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SpiceJet Refunds

(updated: 4-3-2018)

New: Spicejet Shifts 34 Flights to Terminal 2 of IGI

Domestic Flights Refunds

If you fail to check-in prior to 45 minutes from scheduled departure time, then there will be forfeiture of fare. 

Ticket cancellation or changes to itinerary are allowed only up to 2 hours prior to scheduled departure. 

Ticket cancellation charge- Rs 3000, or, base fare+fuel surcharge per passenger per sector, whichever is lower.

Change in booking fee- Rs 2250 per passenger per sector change.

This will be in addition to the difference in fare which the customer will have to pay in case there is a difference in fares.

Connecting Flights:

Delay or cancellation of a flight at point or origin which has led to a missed connection at point of transit, passenger has three options:

a. Get a refund

b. Credit Shell for future use

c. Book again at alternative Spicejet flight without incurring costs, provided seats are available.

In case the delay and cancellation of flight happens at point of transit, then there is one choice only. This is of getting an alternative Spicejet flight.

Case of Denied Boarding: In cases where Spicejet flight get overbooked due to unavoidable conditions, boarding will be denied against their will and besides the refund of their ticket amounts, they will also be entitled to additional compensation which is mentioned in the ‘ Case of Flight Cancellation’ below:

Flight Cancellation or Delay by Spicejet: At first, it is important to know that compensation is paid in addition to the refund of tickets.

In case of cancellation of flight by Spicejet, it shall inform the passenger prior to at least 2 weeks, and offer either refunds or alternative flight.

However, if this period is less than 2 weeks and up to 24 hrs of scheduled departure time of flight, it is the duty of airline to offer alternative flight within 2 hours of scheduled departure of cancelled flight. 

As per the policy, Spicejet shall inform passenger about cancellation of flight at least 3 hours prior to scheduled departure of flight either through a telephone call or SMS. The amount to be given by Spicejet as compensation will be:

  • Rs 5000, 7500, 10000 or booked ticket values plus fuel surcharge, whichever is less, respectively for flights having block time of up to and including 1 hour, more than 1 hour but up to 2 hours and more than 2 hours respectively, and,

b. refund the ticket value if passengers do not want to have alternative arrangements, and,

c. provide reasonable refreshments

No refunds would be provided in case the passengers provide incorrect telephone numbers or adequate contact information or when information about cancellation has been provided 3 hours before scheduled departure or when it happens due to circumstances beyond the control of airlines or passengers do not accept alternative travel arrangements made by the airline.

Flight Delays: If Spicejet expects delays in flights as given below, it shall provide proper refreshments to the passengers who have already checked in.

a. For flights having block time of up to 2.5 hours, delay of 2 hours or more from scheduled departure.

b. For flights having block time of more than 2.5 hours and up to 5 hours, delay of 3 hours or more from scheduled departure time.

c. For flights having block time of more than 5 hours, delay of 4 hours or more from scheduled departure time.

International Flights Refunds

Spicejet international ticket cancellation or modification in intinerary shall be done at least 4 hours before departure of flight.

Ticket cancellation charges (ex-India)- Rs 3500 per passenger per sector

Booking change fee (ex-India)- Rs 2500 per passenger per sector Cancellation or changes done within 4 hours or failing to check-in before 60 minutes minimum (75 mints in case of Dubai) would result in forfeiture of amount. 

The balance amount would be transferred to the credit shell which can be used in future on Spicejet airplanes even if one passenger from the original PNR is travelling.In case of change of flight, the difference between the current and the original fares shall either be put in the credit shell (if net balance is to be paid by airline) or be paid (if net balance is to be paid by passenger).

Denied boarding in international flights would be offered either full refund of ticket or provide next available flight as an alternative one.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Md Fuzel Shamshi

Posted on 25-Jul-2023
Refund quires almost 15 days

Admin Reply :

For refunds, pls check with the airline.


Posted on 16-Jun-2023

Admin Reply :

PLease check with airline or the airline ticket booking agency with whom you have booked tickets.

Vignesh Kumar balaji

Posted on 15-Jan-2023
There no proper intimation before delay ,we don't get call or proper msg. But I recieved msg about my credit card, this how u treat ur passenger, i m frastated because in time of booking it I had other option to indigo, but I choose spice, I think I made huge mistake

Admin Reply :

You are writing this on an independent website. We are not the airline website. 

Deepak Chavan

Posted on 31-Dec-2022
If spicejet cancels domestic flight in India , can I get full refund ? Is the refund in cash or voucher ? If I don't want voucher , do spicejet transfer money to my account?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you do get full refund if airline cancels flight. You will get it back through the same mode in which you paid for the tickets.

nidhi chandra

Posted on 19-Oct-2022
For a No Show how much money I can get back on my ticket?

Admin Reply :

Only the taxes are refunded. 


Posted on 06-Jul-2020
pls refund amont

Admin Reply :

please check with the airline directly. we are not associated with the airline in any way.


Posted on 08-Jan-2020
I want to know the status of my refund. PNR:M6NCVY

Admin Reply :

Please check with the entity that booked tickets for you.

Biswamohan Mishra

Posted on 26-Dec-2019
I got a SpiceJet flight of scheduled departure time of 1500 hrs at 1655. And for a 2 hours flight it took 2.5 hrs. This made me to miss my connecting air India flight from Delhi. What compensation I should be allowed. The demage was to stay over in Delhi for 3 days cab expenses etc. This is not all I lost my money to air india and I had to take another flight after 3 days.

Admin Reply :

You can raises this matter on following contact numbers or email: Email:

Reservations No.:- +91 987 180 3333, +91 965 400 3333.


Posted on 23-Dec-2019
can i reschedule my flight to BKK and what are the charges for rescheduling the flight

Admin Reply :

Making changes to itinerary attracts a fee of Rs 2250 per passenger per one way per change.

akhilendra khare

Posted on 15-Dec-2019
i booked a flight from shirdi to delhi by spicejet PNR RCWSSG which was cancelled by the airline and i was promised refund which has not realized till date.

Admin Reply :

It takes about 10 days for refunds to come. Please check with the airline or agency, whosoever booked the tickets, for refunds. If it is booked with the agency, you will seek refunds from agency.

Ashwini Savane

Posted on 03-Dec-2019
Hi Spice Jet Team, I have booked two tickets DEL To BOM for 5 Dec, but due to some reason I have to commute to BOM on 3rd Dec itself. Is it any refund possible for below flight and PNR- Flight No.:SG 8153 PNR : SG-08TR5P Thanks in Advance

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are an independent website and not the Spicejet airline. We are sorry for being late in replying to you.

Rajesh Celestine

Posted on 28-Nov-2019
Dear, Will I get a refund if I miss my flight.

Admin Reply :

Very little sum as only some government taxes are refunded in case of 'No Show'. Do check your fare terms mentioned in ticket.

Ayushi jaiswal

Posted on 13-Nov-2019
Hi Team, Actually my flight is missed by mistake so in that case how much amount refund.

Admin Reply :

That depends on terms and conditions of fare type. Generally, there is very little amount (just a few taxes) which are refunded in case of Gate No Show. 

Gaurav Jajodia

Posted on 06-Nov-2019
I have booked a ticket for 11th Nov and entered a spelling mistake

Admin Reply :

Airlines can consider making amends or accepting the correct ones to it. Please speak to the airline directly.


Posted on 01-Aug-2019
I booked my ticket from abroad for my local trip. The money was paid through my international bank account. I received message that my flight is cancelled. So i requested to refund the money i paid through the opted link. May i know will the refund paid at my international account or i have to contact anybody at India to get my money back..? Kindly clarify this. Thanks

Admin Reply :

You will get the money back the same way you paid for it. However, for refunds matters you will have to approach the airline or the agency which booked tickets for you.

Bankim Bharati

Posted on 30-Jul-2019
Sir, repetadely we are harassment by delayed of Spice Jet flights departure around 2-4 hrs. Such 27 July'19 Flight 608 &. 30 July'19 Flight 278. Moreover this delay we face during transit at airport without any refreshments.

Admin Reply :

What is your question? 


Posted on 30-Jul-2019
Plzz my fefunde

Admin Reply :

PLease check for refunds with the airline or agency which booked tickets for you.

Md Ali Akbar

Posted on 29-Jul-2019
I have cancelled my ticket PNR: TDTCHQ 22.07.2019 and cancellation received but refund not credited to my bank account . plz refund the to my bank a/c.thanks

Admin Reply :

PLease contact the airline or agency, whoever booked tickets for you. Only ticket booking entity will be able to help you with this.

Manaur Hussain

Posted on 22-Jul-2019
Greetings, we want to know regarding refunds our employee went for vacation but he did not return back as scheduled date and he do not want come again so i want to refund the remaining fare Confirmation Number (PNR):YHJB8E Booking Date:MON25 MAR, 2019 Mr. MANAURHUSSAIN PASSPORT: S3106394

Admin Reply :

PLease get in touch with the airline or agency directly. We are not the airline or agency. 

Dilpreet singh

Posted on 16-Jul-2019
I am cancel my booking pnr no D5KP3V can u provide me detail how many days refund my money in my account

Admin Reply :

Generally it takes about 10-15 days but that happens when you have not opted for keeping money in credit shell for future travel. Please check details with airline or the agency which booked tickets. 

Antony gosh zen v

Posted on 10-Jul-2019
I'm waiting for last 3 hours and still flight is getting delayed for 5 hours. I need compensation and refreshment for this default. Antony gosh zen v Sg6283 Cochin to Mumbai 10-07-19

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with airline local office. We are an independent website, not associated with any airline.


Posted on 07-Jul-2019
I arrived in Ahmedabad from Dubai, but my baggage has not arrived. I am told it will arrive by the next flight after 24 hours. I have a function to attend, and havent got both my suitcases. What is the compensation for my loss?

Admin Reply :

If you have to claim compensation, then please approach the consumer courts for this as airline is not likely to entertain this claim. The compensation could be for the loss you incurred in monetary terms for non-delivery of baggage timely. 

Najmus Saquib

Posted on 05-Jul-2019
I paid towise for one ticket.still I am waiting for full refund of one ticket

Admin Reply :

Please raise a formal request with the airline.

Vishal Vadachhak

Posted on 05-Jul-2019
I want my all claim thats it anyway

Admin Reply :

Please check directly with the airline. We are not Spicejet airline, but an independent website. 


Posted on 03-Jul-2019
R/Sir, I have booked round ticket from BOMBAY to Kolkata on 02.07.2019 and back on 04.07.2019 from spicejet airlines vide PNR No. ZD6MVG and checked in for boarding on 02.07.2019, however due to heave rain and mud on the run way, flight has been cancelled. Spicejet personnel advised me your round ticket money will be refunded immediately. I don't want any adjustment. please advise me when i will get my full refund of Rs. 9031/- Please advice Thanks Ranjeet Kumar Sharma 8698886979

Admin Reply :

please get in touch with whoever booked tickets for you (airline or agent). You shall speak to airline customer service on status of request of refund.

Aditya naik

Posted on 02-Jul-2019
Today its saying in news that all spicejet flights has been cancelled so we will get our money refund or not.or there another choice.

Admin Reply :

If airlines has cancelled flights, you shall get refunds. 


Posted on 02-Jul-2019
now all the flights of spice jets are cancelled in emergency case what to do please guide me. My sister and her child want to go urgently to bangalore from mumbai.its emergency please reply and guide

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with the airline or with the agency with whom you booked the tickets. You might have to go for an alternate airport and then a road transport to reach the destinations. Please weigh all options before traveling. 

Joe lalhruaitluanga

Posted on 02-Jul-2019
We had book the ticket for todays flight that was on 3:00 pm,but as it is our first time we have not known the time for check in, so we go to the airport just before 3 but they havent allowed us to let in,this is because we are late, but just after that we heard that the flight that we booked had been delayed, so at least because of this delay we at least want our ticket refund so please help us

Admin Reply :

You will have to approach the airline for this as ticket was booked with the airline only. 

Najmus Saquib

Posted on 22-Jun-2019
I have to one ticket but I paid two times .now I have to cancel the ticket

Admin Reply :

If you have paid twice for same ticket, you will get the refund, please check with airline directly. For cancellation also, please approach the airline. It will deduct the charges and refund the money back, depending on the fare conditions of your ticket.

Sumit kumar

Posted on 21-Jun-2019
Cancellation charge per person

Admin Reply :

Domestic sector Rs 2250 per passenger and International Rs 3000 per passenger.

Mohammed Omar Ansari

Posted on 12-Jun-2019
I was travelling on 5 May 2019 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to Mumbai with Saudi Airlines on emergency. The flight schedule was 1:40 AM local time. I had booked Spicejet flilght on the same day at 12:15 PM from Mumbai to Gorakhpur. The flight got delayed in Riyadh for almost 3 hours due to Captain issues. I arrived Terminal 1 around 25 minutes before the departure. the staff did not allowed me to board the flight. Since I had to reach Siwan on emergency I took another flight for LKO. and paid separately. Now I need to refund my money for the missed Spicejet flight. Please guide. My PNR is S89JMS. Looking forward for your favorable response please. Thanks Omar 00966502060351

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not the airline and are not associated with it. With respect to your query, the missed connection was due to fault of Spicejet and yours was a case of No Show. Therefore, we do not thing airline will be able to give you refunds. However, you can still approach the airline for refunds if tickets were booked directly with it. However, if it was an agency which booked flights for you, you need to take help of that agency.

S Rohini

Posted on 09-Jun-2019
My flight iSH359 departeing to Tuticorin on 9/06/19 s delayed by 1 and half hours,how will it be compensated

Admin Reply :

Has this delay resulted in missing of some flight? Was an alternative flight offered to you and you took it? There could be a number of such queries which we might need to ask you for ascertaining whether you will be entitled to compensation or not. Therefore, we suggest you get the reply from the airline directly.


Posted on 08-Jun-2019

Admin Reply :

If airline suspends flights, it will provide refunds. 

Dudekula Dada mouli

Posted on 06-Jun-2019
Actually i have booked the spicejet ticket wtih origin and destination wrongly and i cancelled my ticket immediately,before 45 days of departure time and i need know that how much of amount refund . My ticket fare is 3505INR booked via IRCTC air, Please can you help me with that

Admin Reply :

Since ticket is booked with an agency, there will surely be deductions from the airline as well as agency. So, how much will you finally get is something which the agency will tell you. Please contact IRCTC for this.


Posted on 04-Jun-2019
My flight from Bagdogra to Kolkata on 03.05.19 was cancelled. PNR no. A9MRRZ I had to come by train. How do I get a refund?

Admin Reply :

Please raise a formal request for the same either by telephoning the airline or agency (whoever booked ticket) or write an email to them about the same. 


Posted on 02-Jun-2019
Hai , one of my friend were booked a ticket to mumbai. As per the website his flight timings is 5:50am and he reached airport by 5:30am itself .but what happened is his flight got departure by 5:30am itself.he is not aware about the boarding timings.thats y he missed the flight .is there any possibility to refund or to provide ticket in upcoming flights

Admin Reply :

In case of flight rescheduling, it is the duty of airline or agency which booked tickets to inform you about the same. If this is not done, then you are entitled to a refund + compensation. Else, you can decide to fly on an alternative flight offered by the airline. For your case, you will have to speak to airline or agency which booked tickets.

Binu sehrawat

Posted on 02-Jun-2019
I had cancelled my PNR U6RZXI from Delhi to Mumbai for 2 Jan19 but have yet not received the refund. Kindly refund the amount to the credit card used then.

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not the Spicejet airline. You need to check with the agency which booked tickets. Have you raised a formal request for refunds after cancellation of ticket? 

Vinod bansal

Posted on 02-Jun-2019
Sir my flight schedulded on 2 June 2019SG8476 from Gorakhpur to Delhi has been delayed and there is no message or information sent to me for this. I and my family came back from lumbini early in the morning to capture flight by taxi so that we should be there on time.for this we have to spend 3000/ Rs. Because of this we were not able to have breakfast or lunch,and no arrange ment of snacks by SpiceJet. I will be going to make a proper complaint against SpiceJet.After visiting.a lots of counter at airport,I came to know that it is their routine for one and half month tone delayed. Because of all this there was lot of harassment to me and my family. I want such type of flight operations should be banned.

Admin Reply :

If you ticket was booked by an agency, then it was its duty to inform you of the reschedule of airline. However, if it was booked with the airline and it has failed to inform you, you are entitled to refunds and compensation. Please contact the airline and raise this issue with them formally.

Mohamed Nijamudeen

Posted on 01-Jun-2019
I have booked spicejet flight from Chennai to Madurai MAA IXN today with departure time at 18.40 but suddenly they have in for ed me the departure timing is. Hanged to 20.55 i.e after 2hours 15minutes. As tonight is being a lailatulqadhr night and a special religious night the prayers and functions could not be. Ompketed by this delay. Is there any compensation for this delay as I have to. Hange for alternative flight

Admin Reply :

If airline fails to inform you either on your working phone or email ID about the change at least 2 weeks before the scheduled departure time of airline, you are entitles to compensations along with refunds. 


Posted on 31-May-2019

Admin Reply :

Since ticket was booked with the airline, it has to be refunded by it only. Please raise a formal request for refunds and if this is already done, then please follow up with the airline. Refund will depend on terms and condition of your ticket. At the minimum, there will be a deduction of ticket cancellation charges. 

shashank patil

Posted on 30-May-2019
HOw to get refund if light was dealy my flight PNR: PT5TKNL

Admin Reply :

PLease raise a formal request with the airline or the agency which booked tickets. They will inform me whether refunds would be granted or not and how much ?


Posted on 28-May-2019
Hi. Have booked 3 domestic tickets one week prior.. Due to family issues.. We wanted to cancell the ticket.. Then how mucu the charges if we cancel the same in advance.. At least 5 before if we cancell. The total amount of the tickets is 14,000/- Awaiting your reply ASAP.

Admin Reply :

You have to check the terms and conditions of the ticket which you have bought. Generally, airline deducts Rs 3000 per passenger per one-way and the rest in refunded. Refunds will be granted if formal request for the same is made.


Posted on 25-May-2019
I have cancelled ticket from Dubai to madurai With PNR number U67SMI but still now no refund has been credited to my account. I have tried to contact spice jet customer care but nobody picks the call. Please help me in this problem

Admin Reply :

If tickets are booked with agency, refunds will be given out by them. Have you made a formal request for refunds processing? If airline is not taking call, then please send them the email.

Mukesh Kumar

Posted on 24-May-2019
Booked Flight no SG8481 from Patna to Delhi under PNR no J79PRF dated 01.06.2019. Flight timing was 17.10 Pm to 19.00PM. It got delayed by 4 hrs 40 minutes. It was rescheduled at 9.50 Pm. My whole itinerary got spoiled hence I had to cancel the above flight. But still amount does not credited back into my account.

Admin Reply :

 You will have to make a request for refunds and/or compensation. And, then it will take another 7 to 10 days for money to appear in account. Please check with the entity which booked ticket, airline or agency.


Posted on 23-May-2019
I book flight ticker jaipur to bhopal fair date 3 may 2019. Pnr no. IEVD7X. Flight no. SG 1216 Flight canceled to tecnical resion Flight tight amount 2917 $ is not back

Admin Reply :

POlease check with the airline or the agency which booked ticket. You are entitled to full refund.


Posted on 22-May-2019
Pls let me know about the full refund rules for flight delays.

Admin Reply :

We would request you to seek answers to specific queries.

Meenakshi Sanyal

Posted on 18-May-2019
PNR M55MML,SG 579 on 22/4 was cancelled by SpiceJet and till date inspite of repeated mails to and calls to customer care executives, refund has not been credited to my account.kindly help in this regard and apprise me of the status of the refund.

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with the nodal officers and grievance redressal officers of Spicejet. Their contact details are given at:


Posted on 17-May-2019
What is the refund status for the cancelled booking with PNR L8RM2M, passenger name: G Ajay Robin Singh, Flight from Bagdogra to Kolkata

Admin Reply :

You have to get in touch either with the airline or the agency which booked tickets.

Meenakshi Sanyal

Posted on 15-May-2019
PNR M55MML,SG579 on 22April 2019 was cancelled by SpiceJet and I had requested for refund of the same.i have written several mails to which no reply was given. On calling customer care on 1 May, I was told my refund would materialise within 10_15 working days from 23April. However the refund did not come to my account. On 11May again I contacted customer care and I was told within 48 hours the refund would be sent to my account.i am yet to receive the refund and there has been no communication from your end in this regard.Kindly inform about the status of the refund at the earliest.

Admin Reply :

Let us first clarify that we are not Spicejet airline, nor related to it or to any other airline in any manner. We are an independent website.

Now, with respect to your query, you will have to follow up with the airline only. You can even approach their grievance redressal cell. You can even make use of Twitter and Facebook accounts of the airline to raise the matter. 

A Praveenkumar

Posted on 14-May-2019
Dear Team, We have booked 04 flight tickets in Spicject flight services from Hyderabad to Tirupati on 27th of Apr 19 for travelling date 08 May 19 through make my trip site , seat numbers were allotted 7B, 7A, 7E & 7F respectively. for this booking Invoice number is 1000000057778020, the fare of ticket amount is 11,288/-, However on travelling day (08th May 19) when Boarded on flight, reserved seats were not allotted and they have provided different Seat Number likely 12A, 12B, 12C &12 D. We have paid extra charges and we specifically desired window seat but they fail to facilitate the same. Hence we request you to refund the Paid charges which we booked fare amount Rs.11,288/-. For you reference, we have attached blow documents 1. Booking Invoice 2. Flight tickets We looking forward your response & Kindly do the needful Regards, A Praveen Kumar Ph: 9441601475

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not the airline, nor related to any airline. We are an independent website. Since the ticket was booked with agency, please get in touch with it with your complaint. In addition, please call the airline to apprise them of the issue.

v ramachandran

Posted on 13-May-2019
Sir booked tickets on March 3, 2019. Then came to know the flight have been cancelled. Subsequently cancelled the Tickets bearing PNR : UBB2MJ.on 1.05.2019. Till date i didnt get the refund. Kindly advice me what to do for getting the refund

Admin Reply :

Please check with whoever you booked tickets with. If it was agency or airline, please speak with them. There could be any reason for not getting refunds.

V Balasubramaniam

Posted on 13-May-2019
I booked a ticket for Coimbatore for travel on12/4/19. Through happy easy go.Web checked & blocked my seat by paying RS.200 on 28/3. Flight was cancelled. PNR no.TYZY7Z. cancelled the ticket and happy easy go sent a mail stating that travel fare would be refunded. Refund me the web check-in fee of rs.200

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are an independent website and not related to any agency or airline. PLease speak to concerned agency or airline about it. Whatever refunds are due will be provided by whoever you booked tickets with. 

Nehal Agnihotri

Posted on 12-May-2019
When do I get the refund for the cancelled flight? PNR : H5GIPY

Admin Reply :

Normally, it takes 10 working days depending on how the ticket was bought.

Neha Upadhyay

Posted on 12-May-2019
Hello, What kind of compensation I can get if SpiceJet airlines has changed my direct flight into connecting flight and also changer the timing of journey for my both flights one for 11th June and 2nd for 26th June. Please consider my above mentioned problems and suggest appreciate remuneration..

Admin Reply :

Did the airline inform you of the change or not? If yes, then when was it done? There are other questions which are best taken up between you and airline directly as it would determine whether compensation is to be paid or not. 

Please send the concerns to Vice President at Phone numbers for this issue are : +91 987 180 3333, +91 965 400 3333.

v ramachandran

Posted on 12-May-2019
Sir, My PNR is UBB2MJ. I have cancelled the tickets due to the cancellation of flight as anounced by you. When I will get refund and what more I wll recieive v ramachandran

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not the Spicejet airline. We are an independent website. Pleae check for refunds with the airline directly if you have booked with it. 

Manish Singh

Posted on 11-May-2019
I cancelled my reservation for PNR: PYV4WZ, but didn't get my money refunded

Admin Reply :

It takes some days for refunds to be given out. Please wait for 7-10 days, then call the airline or agency which booked tickets for you.


Posted on 10-May-2019
Our flight getting delayed by 2hrs how much amount we refund when the ticket cancle

Admin Reply :

In the event Spicejet postpones the flight by more than 120 minutes or more, you are entitled to full refund. Else, you can take an alternative flight subject to availability. 

Pavithra Dharmaraj

Posted on 09-May-2019
My flight got cancelled on 29 th Apr Today is may 8 2019 When will I get my refund amount

Admin Reply :

The entity which booked ticket, whether airline or agency, will tell you this. Please contact the entity which booked tickets.

sidra khan

Posted on 09-May-2019
mera flight cancel ho gya hai, lekin abhi tk mujhko refund nhi mila hai

Admin Reply :

Please use English medium for communication. 

jagjeevan singh

Posted on 09-May-2019
please send refund detail

Admin Reply :

Refunds are to be provided by agency which booked tickets. So, please contact them.


Posted on 09-May-2019
I have booked in flight number SG715/SG748 which has been cancellled .so i requested for refund.but refund is not coming in my account.

Admin Reply :

It takes about 7-10 days for refunds to appear in account. Please check with the airline or the agency, wherever ticket is booked.

Nathan babu

Posted on 07-May-2019
Sir, My flight was cancelled to last month but refund is not coming In my account so please give respect

Admin Reply :

PLease contact the entity which booked your ticket. If booked with the airline, please contact them directly. For refund matters, the entity which books tickets shall be approached.

DP Awasthi

Posted on 20-Dec-2018
What are cancellation charges of ticket from New Delhi to Dharamshala 2 days before

Admin Reply :

Rs 3000 will be charged for cancellation.

Hemjit Das

Posted on 17-Dec-2018
My connecting flight SG 3319(came to kolkata from bangkok with spicejet overnight) to Dibrugarh,Assam from kolkata was cancelled on 17th december 2018 due to technical reasons. The spicejet manager in kolkata airport confirmed to us that no other flight tickets available for 17th as well as 18th dec and asked me to buy other airline ticket. Now i bought indigo tickets for my 3 family members for 18th december with huge sum 42000/- . Now how shall I get my compensation??

Admin Reply :

You will have to pursue this with the airline. You will have to file a claim for compensation. The airline will advice in detail. 

Kamal Kumar gupta

Posted on 10-Oct-2018
I am booked in flight no SG 088,from Bangkok to New Delhi at present the flight is delayed approximately 2 hours how I get vompensation

Admin Reply :

You have to claim compensation from the airline only 

firoz alam

Posted on 05-Oct-2018
Spice jet. If i cancel my ticket from Delhi T1 to Hyderabad on 30/11/2018 at 6:00 a.m. What will be the refund amount i got. Ticket booking 2900 rs..

Admin Reply :

This will depend on ticket terms and conditions. Please check your fare rules of the ticket. Ticket cancellation charges would certainly apply.

Padickakudy mini

Posted on 25-Sep-2018
We r flying to Mali on 25 th sept 2018 with spicejet and just before landing they announced that they r going back and decided to land in cochin due to some technikal problem.Unfortunately it happend and we didnt cet any moral and mental Support from the ground staff. We all passengers waited more than 60 mts and after that responded and requested for further information. The way of behaving and support was very bad. As a international flight its very shamefull.Okey what abt our tour package ?How we will get compensation?our wholeday just lost. What u can do for that.They r saying next boarding is in between7 and 8 pm. Its not sure. There is some major problem ana equipments will come from outside. How can u help us.

Admin Reply :

Please speak to your agent about the package. This could be one of the rare instances otherwise airlines are quite particular about meeting their deadling. Regarding the rude behaviour, it is totally unacceptable and you shall complain to the airline management about it. You can claim compensation if not interested in flying with the airline again and want to book fresh tickets. 

Mushtaque Ahmed Mohammed zubair

Posted on 23-Sep-2018
SpiceJet flight SG 421from Mumbai to Hyderabad flying time was 5:45 am to hydeeabad. I reached only 2 minutes late & closed the window. So how much amount I will get refund or back please guide.Hope the best response. Thanks Mushtaque Zubair Mumbai

Admin Reply :

No much of refund would be given as yours is a case of NO SHOW. You will only get some taxes refunded. 

Indranil Sarkar

Posted on 23-Sep-2018
I had cancelled my booking (Confirmation Number/PNR OEMGGK) on 14th of September. I have not got my refund as yet back to my card. How many days it usually takes to get the money credited back.

Admin Reply :

It can take about 7-15 days for refunds processing. Please do seek information directly from the airline regarding this.

Jaswant singh

Posted on 21-Sep-2018
I have air ticket of spicejet airways Mumbai to Delhi dated 4 Nov if I have cancelled my ticket how much money is refunded to me ticket value is rs 5200

Admin Reply :

Exactly how much refund would be given will depend on a number of factors. Airline will not give this information to us. Please get in touch with the airline in this respect.


Posted on 19-Sep-2018
What is the cancellation fee of 06 AUG 2018 TO 07 DEC 2018 for spicejet

Admin Reply :

 Rs 3000, or, base fare+fuel surcharge per passenger per sector, whichever is lower


Posted on 15-Sep-2018
Refund ID...824708477784.......dtd 04.09.18.....The refund has not been credited to my bank needs the detailsof TRANSACTION...mode of remittence ie NEFT or else including particulars of your bank to TRACK the same.

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with the entity from where you booked tickets. Refund details are told only by the ticket booking entity, whether airline or agency. 

prakash mahesh BIYANI

Posted on 12-Sep-2018

Admin Reply :

For refunds you will have to approach the entity where you booked ticket. It could be either the airline or the agency. 

ashish yadav

Posted on 04-Sep-2018
I need to know the procedure to get refund of passenger bound taxes as I missed my flight on 3 sept, 2018. PNR No. N7UCRC

Admin Reply :

If you have missed the flight, the airline can forfeit the entire sum as yours will be a case of No Show. 


Posted on 31-Aug-2018
I got my leg fracture 10 days prior to my trip. Doctor advice is for 30 days bed rest. Are there any chances of waiver in rescheduling or cancellation?

Admin Reply :

Nothing on  compassionate grounds. 

Snehajit Das

Posted on 24-Aug-2018
What is rule of compensation for Spicejet controlled delay of 100 minutes in domestic flights informed just 30 minutes before take off?

Admin Reply :

Spicejet mentions that it would offer refreshments in case the flight delay is more 2 hours or more. In your case, it is less than 2 hours. Still, if you wish to pursue it, please email at:

shailendra singh

Posted on 23-Aug-2018
Hi.. i made a booking to kochi a few week back through your website. but later on due to the floods in Kochi, i cancelled my booking myself and there was a cancellation charge of Rs. 3200 on my booking but just two days later i came to know that all the booking for Kochi has been cancelled due to floods. So is there by any chance that i can get the full refund. second, my remaining refunded money is in the credit shell of spice jet and how can i get that money back into my bank account. confirmation number for the cancellation is OFWB6U.

Admin Reply :

First, we are not the Spicejet airline and are not related on it. We do not provide ticketing services. Therefore, you have not booked tickets with us.

With respect to your query, since tickets were cancelled by you, full refunds would not be possible. 


Posted on 18-Aug-2018
Traveling from Muscat to Chennai on 19 Aug 2018 arrivals @ Chennai 20 Aug 2018. Yesterday Air india flight had rescheduled the timing. suppose to land morning 4:20 Am change to 5:00 Am. My next flight Chennai to Tuticorin flight time departure timing is 6:25 Am. Inbetween i have only 1:25 minit only. If any delay happen in baggage collection in international aiport. Can i inform earlier to spicejet office thay can do any alternative arrangements if i miss the flight. 5 kg of additional baggage allowance purchased if i cancel the ticket it will refund to me

Admin Reply :

We would suggest that you speak to airline. Cancelling ticket might still give you some refund instead of a No Show. 


Posted on 17-Aug-2018
I got a message that my SpiceJet flight has been cancelled from Bangalore to COK due to airport runway closure at Kochi. Will this amount be refunded ?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it shall be refunded of course as airline has cancelled it. 


Posted on 16-Aug-2018
Hello, if I cancel my ticket then I will get my refund money surely, I have booked madurai to Colombu its nearly 12000 wheather I'll get refund money fully or else how much money I will get refund. Can you please reply me soon....

Admin Reply :

Refund amounts are only disclosed by the entity which booked ticket (whether airline or agency) to the party which booked ticket. So, airline will not tell this to us. You will have to contact the airline in this respect. Also, please do raise a formal request for refunds if not done till now. 

Shreya Jhawar

Posted on 15-Aug-2018
Hi, my name is shreya and my flight pnr number is PFYIXK. I had my flight today i.e 15th of august from cochin to hyd via banglore but due to heavy floods it got cancelled. i have tried for the refund claim but was unable to claim the same. what am i suppose to do

Admin Reply :

Has airline refused the refund or you are not able to approach them?

athira ravi

Posted on 09-Aug-2018
I booked spicejet for rs 5800.accidently I entered the wrong name.i wish to cancel the ticket.if it is refundable?how much money get back?

Admin Reply :

Airline will tell how much refund you will get back. PLease contact the airline. 


Posted on 07-Aug-2018

Admin Reply :

For international flights, Rs 3500 per person or base fare+fuel surcharges whichever is lower. This cancellation charges is per sector per passenger. 

Raju Tamang

Posted on 05-Aug-2018
Sir I have booked tickets on 28/07/18 for Delhi to bagdogra on 10/07/18 but unfortunately booking has been failed and ticket amount had deduct from my account it confirm by massage. Than I tried with another credit card and it got confirm booking and I am looking for refund amount of first transaction, till now I am not able to Collect my refund amount. Suddenly I saw yesterday that my another booking had made on 9/08/18 actually I didn't booked. Please suggest me how to get my refund amount

Admin Reply :

Please check with the airline whether the refund amount has been placed in credit shell or not. You must bring to the notice of Spicejet about the second booking which you have not done. If the other booking has not been done by you and, as per information provided by Spicejet, the booking looks suspicious, please bring the police into action in this matter. 

Shebby Thomas Jacob

Posted on 01-Aug-2018
Hi, With this PNR - RYE7YZ, Why don't I get my refund back. I booked for around 15,3200. Please contact me to 9447952322.

Admin Reply :

We are not related to any airlines. Please contact the airline directly for this purpose. 


Posted on 15-Aug-2017
i am cancell my ticket on spicejet porbander to and mumbai to porbander how much rupees cuting my payble amount 6150 i w rupeesh refundill how much

Admin Reply :

Rs 2250 is ticket cancellation charge for all tickets, whether refundable or not. For knowing refund amount, please contact airline. Airline will not disclose this to us. 

mukesh kumar

Posted on 09-Aug-2017
Sir mai jan na chahta hoo ki spijet patna-kolkata-guahati @7000 ki ticket hai ek aadmi ticket cancel karwane me kitne rupay katenge plz sir batay

Admin Reply :

Please use Engligh language for communication. 


Posted on 09-Aug-2017
What is the cancellation fee of 10 Aug 2017 for spicejet

Admin Reply :

Rs 2250 is cancellation fee.

Sanwer mal Sharma

Posted on 08-Aug-2017
What is the cancellation fee of 11 Aug 2017 for spicejet

Admin Reply :

Rs 2250 is cancellation fee. 


Posted on 07-Aug-2017
My flight on DXB-COK sector dated 06 August 2017 was delayed nearly 4:30 hours from DXB due to technical fault. What is the compensation and how can i claim the same?

Admin Reply :

You will have to file it with the airline only. Please contact the airline and email them for compensation claim. 

Narasimha Rao Modugula

Posted on 07-Aug-2017
I have cancelled flight ticket ID 17071541938 and refund details may please send to me at the earliest regards M N Rao

Admin Reply :

Please seek the same from the airline if you have booked ticket with it. We have not booked your ticket. 


Posted on 06-Aug-2017
i want to cancel my tickets of myself & wife from Ahmedabad to Kochi(two PNRs issued such as one is from Ahmedabad to Mumbai and another from Mumbai to Kochi.on 14/8/17.How much will be deducted if I cancel today? or tomorrow. Reply ASP

Admin Reply :

The exact amount to be deducted will be known from the airline only. We can only tell that the cancellation charges would be 2250 INR per passenger per sector. 

Govindula Odelu

Posted on 03-Aug-2017
Please cancel my flight ticket Ticket Number: 0306770252744

Admin Reply :

You have not booked with us. So, please get in touch with the agency who booked ticket. We are not related to airline. 

Vinayak Ambsdas Dalal

Posted on 02-Aug-2017
If I cancel my booking of domestic flight how much refund I will get . If ticket price is Rs.2100

Admin Reply :

WE can not tell. Contact the person who booked tickets. 

Leela Murali

Posted on 25-Jul-2017
Dear Sirs, Am I eligible for a refund based on the new airport charges tariff in Delhi Airport? ( I flew SpiceJet on June 9 (PNR-O94GRZ) from Goa to Delhi. Please clarify at the earliest, Thank you, Leela Murali Ph +91 9953155406

Admin Reply :

Yes, you shall be granted that refund if tickets were booked on or before July 7, 2017


Posted on 24-Jul-2017
Clint Fernandes flight on 20th July 2017 SG456 scheduled departure 8.15 finally departed post 23.25 this is really not acceptable, and spicejet needs to compensate for the inconvenience and additional costs borne for dinner , travel etc. awaiting a reply ont he above . clint fernandes 9833549998 / 9594971601

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airlines. We are not the airline company. 

ajay singh

Posted on 23-Jul-2017
i missed the spicejet flight from varanasi to delhi on 11-2-2017 as i could not reach at the airport before 45 minutes. they didnt allow us to board the plane. when we asked for refund the spicejet officials said that taxes on the ticket will be refunded only and fare part shall not be returned. we agreed on the same. that day and this day 23-7-2017 we have not got the refundof taxes which was around 4000/- for two tickets. how can we get the refund, please advise.

Admin Reply :

You need to get in touch with the airline again and inform about it again. If refunded sum has been kept in their credit shell or wallet, please ask them to release it to your account. You have to seek help from airline only.

Anotther thing is that since yours was a case of No Show, only psf and udf will be refunded, all of other amount will be forfeited. 

takamichi kawasaki

Posted on 20-Jul-2017
I got a notification from your office that my flight(SG87 dated 20 Jul) will be delayed. If I can't make it to the connecting flight in Bangkok, will you arrange any alternative and comparable flight for me? How do I contact your staff at Bangkok airport? Who will take care of me at Bangkok airport? Can you give me the contact number of Bangkok office prior to departure? Thanks

Admin Reply :

You are mistaking us for Spicejet Airlines. We are an indepdent entity and are not related to Spicejet. 

However, we can help you with the contact detail of Spicejet office in Bangkok. It is 

QE Tour Co., Ltd.
446/2, 1st Floor, Soi 20 Mituna 11, Pracharatbumpen Road, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10310 THAILAND 
Ph- +66-22779000 
Fax- +66-22770192 

ajeet singh

Posted on 19-Jul-2017
My spicejet ticket dubai to jaipur on 28 November 2017.but I want to change date .1 want ticket 1 March 18 .plz tell me process Thank u

Admin Reply :

You can change the itinerary by visiting My Booking section on the website of the airline. If ticket has been booked with agency, please notify it of the change you want to make and it will be done. You might have to pay some additional charges for rescheduling of the flight. 

Ajay kulkarni

Posted on 01-Mar-2017
I have booked a ticket for 8/04/17 from Pune to Delhi and want to cancel the same ticket. What is the refund amount I will get back

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with whoever booked ticket. Only that person or entity would be able to tell you the exact amount of refunds that you will get back. 

Dr. Ashwini Kumar Bohra

Posted on 15-Feb-2017
I cancelled my booking (PNR Number E3LNJIO) for DELHI HYDERABAD flight No. SG 131 on 25/11/2016. The refund has not been credited to my credit card account till date. How do I make the SPICE JET airlines expedite the refund? Dr. A. K. Bohra. Ph: 9810978884

Admin Reply :

It must have been retained in credit shell, an online wallet system. Please ask its release from shell into your account. 

parvathybalasubramaniam iyer

Posted on 15-Feb-2017
what is the rule for no show passenger

Admin Reply :

Entire amount except for some government charges would be forfeited. 

Diviya Kkalapura

Posted on 15-Feb-2017
Hi Team, I have cancelled two ticket back in Jan'17 however I haven't received any refund amount in my account. Can you please check the status of this two cancelled PNR to confirm what going on with the refund. PNR: XDFJRN PNR : I3RF6V Regards, Diviya Kalapura

Admin Reply :

We are in no position to check status since airline would not part with this information to us. Therefore, please contact airline. There are good chances that the refundable amount has been kept in credit shell. This can be released on making a request. 

venkatasastry jonnavithula

Posted on 10-Feb-2017
refund of cancelled ticket PNR-E7FSRM status and what is the refund amount when can i get the same to my account credited

Admin Reply :

PLease contact the airline in this respect. 

pramod mhetre

Posted on 10-Feb-2017
If I personally canceled the booking for seven days before depart time how much percent I will get the refund from the fair of pune to delhi?

Admin Reply :

Airlines do not part with refunds information to third parties, so we will not be informed. But, rs 2250 ticket cancellation charge would be levied. 

Tenzin Wangchuk

Posted on 09-Feb-2017
Can you plz tell me how to change the flight timing as i mistakenly selected 1.00AM from delhi to Bangalore... where i thought it afternoon one but later on i know that it midnight flight.. so can you plz tell me what to do.. get refund or can you change it to 6.05 am in morning.... because my flight date is on 9 March 2017 ... almost after month..... and if i cancelled how much i ll get refund.. thank you and my PNR NBWPSQ

Admin Reply :

You can change the flight by visiting Manage My Booking section in the booking engine on website of Spicejet. 

naveen mittal

Posted on 07-Feb-2017

Admin Reply :

You will get the refunds.

Vaishali Patil

Posted on 06-Feb-2017
What is the procedure to ask for the refund of amount in the credit shell? Secondly there is no identity for out credit shell amount?

Admin Reply :

You will have to call the airline and seek its transfer to your account.

mamta fatnani

Posted on 03-Feb-2017
I did two tickets together from jaipur to dubai on 14 feb 2017 in spice jet done bye Dubai .payment given from Dubai credit I want to cancel one ticket ,how much charge wl be cut of cancelation

Admin Reply :

There is a ticket cancellation charge of Rs2500 but how much will be refunded back to you will be correctly told only by the entity which booked tickets, whether agents or airlines. 

Gajendra singh

Posted on 29-Jan-2017
On 30th January spicejet flight delhi to srinagar. .11.00am .can cancel this flight to looking bed whether? Plz reply soon. ..

Admin Reply :

PLease contact the agent which booked your tickets in this respect.


Posted on 23-Jan-2017
We would like to cancel our SpiceJet ticket on Wed from GOA to COK & rebook GOA-DEL (Air India) What are the charges for this & can it be done? Thanks!

Admin Reply :

Please do so at your own end or seek help from ticketing agency which booked tickets. 


Posted on 11-Nov-2016
I had booked 2 tickets from BOM to IXE for the flight scheduled on 6th December. Today, we got an SMS saying the flight departure time is changed from 12:15 to 08:20. This change is not convenient for me. Please advise the refund policy in this case.

Admin Reply :

You can cancel the flight and seek refunds of the ticket. 

Arif Usman

Posted on 08-Nov-2016
I have got the booking with PNR number GC6D8K, from Srinagar to Delhi. But since the condition in Srinagar is not good right now and it comes under curfew zone, so I want to cancel my booking with full refund. Will I get full refund after cancellation?

Admin Reply :

Refunds will depend on nature of ticket booked. We are not able to retrieve information with this PNR no. Please be in touch with the entity which booked your ticket. 

Rohit Pol

Posted on 07-Nov-2016
I have booked tickets on 08/10/2016 for two passengers (Me and My wife) from Pune to Goa and return on 3rd week of November, however due to medical conditions My wife was admitted to the Hospital and now doctors have advised not to travel for 2-3 weeks. I had to cancel the Vacation. Is there any way that i can get refund of flight tickets and wave off the Cancellation Charges on Medical ground? Can the Airline give me credit note of the amount instead of cancellation?

Admin Reply :

Cancellation charges can not be waived off. These have to be deducted from refunds. If you booked tickets through any agency, then please contact it for refunds. Else, pursue with the airline by writing a formal email or calling their customer service. 


Posted on 05-Nov-2016
How many Minimum n maximum amount of flights ticket cancellation charges

Admin Reply :

Rs 2250 or ticket amount, whichever is lowed, would be deducted. 

bharat benraj

Posted on 05-Nov-2016
I've cancelled my order after 2hours of confirmation. But I didn't get my refund.what is the time taken to refund??? My confirmation no is e96u9t.

Admin Reply :

7-10 days is the normal time period to get refunds.


Posted on 05-Nov-2016
I have cancel my flight ticket on 27 OCT 2016 from delhi to udaipur, sill i am waitng from refund status . The airline doesnt provide me any informatiin regarding the same. Jst got the mail on the same time cancellation that " your ticket is cancel ". Waiting for your promt reply

Admin Reply :

You shall make a formal request for refunds. If it has been transferred to the credit shell, it shall be asked to be released to your account.


Posted on 03-Nov-2016
I booked a ticket with ID 16101319458 in flight no. SG-123 from New Delhi to Hyderabad on 01 November 2016. Due to a difference in name of the third passenger that ticket had to be cancelled and a fresh ticket had to be taken. A cancellation number -- W8973Z --was given for refund of money. How do I get a refund for the same. Which site is to be used for cancellation? Please help. Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Whosoever booked the tickets, shall be approached for refunds as well. So, if it was airline, please ask airline to do the same. 

Sanjay bhavsar

Posted on 03-Nov-2016
In case we have to cancel booking on sudden health issues ,may be few hours before the schedule , what refund will be available pl reply in detail refund rules ,

Admin Reply :

Rs 2250 is ticket cancellation fee which is charged for domestic sector. 

Harika penmetsa

Posted on 31-Oct-2016
I had booked a flight ticket for spice jet from vizag to hyderabad on 10 th November 16 flight sg 468 departing at 4:45pm and my pnr is D3zqgy due to unexpected conditions I need to cancel my flight ticket so I want to know whether my money was refundable or not so please try to know

Admin Reply :

You will have to contact the person or entity which booked the ticket. 

Srikanth R Narravula

Posted on 28-Oct-2016
Greetings, Today morning, my flight got canceled due to operational reasons. My PNR number is IGZ1UR, and my email: At that time, I had to book another flight. Let me know when the amount will be refunded. Regards, Srikanth

Admin Reply :

Generally it takes 7-10 days. If you do not get within this time, please get in touch with the airline or the agency which booked tickets. 

Rajinder Kumar Kahol

Posted on 26-Oct-2016
I have booked a flight from Delhi to kolkata on 24 th Sep,2016 but by mistake i cancelled it.At present i do not have P N R no on any thing.Please guide me how to get my refund.

Admin Reply :

You need to contact the airline or the agency which booked ticket. 

Indira Pillai

Posted on 25-Oct-2016
I had boarded on Spicejet flight from Pune to Delhi and from Delhi to Bagdogra on 12.10.2016 but my flight had been diverted to Guwahati instead of Bagdogra due to bad weather. I had to come back to Siliguri by train from Guwahati on my own expense. I had been assured that m flight charge would be refunded back in my account but the same has not been credited in my account till date. The authories at Guwahati airport had even given me a receipt for the refund of the amount. Kindly do the needful and help me to get back my money.

Admin Reply :

It might have been kept in credit shell. So, please speak to airline to get the money released back to your account. Since we are not related to any airline, you are required to speak directly to airline or whosoever booked ticket for you in this respect. 

arun kumar rai

Posted on 24-Oct-2016
Tickets cancellation fee to over stay

Admin Reply :

Rs 2250 would be levied. 

mukesh kumar jha

Posted on 20-Oct-2016

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with airline to raise a formal requiest for refund and if they have put it in the credit shell, you can ask them for releasing it back to the account. 

Jangid Dharmchand

Posted on 18-Oct-2016
I missed my flight Jaipur to Dubai on 14th Oct. 2016. PNR NO is JBKSJA. Can I receive my refund if Yes, How ?

Admin Reply :

You shall raise a request with the entity which booked the ticket and speak to them for the status of refunds. 

Moh Abdul Khader

Posted on 17-Oct-2016
Domestic Flight Cok-Del 4350.Rs This Two Months Before Cancelled How Many Cash Return My Bank Ac

Admin Reply :

Ticket cancellation charge of Rs 2250 would be deducted. For details please contact airline or agency which booked tickets. 

Omprakash vanam

Posted on 13-Oct-2016
Hi I book a flight ticket from Hyderabad to Goa on 3feb 2017 but now the plan was cancel could u please tell me the how to cancel and I'll get refund my money my flight no ZG4KFE

Admin Reply :

You can cancel it under 'Manage Booking' tab. Else, you can call up the airline for the same. 

kanchan ramani

Posted on 12-Oct-2016
sir my mumbai to ahemdabad flight on 31st oct has been delayed and am not suitable with that time if i cancel my ticket how much i will get refund ??

Admin Reply :

If it is refundable Rs 2250 would be deducted. 

ankit kumar

Posted on 10-Oct-2016
my ticket rate is 8051 Hyderabad to kolkata in spice jet. if I cancelled the ticket before 15 days how much amount will be deducted to my account.

Admin Reply :

It will depend on which type of ticket is it. Whether it is refundable or not. However, ticket cancellation chargs of about Rs 2250 will surely apply. 

venkat rao

Posted on 08-Oct-2016
Sir, I was in the airport by 12.05 pm and the flight was by 12.45 pm to vizag from Chennai on 7/10/16. But your has wasted more time in giving me the boarding with discussion and finally they took my time as 12.25pm. I request you to please refund me the money. Thank you

Admin Reply :

We are not the airline. We are totally independent from the airline. Please contact the airline or the agent who booked tickets for your refunds 

Sudhir Patolia

Posted on 08-Oct-2016
I booked one ticket from Ahmedabad to Muscat. I was trying to pay from ICICI bank during night time, payment was accepted but ticket couldn't issued due to night time payment transfer from ICICI bank to Spice Jet so I did payment transfer 2 times, but ticket was not issued, I did this in the morning after 8:30 am again and got my ticket issued. Now I am seeing my ICICI account payment was transferred both the times on the next day morning to spice jet but without any ticket. So Now, how to take these 2 times ticket payment transfer back to my old account. Regards Sudhir Patolia

Admin Reply :

You can always approach the airline and get these moneys back. There shall not be an issue. However, for future, if any booking fails and the payment is transfered, it is better to first call the airline customer service and tell them the same. they will issue the tickets after confirming that the ticket was paid for. 

ramesh babu

Posted on 06-Oct-2016
my ticket rate is 1989 Chennai to Madurai in spice jet. if I cancelled the ticket before 10 days how much amount will be deducted to my account.

Admin Reply :

Total amount would be forfeited.


Posted on 29-Sep-2016
What if i cancel my ticket 5 days before from the departure date?? In the ticket it was written that if u cancel ur ticket in 2hrs of te depart time then 2250 money will be deducted per person.. Soo what if i cancel 5 days before? Can i get my total refund??

Admin Reply :

Ticket cancellation charge is applicable when you cancel the tickets upto 2 hrs before flight. 

Tanay Khanna

Posted on 27-Sep-2016
I booked a ticket to Srinagar with PNR HYD3QD . I had requested a cancellation well in time, but the refund has been transferred to Credit shell. I would request its refund back to my account at the earliest please. Regards

Admin Reply :

You will have to take up this matter with the airline directly. 

Gangopadhyay, P.

Posted on 26-Sep-2016
Transaction Summary Payment Type Account Number Amount Status Credit Card - Master Card XXXXXXXXXXXX6024 12,670.00 INR Confirmed Credit Account - CS PYKCVT -4,866.00 INR Confirmed After cancellation (PNR: PYKCVT), it shows the above summary. Rs. 4866 has not been credited into my credit card A/C. When and how should I get back the refund?

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline or the agency which booked the ticket. IT might have been put in credit shell and will be released only after making a request in this respect. 

Sadanand Apte

Posted on 26-Sep-2016
I had booked for 18 pax for travel to Srinagar on 10th Sept.2016. We could not travel due to unrest in Kashmir as it was our pleasure trip. I had, therefore, requested for a refund or other alternatives such as change of sector, postponement of date, make the tickets open, etc. However, Group Desk has categorically denied my request. I had then spoken to Mr. Javed on 9th September 2016 from Customer Experience Dept. who has repeatedly told me that he will get back to me definitely on 12th Septemebr 2016. However, so far nobody has contacted me. Please arrange refund of our tickets at the earliest.

Admin Reply :

If that is the case, it is poor service on the part of airline. We are not related in any manner to the airline, so would not be able to extend any help. However, we can tell you the different levels at which you can raise this grievance. 

Please email them at  to begin with. Thereafter, you can follow up by emailing at ( or phone: +91 124-3913939). To speak to even higher authority, you can contact  ( orphone  +91 124-3913939)

Rahul Gupta

Posted on 24-Sep-2016
My flight has been rescheduled by about 40 minutes later. I do not want to reach my destination so late. What will be the refund rules for cancelling this ticket.

Admin Reply :

You will get the refunds. You will have to the airline and quote the PNR number. Then, we can request for cancellation as well. 

Harish Kanakpur

Posted on 22-Sep-2016
Hello I have cancelled my tickets. Request you for refund. Kindly reply Travel date 22.07.16 Belgaum to Mumbai Booking ID NF7293574748576 , and Travel date 26.07.2016 Mumbai to Belgaum ,Flight No.2647 , PNR XCDGMA, booked on 25.05.2016. Tickets cancelled in the names mentioned below. Harish.kanakpur Parimala.vijaya Savitha.kanakpur Shreyas.kanakpur Shashank.kanakpur Request for refund. Kindly send the details of refund immediately. Thanks , Dr.Harish Kanakpur 9844138174

Admin Reply :

Please contact the airline or the agency which booked the ticket. You have not booked with us. Refunds are processed only on the request of agency or airline which booked the tickets. 

Irfan Khan

Posted on 20-Sep-2016
Hello I have cancelled my booking with spicejet and I wish to refund my amount to my banking details instead of credit shell. For your info I have solely booked with your official web page. No agents involved. So pl help us getting refund to bank details.

Admin Reply :

We are not related to Spicejet and are an independent website. For refunds, you will have to approach the entity which booked tickets. So, if it is the airline, you will have to call them and get the release. Refunds will be granted. 


Posted on 19-Sep-2016
I missed my flight at 10th July .can I gate any refund? If yes than how can I get ?please guide me

Admin Reply :

No Show cases do get small refunds of the value of government taxes or cess which the airline might have charged you. You will have to ask the person or agency which booked tickets to give the refunds to you. 

sunil kumar

Posted on 19-Sep-2016
Sir i got my ticket cancelled pnr no L1GNB two months back but i didn't get any refund as yet and i don't know whether it is in credit shell or will be transferred to my account

Admin Reply :

It would have been kept in the credit shell. Please contact the entity which booked your ticket. 

Srinivas Deva

Posted on 16-Sep-2016
I wants to cancel my spicejet s 123 flight before 12 hours my tkt fare is 5200/- howmuch amount would be return to me and howmay days to take for credit the amount????plz answer me urgent

Admin Reply :

Rs 2250 cancellation fee would be deducated. Rest could be refunded, if the ticket is refundable. It takes 7-10 days to get refunds if the money is not kept in credit shell. You shall tell airline that you do not want money to be kept in credit shell. 

Priyanka Karanji

Posted on 14-Sep-2016
i have cancelled a ticket from Muscat to Ahmadabad dated-15/Nov/2016. How many days time Required for spice jet to the Refund the money to my account? Please reply to my id.

Admin Reply :

Normally, it is 7-10 days. However, you shall ask whether it has been kept in credit shell or not. If it has been kept in credit shell, you can let it be there for future travel or get it back into your account. 

T Chawang

Posted on 10-Sep-2016
Sir i miss my flight on 10 Sep 16 from Guwahati to New delhi departure was 1135 am and i report at the counter at 1115 am and the assistant said the counter is closed as i was not aware that i have to report to counter 45 mins before depature as it was my first flight. I will be thankful if spicejet customer care kindly refund my ticket money

Admin Reply :

Yours is a case of no-show and the refund will be only be a small sum of taxes or government charges. All amount will be forfeited. 

Dileep D C

Posted on 09-Sep-2016
I booked a ticket for Delhi to Cochin 13/09/2016.I cancelled ticket tomorrow. My ticket cost Rs.5052. How much refund I will get.?.

Admin Reply :

Rs 2250 per passenger would be deducted towards cancellation charges. However, if the ticket is non-refundable, all amount except certain taxes, duties or levies would be forfeited. 


Posted on 08-Sep-2016
I booked a ticket for kerala for 4 person in spice offer anyhow plan got cancelled total cost was 28000 appx how much refund i will get if i go for cancelling it or is there any option i can change my travel date to next month or later

Admin Reply :

You can do both- cancel tickets or postpone travel date. 


Posted on 04-Sep-2016
if i book ticket for 23spet from ahmedabad to mumbai ticket price is 1144 if i want to cancel my ticket before 2 dys how much refund i got back frm spicejet

Admin Reply :

If it is a non-refundable ticket, only some minor charges will be refunded. Please quote your PNR to airline to know about the details. Airline will not inform us about the refundable amount. 

Nitish Kumar

Posted on 01-Sep-2016
How can i cancel my ticket and how much i charged for it?

Admin Reply :

Rs 2250 will be ticket cancellation charges. You can cancel it online using manage my booking option. 

Ullas Kumar

Posted on 29-Aug-2016
Hi My Ticket is for mumbai to delhi on september first week and return on second week if i cancel it i will get only 2400 out of 6100 and if i postpone it i have to pay 4000 extra for the same destination for a week later date and cancellation as you mentioned they will keep the refund money in credit shell for future ticket and we have to ask for the money instead i feel to book a ticket. what would be the best optimal way to get the benefit fully

Admin Reply :

If you have to book a ticket, let the money remain in credit shell. You can use it for future travel.


Posted on 29-Aug-2016
I miss my flight today how can I collect new ticket and refund same day

Admin Reply :

Refunds are given only after 7-10 days since processing takes time. 

ismail puthiyapurayil

Posted on 28-Aug-2016
I want change my ticket date

Admin Reply :

You can do it by going to 'Manage my Booking' tab,

Gurvinder Singh

Posted on 24-Aug-2016
My flight got delayed for more than two hours. What is your compensation policy for delay in flight for more than two hours.

Admin Reply :

You are entitled to refreshments. 


Posted on 22-Aug-2016

Admin Reply :

PLease raise a formal request with the airline or the agent who booked the ticket. Thereafter, if the refunds still do not come, please raise the issue again since the airline might have kept it in its credit shell. Therefore, if you want it back, the airline needs to be told about the same. 

Hasibur Rahaman

Posted on 19-Aug-2016
I want to cancel a spicejet plane ticket before one month from scheduled departure with regard of new Delhi and bangalore. How much % will I get.

Admin Reply :

Ticket cancellation charge is Rs 2250. But, airline will not part with any othe information to us. Please contact airline directly or the agent which booked the tickets. 


Posted on 15-Aug-2016
my ticket cancelled-cash not credited my acoount-how many day minimum time

Admin Reply :

It takes 7-10 days. It might take longer if the money has been moved to a credit shell for your future travel needs. In later case, you need to contact the airline and ask it to refund it back to your account. 


Posted on 13-Aug-2016
i just want know that i am student and i my ticket on 14-08-02016 but my holidays are extended so i need to postpond my journey on 21-08-2016 or upto 23-08-2016 so kind do help for my querry

Admin Reply :

You can change date of travel by visiting Manage My Booking

Asha ullapaneni

Posted on 12-Aug-2016
Hi I need to fly in today sg59 from Hyderabad to Dubai which is getting delayed can I make the ticket to some other date with the same cost Regards Asha

Admin Reply :

Very sorry for late reply. You will have to cancel the tickets. However, since you are late already, please speak to airline staff at airport before cancelling tickets. They will provide suitable options. 


Posted on 11-Aug-2016
SPICE JET AIRLINES- I have booked 2 tickets through a tour operator on 24th July 2016 for the sector -Mumbai-New Delhi and Return on 28th July 2016. Our Tour operator has booked our onward journey from New Delhi to Srinager on July 25th and back on July 28th. In view of the Situation in Srinager,we have cancelled both the tickets well in advance for both the sectors.our tour operator has also acknowledged our cancellation. I WISH TO KNOW FROM SPICE JET --WHAT IS THE NORMAL TIME FOR ALL KINDS OF REFUND ,IN CASE OF CANCELLATION OF TRIP -? Please reply urgently. Thanks and Regards. P L KULKARNI 9867352879 44298

Admin Reply :

At first, let us clarify that we are not related to any airline company. We are an independent entity which provides information on airline travel to passengers. 

Now, with respect to your query, ideally refunds shall be processed within 7-10 days of your raising a formal request for the same. However, it has become a norm for the airline companies to first put these refunds amount in a credit shell account. The passenger is required to again make a request for its release from the credit shell into your account. Money kept in credit shell can be used for future travel purposes. 


Posted on 05-Aug-2016
I missed my flight of spice jet today from bankok to much refund can I get

Admin Reply :

Refunds will be told only on the basis of PNR no and if booked through agency, airline will not tell us. 

Lalit Mohan

Posted on 01-Aug-2016
I want to cancel or reschedule of the Spice Jet flight but it can\'t happen.. Please tell the process of how I can change or reschedule my flight. I have booking on 3 Aug-2016.

Admin Reply :

You can call up the airline or use Manage My Booking which is present in the booking engine space.

anmol khaitan

Posted on 26-Jul-2016
can the credit shell amount be refunded? if yes then how and if not then how do i use the credit shell for my future purposes and how long is the credit shell amount valid for?

Admin Reply :

Of course, it is your money and has to be refunded, if you want it. If you want to utilize it for future travel, you will be prompted to use it at the time of making payment for next flight. 

Riya Mattoo

Posted on 26-Jul-2016
I booked flight from Mumbai to Delhi on the 18th of May. However, due to change of plans, I had to cancel the same on the 28th of June. And the refund amount was transferred to the credit shell. Can you please assist me with the process of requesting a refund on that?

Admin Reply :

You just have to call their customer service and request for a release from the credit shell

Noushad Sulaiman

Posted on 20-Jul-2016
Sir, I have booked a ticket for my friend through my credit card,then some reasons i have cancelled the ticket. Then i got message the tkt is cancelled the refund amount is confirmed and credit to the credit shell. Please let me know how can i refund the amount from credit shell ?, how can i book another ticket for me through the credit shell. Ref PNR No : F6Z8XC Passenger Name : Sadiq Ummer. Please give me the proper reply. Regards Noushad

Admin Reply :

You can call their customer service and request for release of amount from the credit shell, if you want it back to your credit card account.

However, you can make a fresh booking by using the same amount present in your shell. For this you will have to first log in to your Spicejet airline account. While booking the new flight, there will the option of using credit shell money towards booking. 

Kamini Aggarwal

Posted on 20-Jul-2016
I had purchased a ticket to Mumbai on 16 July 2016 vide PNR No CFUCXB. The ticket was concelled on Saturday itself ie 16 July 2016. On the Cancellation ticket (both booking and cancellation done through internet), the Amount paid is given as 2350. I however, have not received the funds. The payment was made through Net Banking. When will I receive the funds in my Net banking account?

Admin Reply :

Please check with airline whether they have transfered the refunds amount to credit shell? If yes, please ask them to release the money. 

Yazan Zakaria

Posted on 18-Jul-2016
I booked a flight to Srinagar for the 23rd of July and now I cannot go due to the riots and issues occurring in the North. All other airlines, such as Air India and Vistara have allowed for free cancellation fees but I have not recieved word as of yet that Spicejet will be doing this. Can you cancel my flight and pay me back? Thanks, YZ

Admin Reply :

We are not related to any airline and therefore can not do the cancellations. This has to be done by you only either by visiting the website of the airline or contacting the agent who booked the ticket. For refunds, you will have to approach the person or organization which booked the tickets.

Ritika taneja

Posted on 18-Jul-2016
I have booked my flight to srinagar for 27 july ... Considering the chaos happening in kashmir ... I have no other option left other yhan cancelling my trip ... But it involves a huge cancellation charge ... Pls let me know that r u ppl like air india offering us a full refund scheme

Admin Reply :

We are not related to any airline. Please seek this information from the airline directly. 

krishnan ramanujam

Posted on 17-Jul-2016
Hi I am booked by flight SG 438 to Srinagar on 22.7.16. The PNR number is SCCQHN. In view of the fluid situation in Srinagar, I have been advised to cancel my programme. Kindly refund me the entire payment made towards the ticket at Rs.7653/- to me An immediate response would be highly appreciated Krishnan

Admin Reply :

You need to contact the entity which booked your ticket for this purpose. 


Posted on 16-Jul-2016
I booked and paid r2700 for a flight from chandigarh to delhi. I had to cancel the flight . how much will i receive as refund ?

Admin Reply :

The amount of refund will be known only to you. Rs 2500 will be deducted towards ticket cancellation charges.

Taher Sadriwala

Posted on 14-Jul-2016
I booked a ticket with my Credit Card in Spicejet, from Amritsar to Mumbai, for 12th July 2016 but had to cancel the booking a day before the scheduled flight, it said it got refunded to the \"credit shell\" on my PNR no. what\'s a credit shell, and how will I get the money back to my credit card?

Admin Reply :

Credit Shell is maintained by airline companies for keeping refunds payable to customers. Generally, this is done on request from the customers. However, some airlines would automatically transfer this sum to their credit shell. You shall ask the airline to release the same from the credit shell account and pay you refunds. 


Posted on 07-Jul-2016
If i can cancel my flight which v\'l b depart in sept on 5th SG 561 so how much cost of this cancellation.

Admin Reply :

Only the person who booked the ticket has a right to know it. Airline will not disclose this information to outsiders. Cancellation charges are Rs 2250. 


Posted on 03-Jul-2016
I had booked flight tickets to Mangalore on 3 July. The checkin was denied as I was late to report. I booked a fresh ticket for the next day on 4 July for the same flight. Is there a possible way to get a refund for my initial booking. If yes what is the procedure.

Admin Reply :

You will have to submit a formal refund request with the entity which booked the ticket, whether it is the airline or the agency. 


Posted on 30-Jun-2016
I booked tickets on July 19,2016 ,from tirupati to Hyderabad for two members, I wish to change the journey date after 5 days is there any possible to change that?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it be changed. You can do it online using Manage My Booking or call airline customer service for the same. There will be charges for it. 


Posted on 30-Jun-2016
SIR actually due to traffic in chennai I miss my spicejet flight from chennai to port blair on 30 June 2016 .My flight is on 12.05 pm but I reached the airport at 11.20 then I asked the boarding pass she rejected and saying that the gate is closed 45 min before departure but I reached 11.20 at that time exactly 45 min is there so this my problem so please solve my problem and get my compensation

Admin Reply :

Since you reached just in nick of time, you do not have a strong case. But, anyways, you will have to register a complaint directly with the airlines. For this purpose please lodge complaint and a request for refund by calling them at customer service. 

B Mohan

Posted on 28-Jun-2016
Today the flight from Mangalore to Bangalore got delayed by 1 hr. Scheduled departure from Mangalore was 19.40 but started at20.20 and landed at Bangalore by there was delay a light refreshments could have been provided without cost to keep the reputation. Think over and do the needful.

Admin Reply :

This grievance needs to be addressed to the airline directly. We are not associated with any airline. 

Susmita sutradhar

Posted on 23-Jun-2016
I want to reschedule my flight .but it do not occur through app or spicejet website..several time call in customer care but nobody respond..They hold the call every time

Admin Reply :

You can change itinerary using Manage MyBooking Tab in the Spicejet booking engine


Posted on 22-Jun-2016
I had booked 2 spicejet tickets and i had to cancel that. The refund amount was moved into a credit shell but i want the refund amount in my account. Please help me with the process to get the refund amount in my account.

Admin Reply :

Simply place a request for releasing the money to account from the shell. You will get it within a few days of making the request.


Posted on 16-Jun-2016
My ticket cancelled. but i didnt get my refund. where to check refund status.

Admin Reply :

If booked with agent, only he or she will tell the status. If booked with Airline, please approach them. 

imran shaikh

Posted on 14-Jun-2016
I want to cancelled my ticket

Admin Reply :

Please do it through the agent which booked the ticket.


Posted on 14-Jun-2016
I have book a ticket from Delhi to Hyderabad from spicejet. For 8members. On 06-06-2016. and. We have arrived late by 20 min what was given departure time. So pls suggest me that can I get my refund back

Admin Reply :

Yours will be considered a case of No Show and airline is likely to forefeit amount except for some nominal charges which can be refunded. PLease do speak to your agent which booked tickets or to the airlines for refunds. 


Posted on 06-Jun-2016
Flight missed due to delay in reaching airport. Can I get any refund?

Admin Reply :

Only airport and government charges will be refunded. 

baljinder singh sandhu

Posted on 04-Jun-2016
Hlo ,, i have bought a return ticket ,, amritsar to dubai 18 may 2016 & dubai to amritsar 17 june 2016 ,, But due to emergency return , i bought a new ticket to come to amritsar .. so now i want to refund my ticket of 17 june 2016 tell me what i have to do for that & what percentage of money airline will cut for the refund ??? thank you .

Admin Reply :

Please make your case with the travel agent who booked the flight. If it is Spicejet which booked flight, then you need to approach it. They will not disclose the sum to be refunded to us. 


Posted on 02-Jun-2016
how long does it take that the amount should be credited in ticket number is VBCQSD.

Admin Reply :

If you have already places a formal request for amount to be sent to your account, it shall come within 7-10 days. However, if this time has elapsed, please contact the agent which booked ticket and seek the refund. If you booked on airline, you shall approach the airline. 


Posted on 01-Jun-2016
sir my sister travel to Colombo but he take ticket for return. she came late for airport flight left from Colombo. any possible for reuse same ticket . kidly advice me

Admin Reply :

She will have to rebook again. 


Posted on 01-Jun-2016
when can I expect my refund for cancelled flight SG3591 on may 15 2016 due to bad weather.passengers name:1.K.VISALAKSHI PRIYA.2.K.POOJA.3.K.PRANAV

Admin Reply :

Please contact the entity which booked the ticket. If it was the agent, then he or she would be able to tell you that.


Posted on 31-May-2016
I had booked tickets for travel from Pune-Ahamdabad-Muscat on 04 Aug 2016. Today I saw Flight no SG514 Pune to Ahamdabad is cancelled by airlines my connecting flight to Muscat - SG61 is at 2200 hours and there is no other flight from Pune to Ahamdabad that reaches me on time to take this flight you have put me in a difficult situation and have to give a solution. waiting for your reply

Admin Reply :

You need to contact Spicejet customer service. They will be able to suggest viable alternatives. 

P. Chakravarthy

Posted on 30-May-2016
Dear Sir. We have booked 11 tickets from RGIA TO WARANASI Boarding on 3/6/2016. But unexpectedly our program was cancelled due to our relatives was expired. so that we cannot go to that places in this situation. Now if i cancelled my all tickets how much % deduct from my ticket amount. Kindly persue the above matter & confirm. P. Chakravarthy Hyderabad, Cell : 9989711647

Admin Reply :

For getting this information, you will have to check with the person who booked ticket. If it is the airline, you will have to call their customer service. 


Posted on 18-May-2016
How long does it take to refund the amount in credit shell ? And whom to contact to get the money refunded to account from credit shell

Admin Reply :

Only the entity which booked tickets would be able to help. If it is the airline, please contact it and request for the same. 


Posted on 16-May-2016

Admin Reply :

Please seek help from the entity which booked your ticket.


Posted on 11-May-2016
as my mother was expired to day pl cancel my air tickects

Admin Reply :

Sorry to know that. Our condolences. PLease contact the agent or agency which booked the ticket.


Posted on 09-May-2016
Can I carry 30 kg of luggage while travelling Frm Jammu to Srinagar?

Admin Reply :

No, only 15+7 kg check in luggage is allowed free. For more you will have to pay 

Patel smita

Posted on 05-May-2016
Please my cancelled my ticket,

Admin Reply :

Please approach the agency or airline which booked it. 

Murtaza Dewaswala

Posted on 05-May-2016
I had cancelled a ticket from Jaipur to Dubai (PNR No. R585HF) on the 26th of April. It is almost 10 days now that I haven\'t received the refund in my bank account.

Admin Reply :

You shall speak to the airline directly and ask them whether they have kept the money in credit shell. If yes, ask them to release the amount. 


Posted on 29-Apr-2016
I have cancelled my flight 9 days prior to travel day and the reason for cancellation is the rescheduling of the flight which is more than 2 hours but i got refund with deduction of cancellation charges which is against your policy of redund due to reschedulling.

Admin Reply :

Please take up the matter directly with the airline senior people or with the ticketing agency which booked the ticket. 

Mithun Batabyal

Posted on 26-Apr-2016
I had a spicejet flight booking on 12 th Apr 2016 but due to some reason it got cancelled. So I have cancelled the flight and got the cancellation receipt from the airport counter, but still I didn\'t got the refund money yet. Can u pls help me on this? Or any alternative number to whom should I contact.

Admin Reply :

You shall contact the ticket booking agency. If receipt has been given, the money might have gone to the credit shell of airline. So, you shall also contact the airline to release the money from the credit shell. 


Posted on 22-Apr-2016
How much amount I will get refunded if I cancel my ticket with an amount of Rs.3094 for the flight light Number Spice Jet SG - 1314 Departs: Madurai, on Thursday 26/05/16 at 16:40 Hrs Arrives: Hyderabad, on Thursday 26/05/16 at 18:30 Hrs

Admin Reply :

We would need the PNR number for this purpose. It would be good if you could approach the agency which booked the ticket since only it will be able to tell the amount of refunds after deducting its charges. 

k tejaswini

Posted on 18-Apr-2016
Is there any charges for the postponing of ticket??

Admin Reply :

This depends on many factors. Most often there could be some charge to be paid, besides the fare difference.

ramesh r

Posted on 12-Apr-2016
Sir, My SpiceJet Booking PNR R616GC: 28 Feb 2016 Srinagar-Delhi for MR. RAJENDRAN when you added cancellation money

Admin Reply :

Please speak to the airpline directly for refunds related queries or with the agency which booked the tickets.


Posted on 07-Apr-2016
Sir I would like to know about cancellation of my return ticket from dubai to delhi .my tour plan on 10.4.16. My return ticket on 22.4.16.can I cancell my ticket after reaching dubai and how is it and how to refund.i take my ticket through make my trip.pls give me guide

Admin Reply :

Cancellation of ticket and processing of refunds has to happen through the agency which booked ticket. 

Murli Menon

Posted on 29-Mar-2016
Sir/Ma;m, I have my return ticket to go to Bangkok , with PNR KDM25U. Sunday 1 May, 2016 ,Delhi to Kolkatta and Kolkatta to Bangkok. Please let me know the how much I would get the refund for cancellation.

Admin Reply :

Have you booked this ticket with some agent? If yes, please ask that agent to tell you the amount of refund. 

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