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American Airlines Liability and Limitation

American Airlines applies limitations to different types of liabilities.

loss or delay of baggage must be reported to the AA office before leaving airport and latest before 4 hours of arrival of plane. If passenger has used the BAGS VIP service, then the complaint can be presented within 12 hours of arrival..

Liability for loss, delay and/or damage to the baggage on the domestic routes is limited to USD 3400 per ticketed passenger. Greater liability can be assumed if the passenger pays charges of $2 per $100 of excess declared value.

For international travel, the liability for loss, delay and damage is limited to USD 1131 SDRs for every ticketed passenger.

American Airlines does not allow carriage of certain items as checked in baggage (except strollers) and if these are carried as checked in baggage, then AA does not assume any responsibility for these and does not accept any liability in this respect.

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