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Air New Zealand Frequent Flyer Program

Airpoints is the frequent flyer program of Air New Zealand. It is a free program and any person can join. The points earned in this program are called Airpoints Dollars. These are earned and spent in a number of ways. Another program, called Koru Program, comes with even more benefits and privileges but is a paid program. Details of both these programs are given below.

Airpoints Membership Tiers

Please note that Status Points are different from Airpoints Dollars. The former is associated with determination of tier levels of frequent flyer member whereas the latter can be used for many special benefits.


To Move to Next Level

To Retain Existing Status Level

Silver (at least half on Air NZ operated flights and qualifying flights of airline partners or Star Alliance members)

450 points

405 points

Gold (at least half on Air NZ operated flights and qualifying flights of airline partners or Star Alliance members)

900 points

810 points


1500 points (at least 900 on Air New Zealand operated flights or qualifying partner airline flights)

1350 points (at least 900 on Air New Zealand operated flights or qualifying partner airline flights)

Period of consideration for membership level upgrades and retention of Airpoints is 12 months.

Earning Airpoints

  1. On Air New Zealand Flights- Make use of the calculator available at in order to know how many Airpoints Dollars can be earned on the Air New Zealand flights. This calculator also shows Status Points to be earned.

  2. On Partner Airline Flights- Make use of the calculator available at in order to know how many Airpoints Dollars can be earned on the partner flights, including Star Alliance partners. This calculator also shows Status Points to be earned.  There are 28 Star Alliance partners and 12 co-operation partners.

  3. Hotel Partners

  4. Hotels, powered by Expedia

  5. Car Rental companies

  6. OneSmart- Onesmart is another way to spend Airpoints Dollars. It is the only prepaid card travel card that can be used in foreign countries as it can be loaded with NZ dollars.

  7. Air New Zealand Travel Insurance

  8. Air New Zealand Taxis

  9. Air New Zealand Parking

  10. Airpoints Earning Credit or Debit Cards- ANZ, American Express, Kiwibank and Westpac are card partners of Air New Zealand.

Spending the Airpoints Dollars

Spend 1 Airpoint Dollar for 1 New Zealand Dollar.

Make use of Airpoints Flexipay for pay partly in Airpoints Dollars and partly in cash.

On Reward flights

  1. On Air New Zealand flights: After logging in, you select to pay using Airpoints Dollars at payment stage. Else, it can also be done on phone or via travel agent. Any government cost is to be paid using the credit card, OneSmart or POLi.

  2. Star Alliance Flights: There is a partner airline reward chart which shows how many Airpoints Dollars are need to pay for a reward flight. These flights can be booked by calling the customer service of Air New Zealand.

  3. Partner Airlines: Virgin Australia, Cathay Pacific, Jet Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Etihad are the airline partners of Air NZ where these points can be redeemed for flights. Passenger need to call Air New Zealand contact center in order to fly on these reward flights.

You can also buy companion tickets on these airline flights or make onboard purchases of different products, such as food and beverages, wine, inflight wi-fi and other stuff.

On Cabin Class Upgrades

There are different types of upgrades available. Which of these can be had by you depends on the Airpoints status.

  1. OneUp Upgrade or Economy Skycouch: This is in an interesting and innovative feature of using the loyalty reward points for upgrading cabin class. Under OneUp you are required to make an offer of the price you are willing to pay for an upgrade to next level. There is an offer indicator in the same window which tells you how strong your offer is. Once the offer is made, Air New Zealand emails you 3 to 7 days before the flights to tell you how good your offer was. These upgrades must be requested at least 3 days before travel date.  You are required to make an upgrade offer by providing your booking reference and family name

  2. Recognition: Recognition upgrades are provided by Air New Zealand every membership year. Elite, Gold and Silver Airpoints members receive this each membership.


Status tier

Recognition Upgrades

Upgrades confirmed


In  year, two recognition upgrades, short haul recognition upgrade and ability to gift these to anyone

Up to 355 days prior to the scheduled flight time.


In a year, two recognition upgrades

Up to 6 days before travel time Elite upgrades are confirmed.


In  a year, one recognition upgrade

Up to 6 days before travel time after Elite and Gold upgrades are confirmed.


c) Elite Airpoints Dollar Upgrades: In this a passenger can upgrade by 1 cabin class. These shall be requested as early as possible, preferably at the time of booking tickets. This is available only on Air NZ operated and ticketed flights.

d) Star Alliance Upgrades: This is to be requested online by filling up a form.

On Buying Wine from Air New Zealand Online Store

On Buying Air New Zealand Merchandise from its online store

On Car Rentals

- Avis and Budget are the two car companies associated with this program

On Travel Insurance

The Koru Program

Koru membership and its fees is given in table below:

Membership type

Joining fee

1 year

2 years

5 years

Individual (over 18 years of age)





Corporate (more than 10 members)





Senior membership (over 65 years)





Partner renewal membership





Benefits of the Program

  1. Lounge access- for all Air NZ flights at airports + select partner lounges

  2. Guest and child lounge access- Koru members allowed to bring one guest in lounge

  3. Koru Guest card- For having two guest, Koru members can buy Koru Guest Card to access the lounge. Following types of cards can be bought at given price below:

  • 3 months - $85

  • 6 months - $165

  • 9 months - $250

  • 12 months - $325

      4. Complimentary frequent flyer seating

      5. Priority check-in and boarding- Just like the Elite and Gold members of Airpoints program, Koru members are allowed priority boarding by using the priority check-in counters.

      6. Baggage privileges- Additional check-in baggage  of up to 23 kg subject to upper limit of total of 3 check-in bags. This is for Air New Zealand operated and ticketed flights.

      7. Fast Bags- This service can also be availed by Koru Members provided the check in bag is no more than 15 kg in weight.

      8. Air China travel, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines and Virgin Australia travel benefits are available to Koru members

      9. More Koru benefits- These include priority reservations and wait-listing, Koru Cover insurance,


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