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Frontier Airlines Special Assistance

All passengers who need special assistance are required to report at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight departure time.

Pregnant Women

Expectant women are required to consult their treating doctors to be fully assured about their fitness to fly. Especially women in their 9th week are required to get the fit to fly certificate. Women having complications are discouraged from flying.

Wheelchair Assistance

Frontier Airlines provides assistance for passengers using the wheelchairs. The airline allows the wheelchair to be carried as check-in baggage without any charges. However, there is a space of only one wheelchair inside cabin of Airbus plane. Therefore, the request shall be made at the earliest, preferably at the time of booking tickets.

Generally, both the wet and the dry batteries shall be carried in a disconnected state.

The maximum size of wheelchair shall not exceed 40 inches height, 50 inches length, 13 inches width, or weigh more than 70 pounds.

Visually and Hearing Impaired

If any passenger is not capable of hearing, it is not possible for the airline staff to identify this on their own. Therefore, such passengers are requested to identify themselves to the airline staff.

The visually impaired passengers can also be assisted by the airline staff. Assistance is provided on ground at the airports of arrival and departure and also inside the flight (opening snacks, movement to/from toilet).

Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals

Passengers are also allowed to carry in cabin the service animals by the disabled passengers. Generally, Frontier Airlines does not required the health certificate of your animal but if this is required by the country of destination, then it must be carried.

Airline requires the animal to be harnessed all through the flight. It shall be seated at passenger’s feet. Animal identification card might be required by the airline staff.

Airline reserves the right to refuse the carriage of any service animal if passenger is not able to provide reliable evidence of proper training of service animal or if the animal shown unwarranted behaviour.

For carrying Emotional Support Animals, there is a requirement to carry documentation on the letterhead from a mental health professional which shall state that the mental disorder is the one of those stated in (DSM IV) and that this emotional support animal is necessary for your mental health. License number of mental health professional and the jurisdiction in which it is issued is also required to be present on the letterhead. This document shall not be older than a year and shall be issued one per animal.

Unaccompanied Children

Frontier Airline does not accept children of less than 5 years of age to be taken on flight unaccompanied. However, children of 5 to 15 years can be taken unaccompanied. These children are not accepted for flights that have one or more stops or even for international flights.

Fee charged is $110 per child per direction. This can either be paid online or at the airport during check-in.

A Unaccompanied Minor Request Form is required to be filled by the person bringing the child to the airport. The form mentions the name of minor, name and contact details of persons who are leaving or taking the minor. The minor and the leaving and the taking parties shall also carry official identification proof. Further, all bags shall be properly tagged.


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Denise Welch

Posted on 15-Jun-2023
I need to add Handicapped with wheelchair and inogin oxygen to my flight info. VFFSNC DENISE WELCH

Admin Reply :

You will have to make a request to the airline directly. We are only an informative website.


Posted on 01-May-2023
My wife had surgery and is required a non motorized mobility scooter with a folding handle. Is it allowed in the cabin?

Admin Reply :

You need to get in touch with airline for this as you might have to tell dimension which will be cross checked with space of stowage area in cabin. We believe it shall be accomodated.

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