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LATAM Airlines Special Assistance

LATAM Airlines provides special assistance to people with special needs and special conditions. It does require passengers to inform it well in advance of the travel date ( at least 24 hours before departure time) so that suitable arrangements can be done.

Some of these special need types and airline rules or policies relating to these are mentioned here:

Pregnant Women

In general, the airline advises its pregnant passengers to take have a medical certificate to ascertain fitness to fly.

However, it also mentions that if you are in good health up to 27 weeks of pregnancy, there is no need to have a medical certificate.

From 28th week onwards, there is a need to bring the medical certificate which shall not be older than 10 days before flight date.

From 36 week of pregnancy in single pregnancy and 32 weeks in case of multiple pregnancies onwards, a LATAM medical department issued certificate is required and you can not fly on flights of less than 6 hours.

Expectant mothers are not allowed to fly from 39 weeks onwards.

Reduced Mobility

Passengers are allowed to take their wheelchairs in the cabin but are first required to inform the airlines at least 48 hours in advance of flight time. Such passengers are required to contact their contact center.

Lithium battery powered wheelchairs are allowed in cabin if it use one battery of 300WH or two batteries of 160 WH each.This shall be mentioned either on battery or technical manual. These have to be fixed to the wheelchair in such a way that there is no chance of short circuit or other damage to batteries.

Canes, prosthetic devices, crutches, etc are allowed in cabin free of cost.

Assistance or Guide Dogs

The airline requires dogs to be leashed and muzzled all time during the flight. There is also a need to have official documentation which proves that it is a guide dog. Up-to-date health documentation is also required.

Emotional support Animals

LATAM Airline requires submission of a medical certificate on the letterhead of licensed psychiatrist, psychologist or Clinical Social Worker which states that this animal is required to travel with you. This certificate shall not be more than 1 year old.

Unaccompanied Minors

If children of age 5-11 years are flying along on LATAM airlines, then the Unaccompanied Minor service of the airline has to be bought mandatorily. For children of age 12-17 years, this is an optional service. The children shall be able to take care of their basic hygiene needs. Any child with a medical condition is not allowed to take this service. This is only available for direct or connecting flights of the airline operated by it without the change of airport or of wait time more than 4 hours. All the time while on board, the children will be seated on front rows and would be the first to board and last to get down the plane.

Full name and contact details of the child, along with the carers at departure and arrival airports are required.

Fees for the service is given in table below:


Within Brazil

R$ 149

Within Chile, Argentina & Ecaudor

US$ 15

Within Colombia

$50,000 Colombian Pesos

Within Peru

USD 25

International routes

US$ 100

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