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JetStar Special Assistance

JetStar provides special assistance at the airport and during the flight for passengers with special needs. These passengers could be pregnant women, unaccompanied minors, mobility disabled, visual and audio impaired people and those requiring medical attention.

JetStar requests all its passengers with special needs to inform the airline about their condition well in advance of their air travel. Though the airline is bound to provide assistance at all times, it might be operationally restrained if passengers mentions the special assistance required at short notice.

Pregnant Women

Expectant mothers can fly in JetStar Airways up to 28th week of pregnancy without requiring any doctor certificate on the condition that there is single pregnancy and there is no complication.

All pregnant women in and above 28th week of pregnancy are required to provide medical certificate from their treating doctor or midwife.

The certificate shall not have been issued more than 10 days before date of travel. This certificate shall mention the expected due date, whether it is a case of single or multiple pregnancy and that there is no complication.

The maximum time up to pregnant women can travel on JetStar airlines depends on whether the flight is of up to 4 hours duration or more.

For flights of less than 4 hour duration, the maximum time period of travel in this situation is up to the end of 40th week in case of single pregnancy or 36th week in case of multiple pregnancy.

For flights of more than 4 hours duration, the max time up to which pregnant women can travel is 36th week and 32nd week in case of single and multiple pregnancy respectively.

Infants of less than 48 hours age are not allowed to be carried in flights of JetStar, JetStar Asia and JetStar Japan. For JetStar Pacific, infants younger than 7 days are not allowed on flights.

Vision or Hearing Impaired Passengers

Deaf or hearing impaired passengers can call the National Relay Service in Australia and make calls using TTY, Speech-to-speech and internet relay mediums. Besides, personalised in-flight safety briefing can also be provided by the airline. This briefing can also be provided for the blind passengers provided the airline in informed in advance of travel date and preferably at the time of ticket booking.

Accredited Service Dogs are also allowed to travel with the passengers. JetStar and JetStar Asia accept the service dogs trained from the approved training institutes. These service dogs could be guide dogs, hearing dogs or assistance dogs, duly accredited by training institutes.

If the dog is not accredited by approved organizations, there is a need to get the clearance for travel in flight.

It is to be understood that emotional support animals are not accepted on the airline flights.

Mobility Assistance

If you are not able to move without wheelchair, JetStar provides wheelchair assistance at the airport. You must mention to the airline where exactly you want this assistance:

  • At airport, from check in point to airplane

  • To get on-board

  • To get to your seat

The carrier provides three different type of wheelchair assistance-

  • WCHC (wheelchair cabin)

  • WCHS (wheelchair steps)

  • WCHR (wheelchair ramp).

There is a need to inform the airline in advance, if you are carrying a wheelchair of your own.

Unaccompanied Minors

All JetStar flights and JetStar Asia flight operating to/from/within Australia and NZ

The children enrolled in secondary school OR above 12 years of age shall be able to travel independently.

Valid ID proof required to be shown at the airport are the following:

  • the proof of age such as passport or birth certificate,

  • school id card from a secondary school,

  • letter from secondary schoolon its letterhead stating the year and confirming current attendance or enrolment.

Other JetStar Asia flights

Passengers below 12 years of age are required to be accompanied by a passenger of age 15 years or above. Those above the age of 12 years can travel independently.

JetStar Pacific flights

Children below the age of 12 years are required to be necessarily accompanied by a person of 15 years or above age.

JetStar Japan Flights

Children of age group 2-11 years are required to travel with an accompanying passenger who shall be 12 years or more in age. In case of infants, the accompanying passenger age shall be 15 years of more. It is only in case of JetStar Japan flights that the accompanying passenger is required to be less than 15 years of age, which is, otherwise, the general norm for all JetStar carriers.


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Mobility Assistance If you are not able to move without wheelchair, JetStar provides wheelchair assistance at the airport. You must mention to the airline where exactly you want this assistance: •At airport, from check in point to airplane •To get on-board •To get to your seat

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