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Special assistance is provided to families, seniors, pregnant women, unaccompanied children, people with reduced mobility, of high body mass and animals

Families and Children:

  • Reduced fare for children of up to 15% on short-haul and 33% on long-haul flights.For children of less than 2 years of age who is carried in lap, there will be no charge on flights within metropolitan France.

  • Bassinets are available on request in business, premium economy and economy cabin classes.

  • regulation sized car seat is allowed allowed for the infants.

  • Children of up to 12 years age (flights within France and to/from French territories) and 15 years (international flights) shall be accompanied by an adult of 18 years of age and above. Father, mother and legal guardian of the child can be less than 18 years.

  • Only 1 infant per passenger is allowed.

Unaccompanied Children:

  • Air France provide Kids Solo service for assisting unaccompanied minors.

  • Special child menu can be requested for choosing what you kid likes.

  • An Air France agent will receive your child at the airport.

  • Check in shall be completed by parents or guardian or accompanying adult.

Pregnant Women:

  • City to airport and vice versa transfer service provided.

  • Baggage pick up and delivery services to/from your home is also provided.

  • There is no need of medical clearance on flying Air France. But, it is highly recommended to seek doctor’s opinion before traveling.

  • There is also a provision for providing special meals during the flights. These include low-sodium and low-sugar content meals.


  • transfers to/from airport, baggage pickup  and delivery and airport assistance is provided to the seniors.

  • provision of picking up a Seat Plus for more leg room.

Reduced mobility:

  • Inform about your need at least 48 hours before the departure time.

  • Specialized service-Saphir- for reduced mobility people is available by Air France.

  • travel companion is needed only in cases of severe mental disability, both blind and deaf cases and motor-based disability which would prevent evacuation or effective communication of the safety procedures with crew members.

  • though medical clearance is not required by Air France in most of the cases, it is mandatory when passenger is traveling with stretcher or incubator, need oxygen therapy of more than 2 litres/minute, requires extraordinary medical assistance and is having contagious disease.

  • Fit for Air Travel certification is also required in case of pregnancy, recent surgery and appendage in cast.

  • Motor-based disability: Air france allows 2 wheelchairs without any charge. Booking shall be done no later than 48 hours before departure and check in shall happen no later than 2 hours before departure. If the wheelchairs are fitted with invertible (lithium batteries), these would remain attached and terminals might not be disconnected if they are already inside the cell and the motor has to be disengaged. For wheelchairs using non-invertible batteries, it shall be ensured that these do not compromise safety of airplane.

  • Maximum authorised weight of wheelchair onboard is 100 kgs and a width of 35 cms.

  • Visual Impaired: For the visually impaired, help is provided at the time of check-in, accessing the airplane and exiting the airplane. Crew also provided information about the surrounding and tell you how to use different facilities of the airplane. Instructions have been written in braille on board the airplane. Safety videos and audio facilities are also provided.

    You are also permitted to travel with a service dog free of cost. It shall be muzzled, properly restrained, leashed at all times, must be well-trained. For long haul flights of more than 8 hours duration, you might be tested to ascertain that you are capable of meeting the hygiene requirement of your dog, especially the need to relieve itself.

  • Mentally disabled: Air France would assist the mentally disabled persons on moving through the airport, checking themselves and their baggage, accessing the plane, boarding the plane, exiting the aircraft, retrieving luggage and leaving the airport.


If you are having a large waist size, then you might need to buy an extra seat for yourself. Air France guarantees availability of 2nd seat next to your own in case you book it. The dimensions between the armrests are given below and if your size exceeds these, then it is recommended that you buy another seat.

The dimensions are:

  • 40-45 cm for a max waist size of 135 cms in Economy and Premium Economy cabins of flights in Europe, North Africa and Israel.

  • 47-48 cms for a max waist size of 150 cms in Business class of planes flying to Europe, North Africa and Israel and in Premium Economy of planes flying to long haul distances.

  • 50-53 cms for a max waist size of 200 cms in La Premiere/First class and Business cabins of long-haul flights operated by Air France.

Booking for 2nd seat shall be made using the Air France Saphir Service and 25% reduction in fare towards second seat is applicable. This fare for the 2nd seat will be refunded when the Economy class of travel is not full.


Posted on 13-Sep-2016
My daughter will be traveling alone with a 11 month old baby. She flies from Tel Aviv to Paris and then has a 5 hour layover to transfer to continuing flight to San Francisco. She will need help with carry on and baby and getting luggage in SFO. to go through passport control and with luggage through customs. What do I need to do to arrange help for her? Thank you. Sharon

Admin Reply :

You can check for the availability of Porter services at these airport. 


Posted on 23-Mar-2015

I want to book a ticket for my mom from Bucharest to Toronto. My mom does not speak English or French and never flew with an airplane. She is a senior and she will need a wheelchair and someone to help her check in in Paris (CDG) to next flight to Toronto. What type of service I must ask for? Also I want to book through where is saying: "Please contact the airline to confirm special assistance requests." How to proceed? Regards, Adi

Admin Reply :

There will be no issues, but you will have to inform Air France about the special needs of your mother at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure of flight. It would be good if you provide this information even earlier. They do have a Saphir service for reduced mobility people and provision for providing more leg room seats for seniors (called Seat Plus program). There will no problem even in catching the connecting flights since assistance at airport is provided but the precise needs have to be communicated to the airline. 


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