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In case there are flight cancellations, delays more than 90 minutes or diversion of the flights, Delta, at the first instance, will seek to refund the unused part of the ticket. However, if the passenger does not ask for refund, Delta will strive to make arrangement for next flight on its own airplane. There is another option which the Delta Airlines can provide at its own discretion provided that the passenger also agrees to it. It is that Delta may make the plan for arranging the travel on another carrier or using the ground transportation.

Compensation for Denied Boarding

Delta Airlines has the right to overbook flights and this might lead to a situation when the boarding has to be denied to passengers. At first, Delta will ask for volunteers to disembark to make way for others. Who will be given priority boarding will depend on the rules of Delta. The priority is given below:

a) First or business class travelers and Diamond, Platinum or Gold Miles SkyMiles members.

b) Passengers who comply with the check in and boarding timelines.

c) Passengers without the boarding passes who have been rebooked due to delay or cancellation of previous flight or the SkyMiles Silver Medallion members or of SkyTeam Elite or Elite Plus status and finally those without any such eligibility.

d) Passengers who have special needs.


Compensation for Involuntary Denied Boarding

In case of overbooked flight, if a passenger is denied boarding involuntarily, then Delta makes arrangement for next available flight on its own airplane or on the other airlines airplane. Besides making these arrangements, Delta is also committed to provide compensation. So, what will this compensation be? The quantum of compensation will be:

1. 200% of fare to the next stopover or to his final destination with an upper limit of USD 650, in cases where Delta is able to provide alternative qualifying transport.

2. In case it is not able to provide the alternative qualifying transportation to passenger, compensation amount will be 400% of the fare paid for the next stopover or final destination flight with an upper limit of USD 1300.

However, no compensation will be payable in cases where the passenger is not able to meet the terms of contract of carriage, or the passenger is not able to meet weight and balance restrictions or passengers refusal to airlines proposal of carriage in alternative cabin of low fare.

Another notable feature is that the carrier will pay compensation for denied boarding at the place where this occurred and in cash or in immediately negotiable cheque.

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