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United Airlines serves hundreds of destinations around the world on its own as well as with the help of its airline partners. United itself touches some 57 destinations solely on its own. The total number of destinations covered by it including its airline partners are more than 600.

Along with airlines such as ExpressJet, Silver Airways, Cape Air, Skywest, Mesa, CommutAir, GoJet and Shuttle America it reaches 407 of the total number of cities, and covering more than 200 with its other partners.

It has launched 4 new pacific routes from Los Angeles and San Francisco, to Seoul, Shanghai, Melbourne and Tokyo.

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Posted on 22-Mar-2016
When do you have a flight from Lagos Nigeria to phx Ariz and how much is it please answer

Admin Reply :

United Airlines flies on this route at 9:35 PM or 10:45 PM. 

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