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British Airways Refunds

In case you have bought an air ticket from BA and the carrier makes significant change to its scheduled departure time or the change is not acceptable to you or we are not able to provide reservation to another flight which you are willing to fly on, in all these cases BA will make voluntary refunds of the tickets.

In case of delay of flight by 5 hours or more, cancellation, failure to stop at your destinations or stop over or causing you to miss out on a connecting flight, you can opt for any one of these  three:
  1. BA will make arrangement for your travel on its another flight, as soon as possible, and in the same cabin class, without taking any extra charge. Ticket validity will be extended where needed. 
  2. BA will carry you to same destination at a later date within the validity period of your ticket on another of its scheduled carriers. Fare class will be same as well.
  3. BA gives refund

Refunds will be provided to the full value of ticket if you have not used any part of the ticket.
However, if you have used any part of the ticket, then the amount of refund will be difference between the fare and any surcharges, taxes, fees paid and the fare (+taxes + surcharge + fees + other travel charges) for which you have used the ticket. 
There is a provision for providing compensation in cases of denied boarding as well. The compensation will be provided only if you have bought a valid and confirmed ticket and have checked in within stipulated time.

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natan gad ghita

Posted on 04-Jul-2023
can i be refunded the purchased luggage for the reservation 3SKK3K .I will not check in luggage from london to cancun , would it be possible to get a refund for the luggage purchased ?

Admin Reply :

Yes, you shall be able to get it through Manage Booking section of the website.

Jacqueline Breakspear

Posted on 30-May-2023
I wish to cancel my payment for check in baggage on my booking number M712TO. How can I do this? I am worried about cancelling my flight by mistake!

Admin Reply :

You can take the help of airline customer support if you are not very confident of doing it yourself. OTherwise, you can do so online using Manage Booking section of the airline website:

Jacqueline Hathaway

Posted on 30-Dec-2022
My flight got canceled on 12/19/22 I paid for my baggage at the airport when I arrived for my flight but when my flight got cancelled they did not refund me for my baggage. How do I get my refund for my baggage

Admin Reply :

Airlines shall be able to refund it to you. You can speak to the customer support, writen them an email or even make use of Social Media such as the airline facebook and/or twitter account.


Posted on 18-Jan-2020
my flight landed at Heathrow on time, But I was stuck on the plane for 40mins waiting on buses to take us to the terminal. For that reason I missed my connecting flight. I had book all flights with British Airways to my final destination. British Airways said it is not there responsibility to get me to the terminal on time its only there responsibility to get me to the airport on time so they are not responsible for my delay is this correct

Admin Reply :

The airline argument looks right.

Keith Willson

Posted on 15-May-2019
Hi, My son Cameron Willson arrived back this morning from Dallas to LHR on BA1589 landing at 08.20. The flight was operated by American Airlines (AA20) but sold as BA. The ticket purchased allowed him one checked case (23 kg) however he was told that he had to pay for the case (USD 59 & USD 5 for purchasing a card as they don't take cash). How do we go about claiming a refund for the USD 64? Regards Keith Willson

Admin Reply :

Please get in touch with the British Airways local office for this matter.

Janice Simpson

Posted on 11-Dec-2018
I paid for a second bag on a ORD-LHR-MAN flight. At the check in counter, the agent offered me a long haul upgrade. As the second bag would now be free, I inquired about a refund or offset of cost to upgrade. She printed off an upgrade receipt and said that all I had to do was to produce the receipt and the second bag fee would be reimbursed. How do I go about claiming my refund for the second bag?

Admin Reply :

You need to contact the airline customer service in your country for this matter. 

You can even raise this in their social media account of  Twitter @British_Airways. by using the Direct Message service.


Douglas Brown

Posted on 21-Aug-2018
I paid for an additional checked bag, then did not check more than my allotment. Can I get a refund for the "exra" bag I did not cjheck? How do I go about doing this?

Admin Reply :

If you would have cancelled the purchase of extra bag before checking in using the Manage My Booking section of BA website, you would have got the refunds.  But, after checking in, the refunds are not going to be given by the airline. 

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