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Ryanair Check-In and Boarding

You can check in Ryanair flights either through the online medium or walking up to the baggage drop box stalls.

Check in online happens from the website of Ryanair from where a boarding pass will be issued. This pass would be required to be printed or downloaded. However, the passengers travelling on Flexi Plus fares can do free airport check-in. 

Check in deadlines are different for people who have bought the allocated seat and those who have not bought it. The ones who have bought the allocated seat, can check in 60 days before the scheduled departure of the flight whereas those who have not bought it can check in within 4 days to 2 hours time frame before the departure.

There is also a requirement that the boarding passes, which can be had not later than 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight, shall be printed on the A4 size paper, or else, shown with the Ryanair App. For those who fail to meet the check in timelines or fail to present the boarding passes, there is provision for charging additional fees from them.

All passengers who are not the citizens of EU or EEU countries are also required to present their Boarding pass at the airport desk for stamping. So, you must have provision for sufficient time for this purpose.

If you are carrying a checked in luggage, then this shall be submitted at least 40 minutes before scheduled departure of flight. Those who have bought the ‘Priority Boarding’ pass are required to be present at the boarding gate no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of flight.

Boarding gates closes 20 minutes before the scheduled departure of flights. Passengers are required to be present at the gate 30 minutes before the departure time.

It shall also be remembered that the Bag Drop boxes close 40 minutes before scheduled departure, and these open 2 hours before the departure. So, if you are carrying the check in luggage, it must be deposited within this time frame.

Priority Boarding is provided to those passengers who have bought the Premium Seats

Some important fees charged by Ryan Air:

a) Priority Boarding Fee- Euro/GBP 5 when done online and Euro/GBP 6 when done at airport.

b) Airport Check In- Euro/GBP 50 per passenger per sector. This is waived for Flexi Plus passengers.

c) Boarding pass re-issuance (in case you have not got this printed before)- Euro/GBP 15

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