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Tigerair Special Assistance

Tigerair Singapore allows all those passenger who need special assistance from it to travel alone provided they are able to take medication, eat and drink and use toilet on their own. Passengers are generally advised to inform the carrier call centre at least 5 days in advance of flight date.

Wheelchair assistance is not free of cost when flying with Tigerair Singapore. You will be charged SGD 20 for providing wheelchair and SGD 300 if you want to use the ambulatory services. Another important point to be noted that a single wheelchair shall not weigh more than 30 kgs and if that is the case, then it has to be dismantled before carriage. There are no charges for wheelchairs for Tigerair Australia whereas for Tigerair Taiwan the charges are TWD 1500 for wheelchairs, TWD 6800 for Kibe Lift and TWD 1500 for meet and greet assistance.

Stretchers are not allowed inside cabin.

Visually impaired are allowed provided they inform the carrier 5 days in advance of travel date. The staff will be able to assist with seat assignment, opening the meal packaging and providing safety briefings. It allows guide dogs to be carried. It has to be informed about the Dog ID or other document provided by accredited by an approved organization and has all relevant documents including health charts, vaccination reports and permits. This information shall be sent 14 days in advance of travel date. Dog has to be harnessed or leashed during flight duration and be seated on moisture absorbent mat. Visually impaired passengers who are travelling with a guide dog and not a caretaker are required to buy meet and greet assistance which come at SGD 50 per sector.

Pregnant Women are required to complete their full journey till the end of 34th week of pregnancy beyond which they are not allowed to fly. Between 30-34 weeks of pregnancy, a fit-to-fly certificate is needed. If flying Tigerair Australia, this certificate shall include due date, absence of complications and shall not be more than 14 days old from departure date of flight.


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