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Jet Airways Check-In and Boarding

Jet Airways provides different types of check-ins depending on travel within India or international travel.

Types of Jet Airways Check In

1. Jet Airways Airport check-in :

For domestic flights, the check-in counters are opened usually 2 hours before scheduled departure and the passengers are required to check-in at least 60 minutes before schedule departure (for passengers coming from Jammu, Srinagar or Leh, check-in shall be done 120 minutes before departure of flight and for passengers travelling in group of 10 more this time period is 90 minutes).

Closure times: Domestic flights - 45 minutes; International flights: 60 minutes before scheduled departure;

Tele check-in passengers shall report prior to 50 minutes before departure of flight. In case of failure to do this, the seats will be released for passengers on standby.

For the international flights, counters for check-in open 180 minutes (3 hours) before departure and closed 60 minutes before departure. Groups of more than 10 passengers shall travel minimum 120 mints before departure. Passengers who have opted for tele, web or SMS check-ins shall report to airport prior to 60 minutes before departure. 

Closure time: Counters close 60 mints before departure of flight (75 mints in case of Dubai airport check-in).

Boarding Gate closes 25 minutes prior to departure and if passengers fail to board, their travel coupons will not be returned or revalidated for travel on another date.

2. Jet Airways Tele check-in :

Preferential facilities for tele check-in are provided to passengers based on their membership status and the class of travel. Tele check in allows you to select seats but the boarding pass is to be collected at airport.

For travelling within India on Jet Airways, the guests of Premiere and Konnect Select and JetPriviledge Platinum, Gold and Silver members can call between 48 hours to 60 minutes before departure. Passengers who have tele checked-in are required to be present at airport at least 50 minutes before departure of flight. 

For international travel, First Class, Premiere, Jet Priviledge Platinum, Gold and Silver members are required to call between 48 hours to 4 hours before scheduled departure of flight. There is also a need to report to airport check in counter at least 60 minutes before departure.

3. Jet Airways Web check In :

By using the web check-in facility, you can get your preferred seat and print the boarding pass from the comforts of your home or office. If you are a JetPriviledge member, you can also gain 250 JPmiles as bonus on checking in by Web.

Jet Airways Web Check-in Time Requirements for Domestic and International Flights

Class Category Check-in within India (before depart.) International Check-in (before depart.) 
First Class  All  N/A  48 to 2 hours  
Première  All  48 to 1 hour    48 to 2 hours  
Economy  JetPrivilege Platinum / Gold  48 to 1 hour    48 to 2 hours  
JetPrivilege Gold (For booking in - W, O, H, V class) 48 to 12 hours 48 to 12 hours
 All other guests  48 to 12 hours    48 to 12 hours
  All Guests 12 to 1 hours 12 to 2 hours 

Please make use of the following infographic to know details about

Jet Airways web check in Process 

1. Visit the official website of Jet Airways:

2. Goto 'Plan You Travel' in main navigation

3. Fill all details, such as First and Last name, Departure city and PNR number, Jet Privilege Number or E-ticket Number

4. Select your seats. Make special service requests. 

5. Get the boarding pass. 

Destinations where drop-off boxes are present

Check in counter closure times-

Domestic flights: 45 minutes before departure time

International flights: 60 minutes before departure time. 

4. Jet Airways Kiosk check-in :

The facility of kiosk check in is available at select locations across the country. Jet Airways provides this service at airports of Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune, Vadodra and Chandigarh. Your boarding pass can get printed from these kiosks. You can also earn 250 bonus JPMiles with kiosk check in. It can be done in the time frame of 24 hours to 45 minutes before departure of scheduled flights within India whereas the time period is     24 hours and 60 minutes for international flights. Abu Dhabi is the only destination where kiosk check in facility is provided by Jet Airways.

The process of Kiosk Check In begins by swiping your Jet Priviledge Card or Debit or Credit Card for name verification, filling in PNR number as per eTicket, confirming the itinerary of travel, selection of preferred seat and printing of boarding pass.

5. Jet Airways Check-in while walk-in :

This is an innovative concept in the check in procedure. It makes use of a Rover Agent who carries a hand held device and hip printer for checking in the guests. This has been introduced in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Goa and Pune for now.

6. Jet Airways City Check-in :

For guests who are having a hand baggage and traveling on a confirmed ticket, they can move to the city office of Jet Airways and can check in between 24 hours -2 hours before flight departure. This facility is currently being provided at Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Benguluru, Kolkata, Chennai and Indore. In case of city check in, you are required to report at the airport prior to 45 and 60 minutes before departure for domestic and international flights respectively.

Internationally, Jet Airways offers city check in facility at Abu Dhabi and Dammam. At Abu Dhabi, luggage can be checked-in at City Terminal or ADNEC 4 to 24 hours before scheduled departure of flight and get the boarding pass. In Damman city, the check-in can be done at City Terminal which is next to SAPTCO Bus Terminal. This can be done 6 hrs to 24 hours before departure of flight and get the boarding pass. 

7. Jet Airways City check-in at Delhi Airport Metro Express Line :

Three stations of the Delhi Metro Airport Line have been delineated for providing the check in facility to the guests. These are New Delhi, Shivaji Stadium and Dhaula Kuan stations. Check-in on this line begins at 6 hours and closes 2 hrs 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure of flights. City Check In (CCI) special identification tag and boarding tag will be attached to the boarding passes and check-in bags.

Reporting at the Jet Airways departure gates shall be done 30 minutes prior to departure.

8. Jet Airways One-time check in on return journey :

For guests who are traveling to a destination and then coming back on the same day on domestic flights, there is provision for having one-time check in facility. You can have the boarding pass for return flight issued right at the time of boarding the first flight. Please note that the boarding pass for return or onward journey flight can be issued in the beginning itself provided that the return or onward flight is scheduled to depart within 24 hours and guests are not carrying any baggage for their return or onward flight.

9. Jet Airways Through check-in :

Through check in a facility which is provided on domestic sector flights of Jet Airways or on other airlines who are entering or leaving the country. Guests checking in one the partner airlines of Jet can be issued boarding passes for the final domestic destination. Even the baggage will be tagged to final domestic destination.

Let us have a look at some of the guidelines of the Through In Check In:

In case of flights booked on single ticket, through check in is available if  the time between arrival and departure is within 24 hours. These flights can be for within India or connecting to/from India.

In case of flights booked on separate tickets, through check in is provided by Jet Airways when following conditions are met:

a. For Domestic Journey, stopover has to be less than 12 hours, journey shall be on Jet Airways/Konnect, separate tickets shall be reserved for travel within India and the itinerary is tickets on 589/705 document.

b. For the international journey, the stopover shall be of less than 12 hours, journey shall be on Jet Airways/Konnect, separate tickets for travel within India and international travel is to or from Bangkok, Muscat, Singapore, Dubai and Kathmandu and the 589/705 document is used to ticket the itinerary.

10. Jet Airways Tweet Check In

Jet Airways has introduced #JetInstant hash tag which can be used along with the official airline handle @jetairways to know about the twitter-based services. Using this feature, the passenger can know about lowest fare, flight status and can check-in. Here are steps following which this can be accomplished:

a. For Lofare

Tweet or DM: @jetairways lofares<Origin><destination><Departure date in DDMM formation><Return date DDMM >

b. To know flight status

Tweet or DM: @jetairways fltstatus<Flightnumber><Flight departure date DDMM>

c. In order to check-in

DM: #checkin<First name><Last name><PNR><Departure City>

11. Jet Airways Through Check-in To/From Macau

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

AsishMohit Gupta

Posted on 04-Aug-2018
We are travelling from LHR to BOM vide PNR MZOJNW on Jet Airways 9W 118 on 23rd Aigust 2018 reaching BOM 1100 hours on 24.8.2018 at 1100 hours with connecting flight 9W 625 to CCU at 1740 hours . Could our check-in baggage be booked through to CCU ? Alternatively can be Re- check-in our check-in baggage immediately after Customs and Immigration at BOM , day at 1200 hours for the 1740 flight?? We would like to go out of the Terminal with our hand baggage and return in time for boarding the flight 9W 625 to Kolkata . Thanks Asishmohit Gupta and Joya Gupta

Admin Reply :

You will have to clear the Immigration and Customs at first point of entry in India itself. Therefore, recheckin has to be done. Please take care of the timelines for checking in.

Lawrence wosskow

Posted on 07-Feb-2017
We are flying from Amritsar to Delhi on Thursday am We are then flying on virgin from Delhi to London Can we check our luggage in Amritsar and then it is checked all the way through to London or do we have to get it in Delhi and re check everything in in Delhi and get new boarding passes. Is 2 hours long enough

Admin Reply :

You will have to recheck in for completing all formalities. 

suman maiti

Posted on 21-Oct-2016
1. how much luggage is free for domestic travel. 2. where to getdown to board the jet airways at delhi.

Admin Reply :

15 kg check in and 7 kg cabin allowance per adult or child passenger is free. 


Posted on 19-Oct-2016
I have checked in online but Do not have a print out of the boarding pass Can I proceed directly to the gate? I have no luggage to check in

Admin Reply :

You will need a print out of the boarding pass. Please do have it. 

Vinaykumar Dalal

Posted on 14-Sep-2016
I am planning to fly By Malaysian airlines (code share Airline to Jet Airways) from Kuala Lumpur to Mumbai. For this my office is issuing ticket to me. After that I am planning to take Jet Airways flight from Mumbai to Vadodara as a connecting flight. What free check in baggage for Mumbai Vadodara segment will be considered, as PNR will be different. Can I request Boarding pass at Malaysian Airline counter at Kuala Lumpur airport? Please guide me.

Admin Reply :

Since it is a different PNR, you will have to pay for excess baggage charges.

Tobias Braun

Posted on 10-Jun-2016
For the main lugguage I can take 30 kg. My question is, if this 30 kg can be in 2 bags or in only 2 bag. Thank you. Tobias B.

Admin Reply :

you can take it in 2 bags. 

Vikram Singh

Posted on 24-May-2016
Hi thanks for the reply. But as said by you that I will have to ask airline to do the same for me.The request has to be made at the counter since jet airwyas say that through check in ,is possible only for halt of less than 12 hours. Pl.advise. REgards,

Admin Reply :

They are right. 

Vikram Singh

Posted on 23-May-2016
I am traveling from Delhi to Toronto via London.The halt is of 14 hours at London.And my ticket is by jet airways and second flight from London to Toronto is by Air canada.I want to ask whether through check in ,of luggage is allowed.Pl.advise. Thanks,

Admin Reply :

You will have to avail of the through check in facility. Please ask the airline to do the same. 


Posted on 05-Oct-2015
I am travelling from copenhagen to pune Via hydrabad, do i need to recheckin my baggege at hydrabad airport. Please find my booking details. from copenhagen to Hyd-ZIDFTN from Hyd to pune-CFCZEI

Admin Reply :

Can you tell us which airline is the first carrier and your travel dates because its allowance policies would apply? 

deepak ch.tewari

Posted on 22-May-2015
sir, my dep from vns/ccu is at 1850 hrs on 22/5/15&arrival at ccu is at 2020hrs again on 23/5/15 I will go for check in for ccu/ixz at 02:45 ie a within a gap of 6hrs. Can I get the boarding pass at Varanasi itself & collect my luggage in Port Blair(ixz Veer savarkar Airport)

Admin Reply :

It would have been better if the PNR no was also provided. As a rule, the carrier does allow you to get the boarding pass at Varanasi itself for the next connecting flight. It also permits you to check in the baggage only once and collect it at the Port Blair airport. 

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