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Frontier Airlines Check-In and Boarding

You can check-in on Frontier Airlines in different ways.

Methods of Check-in

  1. Online

  2. Mobile

  3. Airport

Frontier Airlines Online Check-in

You can check-in using the online medium from 24 hours up to 60 minutes before the flight departure time. Using this method of checking in you would be in a position to buy baggage, pay for seats and print the boarding passes.

Frontier Airlines Mobile Check-in

The airline has mobile application on Android and iOS platforms which can be installed in mobiles for performing a range of functions, including checking-in. The mobile boarding pass can be retained in the device to be shown at the airport.

Frontier Airlines Airport Check-in

At the airports, Frontier airlines allows you to either check-in using the kiosks kept at the airport or use the counters for the same. For using the kiosks you would need the confirmation code for ticket booking, confirmation email, passport, credit card and ID. Using kiosks you would be able to view itineraries, buy bags, upgrade seating and, at last, print the boarding pass.

Priority Check-in

Frontier Airlines also provides the facility of priority check-in on its airport check-in counters. This is for selective passengers. These passengers could be the ones who have bought the bundles (the WORKS and the PERKS bundles), bought a carry-on bag or an Elite level member of EarlyReturns frequent flyer program.

Frontier Airlines Cut-off Time for Check-in

All passengers must get their boarding passes printed and bags checked-in 45 minutes before departure of Domestic Flights and 60 minutes before departure of International Flights.

They must be present at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before the departure time.

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