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Air China Frequent Flyer Program

Phoenix Miles is the frequent flyer program of Air China which seeks to reward its loyal passengers. This rewards program is based on point earned for mileage flown on Air China, its Star Alliance members and other airline partners such as Tibet Airlines, Dragonair, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Uni Air, ShanDong Airlines, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Air Macau, Dalian Airlines, TAM and Air China Inner Mongolia. Mileage points can also be earned with non-airline partners of the carrier such as hotels, car rentals, telecom, tourism and ecommerce companies. Passengers above 12 years of age are allowed to enroll in the program.

There are 4 different levels of membership and each has its own set of cards- Ordinary, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Passengers below 12 years of age are given a Junior card. Silver, Gold and Platinum cards are also called Elite Cards.

You can become a Silver member from an ordinary one if you can earn 40000 level kilometers or 25 level flight segments within last 12 consecutive months. Gold level is attained at 80000 kilometers or 40 segments and the Platinum level is attained at 160000 kilometers and 90 level segments. Even if passengers are not able to meet these criteria, special upgrades to Gold/Platinum can be granted to Silver/Gold members when they are able to retain their membership status for 4 years. Silver membership is retained by attaining 35000 km or flying 23 segments in last 12 consecutive months. Gold membership is retained by having 70000 km or 36 segments and Platinum membership is retained by getting 145000 kms and 80 level segments.

The kilometer miles earned are valid for 3 years from the date of flight for redemption purposes.

Air China has outlined the different accrual ratios of kilometers, the minimum kilometers accrued and the number of segments as per cabin class of travel on flights of Air China or its partner-airlines.

Redemption on airlines is possible only in the form of award flights and membership upgrade on Air China, Star Alliance partners and other airline partners. Kilometers from non-airline partners can be used only for award flights. How many miles are used for what all purposes of redemption by the different passengers is provided in detailed charts.

If you have any query related to accrual or redemption of the flight rewards, please let us know.


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Posted on 30-Jan-2017
Recientemente hice un viaje a Japón y me hice las tarjetas de star alliance, una a mi nombre y otra a la de mi marido, pero creo que no están activadas. Me gustaría tenerlas al día y los números son: 016057067017 y 013057067021. Por favor, digan cuál corresponde a cada uno y si se pueden anexionar a las antiguas que había dé SPANAIR que yo era Silver. Atentamente en espera de sus noticias

Admin Reply :

Please write your queries in English.


Posted on 06-Sep-2016
Hi, I'd like to ask regarding my Phoenix Miles membership and member number is 000612448200 - Silver. Currently, I have 65,606 usuable mileage. I'd just like to understand the following: - How many miles do I still need to earn to attain the GOLD status? - When will be my current usuable mileage expire? I'm planning for my flight to Europe and I'd like to know whether I'm nearing to reach the GOLD status or not. And whether my membership will soon expire. Really appreciate your immediate response and assistance on this. Cheers. // Ann

Admin Reply :

Gold level is attained at 80000 kilometers or 40 segments

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