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TAP Air Portugal Special Assistance

TAP Air Portugal provides special assistance to people. The passengers are required to fill the special assistance form, either online or even through the travel agency.

Pregnant Women

In case of single uncomplicated pregnancy, the expectant mother is allowed to travel till 36 weeks of pregnancy.

In case of multiple uncomplicated pregnancies, the expectant mother is allowed to travel till 32 weeks of pregnancy.

However, in both situations, once they are 28 week pregnant, the women are required to carry a medical certificate that flying is safe for her and stating the gestation period and that there are no complications in pregnancy.

If there is a risk in pregnancy, or the period has gone above the one stated above as per their respective situations, then there is a need for airline doctor to examine the passenger and get their approval before flight.

Wheelchair assistance

People who have reduced mobility and are using the wheelchairs are also provided the wheelchair assistance both at the airport and inside the cabin. Passengers in need of this assistance shall notify airline at least 48 hours before departure time of flight.

They are required to arrive at airport within 3 hours to 90 minutes before departure time of flight for intercontinental journeys or 2 hours to 90 minutes before departure time of flight in case of Europe flights.

The airline provides for 2 wheelchairs per passenger in hold.

At the time of ticket booking, the passenger is required to inform the airline whether it is manual or battery powered. Also, the type of battery and its specifications have to be provided.

The electric wheelchairs are not allowed in airplane and the airline will provide replacement manual wheelchairs.

The battery of the wheelchair shall be suitable protected and its terminals covered with insulating material to prevent any short-circuit or other damage.

Batteries of up to 160WH power can be taken both in cabin and in hold.

Those over 160WH are to be declared and sent as cargo.

Replacement batteries are not allowed in check-in baggage.

Hearing Impaired or Deaf Passengers

At the time of ticket booking, the passenger shall inform about the degree of hearing disability and there is a need to fill the form for special assistance.

They shall arrive at airport 3 hours before and 2 hours before in case of intercontinental flights and European flights respectively.

For ease of booking, TAP provides the SERVIIN service which is a video call service with interpreter. The video call number is 12472.

Generally, check-in begins 36 hours ahead of flight departure time.

Visually impaired passengers

There is a requirement to sign a form and avail of the service for visually impaired. This has to be booked at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight.

Assistance at the airport begins from the check-in desk.

Check-in times for these passengers is 3 hours for intercontinental flights and 2 hours for European flights.

While on-board, the airline staff briefs you about location of seat, entertainment systems, oxygen masks, meals and movement to/from toilet. The safety instructions are also available in Braille.

Carriage of Animals

Animals are allowed in cabin or in check-in depending on type of animal, space available, requirements of destination country and type of airplane. There might also be a need to carry animal in container. Carriage of animals on TAP Air Portugal requires complete documentation including health certificates, identification documents and passports.

In cabin, only cats and dogs are allowed. Total weight of each container with animal in it shall be 8 kg and size shall be 40 cm by 33 cm by 17 cm. Assistance dogs, including guide dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs can travel in cabin.

Female animals shall not be pregnant. The case in which the animal is being carried shall be sufficient to enable it to move. More than one animal of same species is also allowed in one container.

Unaccompanied Minors

Children of age 3 to 5 years are not accepted as unaccompanied minors. An assistant companion for the child is provided by the airline on request of the parents or guardian.

A person aged at least 16 years can accompany a child in age of 5 to 11 years provided he is declared a companion for the entire journey.

An unaccompanied minor for the airline is a child of age 5 to 11 years. Those of 12 to 17 years can still request for unaccompanied minor service from the airline.

It is mandatory to provide the contact details (phone number and address) of the persons who come at departure or at arrival for the child.

Fees for this service depends on whether the flight is domestic one, intercontinental one or the one for Morocco and Europe.

  • Domestic flight: €50

  • Europe and Mexico: €60

  • Intercontinental flights: €120

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