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United Airlines Baggage Allowance

Cabin Classes of Travel

There are five different classes of travel on United Airlines. These are:

  • United Economy,
  • United Business,
  • United First,
  • United Polaris First class, and
  • United Polaris Business 

Check-in Baggage

United Airlines allows you to carry up to two baggage as checked in luggage with maximum weight being 23 kgs and linear dimensions being 158 cms. Check-in baggage allowance and fees depends on following factors:

1. Type of fare purchased

2. Date of purchase and travel

3. Itinerary

4. When and where the baggage is checked and charge paid

5. Active Military status

6. Mileage Plus Frequent Flyer Membership status

You are required to pay fees for check-in baggage, except in certain cases where check-in bags are allowed free. The charges start from $30 for 1st bag in economy class and it increases as more check-in bags are brought.

Feel free to contact us for check-in baggage fee or free allowance.

Excess Baggage Charges

Additional Baggage

On carrying three or more check-in bags of weight up to 23 kg each and sum of dimensions less than 158 cms, following charges have to be paid. All prices are in USD/CAD per piece. 

Within the United States, and between the United States and Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands 150
To the Caribbean, Central America and South America 150
Between the United States and Mexico 180
All other international destinations 200

Overweight Baggage:

Overweight bags are more than 32 kg but less than 45 kg. However, musical instruments and assistive devices of more weight can be taken. All charges are in USD/CAD per piece. 

Within the United States, and between the United States and Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands 23-32kg 100  per piece
33-45kg 200  per piece
To Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Micronesia 23-32kg 200  (except Mexico where charge is 100 )
33-45kg 400  (except Mexico where charge is 200 )

Oversize Baggage:

If the check-in baggage is of size more than 159 cm and less than 292 cm, then the charges are 200 USD/CAD per piece. These charges apply for all routes.

Carry On Luggage

At UA you are allowed to carry 2 pieces of cabin baggage- one freely allowed luggage and one personal item. There are limits on the dimensions and weight of these items. Carry on baggage shall not be more than 22 cm, 35 cm and 56 cms (9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches) including its wheels and handles and the personal items shall not be more than 22cm, 25 cm and 43 cms (9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches). This is also applicable to United partner airlines, such as GoJet Airlines, Mesa Airlines, Republic Airways

A personal item of more than these dimensions but not exceeding the limits of free luggage, will be considered as a freely allowed cabin baggage.

For Basic Economy tickets, only 1 personal item is allowed. If carry-on baggage is brought, it is to be checked in at gate (after paying a handling fee of $25). Same is also applicable to Air Wisconsin and CommutAir.

Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Marilize Delport

Posted on 05-Jul-2023
Hi Can you tell me what is the weight per check in bag is from New York, USA to Cape Town, South Africa on United Airlines?

Admin Reply :

You are allowed to take 2 bags of 23 kg each per passenger for this route in economy class. 


Posted on 06-Oct-2022
How many check in luggage is authorized for Polaris business

Admin Reply :

Please provide the route of travel so that we answer you correctly.


Posted on 15-Jul-2020
can we carry two bags of 23 kg from delhi to san francisco with unied airline in econo,y class tkt

Admin Reply :

We believe you shall be able to take it. We suggest you go by the ticketed allowance. link might be helpful in this respect.

Larry Heafner

Posted on 17-Nov-2019
What is the carry on weight for luggage to SouthEast Asia

Admin Reply :

Most of US airlines, including United, do not provide weight limits for carry on baggage or personal items. However, these do have size limits which must be adhered to. We would suggest that you limit the carry-on weight to 7 kg, though this is not mandated by the airline. 


Posted on 02-Jul-2019
I will be traveling from Mumbai to Houston tomorrow I have 2 checking bag but I want to know what will be the charge for extra baggage 23 kg. Please teply

Admin Reply :

As per our information, if this is an economy ticket, then 1 check in bag of 23 kg is free, the second bag is to be charges $100. However, if it is any other higher class of travel, then allowance is 2 bags of 23 kg each. Charges for 3rd bag is $200. This bag shall be of 62 inches linear dimensions and weight shall not be more than 23 kg. 

Robert Deans

Posted on 14-Dec-2018
Will be flying United from Glasgow UK to Orlando Florida in September 2019, can you tell me if there is now a baggage charge for checked in bags as I have been travelling with United for more than 20 years and have never had to pay for checked in bags before.Has there been a change policy as I find the web page regarding this a bit confusing.Thanks Robert

Admin Reply :

The check in baggage allowance is free for certain customers only. These are Active US Miliary members or their dependents, MileagePlus Premier members. If you are any of these, then you are entitled to some free check in baggage allowance, depending on status level. So, please do let us know what MileagePlus membership you hold and whether you are active US military person or a dependent, or not. 


Posted on 10-Oct-2018
Good Day! I will be having a flight tomorrow, October 11 at 11:59 pm on an Economy class. I just want to be sure if my 2pcs hand-carry bags 7kg each and 2pcs Check-in Luggage 23kgs each are Good to go. I will be coming from LAX airport and will be traveling to IAH Airport. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

Only 1 cabin bag is allowed free within size limit of 56, 35 and 23 cms. There is no free check in baggage allowance. You will have to pay for each bag you carry. 


Posted on 02-Sep-2018
I like to do needlework while traveling so I need info on needle and sewing scissors.

Admin Reply :

These can be taken in check in baggage only. 

Atul Mishra

Posted on 30-Aug-2018
Hi Team, Whats is the Size of TV we can carry from US to India in United Airlines.And whats the cost affliated to it.

Admin Reply :

You can carry that size of LED Tv in check in baggage which meets the size and weight limits of your check in baggage. 

Santosh Reddy

Posted on 23-Jul-2017
Is there any excess baggage allowance for people traveling on students visa

Admin Reply :

Do not have any such information. 


Posted on 21-Jul-2017
hi i am travelling from hyderabad to abudabi,jfk airport ,to rochester through jet airways. we r traveling 4 people with 8 checkin bags nd 4 cabin bags. i have a question.,,if i want to carry extra check in baggage how much do i need to pay. can i carry extra baggage as 23 i need to pay any other charges again in jfk airport.? if i am carrying extra 10 kg in my 8th check in baggage how much money i have to pay extra?

Admin Reply :

Extra 1 check in bag of 23 kg is charged at USD 200. Excess weight or oversize is charged at USD 150 for such check in bag. 


Posted on 21-Nov-2015
united airlines allow extra 3rd baggage for free under student visa

Admin Reply :

No information on this as of now.

basab chakraborty

Posted on 21-Aug-2015
I am looking to travel from CVG to CCU. My flight details are as below: CVG to ORD by United Airlines ORD to DEL by Air India DEL to CCU by Air India. Air India allows 2 checked in baggage for travel to India. My question is when I travel by United Airlines from CVG to ORD will it allow 2 checked in baggage without any extra charge since my connecting flight Air India allows 2 checked in baggages. Thanks.

Admin Reply :

United Airlines will go by its own baggage allowance policy. 

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