

Admin Reply :

From where has the ticket been booked, from an agency? Anyways, for confirmation, you can check the travel details and add-ons you have paid for on airline website using My Booking part of the website

Wiron D Costa

Posted on 26-Nov-2019
Hi I have extra 40kg baggage how much I have to pay?

Admin Reply :

You have to check with the airline whether it will take this excess baggage of 40 kg in first place.

You have also not mentioned the route of flight.

nikhil kumar

Posted on 24-Nov-2019
Is dates,dry fruits and chocolates allowed in hand baggage

Admin Reply :

That shall be fine to take in cabin.

nikhil kumar

Posted on 24-Nov-2019
Hi I am traveling from Muscat to New Delhi via Sharjah. Can I talk 2 packets of hand baggage

Admin Reply :

We would suggest that you restrict this to only 1 carry on baggage. The other item could be a personal item but it shall not look like another baggage for cabin.


Posted on 21-Nov-2019
I want to carry 5 inch LED TV from Dammam to Mumbai, what would be the exact fees I have to pay for that in check-in baggage.

Admin Reply :

Is it 5 inches or 50 inches? Please confirm. Charges would be about AED 170 for carrying any TV of size more than 40 inches and upto 60 inches.

Sijo a philip

Posted on 11-Nov-2019
I have a doubt actually hand baggage weight 10 kg is this include duty free or not include duty free please reply

Admin Reply :

It does not include duty free. You must carry duty free items in a separate sealed baggage which shall not be opened. And, must have the invoice of duty free items. This is when the items are bought after security clearance at airport.

aijaz ahmed

Posted on 09-Nov-2019
want to carry LED TV of 50" from muscat to hyderabad. i have total check in luggage of 30kgs including TV. Do i need to pay any charges?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it will be charged for. Since it is above 40 inches in screen size, it will be charged AED 150 +handling charges

Billie Joy Masiglat Vargas

Posted on 09-Nov-2019
I am travelling from sharjah to tblisi by tomorrow sunday, I have cabin luggage and one backpack for my personal things.. Backpack will be included as weigh in for 10kg or it is free?

Admin Reply :

IT will be counted as another cabin bag and you might be asked to carry it in check-in

Sheikh Muhammad shahid

Posted on 06-Nov-2019
I want to carry a LCD TV 43 inch 1 Piece in my luggage and the total weight of my luggage is 30kg. Can I charge my luggage without charge?

Admin Reply :

Air Arabia charges AED 150 plus a handling fee for the TV for TVs of more than 40 inches screen size. 


Posted on 06-Nov-2019
Zam Zam Water allowed to air arabia

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can bring up to 5 litres in check in baggage, in addition to free allowance.

Fatna Maia

Posted on 04-Nov-2019
What about my personal hand bag is it included in carry on allowance is it's free thank you for your answer

Admin Reply :

Personal items such as purses can be taken for free. This shall be a small bag and should not look like another hand bag.

B s pandey

Posted on 03-Nov-2019
Can i carry battery cells of my piono in hand bag or cheched in bag

Admin Reply :

It is okay to carry these in carry on or hand baggage. If these are of lithium ion type, then the terminals need to be insulated and packed properly so as not to cause any harm. 


Posted on 01-Aug-2019
Hi, I am travelling from Georgia and I only have 10kg hand luggage. Is it possible to put inside my bag (in 10kg luggage) the bottle of wine that will be put in cabin luggage?

Admin Reply :

We suggest you take alcohol in check in baggage, if this is not bought from duty-free shop.

Ayvy kamau

Posted on 01-Aug-2019
Hi,travelling from sharja to nairobi my hand luggage is 60cm instead of 55cm is it allowed?

Admin Reply :

You have to check the sum of dimensions.

Shaba Munir

Posted on 28-Jul-2019
Aslam o alikum I booked my ticket with Air Arabia through Abha to Sarjah and Sharjah to Delhi with check in luggage 30 kg. I have two bags with 15+10 kg and one 5 liter Zamzam. Kindly let us know airline will accept my 2 pice bags and one pice Zamzam. It means total 3 pice within 30 kg will accept or not???

Admin Reply :

Yes, check in baggage of 30 kg and 5 kg of Zam zam water can be taken for free in check in baggage. 


Posted on 26-Jul-2019
Hi, normally I have 10kg hand luggage, my question is am I allowed to take a hand bag in addition to the hand luggage ?

Admin Reply :

A small hand bag (such as hand purse) can be taken as a personal item along with a cabin bag. 


Posted on 25-Jul-2019
my flight from dammam - sharjah - hyderabad..check in baggage is 30 kg.. can i bring zam zam water as free waight.. i mean can i bring 20kg + 10 kg + 5 liter zam zam (=35 kg).... it is ok ??

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can brought as per your calculation. 


Posted on 21-Jul-2019
Hi I am going to Chennai baggage 30kg extra 2kg eani prblm

Admin Reply :

You will be charged for excess baggage. 

Musa Hamad

Posted on 21-Jul-2019
Iam Travelling to AMMAN -Jordan , have booked 40 Kg of luggage, I need to carry cartoons via cargo in stead of travel bags , kindly advise what is the allowed size = Cartoon Dimension LxWxH that I Air Arabia can accept on flight cargo .

Admin Reply :

Cartons shall meet same size limits as that of check in baggage. That is, sum of dimensions (L+B+H) shall be less than 160 cm. Please note that cartons shall not be irregular in shape and shall not be tied around with ropes or fabrics.

Mohammed sameer

Posted on 19-Jul-2019
Extra baggage charges tell me without including tickets baggage free

Admin Reply :

please mention flight route and cabin class of travel.

Kashif Yahya

Posted on 17-Jul-2019
Salam Can I carry zam zam water in my flight from jeddah to Karachi via sharjah?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried up to 5 litres in addition to check in baggage.


Posted on 15-Jul-2019
I am travelling from Bahrain to Goa, transiting at Sharjah. If I purchase duty-free liquor at Bahrain Airport, can I carry it along as cabin luggage upto Goa? Will I need to check-in the same at Sharjah? Kindly advise.

Admin Reply :

It is okay to carry it till Goa.


Posted on 14-Jul-2019
I have one piece of luggage within the limits that I would like to bring on cabin. In addition, I'd like to bring a backpack that easily fits below the seat in front of me. Is that ok?

Admin Reply :

Backpack shall be avoided as it is considered to be another cabin baggage.

Mwanthi WINNIE Mukai

Posted on 14-Jul-2019
Hi, am traveling from sharjah to Nairobi... Apart from the hand lagguage . ... I have extra 3 lagguage... Is it possible to travel with tgem

Admin Reply :

You have to put that extra 3 kg in check in bag. 


Posted on 13-Jul-2019
I wanted to know if vape and vape liquid is allowed to carry on hand baggage or luggage with me ?

Admin Reply :

We do not think this shall be allowed. Please check with the airline local office as well for confirmation.


Posted on 13-Jul-2019
Hello i am traveling from dammam to Sharjah.Does the zamzam water included in luggage weight or it can be considered separately?

Admin Reply :

It is allowed up to 5 litres in addition to check in baggage allowance per adult or child passenger.


Posted on 12-Jul-2019
Hi, how much would it cost me to pay for a 20kg bag in the airport? it doesn't let me add another 20kg bag online, so i decide to pay for it in the airport in the check in desk, my flight is tomorrow from Agadir to dublin. thank u

Admin Reply :

Please check with the airline customer service whether it will allow additional baggage or not.


Posted on 11-Jul-2019
My baggage allowance allowing 30 kg check in and 10 kg cabin but now my baggage reach 36 kg... If i pay for the extra much the rate?

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the route of flight. Please check for the extra baggage rates with the airline because it will allow you to carry excess only when there is scope of carrying more weight on flight.


Posted on 09-Jul-2019
Hi, I am planning to travel by AirArabia. Is it allowed to carry one hand-bag plus one laptop bag?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried that way

Jitesh shah

Posted on 07-Jul-2019
How much infant baggage allowance? Can I take straller from Saudi?

Admin Reply :

There is no baggage allowance for infants. However, you can take a standard bag for infants in cabin. The airline provides bassinets in flight. Stroller, if fully collapsible, has to be checked in and shall be carried as a part of check in baggage.


Posted on 06-Jul-2019
What is the possibility to add additional weights to existing ticket

Admin Reply :

You can do so online on the website of the airline, if tickets are booked with the airline. 

Imane Fathi

Posted on 05-Jul-2019
Hello Am traveling from casablanca to Tunis . The hand bag allownes does include the back. bag our normal hand bag ????

Admin Reply :

You can either take the normal cabin bag or the back-pack, not both.


Posted on 04-Jul-2019
Am I allowed to take a hand bag with me, because I’ve got my medications and my food in it

Admin Reply :

Ofcourse, hand bag is allowed in cabin.


Posted on 04-Jul-2019
Hello. I have emailed air Arabia 2 times now to reserve bassinet, however they have not got back to me. Please advise. My flight is in August

Admin Reply :

There is nothing for us to do here. Please get this confirmation from them that it has been reserved. 


Posted on 02-Jul-2019
Can i bring coconut oil when travelling from trivandrum to sharjah in checkin luggage.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be brought in sealed condition. 

Walid Tawfik

Posted on 30-Jun-2019
My ticket class of service is (Basic Y ), but i'm travelling from Alexandria to Sharjah round trip do i have free baggage allowance to carry and how much is it in both trips ?

Admin Reply :

You do not have free allowance for check in baggage in economy class flights. AED 18 is the charge for carrying 20 or 30 kg check-in bag. Cabin allowance is of 10 kg per passenger.


Posted on 29-Jun-2019
Can u give me the contact numbers of the airlines so that I may know the cost to carry 65 inch TV?

Admin Reply :

Please refer this link in order to check for the call center telephone numbers: 


Posted on 29-Jun-2019
Is 65 inch curved tv allowed or not?

Admin Reply :

PLease check the dimensions of TV. L+B+H shall be within permissible allowance of your check in baggage. 


Posted on 27-Jun-2019
how much it costs to carry 65inch curved tv from yanbu to sohar in Air Arabia airways ?

Admin Reply :

You have to check this with the airline directly as prices are not made public. 


Posted on 27-Jun-2019
Hello. I'm travelling from London to Morocco. I have 11 month old baby. Can I bring a stroller on the plane for free? Or does it have to be checked in? Is there a limitation on the size? Many thanks in advance for your reply

Admin Reply :

Air Arabia has bassinets on board. Please get in touch with the airline in this respect. The stroller shall be fully collapsible and it might be required to check in.

Emily obara

Posted on 25-Jun-2019
Hi ,I could like to ask how much can you charge me for extra 5 kg From Sharjah to Nairobi

Admin Reply :

We will not be able to tell you unless we have the booking reference number. Else, you speak to the airline directly. 


Posted on 23-Jun-2019
What is the check in baggage allowance for baby under 2 years of age

Admin Reply :

Only one standard bag having essentials meant for the baby can be carried in cabin, there is no check in baggage allowance for free for infant.


Posted on 22-Jun-2019
Hello I would like to know how many total bags can I carry from air arabia. Please let me know soon! I’m having 2 check in baggies along with a fragile item and 2 small hand carry’s which I will take inside flight. Please let me know soon if I will be okay.

Admin Reply :

You can bring more than one check in bag within your allowance limits. Hand baggage has to be a single piece. 

Syed Muzzaffar

Posted on 21-Jun-2019
Hello Iam carrying with my baby.My flight is from sharjah to Hyderabad. I just want to ask Can I carry baby stroller with me excluding hand baggages of me and my son. My hand baggage is 10 kgs

Admin Reply :

Air Arabia provides baby bassinets and you need to speak to airline to reserve it.


Posted on 21-Jun-2019
I am travelling from Moscow to delhi, in my ticket d only 30 kg is mentioned, not about hand baggage, is hand baggage permitted or not? And what about laptop can I bring it seperate with hand baggage

Admin Reply :

10 kg cabin baggage allowance permitted. Laptop can be carried in addition to free allowance limit. 


Posted on 19-Jun-2019
Hello there, I would like to know if Air Arabia allows you to carry a computer cpu with you? I’m not sure since this has a built in smps battery in it like any other computer. Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Can be taken in check in baggage within free allowance limits by weight and size. 


Posted on 19-Jun-2019
I am traveling from sharjah to coimbatore. Can I take microwave oven with me. Plz advice

Admin Reply :

Can be taken in check in baggage, as a part of free check in baggage allowance provided it meets the size limits of the check in bag. 

Ishtiaq Ahmed

Posted on 17-Jun-2019
I' travelling from Sharjah to Karachi (Pakistan), Can I carry LED TV like item of size(41x4x41) inches (LxWxH) of weight 9KG only ? Please advise

Admin Reply :

This size is more than free allowance limit of check in baggage. It might not be allowed. Please check with the airline.


Posted on 12-Jun-2019
I'm traveling from sharjah to calicut, can I carry zamzam.. As my ticket has 32 kgs baggage of two pieces Please advise...

Admin Reply :

You can take 5 litre of Zam zam water in addition to free allowance.

faruk shaik

Posted on 11-Jun-2019
from Riyadh to Bangalore zam zam water can allow separately

Admin Reply :

yes, up to 5 litres can be taken in check in and in addition to allowance limits


Mohammad ali

Posted on 11-Jun-2019
I need to know about food is dry food allow in hand bag

Admin Reply :

Depends on what item are you taking. Dry, non-oily and non-smelly foods are not objected by airline.


Posted on 10-Jun-2019
Traveling from Dubai to Karachi is 10 kilograms extra, if he has a weight, then how much is the payment he will have to do on the airport.

Admin Reply :

If you have a Basic ticket which does not have baggage allowance, then having 20kg, 30kg, or 40kg baggage in check in will entail payment of AED 12, AED 12 and AED 110 respectively. If this is a Value ticket, then 30 kg is allowance limit and carrying 10 kg more will entail payment of AED 110 (approx)

Georges chafic marchi

Posted on 09-Jun-2019
Hi, i am travelling from sharjah to kiev and i would like to know if the 10 kg carry on luggage can include 1 hand bag and one backpack of total weigh of 10 kgs

Admin Reply :

Back pack will also be taken as a second cabin bag. Therefore, we suggest that you take any one of these.

Tanvir Hussain

Posted on 08-Jun-2019
Hi i will be travel to agadir in october but i will not be taking any check in luggage going but wud like to bring back 20kg how much will this cost me

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the place of origin of flight. If you pre-book, then from Sharjah the rate for a 20 kg check in bag weight is 30 AED.


Posted on 08-Jun-2019
Hi , Please advise if Can carry guitar, laptop m handbag as check in bag Flight on 09 jun to goa

Admin Reply :

Laptop can be carried along with hand baggage in cabin . For guitar, the size and weight has to be within the permitted cabin baggage allowance. 


Posted on 08-Jun-2019
My allowed baggage is 30 kg. I have 2 kg extra how much I will be paid for per kg

Admin Reply :

You might have to pay AED 140 for excess weight. Pleae keep it within permitted limits if you do not want to pay charges.

Amrin Shaikh

Posted on 07-Jun-2019
Hello My parents will travel from jeddah to mumbai tomorrow. Their baggage allowance is 32kg + 10kg. Can they carry 5lts zam zam with them? Pls reply asap

Admin Reply :

5 litres of Zam Zam water can be carried in addition to check-in baggage per passenger. Please check the free check in baggage allowance is 30 kg.

Sanjay Kakade

Posted on 06-Jun-2019
Can you carry honey in 1kg sealed container..

Admin Reply :

It has to be in check in baggage. More than 100ml not allowed in cabin.


Posted on 03-Jun-2019
Hello sir My mother is traveling from Calicut to Sharjah..How much weight can she carry as check in baggage and hand baggage??

Admin Reply :

10 kg cabin allowance and 30 kg check in baggage allowance per passenger.


Posted on 02-Jun-2019
Dear I'm traveling from Riyadh to Hyderabad can I carry zamzam and how much you will charge if my luggage excess weight of 4-5 kgs As my ticket has 32 kgs baggage of two pieces Please advise

Admin Reply :

Up to 5 litres of Zam Zam water can be carried in addition to check in baggage allowance. AED 140  or 180 might be charged for excess baggage.

Emperor 2

Posted on 01-Jun-2019
going from delhi to Prague. Can i carry a ladies handbag along with a cabin trolley in the 10KG cabin baggage allowance in economy class?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken

Mohammed Ziauddin

Posted on 31-May-2019
My flight is from jizan to hyd on 02/06/19,its departing 4:30pm from jizan. As still it is ramzan month and me and my family will be fasting on this day, is their any arrangements for opening fast on flight like normally other airlines give special iftar pack on flight during iftar time other than regular sandwich which is in my ticket. Please update as i will adjust accordingly depends uon your response. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Please check this with the airline local office.

Feroz Mohammed

Posted on 30-May-2019
Should I carry zam zam water with baggage or without baggage??? Please advise me.... Thank you!

Admin Reply :

You can bring Zam Zam water up to 5 litres in addition to check in baggage allowance for free.

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