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Malaysia Airlines Baggage Allowance

Table of Contents

1. Check-in baggage (domestic and international)
2. Excess baggage charges
3. Pre-paid excess baggage charges
4. Carry-on baggage
5. Special baggage (musical, sports)

Check-in Baggage

A) Domestic and International Flights Free Baggage Allowance

For domestic destinations, check-in baggage allowance depends on fare type booked. The free allowance per person for tickets booked w.e.f 8 April 2019 is given below:

Cabin/Fare  Total Weight
Business Suite 55 kg
Business Flex 50 kg 
Business Basic 40 kg (88 lbs)
Economy Flex 35 kg (55 lbs)
Economy Basic 20 kg (44 lbs)
Economy Lite No free

B) For Direct MH flights between KUL & SIN v.v. only

Cabin  Fare Type FBA (in KG) 
Economy Class  Lite 
Basic  20 
Shuttle  35 
Business Class  Basic  40 
Shuttle  50 

C) Malaysia to Japan Routes

Cabin  Brand  FBA (in KG) 
Economy Class  Promo  35 
Business Class  Promo  40 

D) For Jeddah, Madinah and AMAL operated flights 

Cabin  Brand  FBA (in KG) 
Economy Class  Promo  30
Business Class  Promo  40 

There is no limit on the number of check-in bags being carried within the overall weight of the free allowance and subject to restrictions on the size of check in bag. 

Additional allowance is also allowed for different level of Enrich membership card holders.Sum of dimensions of baggage shall not exceed 158 cm. Infants are allowed one baggage not exceeding 10 kgs and 115 cm in dimensions.

  • Enrich Silver- 5 kg excess baggage
  • Enrich Gold- 50% more baggage allowance
  • Enrich Platinum- 100% more baggage allowance

Weight Restriction is strictly followed on all Malaysia Airline flights. No single baggage is allowed to be exceeding 32 kg in weight. This is applicable even for transit baggage and musical/sporting equipment if it exceeds 32 kg. For the latter, you will have to take it through the cargo route.

Excess baggage charges

Extra baggage can be bought up to 24 hours prior to departure time of flight. It can be bought online at the time of ticket booking or afterwards,  through call center, MHmobile or MH ticket office.

One person is allowed only 1 extra baggage up to 30 kg max weight. 

For the purpose of defining the excess baggage charges at per kg rate, the routes of airline have been divided into following five zones. 

Zones Countries/Destinations Rate/kg (USD)
Zone 1 Malaysia (Pen. Msia, Sabah & Sarawak) 8
Zone 2 Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia (KNO), Brunei, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia (Kuala Namu, Denpasar, Surabaya), Philippines, Saudi Arabia, China, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Taiwan 10
Zone 3  India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia (Jakarta), Japan, South Korea 15
Zone 4 New Zealand and Australia 22
Zone 5 United Kingdom 30

The charges per kg in USD are-

From/To   Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5
Zone 1 8 10 15 22 30
Zone 2 10 20 25 32 40
Zone 3 15 25 30 37 45
Zone 4 22 32 37 44 52
Zone 5 30 40 45 52 60

Pre-Paid Excess Baggage charges

If the passengers so choose, pre-paid excess baggage charges can be paid online at the time of ticket booking through website or mobile application or afterwards (Manage My Booking). Online purchase or through call center can save you 20%.

The PACK is a 10 kg slab which is to be bought along with a seat.

Pre-paid baggage is allowed only for Malaysia Airlines operated flights, not the interline or codeshare flights.

Hand or Cabin Baggage Allowance

Cabin No. of Pcs Max. Weight
Economy Class 1 7 kg 
Business Class 2 14 kg
First Class 2 14 kg

Further, there are dimension limits of 36 cm length, 56 cm height and 23 cm breadth, all three totalling up to 115 cm for each cabin bag.

Additional Articles allowed in Carry-on or Cabin baggage

Additional Items permitted on board include the following:

  • One of the following, within overall cabin allowance weight: a) small camera bag; b) laptop or notebook (less than 4 kg); c) handbag or d)briefcase
  • One of the following, if infant is travelling along: a) Amenities bag containing food and nappies, not more than 5 kg; b) carry cot; c) fully collapsible stroller
  • One of the following: a) overcoat; b) crutches/walking sticks or other assitive device; c) Duty free shopping bag.

Special Baggage

Musical equipment: These are accepted as checked In baggage. However, in case of oversized items, the additional charges may apply.

Sporting equipment:

a. Scuba Diving- Accepted as checked baggage, excess baggage charge to be levied all time.

b. Parachutes- Maximum dimensions of 3m+1m+0.8m, excess is levied excess baggage charge. These are allowed as carry-on baggage.

c. Fishing Equipment-Accepted as part of Free Baggage allowance.

d. Canoes/Kayaks- Accepted only as cargo baggage.

e. Archery-Accepted as part of Free baggage allowance.

f. Boggeyboards- Accepted as part of Free Baggage if overall dimensions do not exceed 62 inches.

g. Bowling- Accepted as part of free baggage.


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Alison Chisholm

Posted on 23-Sep-2023
We are flying on Economy Basic fares within Sabah with Malaysian Airlines. I note the cabin size and weight limits (7 kg per bag), and that we have a weight limit of 20 kgs per person for check in bags. Is there a size limit on the check in bags? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Check in bags shallnot be more than 158 cm in L+B+H.

Carol Wong

Posted on 23-Sep-2023
There are 3 of us returning from Malaysia to nz on Malaysian Airlines on the same booking reference number. We have a baggage allowance of 45kg each. If my baggage exceeds by 10 kg making it 55kg on 3 pieces of checked in baggage, will the airline accept a combined baggage weight of 135kg with my friends who are on the same booking reference ie same flight too. We are checking in together. In other words can we share the 135kg?

Admin Reply :

Yes, clubbing of check in baggage is generally allowed by airline companies for people flying on same PNR within the overall check in baggage limits. Each check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg and size shall be less than 158 cm linear dimensions.

Sherine Joseph

Posted on 17-Sep-2023
I am flying from Hyderabad to Malaysia and from Malaysia to Auckland with an Economy FLEX ticket. I wanted to know if I can carry a total weight of 35 kg including bag weight.

Admin Reply :

You have to split it into 2 checkin bags as one can not be more than 32 kg.

sherine joseph

Posted on 15-Sep-2023
I have allowed to carry 35 kg in my luggage bag.Is this 35 is including bag weight or not?How many kg i can keep in one bag in this 35 kg?

Admin Reply :

Total weight of one check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg, so 2 check in bags are needed to take 35 kg.

sherine joseph

Posted on 15-Sep-2023
i have economy flex ticket can i carry total 35 kg weight including bag weight?

Admin Reply :

PLease mention route of travel. You can take it but in two check in baggage.


Posted on 12-Sep-2023
Can i carry badminton racket 1pc with full cover on cabin bag? Flight is from kuala lumpur to miri

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried within the cabin baggage dimensions.


Posted on 12-Sep-2023
hi, i just wanna ask if its allowed to carry a chromebook, camera and chargers in one bag as a hand carry?

Admin Reply :

Either chromebook or camera would be taken. 

Patricia June Mary Arthurs

Posted on 11-Sep-2023
My suitcase dimensions are 76 x 51 x 31 cm is this within your size limit

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is linear dimensions of 158 cm which is within allowance limits.


Posted on 08-Sep-2023
First time trying MAS. If i book tickets for 2 adults under one booking, can adult 1 buy the economy lite and adult 2 economy basic? Because no manually fare selection through the app, cannot choose manually for each passenger. It automatically selects for 2 passengers. Tq

Admin Reply :

In this case, you may not be able to book two different fare classes in one booking. 

Dianne Reita Burch

Posted on 07-Sep-2023
I am flying economy from Melbourne Aust. to Kathmandu Nepal. What is my luggage limit please?

Admin Reply :

If you have booked economy lite, then there is no free check in baggage allowance. If it is economy basic ticket, then 20 kg check in allowance and if it is Economy Flex, then 35 kg check in allowance is permitted. 

No check in bag shall be more than 158 cm linear dimensions and 32 kg by weight. 

All three fare types of economy class allow 1 cabin bag of up to 7 kg weight  

Dianne Burch

Posted on 05-Sep-2023
I am flying to Kathmandu how much is my luggage allowance?

Admin Reply :

Please menrion origin station and cabin class.

Denzil James

Posted on 03-Sep-2023
Can a massager ( lithium battery) be taken in a check in baggage

Admin Reply :

You will have to remove the battery and carry it in cabin with safely packed and insulated terminals.

Gaurav sharma

Posted on 03-Sep-2023
sir i have a doubt can i bring a drone in malaysian airline ???? if yes then can i bring in my cabin bag or may i have drone rules or policy page link ????

Admin Reply :

You can take tgese if the size fits cabin stowage space. If not, then you can take in checkin after removing batteries which jave to be taken in cabin.

Priyamol Abraham

Posted on 26-Aug-2023
Hi .. I am traveling on 5th September to Wellington from cochin international airport. I would like to know regarding whether my laptop bag, baby stroller, baby amenities bag will include in the 7kg Cabin baggage , or I can carry it seperately.

Admin Reply :

You will be allowed either laptop bag or items for infant, in addition to cabin bag not both.

Sachin Deshmukh

Posted on 25-Aug-2023
My son travelled to KL yesterday on MH195 Mumbai to KL in economy class. However, he was asked to pay for check in baggage at Mumbai Airport. Please clarify.

Admin Reply :

International flights do not have free baggage allowance.


Posted on 21-Aug-2023
I want to take an adult bicycle from London to Auckland. I asked you before if there is a weight and size limit and you replied saying there is no weight limit or size limit. You replied saying there is no size or weight limit. Can I again confirm that there will be no problem taking a bicycle with the tyres deflated and packed securely in a cardboard box. It’s important that I verify there will be no problem with a normal size and weight adult bicycle when travelling on an economy ticket? Thank you

Admin Reply :

Please refer to this link


Posted on 15-Aug-2023
Hi I want to take an adult size bicycle from London to New Zealand. I know I must pack in a bike box (cardboard boxes ok I presume?) could you confirm weight limit and overall size limits on an economy ticket and on a economy flex ticket. Please also send any helpful link that describes requirements for carrying o bicycle. Thank you Sarah

Admin Reply :

There are no size or weight limits prescribed by airline for non-motorised bikes. So, you may be able to take it without issue. 


Posted on 14-Aug-2023
I would like to fly London to Auckland with my road bicycle. What are the weight and size allowance on Malaysian airlines? Please give me full details of requirements Thsnk upu

Admin Reply :

You can take the bicycle within permitted allowance limits of check in baggage provided it is non-motorised. 


Posted on 06-Aug-2023
Hye, i will be travelling just with my husband and 2 daughter from klia to Labuan,Malaysia. So how many total for max carry on , is it 7kg/ person or for the kid excluded? If included, meaning, it will be 7kgx4ticket right? And the amount separated with the cargo weight ,example ( 32kg+7kg) ? Am i right?

Admin Reply :

If kids are above 2years of age, they are entitles to 1 cabin bag of 7 kg as well. If they are infants, and ticket booked is economy Lite, then there is no hand carry allowance. However, for all other types of tickets, 10 kg free allowance is given. 

Following personal items are allowed as hand baggage-

a) food for infant consumption + nappies, total weight not more than 5 kg, OR

b) Carry cot, OR

c) Fully collapsbile stroller


Posted on 03-Aug-2023
My daughter is traveling to Kuala Lumpur from New Delhi on 07th August in Economy basic by MH 191 . Can she take one hand bag with her apart from One check in bag- not more than 20 kgs?

Admin Reply :

One hand bag can be taken in cabin.

Diwagar V

Posted on 27-Jul-2023
Hi, I need to carry a box of speakers from Chennai, India to Wellington, New Zealand. Can i carry that as extra luggage along with my luggage during travel or any courier service available for the same? Item weight is about 17KG

Admin Reply :

Although musical instruments are allowed in check in baggage and there is a fee for it, we suggest you speak to airline for your items . 


Posted on 17-Jul-2023
Am travelling with my 5 months baby from Bangalore to Melbourne.My allowed baggage is 20 kgs and my kid baggage is 10 kgs .Can I packed both 30 kgs in one luggage bag or should I split 20 kgs in one bag and 10 kgs in another bag, and also is this bag exactly 20kgs or is it ok for 20.5 or 21kgs like this also ok

Admin Reply :

If your baggage weight is more, you are liable to pay charges for it. So pls keep within permitted allowance limits. You can club the check in allowance within size limits.

Ancy Issac

Posted on 15-Jul-2023
I am travelling from India to Auckland.. This is my first time. My Allowed baggage size is 35kg.. And 7kg cabine..Should I split the 35kg weight?i am going in a visiting visa..please reply..

Admin Reply :

You will have to split 35 kg in two bags because one check in size shall not be more than 32 kg.

Nirav Ladhad

Posted on 14-Jul-2023
I have booked a flight from Mumbai to Melbourne,i paid for 45kg + 7kg baggage allowance but in the ticket I was given 35kg + 7kg.even though there were only 2 options of 30&45kg,I've been allotted baggage of 35kgs,please help me out, tomorrow that is 15th of July I'll be flying from mumbai to Melbourne

Admin Reply :

This shall be sorted by the airline. PLease speak to them.


Posted on 13-Jul-2023
I am flying MA from London to New Zealand. I want to add a carry cot on to my extra baggage as I need a stroller too! I’m not sure how this works??

Admin Reply :

You shall be able to do it once you speak to the airline customer support. 

Krishna Sawal

Posted on 07-Jul-2023
Hi I am travelling to Brisbane and my total luggage allowance is 45kg+7kg, I have booked my tickets but I want to buy extra baggage online, I am not getting any option for the same how do I do that?

Admin Reply :

You shall cjeck with airline customer support. If booked with agency, you shall approach them.


Posted on 06-Jul-2023
I am travelling to Sydney from Bangalore and purchased extra weight and can carry up to 35 kg. 35 kg has to be one baggage or can be split across like 23kg + 7kg + 5kg?

Admin Reply :

If your ticket says that you are allowed 35 kg, then it is an Economy Flex ticket and the weight mentioned is only of check in baggage. Cabin bag of 7 kg is separate and in addition to it.

Now, this 35 kg check in allowance is to be taken in 2 bags since it is not allowed to take more than 32 in one bag. 

Dr Arya Nair

Posted on 03-Jul-2023
I have a regular flight booking from India to Malaysia. I am a student traveling on student visa. My current baggage allowance is 35kgs+7kgs. Can I get more baggage allowance as a student?

Admin Reply :

Students can get 10 kg extra. Check terms and conditions at

Piyush patel

Posted on 24-Jun-2023
I have flight to Auckland and my baggage allowance as student is 45 kg + 7kg. In 45 kg (23 kg +15kg + 6kg) and in hand bag 7 kg ( 5kg hand bag + laptop bag + purse) it's OK

Admin Reply :

Additional allowance is only 10 kg more than free allowace for students. You have not mentioned place of origin of flights and cabin class of travel. Please refer to this post for details

Jayne Oscar

Posted on 23-Jun-2023
I am flying from Heathrow to Adelaide via Kuala Lumpur, in Economy i want to no what my check in baggage limit is. Regards Jayne.

Admin Reply :

Sorry, the previous answer was mistakenly written for Emirates airlines. 

For Malaysia Airlines, Economy Lite does not allow free check in baggag, Economy Basic allows 20 kg free allowance and Economy Flex allows 35 kg in check-in. 


Posted on 16-Jun-2023
Can i check in 5 luaggage in total 45kg which my class allowed ? Or can only one luaggage tqvm

Admin Reply :

Airline does not stipulate any limit on number of check in bags to be carried on routes where weight system of baggage allowance applies. Therefore, you can take 5 bags of given dimension limits. 


Posted on 14-Jun-2023
I need to add extra baggage of approx 25 to 30kg on my return. Kindly advise the way ahead.

Admin Reply :

You can pre-purchase it from the airline, before the travel date, at discounted rates.

Ritik Godhani

Posted on 14-Jun-2023
Does laptop weight include in cabin bag (7kg) or 7kg cabin bag + bagpack(include laptop weight)

Admin Reply :

Laptop shall form a part of the cabin baggage and total weight shall not be more than 7 kg for Malaysian airlines.


Posted on 12-Jun-2023

Admin Reply :

This can be done. Please check with the airline or agency with whom ticket was booked. 

Ritik Godhani

Posted on 06-Jun-2023
I booked my flight on (Student sheet) Mumbai to Sydney In my e ticket they ask me about my STUDENT ID but without reaching my destination or university how can I get my Student id ? Can I use my COE as a student I’d ?

Admin Reply :

Student ID is requirement for domestic students of Malaysia, not for international students. For international students, the passport copy is needed. You need to have a confirmation letter from University. Please refer to this page: and look into the Terms and Conditions. 

Jayeeta Chakravorty

Posted on 05-Jun-2023
We want to add another package of 15 kgs

Admin Reply :

You can do so online using the website of the airline, if you have booked tickets with the airline. Otherwise, please check with the agency with which you have booked.. 

Mathew joseph Sankurikal

Posted on 11-May-2023
Need to purchase 10 Kg excess. How can I do it ,as I purchased the ticket through Book my trip

Admin Reply :

You can either ask agency or the airline for it. If you contact airline, you will have to provide details of booking with agency.

Chantelle Beasley

Posted on 07-May-2023
I bought a return trip Melbourne to hanoi from the helloworld page. In green letters said checked bagged included . Once I'd booked and paid I looked at the baggage allowance, it didn't matter if it was 15 or 20kg I just wanted to know. Then I find it's 0kg !!!!! Why put checked baggage included and then put 0kg . What an absolute swizz. I'd have gone with jetstar if I wanted 0kg baggage and paid 500 less .it's absolutely disgusting. I actually chose this flight for the shortish stop overs , but now I'm limited to 7kg of in cabin baggage. If I want to add 5kg just for me extra it'll cost me 500 !!!!

Admin Reply :

You will have to raise your complaint with the agency which booked ticket.


Posted on 30-Apr-2023
I have booked my flight ticket from Yatra app, from Delhi to Japan. In Yatra app there wasn't option to choose between economic lite or economic basic, i booked 1 economic ticket but, now i got to know it's economic lite, they are allowing only 7kg carry bag. I checked Malaysia airlines website, there i can add extra 7kg carry bag But not checked in bag. I want a checked in baggage allowance, How can I upgrade my lite ticket to economic basic or if I can't upgrade they what's the other options for checked in baggage allowance

Admin Reply :

You shall be able to do it by contacting airline customer sipport at 1-300-88-3000.

MRS Anne R Handa

Posted on 01-Apr-2023
We are flying from KUL to COK, to catch flight home to UK ON 28/4. We want to use Malaysia Airlines but unsure what is our luggage weight, we have 30 kg each would this be within our allowance?

Admin Reply :

IF you buy the Economy Basic, it allows only 20 kg allowance in check in baggage for COK flight. Further, you have not clarified where both legs of journey are on Malaysia airlines. 

Gurudas Balwadkar

Posted on 26-Mar-2023
Please allowed 20 kg baggage

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not the airline. Your question is not clear to us.

Sheila Bliss

Posted on 20-Mar-2023
I booked with to go to Perth from LHR return with Malaysian Airlines I checked my luggage allowance only days before I travelled to find out I had 20kg checked luggage on my return flight but there was none on my outbound flight I rang and they said they would send me a link to pay for 20g outbound I said could I do it on Malaysian airlines website the said "no" I clicked the link it was for £553 I think this is extortionate I had no choice but to pay it or how else would I get my luggage to Australia? It is discrsceful !!

Admin Reply :

The excess baggage charge in per kg terms for your route of travel is $52 per kg. For 20 kgs, it translates to $1040. This is what is given on Malaysian Airlines website. True, this is too much for any person who has hard earned money. From next time, please always check what allowances are there for baggage for each leg of journey. Sometimes, different airlines operate different legs, which makes baggage allowances even more complex. 

Miranda plaizier

Posted on 19-Mar-2023
I booked with KlM a return ticket Amsterdam to Bali. On the 3th of april is the backfligt. Normaly you can book extra lugage on line with KLM. This time we fly back with MAS the first part to Kl. I tried to find out hoe to book extra lugage. Was not possible, even at the airport no info. How can I book extra lugage in advance? Can you help me to arrange this. Best regards. MIRANDA PLAIZIER

Admin Reply :

It can still be done online and this is possible through the website and the mobile app of the airline. However, since you are not able to do it, we suggest that you check with the agency for the right booking reference number. Else, you can also book by calling the customer support of the airline. 


Posted on 09-Mar-2023
Hi, my ticket is economy flexible from Delhi to Perth (35 kg +7 kg), can I carry ladies purse with me in addition to 7 kg cabin baggage.

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can take it, but within the permitted allowance limits.


Posted on 07-Mar-2023
I want to how much baggage I carry during my journey from Mumbai to Melbourne on 8th march 2023. Thanks

Admin Reply :

The free allowance is dependent on cabin class. You have not mentione the cabin class of travel. Please check in the content above for the free allowance limits by weight.


Posted on 07-Mar-2023
Hi- My ticket is with economy flex and travelling from India to Australia. Booked 2 tickets so check is with 35kg + 35kg. As it's mentioned that one bag shouldn't exceed 32kg then can I bring total 3 check in bags ( 32kg + 32kg + 6kg) ? Also in cabin bag 7kg + 7kg - is it compulsory to take two separate bags and each should weight only below 7kg? Thanks in advance.

Admin Reply :

Yes, you are right. 35 kg + 35 kg has to be taken in three bags. Two cabin bags have to be taken separately, their clubbing is not permitted.


Posted on 03-Mar-2023
What is the checked in baggage allowance please for a flight Penang-KL-Heathrow?

Admin Reply :

Depends on which cabin class and fare ticket you have bought. You can take 7 kg per passenger in all fare classes within Economy class. There is no check in baggage free allowance for Economy Lite tickets, 20 kg free allowance for Economy Basic and 35 kg for Economy Flex fares. If you are flying any other class, please let us know.


Posted on 15-Feb-2023
Hi sir I have booked one way ticket for me & my daughter to Hyderabad (India) to Auckland (NZ) for date 17 February 2023. We have given each 35 kg check in and 7 kg cabin luggage. Can I carry 1 each 35 kg check-in bags including two 7 kg bag.

Admin Reply :

Clubbing of cabin baggage is not allowed. Clubbing of check in baggage is allowed on condition that no check in bag shall be more than 32 kg in weight and linear dimensions shall not be more than 158 cm, and the passengers shall be travelling on same pnr.


Posted on 15-Feb-2023
Hello , i have booked flight from mumbai to sydney and i am allowed to take 20 kg . So i want to ask that is there any facilities for student because google say take membership and i have mh blue card with the help of this card can i take 10 kgs extra luggage .

Ahmed Shaikh

Posted on 12-Feb-2023
My flight MH 194 from Kuala Lumpur to Mumbai on 17 Feb 2023, My ticket is flex ecocnomy ,on my ticket 35 kg 7g weight mentioned. I want to carry 3 pieces of bag in Checked in baaggage, (1 Bag is 20kg, 2nd bag is 10kg, 3rd bag is 10kg) + 1 Hand carry 7g, Can i allowed 3 pieces in checked baggage, plese reply Thanks Ahmed Shaikh

Admin Reply :

yes, you can take. 

Sudin Ranjitkar

Posted on 06-Feb-2023
In my ticket its written 35k. I need to confirm that 35 kg is for the baggage whereas 7kg hand carry is not weighted and excluded with 35kg weight. So the doubt is 35 + 7 kg that means 42 kg an individual can take?? I assume that 7kg hand carry is not weighted on the 35kg baggage.

Admin Reply :

yes, this 35 kg is check in baggage and 7 kg cabin baggage is in addition to it.

Aravinda Sandaruwan

Posted on 06-Feb-2023
Hello, I'am traveling from Sri Lanka to China via Kuala Lumpur, I have 2 hours and 40 minutes layover, do I need to transits visa for this period? Also, I have 35kg (Economy flex) baggage allowances, can I bring two pieces of baggage for my journey. Because allowance dimension is 158 and, It is not enough to carry 35kg in one baggage.

Admin Reply :

No check in bag shall be more than 32 kg weight. So, even if allowance is more than this, say 35 kg, it has to be taken in two check-in bags. For the requirement of the transit visa, you will have to check this with the airline. 

Anne shields

Posted on 04-Feb-2023
Hello I am flying Belfast/London/Kuala Lumpur/Melbourne. I have checked bag 20kg cabin bag 7kg. If I wanted to take extra weight in checked bag how much world it cost please

Admin Reply :

$52 per excess kg is the charge for additional weight being carried. This is when you book extra baggage at airport.  You can pre-puchase the same online or through call center at discounted rates.

Dhaneshwar S

Posted on 30-Jan-2023
Hi, I have booked tickets in malaysian airlines from india to japan via KL. My baggage allowance was 35+7 kg. Adding to 7 kg cabin bag, shall i take a laptop bag with charger.Which may round off 2.5 kgs extrar))

Admin Reply :

It has to be taken within the cabin weight limit. 

Akshay Parate

Posted on 30-Jan-2023
I have booked a flight from Mumbai to Sydney for 3rd of February. I am a student and I have booked my flight accordingly due to which, I've got a baggage allowance of 45 Kg and check in baggage of 7 kg. There are following queries I need clarification on:- 1. What will be charges if the weight limit exceeds? How much will I be liable to pay and how will I be changed on my excess baggage? 2. How to know if travel insurance has been included in my booking. 3. In check in baggage, do I have to carry a total of 7 kgs that includes laptop bag and my handbag or my cabin bag should be 7 kg and I can carry my laptop bag and handbag with me ( the laptop bag and handbag is not included in 7 kg?)

Admin Reply :

Excess baggage rates are given in the zone-wise chart above in the content. For your travel sector, the charges are USD 37 per excess kg. The invoice will tell that you have bought travel insurance. Laptop bag is included in the 7 kg weight of cabin bag.

Margi Jayeshbhai Parekh

Posted on 29-Jan-2023
Hi i have booked ticket to sydney having PNR no KFMPHS and total weight allowance is 45kgs so if I carry 3 bags and total weight is up to 45kgs is that okay. If possible please reply soon as I'll be leaving for mumbai soon. Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can take three check in bags with total of 45 kg weight. Please note that any one check in bag shall not have more than 32 kg weight and shall meet the size requirement of 158 cm L+B+H (linear dimensions)

Hansanie Ukwatta

Posted on 29-Jan-2023
Hello Sir, I booked a ticket for travelling from Sri Lanka to Guangzhou on 27th February under economic basic. In the 7kg of hand luggage, is it included in the weight of the laptop bag or can I carry 7kg excluding the weight of the laptop?

Admin Reply :

We are sorry for the earlier response. The laptop is to be taken within the cabin weight limit of 7 kg. 

Nirbhai Singh

Posted on 19-Jan-2023
Hi sir i have booked one way ticket for AUCKLAND (NZ) For date 4 February,2023. I have given 35 kg check in and 7 kg cabin luggage.I have following questions:- 1.can i take two luggages in 35 kg overall weight 2 as mentioned in the guidelines additional items permitted in cabin baggage such as camera bag upto 4 kg, laptop bag or notebooks bags upto 5 kg . All these weights are excluding the 7 kg cabin luggage or including

Admin Reply :

No check in bag shall be more than 32 kg weight. Therefore, you have to take 2 check-in bags for total of 35 kg weight. Yes, these items can be carried in addition to the cabin baggage of 7kg weight.

Nirbhai Singh

Posted on 19-Jan-2023
Sir as mentioned in your guideline that for checked-in luggage the sum of the dimensions should not exceed more than 158 cm. My bag's height is 66 centemetre but total sum of dimensions is less than 158 cm. Is it ok ?

Admin Reply :

That is fine. Linear dimensions shall be less than 158 cm.


Posted on 15-Jan-2023
Hi, I've booked a return flight from Brisbane to Malaysia with a 20kg luggage for 3 people (2 adult and 1 2 years old). Can I check in with 2 luggages of 30kg instead of 3 luggages of 20kg? Thank you

Admin Reply :

People travelling on same PNR on routes where baggage is determined by weight concept, are generally allowed to club their check-in bags with the condition that check-in bag does not exceed 32 kg weight limit. So, you are allowed to bring 2 bags of 30 kg each for the three of you. However, please do check once with the airline office at airport. 


Posted on 14-Jan-2023
Hi, By mistake I have booked a flight with a lite option. However I am travelling to Adelaide from Delhi for the first time and I need to carry some check in luggage. How can I buy the extra luggage allowance online. Please help. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

You can pre-purchase the extra baggage allowance on MH website via ‘manage my booking’ or pay for excess baggage fee when checking-in for flight at the check-in counter at airport. 


Posted on 14-Jan-2023
My ticket from LHR to KUL ECONOMY does not include checked much will it be for 20 kg checked baggage

Admin Reply :

The per kg rate for your travel is USD 30 when bought at airport. However, if you buy online, there will be discount of up to 20% 

John lavis

Posted on 11-Jan-2023
What is my baggage allowance for my flight from London to Sydney on Malaysian airlines

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the cabin class and fare type bought. If ticket is Economy Lite, only 7 kg cabin baggage is allowed and no check-in baggage.

If Economy Basic is booked, allowance is 7 kg cabin and 20 kg check-in baggage. If it is Economy Flex, allowance is 7 kg cabin and 35 kg check-in. 

If Business Basic ticket is booked, allowance is 2 bags of 7 kg each in cabin and 40 kg in check-in.

Business Flex ticket allows 2 bags of 7 kg each in cabin and 50 kg in check-in baggage. 

Kam Leong Cheok

Posted on 11-Jan-2023
I booked a round trip to KUL from London.The ticket is basic fare. On my outbound there is 20kg baggage allowance. But in the return the baggage allowanceis OP. Does this mean i need to purchase the baggage allowance when i am back? Please tell me how much it cost? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

If it is economy basic ticket, then allowance is 20 kg in check-in for both legs of journey.

Joanne Davies

Posted on 10-Jan-2023
I am going to be booking a one way flight from London Heathrow yo Adelaide and I would like to know how much it will cost to fly my bike (in a proper hard case bike box) Thanks

Admin Reply :

You will have to check the linear dimensions and weight of the bike and then check the overall weight of check in baggage. If size is more than 158 cm and less than 204 cm, there will be charges for oversize, if weight is more than free allowance in total, then there will be charges for overweight. Charges are given in the content above.

Per kg excess baggage charge for your route is USD 52. This can be reduced if you buy online. 


Posted on 08-Jan-2023
I have a flight from JHB to MYY and there is a layover of 3 hours and 40 minutes at KUL. Do I need to reclaim my checked baggage during the layover at KUL? I bought the flights under one ticket.

Admin Reply :

Whether you will have to reclaim the baggage and check-in again or not will be told by the airline. Generally, for a few hours layover, this is not required.


Posted on 08-Jan-2023
I am flying to Melbourne from Mumbai and my aircraft is mh195 There is holt in Kualumpur where I will receive my luggage? Directly at Melbourne??

Admin Reply :

You shall check this with the airline directly. 


Posted on 04-Jan-2023
Traveling from New Delhi to Auckland on 4th Economy. Check in luggage allowed if 30kgs per person, how much extra is allowed over 30kgs considering the bag weight. Also an additional 10kgs is allowed for an infant as well, right?

Admin Reply :

How much more are you planning to take? If weight of one bag is more than 32 kg, you have to take the remaining in another bag. Yes, infants are allowed 1 bag of up to 10 kg in check-in.

Michael Twelftree

Posted on 02-Jan-2023
What is the baggage allowance for business class passengers flying from London to New Zealand transit in Kuala Lumpur?

Admin Reply :

The check in baggage allowance is 50 kg per passenger for Business Class and 55 kg per passenger for Business Suite class passengers.

And, the cabin baggage allowance is 2 bags of up to 7 kg each per passenger.

Patrick Donaghey

Posted on 22-Dec-2022
I’ve booked online 5vuedy and could not see what the hold baggage allowance is on the booking form. I’m hoping that I’ve completed the form correctly. Many thanks Patrick Donaghey

Admin Reply :

It could be that there is no allowance for your travel. However, sSometimes agencies do not show or print the baggage allowance. PLease mention your route and class of travel and we will inform you about the allowanc you have.

Jitendra Husharesir

Posted on 17-Dec-2022
Can I take a tennis kit bag with 3 extra rackets, shoes and balls as a sports kit?

Admin Reply :

These can be taken if this is within the weight and size limits of check-in baggage allowance.

Jitendra Hushare

Posted on 17-Dec-2022
I am a PhD student (in New Zealand) flying on MH airlines. my age is 50 years. Will able to get a discount or baggage allowance while travelling to New Zealand from Mumbai? Please suggest.

Admin Reply :

You are not eligible for the special MHexplorer Student benefit, so will not be able to get extra allowance or airfare discounts.


S. Kalyanaraman

Posted on 14-Dec-2022
Can I also check-in my hand baggage of 7 kgs along with permitted 20 kg check in baggages, as don’t want to carry the same in the cabin?

Admin Reply :

You will have to pay excess baggage charges for exceeding the weight limit of check-in bags. Please note that you can not club the allowance of cabin and check in bags and take all in check-in for free. 


Posted on 13-Dec-2022
If the baggae dimension is 5 to 10cm bigger than 158 cm ,but within weight limit applicablw, would there be any issue?

Admin Reply :

IF the size is a little large than 158 cm, you are giving the airline the chance to ask for more money. 

Shreevidya Anoop

Posted on 11-Dec-2022
Is there any dimension limit applicable for check in baggages?

Admin Reply :

Liinear dimension shall not be more than 158 cm (L+B+H)

Manveer singh

Posted on 03-Dec-2022
I booked a ticket from delhi to brisbane from Malaysia Airlines, they mentioned 35kg baggage in that ticket. Please give me a suggestion that i cover 35kg weight in a only one bag or i carry two bags?

Admin Reply :

Any check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg. You shall take two bags. 

Shila Maharjan

Posted on 01-Dec-2022
Hi there, My parents (2 passengers) are travelling to Nepal airlines tonight through Malaysian airlines. Each person has 35kg checked in bag and 7 kg hand carry. Can they share their baggage weight. For eg: instead of carrying 2 checked in baggage by one person, can they make 3 baggage (less than 30 kgs each) like 22kg + 25 kg + 23kg.

Admin Reply :

If each person is allowed 35 kg in check-in, it has to be divided into 2 bags because of weight of one bag can not be more than 32 kg. They can take 3 check-in bags.


Posted on 29-Nov-2022
Hi, I have booked ticket from Chennai to Malaysia,while booking i didn't notice elite and basic I want to add my check in baggage (20KG) option what is the procedure

Admin Reply :

You can always add it online from the website of the airline, by visiting Manage Booking section. Or, you can even add it at the airport, but charges will be higher there. Else, you can call up the airline and speak to their representative for this. 


Neel Khadela

Posted on 23-Nov-2022
How many rupees of per kg at Adelaide in australia???

Admin Reply :

Please make your query clear to us. If it is only a matter of conversion of currencies, please use the currency calculators to arrive at an estimate.

Abdul Kalam

Posted on 20-Nov-2022
What is the maximum size of hand luggage and is meal halal certified Thanks

Admin Reply :

You may not be allowed to carry meat in cabin. Economy class passengers are allowed 7 kg, Business Class 14 kg and First Class 14 kg. 


Posted on 14-Nov-2022
Can I bring items in cardboard box and what is the process for extra 10kg for student allowance as I have book ticket from travel agent

Admin Reply :

If you book tickets from agent and not on the airline website, you do not meet the terms and conditions for excess allowance for students. 


Posted on 13-Nov-2022
Hey, I am a international student travelling from India to Australia. I have (35+7) kgs allowed for my flight, can i get extra baggage allowance as a student

Admin Reply :

You will get allowance when you will book tickets on the airline website after joining the MHexplorer progam of the carrier. Also check for the other terms and conditions of the airline.

Ruhi Chawla

Posted on 09-Nov-2022
I have 35kgs allowed for my flight from Mumbai to Auckland. How many bag pieces can go in my check-in against 35kgs?

Admin Reply :

You can take more than one check-in bag within allowance limits. Anyways, taking more than 32 kg in one check in bag is not allowed, so you will have to take two bags for this allowance.


Posted on 07-Nov-2022
I have booked my flight for 16 dec 2022 and my baggage allowance is 35 kg+7 kg which is mentioned in my air ticket. I want to ask a question about student extra baggage allowance. I was checked the malasiyan airlines official website that says students can carry extra 10 kg baggage allowance for free of charge. So can i carry extra 10 kg baggage allowance?

Admin Reply :

Yes, there is an MHExplorer program of the airline but it comes with certain terms and conditions. One of these conditions is that the ticket shall be booked online on Malaysia airlines website. So, where have you booked the tickets from?

Other terms and conditions shall be checked at:


Posted on 06-Nov-2022
Can I carry my laptop bag (Aprox 3.5kg ) along with 7 kg cabin bag ? It’s mentioned that only 1pc is allowed upto 7 kg . THANKS

Admin Reply :

Yes, one personal items such as a laptop bag can also be taken along with the cabin luggage of 7 kg

B abhishek

Posted on 26-Oct-2022
I am travelling from South Korea to India tommorow morning 27th october vide Malaysian airlines 2321119317689/1/1. Wish to buy 15kg extra luggage allowance. Pls tell me the rate and how to pay prior to flying

Admin Reply :

Charges are $30 per excess kg when paid at airport. However, you can pay online before flight at a 20% discount. 

Ketki Kawale

Posted on 17-Oct-2022
I just got registered and accpedted in the MHexplorer program. But the fact that I had booked by ticket via a travel agency, how can I redeem the extra luggage alllowance provided as a part of MH explorer?

Admin Reply :

We do not think that you will be able to get extra allowance since the booking shall have been done on the given link of Malaysian airlines only. Still, you can speak to the airline agents if they can waive this requirement of booking online on airline website. 

Ketki Kawale

Posted on 14-Oct-2022
I am a student and have already booked my tickets for 28th this month. My baggage allowance is 20kg + 7kg. I have booked it via an online travel agency and I am unable to increase my baggage allowance/purchase any extra allowance through official website of malaysian airlines. As a student, can malaysian airlines provide me free baggae allowance? I am aware that MHexplorer program exixts and I have registered for it as well. But, considering that I have already booked my ticket, how do I get that allowance on my ticket? Also, what can I do to expedite my approval and reviewing process of MHexplorer?

Admin Reply :

Since tickets are bought through agency, a key condition is not met for availing higher allowance. However, we still suggest that you try and push both the airline and the agency to get this extra allowance.

Shiddramesh Kankanameli

Posted on 14-Oct-2022
Hello, I have booked a flight from Bangalore (India) to Adelaide (Australia) on 7th Nov 2022 and I have a layover of 15 hours at Kuala Lumpur airport. Attached is the ticket for your reference. Regarding this I have a few questions: I will Check-in 45kg of luggage at Bangalore airport. So will I get the check-in luggage directly at Adelaide airport? I prefer to get it in Adelaide only. Please make sure I get it in Adelaide. As per my ticket, I have entitled to a Cabin bag of 7kg. I hope it is excluding the Laptop Bag, does it? Please let me know. Very important: Since I have a long layover in Kuala Lumpur (15 hours), could you please arrange a complimentary hotel stay? or at least lounge access is much appreciated. The reason is, when my friend traveled via Singapore Airlines, he was provided a Hotel room and lounge access coupon card by Singapore Airlines and he was also on a student visa as am I. It is my most humble and sincere request to consider this.

Admin Reply :

We have not received any ticket since we do not provide the upload functionality. Let us also make this clear that we are not the airline company or any agency.

Whether the luggage would be through checked in or not is something which airline will tell. Ideally when both segments are provided by the airline on one PNR, through check in is provided but still it is a good practice to confirm with the airline. 

Laptop bag can be taken in addition to the cabin baggage allowance. 

We can not arrange for complimentary hotel stay. You will have to check this with the airline or the agency. 

Peter Moncaster

Posted on 11-Oct-2022
Hi I am traveling economy with my wife from London to Auckland in January.Can you please let us know the baggage allowance. We will be returning from Sydney Australia. Many thanks P.Moncaster

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned which fare class in economy you have bought. Anyways, Economy Lite does not provide any free allowance, Economy  Basic allows 20 kg and EconomyFlex allows 35 kg in free allowance per adult passenger. This allowance is applicable if flights are being operated by Malaysia Airlines only.

Ketki Kawale

Posted on 11-Oct-2022
Hi I am a student travelling from Mumbai to kuala lumpur then to adelaide to melbourne. My check-in baggage is 20 kg throughout. How do I increase it? Also in all these layovers, do I need to transfer my baggage myslef or I will get it at my destination, whihc is melbourne?

Admin Reply :

You can buy excess baggage online from the website of airline, under Plan Your Travel ---> Manage Booking section. You can also pay excess baggage charges at airports but it is expensive than buying online before flight departure.

Normally, if the airline is same and all journey is on same ticket offered by the airline, then through check-in is provided. However, we strongly suggest you get this clarified by the airline as well. 

Venise Michael

Posted on 10-Oct-2022
Hi, How can i buy extra baggage weight in Malayisan airlines, im travelling from Melbourne to Bangalore

Admin Reply :

It can be bought online from the website of Malaysia Airlines. It can also be bought  through call center, MHmobile or MH ticket office.

shivani bhati

Posted on 06-Oct-2022
Hi I have booked a flight from Mumbai India to New Zealand and the baggage allowed is 45+7 kgs. Kindly provide the clarification regarding the checkin baggage. How much weight can we carry in a single bag?

Admin Reply :

Max weight of a single check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg. So, if 45 kg is allowed, then pls divide into two bags.

Spandana shetty

Posted on 05-Oct-2022
Hi I have booked flight on 20th October n I have got 45kgs+7kgs cabin luggage..Can I get extra allowance of baggage as I am a student?

Admin Reply :

As a student, you can get extra allowance on signing up with MHexplorer program of the airline. Details can be checked at: 

Synthia Natasya

Posted on 26-Jun-2020
Can I combine my baggage allowance and the pre-paid excess baggage with my family for international flight? For example, 35 kg baggage allowance each (2 people) and pre-paid 15 kg excess baggage for 3 large suitcases (27, 28, 30).

Admin Reply :

Yes, these check in bags can be clubbed provided all passengers travel on same PNR


Posted on 24-Jun-2020
I want to send unaccompanied baggage. Who should I contact (Malaysia)?

Admin Reply :

This might not be allowed. Baggage has to be taken by a passenger.

Vivienne Blennerhassett

Posted on 15-Jun-2020
I currently have a return flight booked for late September (Phuket and return) and hoping we can travel! Is it possible to check in a folding bike with my luggage? Weight is 15kgs. Packed size is width 34cms, height is 68cms, length is 90cms? Thank you. Vivienne Blennerhassett

Admin Reply :

This can be taken but since it is more than 158 cm in sum of size, there will be oversized baggage charges.

Chong Wai Weng

Posted on 23-Jan-2020
Hi, I'm travelling from BKK to KUL and I'm on economy promo with 2 adult & 2 children with a total combine check in allowance of 80kg. Question; 1) Can I check in 3 luggage total weight within 80kg (however each might exceed 20kg) 2) Me & my family are gold member with Emirates, Are there any privilege on this? 3) Carry on luggage 1 piece per person as long as with in 7kg per piece, can I know the size of your cabin? I'm flying on MH775 Thanks

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can take 3 check in bags of total weigh 80 kg for passengers traveling on same PNR. Max limit of check in bag is 32 kg weight. Size of cabin bag is 36 cm length, 56 cm height and 23 cm breadth, all three total up to 115 cm for each cabin bag.

Martin Thompson

Posted on 22-Jan-2020
Dear Sirs/Madam - we have been asked if we can send urgent cargo as check in baggage with an On Board Courier from LHR to KUL, Th dimensions of the package would be approximately 165 x 70 x 9 cms and the commodity is aircraft manufacturing related materials Can you kindly advise what would be the maximum weight per package and the rate per kilo. many thanks for your kind assistance Yours sincerely Martin Thompson

Admin Reply :

At first, you will have to check whether that material is allowed to be carried on airplane or not. Second, Free allowance in check in baggage is of 30 kg in Economy Smart and 35 kg in Economy Flex. Sum of dimensions of check in baggage shall not be more than 158 cm, otherwise there will be a charge. USD 28 per excess kg is the charge


Posted on 22-Jan-2020
Hi, I am travelling from Kochi to Auckland. What will be the baggage allowance in class y ?

Admin Reply :

It shall be economy flex class. Allowance is 35 in check in baggage and this has to be taken in 2 check-in bags as one can not be more than 32 kg. Cabin allowance is 7 kg.


Posted on 21-Jan-2020
Hi, my parents are travelling to Malaysia in the Economy Basic, in the cabin bag can they carry 14kgs in a single bag and in the check in baggage can they carry 30kgs in one bag and 20kg in another bag

Admin Reply :

Clubbing of cabin baggage is not allowed. These have to be kept separate. 30 kg and 20 kg in two check-in bags is allowed.

Zaimah Omar

Posted on 21-Jan-2020
I have booked 20kg on MH with a transit in Bangkok before taking Japan Airlines to Nagoya which allows me to get 46kg. At the check in counter of MH in KLIA, which weight would I be entitled for?

Admin Reply :

Is there a single ticket for whole journey or two separate tickets?

WE believe that each airline will go by its own allowance. So, you might have to pay excess baggage charge to Japan Airlines.

Md Razaul Karim

Posted on 20-Jan-2020
Can I combine check in baggage allowance with my family members who are traveling all together?

Admin Reply :

Which route are you flying?


Posted on 17-Jan-2020
Hi, Is there liquid restriction on carry on baggage for domestic flight? I have coming flight from Penang to Kuching (via KLIA).. Pleas advise.. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Yes, it shall not be more than 100ml in a bottle and of one type, which is allowed in cabin.

Raza muhammad Yaseen

Posted on 16-Jan-2020
Dear sir we have arround 30 person from phnom penh to Dehli every month mostely air line give us 30 kg but we need more extra wait per son So plz let me know how we can buy and how much will be 1 kg

Admin Reply :

You can buy excess baggage online on the website of the airline. USD 22 per excess kg is the charge at airport. However, if you buy it online using "Manage My Booking" section of the website of airline, then 20% discount is allowed.


Posted on 16-Jan-2020

Admin Reply :

You can bring one such set of  Golf equipment for free including 12 golf balls, 14 golf clubs and 1 pair of golf shoes.

Ursula Agarwal

Posted on 10-Jan-2020
Hi, how much is the baggage allowance for class y

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the route of flight. Y class is economy class. You can check for the Malaysia Airlines Fare Types here:

Vivek Elangovan

Posted on 08-Jan-2020
Hello I’m travelling on 15th in malaysia airlines can I know weather laptop bag is accessed free with cabin luggage of 7kg or even laptop bag is included in 7kg

Admin Reply :

Laptop bag can be taken in addition to the cabin bag.

Risheek S.A

Posted on 07-Jan-2020
Im a student travelling from chennai to Melbourne i need to avail the extra baggage allowance.How do i avail it and how much would i be paying in extra to get the 10kg allowance as i would be booking a economy class ticket which provides 30kg as the baggage allowance.

Admin Reply :

34 USD per excess kg is the charge at airport. If you buy online in advance, 20% discount can be availed.


Posted on 06-Jan-2020
I am traveling to Sydney from Bangalore, how many checkin baggage I am allowed to take? Am I allowed to take a cardboard box in addition to a suitcase?

Admin Reply :

Bangalore to Sydney free check in allowance depends on which fare type ticket has been bought by you. It is 20 kg for Eco Promo, 25 kg for Eco Basic, 30 kg or Eco Smart, 35 kg for Eco Flex. Which of these have you bought? Cabin baggage allowance is 7 kg for 1 main cabin bag in any of the Economy class tickets.

You can take cardboard box within permitted dimension and weight limits of check in baggage. Itshall be securely wrapped by plastic tape.

Tan Phuan Lam

Posted on 30-Dec-2019
My booking reference is SZBX2Z to Auckland. First I could not find the booking using manage booking, Secondly, may I know under this booking, my golf bag is free of charge. If not, how can I purchase it and how much it cost? Looking forward to your reply soonest Thanks Tan Phuan Lam

Admin Reply :

Have you booked tickets with some agency? If yes, then that could be reason for your booking not showing up as the confirmation number might be of agency and not of the airline. So, you need to check on that front.

With respect to carriage of golf bag in check in baggage, we can say that this can be taken for free if it is within permitted weight limits. You can bring one such set for free including 12 glof balls, 14 gilf clubs and 1 pair of golf shoes.

Stephen Kulathumkarott

Posted on 23-Dec-2019
Can I take my CPAP machine in carry- on baggage extra and free of charge? I travel from Adelaide to Kochin, Kerala India

Admin Reply :

Normally, medican aids like these can be taken in cabin, if these are required during the course of flight. These can be taken free of charge as well. It is good to check with the local airline office about the procedure and documents needed for this purpose.

sheetal patel

Posted on 23-Dec-2019
Hi I am travelling from Australia to Mumbai and i got 40 kgs baggage allowance and we are two adults and a kid can i take cardboard box as a main luggag. Is there any dimensions for the box and maximum weight thanks

Admin Reply :

Though cardboard box can be taken as a check in baggage in general, it shall be flat and not irregular in shape. Second, the weight and dimension limits for the cardboard box are same as that of check in bag. So, single checkin bag shall not be more than 32 kg weight and 158 cm in linear dimensions. Same applies to cardboard box. It is checked in on a Limited Release tag.


Posted on 14-Dec-2019
We will travel from Singapore to the Philippines. How much is excess baggage per kg?

Admin Reply :

USD 16 per excess kg are the charges. This is also given in the content on this webpage.


Posted on 14-Dec-2019
Hi, I am travelling to Malaysia on 26th by economy class. What is the total baggage weight allowed to ne as cabin baggage and total baggage weight please

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the place of origin of flight. Both cabin and check in allowances are given in the content above. Please refer to it, else send us the origin station and we will be able to answer the query.


Posted on 13-Dec-2019
Hi there, I'm traveling to India with infant. As per ticket 10kg of checks in baggage is allowed. Does infant have cabin baggage allowance?

Admin Reply :

There is no special allowance for infants for cabin baggage as such. However, you can take a separate bag containing food and nappies for not more than 5 kg weight,


Posted on 11-Dec-2019
Hi, i have a child who has cystic fibrosis, can i carry all his nebuliser and medicine with me on the plan? And does this weight exclude carry on bag?

Admin Reply :

Normally, you are required to carry the medicine and equipment required during the flight for a passenger with special needs. This will be apart from cabin baggage allowance. However, do check with the airline whether the child with this special requirement will be taken on board and what would be the documents required for carrying this machine on board.


Posted on 10-Dec-2019
Hi i am travelling tomorrow from mum-MNLi have 20kg and 7kg in total, what it i excess 1-2 kg here and there, what will be the charges, and will they weigh my hand bag as well?

Admin Reply :

Airlines look for ways to make money and if you take more than permitted free allowance, you will be charged for it.


Posted on 08-Dec-2019
Hi There, we are travelling to India with infant, could you please let me know the check-in baggage allowance for infant ? Does infant have cabin baggage allowance and how much ? Thanks , Sameer

Admin Reply :

Infants are allowed one check in bag of up to 10 kg weight and linear dimensions not more than 158 cm.

Shishir Johri

Posted on 03-Dec-2019
Hi,i am travelling to manila via kl ,need to carry medical equipment CPAP machine,along with me,do i need any permission prior to boarding,rgds shishir johri

Admin Reply :

It would be good to inform the airline in advance about it. You might be asked to bring doctor documents prescribing it as well. So, it is a good idea to inform the airline in advance.


Posted on 30-Nov-2019
I have bought 4 MAS tickets which allows 25kgs/traveller, which means a total weight of 100kgs upon check in. My question is what is the max weight allowable for the 1st check in bag? I have 2 baggages to check in. The officer told can only checked in 25kg max for each of the bags. Please advice

Admin Reply :

Your free allowance would be 25 kg check in baggage weight. However, you can take a maximum of 32 kg weight in one check in bag (on payment of charges of excess weight)

Katrina Patterson

Posted on 30-Nov-2019
Hi I am returning home from krabbi to uk London? All of my flight have been with b and a except first flight from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur, then I join b and a to London , what is my weight allowance for check in and carry on baggage,all I know it is economy booked through an agent

Admin Reply :

Are a and b referred to persons or airlines? Please be clear in asking queries. There are 4 economy class fares, which of these has been booked by you? Minimum check in baggage allowance is 20 kg per person for Economy Promo tickets. Free carry on baggage allowance is 7 kg per person.


Posted on 29-Nov-2019
I'm travel back from Vietnam to Kota Kinabalu, I need check in cabin one photo frame, may i known the maximum size (H x W) can check in cabin?

Admin Reply :

Size shall be same which is provided for cabin baggage because you will have to keep this either in overhead cabin or in underneath seat. 


Posted on 28-Nov-2019
Flight from Malaysia to Bangkok, will I get charge for check in oversize box dimensions 180cm and 16kg. I have 30kg baggage allowance. If yes, how much the charges would be?

Admin Reply :

The oversized baggage charges vary from route to route. Please check with the local airline office. Most probably, they will advise you to repack it into 2 bags keeping overall weight same and reducing size of one check in bag to up to 158 cm in linear dimensions.

Evelyn Law

Posted on 28-Nov-2019
Can I combine baggage allowance with other passengers holding the same booking number?

Admin Reply :

Only check in baggage can be clubbed with passengers traveling on same pnr and subject to the weight limit of 1 check in bag not exceeding 32 kg and size of 158 cm linear dimensions. This is allowed only on weight-based baggage allowance routes, not on piece based ones. 

You have not mentioned the route you are flying.


Posted on 26-Nov-2019
My ticket booking number is LUQJCF. What is the free luggage allowance for my domestic flight and international flight?

Admin Reply :

PLease mention the route and which fare ticket has been bought?


Posted on 26-Nov-2019
Hello, am travelling from Sydney to KL and I would like to know how much will I have to pay if my luggage exceeds 30 kgs. Thanks

Admin Reply :

USD 20 per excess kg would be the charges for excess baggage. If you buy pre-paid excess baggage online, then a 20% discount can be availed. However, this must be done up to 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure time.

Yne Calderon

Posted on 25-Nov-2019
Good day! I am flying from Philippines to London on December 4, economy promo. I was wondering if I could bring my ukulele as carry on? It measures 65cm x 24cm x 7cm please advise. Also, if I am allowed to bring it as carry on, can I bring another bag as long as I am within the 7kg weight limit? Thank you!

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be brought in cabin within the permitted allowance limit of weight and size of carryon baggage. 

Alan Anderson

Posted on 22-Nov-2019
I am flying from syd to Kul on flight KL 4104. I have an econony ticket. What is my baggage allowance? Thank you Alan.

Admin Reply :

If you have Economy Smart ticket, it will have allowance of 30 kg in check-in. If you have Economy Flex ticket, then allowance is of 35 kg per person. So, it depends on which Economy ticket have you bought. Please note that no check in bag shall be more than 32 kg in weight. So, if your allowance is of 35 kg, then it has to be divided into two check-in bags.

Jenelyn Vitor

Posted on 16-Nov-2019
Mother flying with kids ages 7 and 4 with each have 20kg baggage allowance ,can I put all 60kg total into one luggage or at least into two luggage with 30kg each.

Admin Reply :

These have to be at least 2 bags of each weight not more than 32 kg. Airline do not allow checkin bags of more than 32 kg weight, in general.

mrs rashmi gupta

Posted on 16-Nov-2019
hello i have just now booked a ticket and my travelling date is 5/1/2020 Mumbai to Jakarta .while booking ticket my checked baggage showing 30 kgs from Mumbai to Jakarta .But i get a ticket by email and there is checking baggage is showing NOT AVAILABLE ..colud you help me ..what it means ? how much i can checked my baggage ?

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned which fare type within Economy class has been booked by you. However, you are entitled to a 30 kg allowance on Economy Smart tickets. If it is not showing on ticket, please speak to the airline customer support. Have you booked with any agency? If yes, then ticket might not be showing it due to improper feed of baggage allowances.

Jafar Ali.A

Posted on 08-Nov-2019
Hi , Am going to Travel economic class from Jakarta to India on Nov 15th 2019. Can i take 43 inch LED tv from Jakarta to India(Chennai). My baggage allowance 30kg.

Admin Reply :

It will be taken as a part of check in baggage within the free allowance limits permissible to you. So, linear dimensions of TV package shall be less than 158 cm and weight shall be within free allowance. TV screen size does not matter.


Posted on 07-Nov-2019
Hello. I have a flight going PEN to KUL and KUL to MNL this coming Nov.27 with both Eco Class with 30kg Baggage Allowance. And I'm planning to bring my 27.5" Mountain Bike (non-motorised) with me. I will disassemble the front wheel and handle bar and put it in 130cm X 82cm X 25cm Bicycle Carry Bag. Is it possible? What should I do? Should I avail for special Baggage (Sport Equipment), or it will be carried as part of my 30kg baggage allowance?

Admin Reply :

The problem is the size of bicycle baggage. It is more than 204 cm which means that it will have to sent through cargo services of the airline and will not be checked-in. Bicycle boxed up to 158 cm in sum of dimension are allowed without charge as part of check in baggage and from 158 cm to 204cm, oversize charges are to be paid.


Posted on 05-Nov-2019
Hello, I have a flight with two legs on Malaysia Airlines (economy). If my second leg (longest) is approved for business class - what would be my baggage allowance bw? At check-in will the baggage allowance apply for business or would they apply based on fare type?

Admin Reply :

If airline is Malaysia airline only on both legs of journey, generally the higher cabin class baggage allowance applies to lower cabin classes as well. We would still request you speak to local airline office for better confirmation since we do not have your itinerary details.


Posted on 04-Nov-2019
hai.. i bought flight ticket from kul to bki.. but in my booking email it stated that "baggage (4) : 0 PC".. does that mean i dont have baggage??

Admin Reply :

Only Economy Lite tickets do not have free check-in baggage allowance on domestic routes within Malaysia on Malaysian Airlines. You might have booked this fare type which allows only 7 kg cabin baggage. Economy Basic allowed 20 kg free allowance in check in and Economy Flex allows 25 kg in check in baggage on domestic route. Business class passengers are allowed 40 kg free allowance. 



Posted on 04-Nov-2019
Hi. I wish to bring my hairspray in my checked-in baggage. However, most sprays are high flammable pressurized liquid, which seem to be prohibited on flight. Is that true?

Admin Reply :

That is right.


Posted on 04-Nov-2019
Will be travelling to Malaysia this week from Perth, would like to know whether need to pay extra luggage allowance if it is a couple of kg over the weight limit

Admin Reply :

Of course, the airlines are waiting to charge you if you exceed the weight, size or number of bags limits of free allowance of your baggage. 

Sunder Singh

Posted on 31-Jul-2019
Can i carry opelware dinner set made of glass in cabin luggage

Admin Reply :

This can be carried within the free cabin baggage allowance limits with respect to weight and size of the baggage. Else, these can be taken in check-in by marking it as 'Fragile'.

James Smith

Posted on 31-Jul-2019
Hello, I have a flight on Saturday to Heathrow from Tokyo. I’m is it possible for me to have two check in items which doesn’t exceed my 30kg limit, instead of just the one? The item in question is a wooden stick from mt Fuji, approximately 140cm in height, 5cm in width and length. Would it be possible to bring this as baggage without excess cost? Many thanks

Admin Reply :

You can bring more than one check in bag within 30 kg weight limit. You can bring this item in check in luggage. Whether this would be charged or not will depend on discretion of airline officials at airport. 

Noor Bazila Sharifmuddin

Posted on 24-Jul-2019
Hi, I am planning to bring 3 laptops on cabin which will weight more the 7kg. How much will the additional fees cost me if I want to bring more than 7kg into the flight cabin.

Admin Reply :

You might be asked to transfer some of the items to check in baggage.

immanuel peter

Posted on 24-Jul-2019
Hi, I had a question regarding baggage. I am taking a flight from Kochi to Christchurch via Kuala lumpur and Auckland. So when I arrive Auckland my next flight to Christchurch is jet star JQ237 so if I am carrying a baggage of 30 kg will I have to split the baggage weight?

Admin Reply :

You just have to check what allowance is permitted for your cabin fare type. You do not have to split the baggage.

Sherry Lopez

Posted on 19-Jul-2019
Good day! Just want to ask if bringing cheese , cold cuts & fresh fruits allowed for hand carry baggage. Thank you.

Admin Reply :

These shall not be a problem if brought in suitable packing.


Posted on 18-Jul-2019
Could you advise check in baggage dimensions please? This information is not available on the website.

Admin Reply :

L+B+H shall be upto 158 cm.


Posted on 16-Jul-2019
Thanks for your reply. Just to reconfirm. My special service booking says Extra Baggage Unit: KG Weight (Kg): 10 Number of Baggage: 1 Since it specifically says Number of Baggage is 1, does that mean that I need to have a separate bag weighing 10 or less kg..?? or is it okay if I take two bags weighing 20 & 15 Kgs for Check-in..? Further the total Cabin baggage weight of 7 Kgs is inclusive of Laptop or exclusive..?

Admin Reply :

They would consider total weight of the bags. Laptop can be carried in addition to cabin allowance. 

Pranav Mayuresh

Posted on 14-Jul-2019
I have booked my flight from Mumbai to Sydney through Malaysian airlines. As per my ticket I'm allowed 25Kgs check in & 7Kg Cabin baggage. I have taken the additional service of Standard seat + 10 Kgs excess baggage. Does that mean I'm allowed to carry additional 10 Kgs either in by way of Check-in or by way of Cabin baggage.? Does the additional 10 Kg allowed only by way of a separate Bag or it can be clubbed with my check-in baggage. Am I allowed to carry my Laptop in addition to my cabin baggage of 7Kgs.

Admin Reply :

Excess 10 kg is meant for check in baggage. No single check in bag shall be more than 32 kg in weight. So, if it is already 25 kg, you can accomodate max 7 kg in that bag from the additional allowance of 10 kg, leaving 3 kg which is to be taken in another check in bag. You can bring laptop in addition to cabin bag. 


Posted on 13-Jul-2019
My husband is travelling from India to Melbourne on 15th Malaysia airlines. I would like to know how much would extra baggage in Indian currency per kg

Admin Reply :

Charge is USD 42 per excess kg. Please apply the conversion rate to get an approximate idea of how much you will have to pay. 

Vyshnavi S U

Posted on 12-Jul-2019
Hi Team, Below are the flight details: PNR: NUGQCN ETICKET: 232-3433537876 Could you please let me know the check-in baggage limit allowed for the travel? Regards Vyshnavi

Admin Reply :

We can not access the details with this information as the last name is not clear. Please provide route of travel and cabin fare type booked. 


Posted on 11-Jul-2019
I have booked my ticket HYD-KUL-SYD-KUL-HYD departing on 15.6.2019. The PNR No. is OV96P2 and the Ticket No. is 232-3434077295. In the ticket there is no mention of of the allowed Checked Baggage on the Onward journey. In respect of the Return journey it clearly says that 25 Kg will be allowed. However at the time of booking I remember to have seen the allowance for Onward as 35 Kg and for Return 25 Kg. The Ticket was Booked online through Make My Trip. Please clarify and confirm urgently about the allowance of Checked in Baggage for the Onward Journey. Also I had specifically indicated my choice of Vegetarian Hindu Meals. I find this also is not appearing in the Ticket. Please clarify the position urgently.

Admin Reply :

Please check the same with the agency. 


Posted on 08-Jul-2019
Hello. I am a student, I booked my ticket and then enrolled for the MH explorer. Will I still get the extra baggage? And what if I want another 10 kg how much will I have to pay?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you are entitled to it. Rates depend on where you are flying. We do not any such information from your side.

Pat Hennessey

Posted on 07-Jul-2019
I shall be travelling Malaysian airlines on the 17 July returning 31 July, would like to bring back, as checked baggage, a vacuum cleaner of no more thatn ten kilos, is this allowed?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be brought as a check in baggage within free allowance limits of weight and size of baggage.


Posted on 01-Jul-2019
I am travelling on Malaysia airline in July. My luggage allowance is 30kg, how many checked in bags I am allowed to make up 30kg. and also does the weight of laptop and camera bag is included in the handbag which is of 7kg. ?? Thanks

Admin Reply :

You can take more than one check in bag within total allowance limit of 30 kg in check in baggage. You can take only 1 personal item in addition to cabin allowance of 7 kg. 


Posted on 30-Jun-2019
Me and my friends are traveling from delhi to Auckland on Malaysian airlines and we are allowed 30 kg and 25 kg baggage allowance for checkin luggage. How many bags can we check in? If we don't cross our permitted weight can we check in 2-3 pieces as long as we are in our weight limit.

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can take more than one check-in bag. 


Posted on 26-Jun-2019
I am travelling on Malaysia airline in Jul. My luggage allowance is 40kg, how many checked in bags I am allowed to make up 40kg. Thanks

Admin Reply :

You have to divide these 40 kgs in 2 check in bags as one can not be more than 32 kg in weight.

Vinithkumar Durairajan

Posted on 25-Jun-2019
I'm planning to go to new zealand from India. Is there any size restrictions for checked in luggage?

Admin Reply :

Sum of dimensions L+B+H shall not be more than 158 cm.


Posted on 25-Jun-2019
Can we hand carry guitar on board? Kl - kk-kl

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried in cabin.


Posted on 24-Jun-2019
There are 2 of us plan to travel From Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu for 1 week. Malaysia Airline Economy Lite Cabin Baggage (Free Hand luggage) max is 7KG for each passage. Wondering can i combine these 2 free Hand Luggage weight (Total Max 14KG) into 1 Cabin Baggage? Thanks.

Admin Reply :

No. Cabin bags can not be clubbed. These have to be kept separate.


Posted on 24-Jun-2019
May i know how to receive the additional 10 kgs for students?

Admin Reply :

The additional baggage allowance for students is dependent on certain conditions.

At first, age shall be between 18 to 26 years. They shall have a valid ID and Enrich membership. 

It is available for outbound travel originating from Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore,  China, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Vietnam on MH-operated flights.

Bookings shall be done on 


Posted on 23-Jun-2019
I will be travelling to Melbourne from COK Airport (India)in July 14. The baggage limit was shown as 30+7kg and an extra 10kg for students. How can I apply for that extra 10kg? And does the students have any other allowances?

Admin Reply :

PLease check the terms and conditions given here: You have to make a booking on this link as a 'STUDENT'. 


Posted on 22-Jun-2019
My son will be travelling to Melbourne via kaulampaur as Student , for students is there concession on addition weight on check in baggage

Admin Reply :

Yes, there is additional baggage allowance of 10 kg.

Jordan Mathew

Posted on 21-Jun-2019
Hi, I would like to inquire about the baggage allowance. The 30 kg that is mentioned in my ticket, is that per baggage or is that the total weight for how many ever baggages I carry?

Admin Reply :

You can take more than  one check in bag within this allowance of 30 kg weight.


Posted on 20-Jun-2019
Dear Admin Will be travelling with my family of 6 from Singapore to Bangkok so for those travelling as a family, does the checked in luggage be calculated collectively or individually? Thanks in advance.

Admin Reply :

Only check-in baggage can be considered collectively for people traveling on same PNR and each check in bag shall not be more than 32 kg, 


Posted on 20-Jun-2019
Wondering for Malaysia Airline Economy Lite Cabin Baggage (Free Hand luggage) the size of this Cabin Baggage is 56cm (H) X 36cm (W) X 23cm (D) right? I plan to travel From Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu for 1 week.

Admin Reply :

Yes, that is fine.

Suresh Thawani

Posted on 19-Jun-2019
How much I have to pay for extra bag of 30 Kg in Malasia Airlines from Melbourne to Mumbai via KUL. Please advice. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

We need to have your booking reference to give you prices of extra baggage.


Posted on 18-Jun-2019
Hi I am traveling to Kuala Lumpur from Mumbai on Malaysia Airlines, I have a Economy class ticket can i check in a laptop bag and a hand bag which is less then 7 kgs. please advise.

Admin Reply :

You can put in as much weight in check in as you want but if it exceeds the free allowance limit, the are charges to be paid for excess weight.

Jagan Jose

Posted on 17-Jun-2019
I have booked the flight from India to Australia. My baggage allowance is 30kg + 7kg. I am a student travelling internationally for the first time. Am I eligible for additional student baggage allowances. IF so, by how much and what are the procedures for the same? Please revert with the details.

Admin Reply :

It allows you to bring 10 kg extra baggage as a student. Please check through the terms and condition on this page:


Posted on 16-Jun-2019
I travelled from Perth to Singapore and checked in a, well taped and tied with rafia, but was told by the counter staff that I had to get it wrapped at the baggage service before they wld accpet it. That cost us $18!! I have read the baggage policy and no where does it say we need to.have the box wrapped. Can MAS explain the need foe this as I have checked in boxes on many flights and no airline has had this requirement. I strongly feel it was a waste of our money to have a box wrapped just so we can check it in, even though it was well sealed and tied with rafia. Pl explain

Admin Reply :

Please note that we are not the airline and are an independent website. We can not comment on behalf of MAS. However, let us clarify some of your doubts here. People, at times, travel with check in bags which are of irregular shape which gets struck inside the security scanner machines making it hugely inconvenient for passengers to fly due to delays. These irregular shaped check in bags could be those tied with ropes around or some fabric, etc. That is the reason why your baggage was made to repackage and you were charged for it.

This rule has been introduced by some airlines around the world since last few months. 


Posted on 14-Jun-2019
I have booked a flight from India to Australia with Malaysian Airlines. The current baggage allowance is 30+7kg. I have a Enrich ID and Mhexplorer membership card. But how am I supposed to get the membership card and my ticket linked?

Admin Reply :

Once you get the card, it is automatically linked. Once you undertake any flight with the airline, your reward points are updated in the card balance in a few days time. However, if this is not happening, then please call the customer service of the airline. 


Posted on 14-Jun-2019
Hello Admin! My Sarawak local friend gave me a knife with a carved hard case (total length is 22 inches). I am planning to bring it back home as a souvenir. Is this allowed in the checked-in baggage for Bintulu-KL-Philippines flight on MAS? Weight will not be a problem. Thanks a lot...

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken in check in baggage


Posted on 09-Jun-2019
Can i take cardboard boxes as checked luggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be taken so long as these are not irregular in shape and are flat-bottomed. Irregular shape is implied when these are tied around with some fabrics or ropes. So do not do that.

Kon WeiLem

Posted on 08-Jun-2019
hi. I would like to know whether i can take on a 12v Transformer (Power Supply) to the plane? the size of the transformer is just 220*130*48mm. there is no battery in the transformer. Can i put it into my check in lugguage?

Admin Reply :

It has to be well packed and to be carried in check in baggage. You shall be able to satisfy airline authorities at airport about the device.

Rachel C

Posted on 05-Jun-2019
Hi, I'm travelling to Perth with an infant. My allowable check in baggage is 20 KG and infant is 10kg.. Am I allowed to combine the weight for my items? For example, my main luggage is 23KG and second is 7kg?

Admin Reply :

Yes, clubbing of check in baggage can be done for people traveling on same PNR.

June lambe

Posted on 28-May-2019
Am travelling Langkawi to Perth Australia Want to take oversize piece About 2 metres long and narrow Weight approx 8 kilo What would the charge be. We are traveling economy Thanks

Admin Reply :

This can be carried as a part of free check in baggage allowance within allowable size limits. You have not mentioned what is object actually is?

Lee Lau

Posted on 28-May-2019
Can badminton racquets be carried into the cabin for an international flight from KL to Melbourne?

Admin Reply :

It has to be checked in.


Posted on 28-May-2019
Am I allowed to bring a bean bag in the flight?

Admin Reply :

It shall meet check in baggage criteria for size and weight. One more thing, if this is considered to be an irregular shaped item, it might not be carried. So, please do check with you local airline office once.

pranav nene

Posted on 27-May-2019
hi, flying sydney from mumbai . (MH175-MH123) Baggage limit :37 kg, is it possible to increase the baggage allowance since I'm travelling on student visa for the first time? please advise. regards, Pranav

Admin Reply :

Please note that the allowances for cabin and check in baggage shall remain separate. The airline has a MHExplorer program which allows discounted fares to students as well as an additional 10 kg check in luggage. It is available for students flying from Malaysia, Australia and UK. Secondly, age shall be in 18-26 years

Pranav Nene

Posted on 26-May-2019
hi, i booked a flight from Mumbai to Sydney via Kuala Lumpur.(MH-175-MH123) I am travelling on student visa and travelling for the first time. My baggage limit is 37 kg(check in:37kg, cabin: 7kg). does Malaysia airlines allow to increase the baggage limit to 57kg for the people on student visa who are travelling for the first time? regards, Pranav nene

Admin Reply :

Excess allowance is only 10 kg for students who fly  from India, Australia and Malaysia and of age group 12-26 years. Please check with the airline local office about other terms and conditions so that there are no hassles at airport. 

Mike Kelso

Posted on 23-May-2019
hi Malaysian Air, flying Denpasar - Phuket. My son has a surfboard/ approx. 6 kg/ but dimensions are approx. 175 cm x 50 cm x 20 cm. This is a small surfboard but it seems to exceed your size limits. Please advise. regards Mike Kelso

Admin Reply :

The length of surfboard allowed to be carried in check in baggage shall be up to 2.5 meters which is about 250cm. That is the only condition. If the weight of check in baggage, including that of surfboard, is more than permitted allowance then excess charges will apply.

Isha Dwivedi

Posted on 22-May-2019
Hi, I have booked flight from Delhi to Bali MH-191, MH- 715 and return flight from Bali to Delhi MH- 714, MH- 190. Please let me know if I require transit visa of Malaysia for the same?

Admin Reply :

You need to check this with airline. We can not say on Visa matters.

y chong

Posted on 20-May-2019
my baggage allowance is 30 kg. can I checked in 2 baggage. I am travelling by Malaysian airline

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be 2 check-in baggage within 30 kg weight allowance.


Posted on 19-May-2019
I am going to travel, from NAIA (Manila) to Adelaide South Australia. My booking is Economy Class. May i know how much kilos is my baggage allowance? Thank you

Admin Reply :

AS mentioned earlier also, within economy class there are four different types of fares or tickets. These are Economy Promo (20 kg), Economy Basic (25 kg), Economy Smart (30kg) and Economy Flex (35 kg). Which of these is your ticket will determine what is the baggage allowance. On ticket this is mentioned in single alphabet, such as Y, V, W, etc.


Posted on 18-May-2019
Hi, I am travelling from Mumbai to Sydney. How much is the check-in baggage per person for economy class. And can it be in multiple bags, let's say if 30 Kg's allowed is it fine if I have 2 bags of 30 KG's ? Also can I have my child stroller who is 3 years and a Piano, can these 2 items I can carry as part of cabin bags. Please confirm. Thank you!

Admin Reply :

Within economy class, there are different types of fare according to which the check in baggage allowance would vary. Please check which is your fare type. If it is 30 kg in check in baggage allowance, you can take more than one check in bag. Sum of dimensions shall not be more than 158 cm for each check in bag. Stroller is allowed in cabin on first come first serve basis. However, you can also check it in. Piano can be carried in packed condition in cabin as a part of the allowance for free.


Posted on 17-May-2019
My flight is on May 25 here in NAIA, and then stop over in Kuala Lumpur for 4 to 5 hours i think, and then going to Adelaide, i am confused on my baggage allowance if it's 20 kilos or 30 kilos? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Within economy class, there are different fare type tickets. Check in baggage varies according to it. PLease check for the fare type in economy you have bought. 

Nearypanchakpor Oukchay

Posted on 17-May-2019
I will have flight from Bali to Phnom Penh with layover at Kuala Lumpur. My luggage will be shipped directly to Phnom Penh. I wonder if I can buy something from duty free store at Denpasar airport and make it through the check in at the Kuala Lumpur airport ?

Admin Reply :

That shall not be a problem provided the cabin baggage weight limits do not exceed. For confirmation, please speak to the airline local office as well.


Posted on 16-May-2019
I am travelling business class , on the website is say max 40 kgs. Can i carry 2 bags of total 40 kgs or does it have to be 1 bag of 40 kgs.

Admin Reply :

It has to be in 2 check in bag because one can not be more than 32 kg


Posted on 16-May-2019
Hi, I plan to book Malaysian Airlines from KLIA to London. But I need to know... I have a securely wrapped stretch plastic CARDBOX - 40cm Length x 100cm HEIGHT x 50cm Width as my check in baggage with 40 kg in weight. I will pay online for excess weight fee charges. Please advise if my Cardbox that is securely wrap is acceptable to be check in at self drop counter???. Thank you.

Admin Reply :

That shall not be a problem. Only the irregular check in bags, or the ones which are wraped in fabrics, blankets or with ropes so as to cause the box to be irregular shall be avoided. Do do not think yours will cause a problem. For better confirmation, please get in touch with the airline airport office. 


Posted on 16-May-2019
Hiii... i will travel from manila to penang.. what is my baggage allowance.. there is no information on that..only information of cabin: economy and class:o.. the baggage allowance is 20kg,25kg or 30kg?thanks

Admin Reply :

 You have to check which fare within the economy class have you booked. This is mentioned in the ticket. If you have booked with the agency, ask them the fare type which has been booked. 


Posted on 15-May-2019
Is motorcycle helmet is allowed as carry on luggage?

Admin Reply :

It shall ideally be checked in.


Posted on 15-May-2019
Hi, i bought a ticket to Melbourne. departure from Colombo on 06Jun and coming back from Melbourne on 20Jul. i got only 20 kg while going and 1 piece while return. what is the rate i have to pay if i want to buy another 10 kg for both ways? and what does it mean by 1 piece? Waiting for your reply. Thank you

Admin Reply :

The rate is USD 34 per excess kg.

Prevel lazaro

Posted on 15-May-2019
I have bought a toy car weight 24 kg Length 50 inches Width 28 inches Height 20 inches I want to know if i need to pay the oversize charge. This is all i have with me no other lauggage and a hand carry very small bag. My flight is from Philippines to india mumbai . Pls reply

Admin Reply :

This item has to be carried through cargo because sum of dimensions is more than 80 inches. Malaysian can accept oversized baggage of more than 62 inches linear dimensions and up to 80 inches, not beyond that.


Posted on 13-May-2019
Hello, i just wanted to ask, i am going to Adelaide South Australia on May,25. I just want to ask if my Baggage allowance is it 20 kilos or 30 kilos? My ticket is Economy Class. And also my hand carry, is it 7 kilos? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the place of origin of flight. 

Boon Hui Tan

Posted on 10-May-2019

Admin Reply :

Sum of dimensions of check in bag shall not be more than 158 linear dimensions, that is L+B+H. There is no limit of number of check-in bags to be taken and you can bring mroe than1 check in bag within this overall weight limit.

Lynn Elliott

Posted on 07-May-2019
Hello im looming at booking a flight from langkwai to denpasar bali could you please let me no the baggage allowance as when im going to book it i cant find how much it states thanks Lynn

Admin Reply :

When was the booking done? W.e.f 8 April, 2019, there is a change in check in baggage allowance rules. Also, you have not mentioned which fare type you have booked? 

So, check in baggagage allowance for bookings done on or after 8 April, 2019 is 20, 25, 30, 35 kgs respectively for Economy Promo, Basic, Smart and  Flex fares. For Business Class and Suite fares, the allowance is 40 kg and 50 kg respectively. 

If tickets are booked before this date, the allowance as per your ticket will apply. 

Kevin Booth

Posted on 29-Dec-2018
Hi I will be traveling from Bangkok to Auckland January 2019 and will have a golf bag and a suitcase not weighing more than 30kg but my ticket says only 1 checked item can you please advise

Admin Reply :

You can bring Golf bag as a part of free check in baggage allowance. If it is more than allowance excess baggage charges would be levied. 


Posted on 23-Dec-2018
Hi, im planning to buy a tv 55 inch in chongqing, china to chennai, India.. Can i carry the tv as my free check-in baggage? What about the customs tax details?. How much will be the insurance fee?

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be carried as a part of free check in baggage allowance on the condition that its size and weight limits are within the permitted allowance. In measuring the size, the sum of dimensions (L+B+H) of the LED TV package would be considered. 

We are not an authority on customs and taxation, therefore we can not say anything about it. 


Posted on 21-Dec-2018
Posted on 10-Dec-2018 Good day!!my flight was saudi to philippines. And flight will be Malaysian, connecting flight in my ticket is only 30kg only. How much do i need to pay in saudi riyals if i have a 4 kilo extra baggage. Thank you

Admin Reply :

It is USD 68 per excess kg. You can convert this to the local currecy to get an approximate idea of charges in saudi riyal.


Posted on 20-Dec-2018
Can I transport a bicycle on MAS from Heathrow to Langkawi? The online info. is confusing as there is reference to a combined max. measurement of 62” but or course bikes and bike bags are larger than this. Furthermore, there is reference to an individual assessed item ( not included in check- in luggage) for a fee of £35 out of London. This info. can be found on KLIA2 site but flights from London do not go into KLIA2. I am confused! Thank you.

Admin Reply :

62 inches is the sum of dimensions of check in bag in which the bike is to be packed. IT is L+B+H. This can be carried in check in baggage, as a part of the free allowance and if the weight is more than free allowance, then excess baggage charges would have to be paid. 

Sandy Chong

Posted on 19-Dec-2018
Hi, I am travelling from Adelaide to Lahad Datu, transit at Kuala Lumpur then Kota Kinabalu. My connecting flight is Malaysian airline. With baggage allowance 30kg for international flight and 20 domestic flight. But I am going to check through my baggage straight from Adelaide to LD as I dont need to take it. Do I have to pay extra?

Admin Reply :

Whether the baggage can be through checked in will be told to you at the time of checking in at airport and you can request for the same there. It depends on a number of factors, depending on your itinerary. So, please ask the airline for it when at airport. Else, please follow up with the airline local office giving your booking ref number in order to know the details. 

In general, if the airline is same, the connections are provided by it, you have single ticket for all legs of journey and there is no layover which requires you to leave the airport, through check-in is provided. Again, generally it does not cost extra, provided it is allowed. So, please check with the airline local office for confirmation. 


Posted on 14-Dec-2018
Hi I am traveling to Bengaluru (India) from Pudong (Shanghai), transit at Kuala Lumpur. My connection flight is Malaysian airline. Do i need a transit visa? Expecting a fast reply Thank you Anto

Admin Reply :

We can not say about the Visa matters. Please consult the ticket booking airline or agency for this matter. 


Posted on 10-Dec-2018
hello i am flying from sydney to chennai next week in economy class. i have 2 peices of 17kg ,17.5kg as check in luggage and 1 suitcase of 7kg , a laptop in backpack 3kg as cabin luggage. is this ok? whether i need to purchase excess weight or not? if i had to buy means where should i buy it thank you

Admin Reply :

It is overweight as max check in baggage for economy class is 30 kg. So 4.5 kg excess in check in baggage. Excess charge will have ot be paid. You can pay for it online on the website of the airline or call their customer service. You can even book a 5 kg slab at least 72 hrs in advance of scheduled departure time of the flight and get a 20% discount on airport rates of excess baggage (USD 64 per kg)


Posted on 10-Dec-2018
hi i am flying from Sydney to Chennai next week in economy class with the baggage allowance of 30kg check-in & 7kg cabin. now i have 2 pieces weighing 17k , 18kg as check-in luggage and 1 suitcase weighing 7kg, a laptop with its bag(backpack) weighing 3kg as cabin luggage. my doubts is cabin luggage allowance 7kg excludes laptop bag or not, do i need to buy excess baggage? if yes how do i pre-purchase it? thank you

Admin Reply :

Cabin baggage of 7 kg includes the laptop. We would suggest that laptop be carried in standard laptop bag which can be used for keeping any other thing. You shall transfer some items to check in baggage and buy excess baggage by loging in to the Malaysia airlines website Manage Booking section. Else you can contact the airline office over phone. Online payment gives you discounted rates. 

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