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Virgin America Frequent Flyer Program

Elevate is the frequent flyer program of Virgin America. The program allows frequent flyers on the airline to accumulate award points and redeem these conveniently. The accumulation and redemption can also be done with other airline and non-airline partners.

How to Join Elevate FFP?

Joining Elevate is easy. It can be done by registering with email ID and providing personal details and contact details. This facility is available online on the website of the airline and also on its mobile application.

Earning the Elevate Points

Elevate Points can be earned for the amount that is spent in dollars. The earning is 5 points per dollar on Virgin America flights.

Points can also be earned by spending with its partners which include credit card companies, other airline companies, car rental companies, hotels, shopping centres, transfers businesses, lifestyle, vacations and other companies.

Redemption of Elevate Points

Redemption of these accumulated points can be done by flying with Virgin America or its airline partners. The reward flights are available from as low as 2500 points. You can also buy, transfer or gift the points to another person. Points can be bought in increments of 500 up to a max of 60000 in a calendar year. However, no more than 20000 points can be bought in a single transaction. Similarly, you can gift up to 60000 points and transfer 30000 points in a calendar year.

Elevate Membership Tiers

Elevate Red, Elevate Silver and Elevate Gold are the three tiers of membership for this frequent flyer program. Silver and Gold Members enjoy more of checked baggage allowances, 50 percent bonus reward points, priority boarding and other benefits.

Elevate Silver membership status requires 20000 points or flying on 15 segments and Gold status needs 50000 status points or flying on 30 segments. 

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