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China Eastern Airlines Special Assistance

China Eastern provides assistance to passengers who are in special circumstances due to their state of health, disability or age.

Pregnant Women

Expectant women are allowed to travel on China Eastern airlines up to 32 weeks of pregnancy but they are required to provide documentation stating the advancement of their pregnancy.

For those who are in 32-36 weeks of pregnancy, a Certificate of Diagnosis is required which shall be provided within 72 hours of flight departure. This certificate shall clearly indicate the expected delivery date. The certificate shall be issued by a third-grade hospital.

Women of more than 36 weeks pregnancy are not allowed to travel on its flight.

Stretcher-bound Passengers

As per the airline policy, there is a need for some adult to accompany a stretched-bound passenger. There is also a requirement to provide clear indication of the status of the accompanying passenger and whether any other support is required or not. Each flight has space for only one stretcher bound passenger and that too in the economy class section. Therefore, prior enquiries shall be made. Passengers are required to arrive at the booking office of the carrier at least 48 hours in advance of their flight departure to request for a stretcher assistance. Stretcher bound passengers are allowed a baggage allowance of 100 kg.

Mobility Disabled

China Eastern Airlines has a limit on the number of mobility-disabled passengers who can fly in an aircraft. This depends on the make of the aircraft and the level of disability of the passenger. Wheelchair and other mobility aids are allowed for such passengers.

Unaccompanied Minors

If the unaccompanied minors are travelling on international flights, they shall buy ticket at the fares which are applicable for adults. However, for the domestic flights, they have to buy tickets at 50% of adult fare. Also, only unaccompanied minors of age between 5 to 12 years are required to avail of this service mandatorily. China Eastern limits the number of unaccompanied minors for different airplanes. These depend on the make of the airplane.

Guardians or parents of the child are required to fill the required form and are also required to remain present at airport till completion of check in formalities. Also, they are required to provide the name, address and contact details of the person who would be coming to receive the child at the airport. There is a need for that receiving person to provide the details of identification verification.

Children of more than 12 years are considered unaccompanied if they are travelling with adults but in separate classes.

If the child has to travel on connecting flight unaccompanied, this has to be brought to the notice of China Eastern and confirmed seats shall be booked for the entire journey.


Infants of less than 14 days of age are not allowed to fly on China Eastern. Depending on the passenger load factor and availability of equipment on flights, the carrier restricts the number of infants to be carried. One adult can carry 2 infants. Age of adult must be 18 years or above. If two Cradles are allowed to be carried for infant and if there is a need of using the cradle provided by the carrier, then infant shall be less than 10 kg weight and up to 75 cm length only.

For baggage allowance rules for infants, please visit the baggage allowance page.


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled


Posted on 23-Dec-2018
Hi I am 22 weeks pregnant flying from Philippines to China am I still allow to flight even though I don't have a medical certificate? But I do have my ultrasound result. Thanks

Admin Reply :

The airline does not make it necessary to bring the Fit to Fly or Certificate of Diagnosis for women up to 32 weeks pregnancy. However, it does want you to have those documents which show how old is the pregnancy. So, you must bring your rpregnancy progress report copy which is usually maintained for this period. 



Posted on 30-Nov-2018
I have my friend, she pregnant 24 weeks can she allow to flight if she doesn't have any medical record?

Admin Reply :

We apologise for late reply. There was a problem with our server in sending the emails.

Your friend will be allowed to fly. You must be having some proof which can state the pregnancy time. This record shall be taken so that it can be shown to the airline staff whenever they ask for it. 


Posted on 20-Dec-2015
i have a friend and his son who don\'t speak much English, therefore have problem communicating. They are planing to travel from Calgary in west jet, your partner airline, from Vancouver to Kunming to Kathmandu in China Eastern. Is it possible to get assistance for the connecting flights in Vancouver and Kunming ?? Thank You.

Admin Reply :

Yes, the assistance is provided for people who are not able to communicate properly. However, you will have to notify airlines about this special requirement before departure of flight and preferably at the time of making booking of tickets. 

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