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Qatar Airways Liability and Limitation


Personal Damage

In event of death or bodily injury, liability of Qatar Airways will not be limited by the provisions of any convention-Warsaw or Montreal.

Further, in case of any liability, the carrier will not limit liability upto damages worth SDRs 113100 provided that the carrier and its agents have take all necessary precaution to prevent the damage.

If the damage to the passenger or deceased has happened due to the negligence of that person only and not due to the carrier or its agent, the carrier might be exonerated of its liability wholly or partly.

Within 21 days of the identification of the person to whom the compensation is to be made, carrier would make the advance payments which can not be less than 16000 SDRs per passenger.

With respect to carriage to/from USA or stopover in USA, the limits of liability are USD 75000 including the legal expenses and costs. There is an exception to this rule that if the case has been brought in a State where there is a provision for separate award of legal fees and costs, the liability of carrier is brought down to USD 58000 exclusive of these costs.

Damage to Baggage

In the event of damage to the checked baggage, Qatar Airways will be held responsible and liable for damages when this has been caused due to its negligence.

Liability of Qatar Airways w.r.t. loss of or damage to the baggage is as per the following rules:

  1. The areas where the Warsaw Convention applies--Liability is limited to USD 20 or SDR 17 per kg. For unchecked baggage, it is  USD 400 or SDR 332 per passenger.

  2. Where Montreal Convention applies-- Maximum liability is of SDR 1131 SDRs per passenger for both checked and unchecked baggage.

Delay in Carriage Liability

In areas where the Montreal Convention applies, the limits of liability are 4694 SDRs per passenger. However, this liability is waived if it is proven that the carrier, its agents and reps all took reasonable measures to avoid the delay.

Other important points:

  • Qatar Airways assumes liability for its own flights.

  • Not liable for damages arising out of compliance with laws or government regulations.

  • Not liable for indirect damages.

  • Not liable for personal injury, illness or death of a passenger who was physically or mentally of such condition that it could be hazardous to him or her.


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