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Tigerair Baggage Allowance

Tigerair is the airline of Singapore. There are three different conditions of carriage for respective subsidiaries of the carrier for three countries-Singapore, Australia and Taiwan. On this page, the rules of baggage allowance pertaining to TR flights operated by Tigerair Singapore have been outlined. Along with these, rules pertaining to the TT flights of Tigerair Australia and IT flights of Tigerair Taiwan have also been mentioned.

Cabin or Hand Luggage Allowance

2 pieces of carry-on luggage of total maximum weight 10 kg and each having dimensions of 54, 38 and 23 cms are allowed on Tigerair Singapore and Tigerair Taiwan flights. Tigerair Australia passengers are now allowed same carry-on allowance after travel date of 17 April 2015.

Check-in Luggage Allowance

Check in baggage rules of Tigerair are a little different from the other airlines. There are no prescribed free allowance rules which specify a particular number of bags, weight or dimension restrictions w.r.t. check in luggage. Rather, the carrier provides a hand-baggage only fare to the passengers and gives them the option of Luggage Upsize at the time of making the booking. However, each check in bag shall not weigh more than 30 kgs.

Luggage upsizing can be done for one-way flights by paying fees and at the time of making reservations. This facility is available per passenger. If this facility is needed for the return flights as well, then flight sectors have to be booked separately.

If passengers fail to avail this at the time of booking, the same can also be done by calling call centre up to 4 hours before flight departure or even at the airport. However, the upsizing can be done only for a 15 kg weight at the airport by paying SGD 50 as fee. If there is a need to bring more than 15 kg baggage using airport upsizing facility, excess baggage charges will apply. These excess charges are SGD 25 per kg for ex-Singapore flights. For other countries, local currency rates would apply.

Tigerair Australia passengers can buy 15 kg slab at airport for AUD 75 for short haul flights and AUD 90 for long haul flights. Excess baggage per kg is charged fee at AUD 20 per kg for short haul flights and AUD 25 per kg for long haul flights. Short haul flights are of less than 1 hr 45 min duration and long haul flights are of more than this duration. The international short haul flights of the carrier charge passenger AUD 100 for 15 kg check in baggage at airport and AUD 30 per excess kg. If passengers seeking to travel on international flights from Australia, book tickets at airport, then a fee of AUD 30 per passenger is charged by the airline at airport.

Sporting equipments have to be carried in the check in luggage. Luggage Upsizing fee is not applicable to their carriage. These entail charges separately.

Musical instruments are classified into small, medium and large ones for the purpose of their carriage in Tigerair Singapore. Small instruments of 105 cm x 38 cm x 23 cm size are allowed inside cabin and these shall be within the weight and dimension restrictions. Medium sized instruments of 160 cm x 40 cm x 50 cm dimensions can be carried in cabin by purchasing and extra seat for it or can also be checked in. Only one such instrument per passenger would be allowed inside cabin. Extra seat must be bought at least 3 hours before departure and, if checked in, Luggage Upsize shall be bought 4 hours before departure of flight. Large Instruments of size 190cm x 60cm x 80cm shall be checked in. Any instrument of more than this size is not allowed.

Tigerair Australia permits carriage of instruments in cabin provided these are no larger than 30 x 117 x 38 cm. Above this dimension, it needs to be checked.

Carriage of live animals is not allowed on Tigerair except for Seeing eye dogs on domestic flights of Australia. Human remains are not allowed on its flights.


Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Guo Yanwen

Posted on 31-Jan-2020
Hi I am flying from Hong Kong to Singapore. May I know if I can bring a brand new 15inch MacBook Pro in my hand luggage?

Admin Reply :

Laptops can be carried in cabin.

Arnel Castillo

Posted on 28-Sep-2018
Hi. I have flights from Melbourne to Singapore and Singapore to clark Philippines. Im a seaferer and i have 2 baggage for check in 23kls and 20kls carry on baggage is about 4kls. I just wanna ask if there's any problem regarding my check in baggage? And if the give a consideration im working in the cruise ship for a 7 months. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

There is no free check in baggage allowance on Tigerair. You will have to buy it. This can be done online at discounted rates on the website of airline. 


Posted on 30-Jul-2017
Hi we are travelling from sydney to melbourne next saturday. My brother booked 3x 30 kgs check in luggage for us. I would like to know if we can bring 4 luggage for a total of 90 kgs. Or it is only 3 luggage of up to 30 kgs. Please confirm.

Admin Reply :

It would be good to keep it at 3 pieces. 


Posted on 28-Jul-2017
What is the Baggage limit for tiger ah to Tiger for carry on? I've already purchased 40kg but can I purchase any additional baggage?

Admin Reply :

Baggage allowance rules of Scoot will apply. You have not mentioned when was ticket booked and which route you are flying?


Posted on 28-Jul-2017
I have bookeed flight for chennai to bali in one stop in singapore waiting time is 7.5 houres i take any transit visa singapore airport my flight 501.and singapore bali flight no.Tr 2288 and baggage. how much prize kilo any on line booking and air port booking

Admin Reply :

Tigerair has merged with Scoot. You need to check which fare class ticket has been booked and when was the booking done. We suggest that you contact the local airline office for details. 


Posted on 26-Jul-2017
How many kg allowance to flight to Bangkok from Sydney

Admin Reply :

Tigerair has merged with Scoot from July 25th, 2017. So, it is Scoot's baggage allowance policies which will apply. Minimum check in baggage allowance is 20 kg for one person. 


Posted on 26-Jul-2017
How many kg for carry on for the cabin allowance, thanks so much

Admin Reply :

Please mention the route.

larissa sam

Posted on 21-Jul-2017
Can I carry 2 litre water bottle in by check in luggage to singapore?

Admin Reply :

That shall not be a problem.


Posted on 18-Jul-2017
Hi we three of us flying with 3 yr old child to singapore from cochin this week.we have done prebooking of 20 kg check in baggage.can I able to split 20kg into two bags for checkin?child also allowable for 10kg hand luggage is it?please confirm. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

Infants are not allowed free check in baggage allowance. You can only take some feed and milk for infant in flight for consumption during the flight. You can split it into 2 check in bags.

You will have to buy check in baggage for infant. Pram or portable cot can be carried in check in free of cost. 


Posted on 16-Jul-2017
While traveling from Ho chi minh City to Bangalore (SGN BLR) TR 2329 & TR 2652 Will the Check in luggage will be automatically transferred in (Changi airport) Singapore,or we have to collect it in Changing airport and re Check them to TR 2652?

Admin Reply :

This can be known during the time of check in. Rules vary from place to place and from airline to airline.

Juvelyn licaros

Posted on 27-Feb-2017
Hi my employer booked me a flight with no check in baggage? Can i not carry even a single backpack or my laptap on board? Please i need clarification regarding this. Or else can o purchase it in any travel agency who also book tigerair flights?thank u

Admin Reply :

You can avail of the Luggage Upsize facility by calling the airline customer service at least 4 hours before scheduled fligh departure time. This service can also be used while at airport but only up to 15 kg would be allowed. 


Posted on 26-Jan-2017
Hi I already upscaled my baggage while traveling to Singapore. However I want to be able to make the payment for the return journey to India prior to date of departure. Please let me know how I can do the same.

Admin Reply :

You could have done so while booking the return segment flight. 


Posted on 25-Jan-2017
Hi, may I know there is limitation for a number of baggages to check in? I already upsized to 40kg .

Admin Reply :

How many are you planning to take? Since weight you want to carry is 40 kg, it has to be taken in two check in bags since one check in bag can not be more than 30 kg. So, 2 have to be taken. 


Posted on 24-Oct-2016
Hi, may i know whether can I hand carry a coffee grinder (13(w)x16(L)x26(H) cm) on board?

Admin Reply :

No, this has to be checked in. 


Posted on 12-Sep-2016
Frying pan allowed in carry on?

Admin Reply :

No, it has to be checked in. 

Rajnish Tyagi

Posted on 23-Aug-2016
we(2 person) are travelling Singapore to Bali on 1 jan 2016 how much weight we can carry check in and hand baggage

Admin Reply :

There is no free check in baggage allowannce. Rather, you are allowed to upsize luggage to 40 kg checkin. Cabin allowance is 2 bags of max 10 kg weight.


Posted on 13-Jul-2016
how many check in bags can we carry per person and how much can each weigh?

Admin Reply :

What is the route of travel? Details are mentioned in the content above. 

Miller Raja karunakaran

Posted on 21-Jun-2016
I have booked ticket by Tiger. Air 2103 from Bangok to Singapore and TR 2636 from Singapore to chennai. How much cabin luggage and hand luggage i may be permitted

Admin Reply :

There is no free allowance on Tigerair flights for check in baggage. 2 cabin bags of a total of 10 kg weight are allowed to be carried free, 

patricia Goh

Posted on 03-Jun-2016
HI, we are flying from SIN to PEN by Tigerair Light Fare. For our carry on baggage, 2 carry on baggage means, we can bring in 2 bags with a combined weight of upto 10kg right, is a handbag or waist pouch considered as 1 of the baggage? We can bring in a 20inch luggage in the cabin right? Thanks

Admin Reply :

Handbag would surely be considered as another hand baggage. Waist pouch may not be considered so. Dimensions shall be as mentioned in the content above. 


Posted on 12-May-2016
Can u carry induction cooker ( electric ) in hand baggage on chennai - Singapore flight .

Admin Reply :

This can be carried in check in and not in hand baggage. 

jyotsana agarwal

Posted on 15-Mar-2016
i would be travelling to Singapore from India on 20th march 2016.What would be the maximum permissible free of charge cabin luggage

Admin Reply :

2 bags of total weight 10 kg is the cabin allowance if you are travelling on Tigerair Singapore. 

Mukundan krishna menon

Posted on 14-Mar-2016
I have a confirmed ticket in flight TR-2649 from COK to SIN for Apri 2, 2016 for me and my wife Kalalekshmy. We have a pre paid check in baggage of 20 kg each. This implies that we can carry a luggage of 40 kg total( ie.20 kg each) without paying any additional charge. My PNR No is. O9FFKG. KINDLY CONFIRM

Admin Reply :

Yes, that is true. You can carry a total baggage of 40 kg. However, no one check in bag shall be more than 30 kg. 


Posted on 23-Nov-2015
Hi, I\'ve booked a flight from Taipei to Bangkok and buy the check in baggage 15 kg. This means that I can check in any number of the baggages but over all weight must not more than 15 kg? Thank you

Admin Reply :

Generally, it allows you to divide check in allowance into more than one bag.

Amanda Asma

Posted on 21-Oct-2015
Hi, does it cost money to take a car seat on the aeroplane as luggage for my 1 1/2 year old? If so, how much? We are planning to fly from Brisbane to Cairns, return. Thank you, Amanda

Admin Reply :

An infant will be charged $30 (but not due to car seat) and will be allowed car seat free in check in luggage. In cabin, the infant will have to be seated on the lap of an adult. 

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