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S7 Airlines Baggage Allowance

Free baggage allowance of carry-on and check-in luggage on S7 airlines depends on cabin class of service.  

For infants travelling without a seat, check-in baggage allowance is 1 piece up to 10 kgs and total dimensions up to 203 cm. For infants it allows free carriage of bassinets and car seats in addition to baggage allowance. It also allows baby carriages for free for all children less than 11 years of age. Bassinets of a folding baby carriage can be taken in cabin if the size is within permissible limits.

Here is the allowance chart for Cabin and Check In baggage:

Economy Basic

Economy Flex

Business Basic

Business Flex

Carry-on baggage — 1 piece up to 10 kg, size 55х40х20 cm1

Carry-on baggage — 1 piece up to 10 kg,

size 55х40х20 cm

Carry-on baggage — 2 pieces up to 15 kg in total, size 55х40х20 cm

Carry-on baggage — 2 pieces up to 15 kg in total, size 55х40х20 cm

Paid baggage, 1 piece 23 kg

1 piece 23 kg, the sum of measurements is up to 203 cm

1 piece 32 kg, the sum of measurements is up to 203 cm

2 piece 32 kg each, the sum of measurements is up to 203 cm

Oversized and Overweight Check-in Baggage

At this stage, S7 does allow you to pay additional charges for carrying overweight or oversized baggage online. You can also pay for it while checking in at the airport or at contact centre as well.

It shall be noted that shall the weight exceed 32 kg and sum of dimensions exceed 203 cm, it is the prerogative of the airline whether to take such baggage or not. If it allows you to take, then you will be required to pay for it at the airport.

If you are interested in knowing the excess, overweight or oversize baggage charges, you can simply visit the following link and check for the route of your travel.

Personal Items as Carry on Luggage

Besides the free allowed carry on luggage, the passengers are also allowed to take one additional personal item. This could be any of the following:

  • lady purse or briefcase;

  • stick;

  • flower bouquet;

  • paper folder;

  • umbrella;

  • overclothe;

  • printed publications for reading in flight;

  • photo camera;

  • video camera;

  • infant food for use in flight;

  • cellular phone;

  • laptop computer;

  • suit in garment bag.

  • a carriage with a child under 11 years old;

  • bassinets and car seats of any sizes in case of transportation of a child under 2 years;

  • crutches and foldable wheelchair having suitable dimensions that can fit into overhead cabin or under the front seat.

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Posted on 19-Jun-2019
Hello! I have purchased a ticket on S7 Airlines and have been looking for information regarding fees for extra checked baggage. How much would it cost to check 2 extra bags onto an international flight? (Total of 3 checked bags for an economy basic ticket) Thank you in advance for your response!

Admin Reply :

Please use this link to know the costs:

Rudi Kim

Posted on 28-Nov-2018
Hi. I have a question. In my ticket it says I'm Class S and Class N, What is that supposed to mean? Will I have any problems with anything?

Admin Reply :

These seem to be fare classes. Can you please tell your route of travel and the baggage allowance mentioned in ticket, if any?

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