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Ryanair Special Assistance

There are certain well defined special service categories of Ryanair which can be pre-booked by passengers requiring certain types of special assistance. This pre-booking is allowed only in its website and up to 48 hours before the flight.  From 48 hours to 12 hours before the flight, this can be done using the Special Assistance Line. Another requirement is for the passengers to be present at the desk of Ryanair at least 1 hour 40 minutes before the flight.

Disabled or reduced mobility

Special attention is paid to ensure that the disabled or people with reduced mobility are seated where there is no hampering of access to emergency exit gates or equipment.

When the people with reduced mobility have to carry assistance dogs with them, there are two types of services provided by Ryanair.  These are BDGR and PETC. BDGR assistance is for those disabled who need walker assistance from airport to aircraft seat and vice versa. PETC is for those who do not need any such service at the airport. Besides, these two types of assistance that are applicable if you are traveling with a guide-dog, there are also two more kinds of assistance for people such as WCHC and WCHS. WCHC assistance refers to the one where passenger has to be lifted on/off the aircraft cabin and also between aircraft and airport during arrivals and departures. WCHS refers to assistance required for moving up or down the aircraft steps.

Wheelchairs are also provided on-board the aircraft. Crew assists the passengers with reduced mobility to only get till the toilet door. In no case are they expected to assist passengers in getting up/seating on seats or to move inside/get off from their toilets seats. Toilets are fitted with the grip bar to enable passengers to use toilets on their own.

Intellectually disabled people can also avail of the special services of Ryanair. DPNA is meant for people who can understand the safety instructions and the assistance is needed by them for moving to the boarding gate.

Blind passengers who need a walker for moving through the aircraft upto the seat are covered under the category of BLND.

Infants and Children

New born babies of upto 7 days of age are not allowed to travel in Ryanair flights. From 8th day and up to 23 months (means before reaching the age of 2 years), infant are allowed to travel accompanied by an adult of more than 16 years of age. Even if the baby reaches 2 years of age during the return trip on Ryanair, there is a need to book the adult fare for the child.

For infants of more than 1 years of age (less than 23 months) there is a provision for providing the Amsafes CARES child restraint whose weight limit would be 10-20 kgs. If a separate seat has been booked for the infant under Amsafes CARES child restraint, there is a provision for providing free cabin baggage of 10 kgs along with a small cabin bag. However, the booking of this types has to be made by calling the call centre of Ryanair and informing them of the Amsafes CARES child restraint as well.  You can also bring a car seat on board so long it has been approved for aircraft use.

Unaccompanied minors under the age of 16 years are not allowed to fly alone. It also does not provide the escort services as some of the other airlines do.

Guide Dogs

There are different regulations pertaining to traveling with dogs or pets. These depend on the routes or countries of travel. While these are allowed on all domestic and intra EU/EEA flights of the carrier, these are not allowed on flights to/from Morocco. For carrying pets on all EU/EEA flights, there is a need to carry the Pet Passport or official Veterinary Certificate.

The guides dogs have to be properly trained, muzzled and restrained. Further, there is a need to seat the pet near the foot of the passenger. It is also important to inform the carrier while making the booking about the carriage of pets. Since only 4 guide dogs per flight are permitted, you might need to know whether the flight you are flying will be able to accommodate the pet or not.

Pregnant Women

The pregnant women can also travel on the Ryanair flights. In case of uncomplicated pregnancy there is no need to carry a ‘fit-to-fly’ certificate if the pregnancy has not yet moved into the 28th week. Once it enters the 28th week, there is a need to carry this certificate issued from the doctor or the midwife and present the same at the bag drop desk or the boarding gate. This certificate shall not be of more than 2 weeks later date than the flight date. The format of certificate is available on the carrier website (please ask us if you are not able to locate it).

For uncomplicated single pregnancy, you can not fly on Ryanair beyond the end of 36th week of pregnancy. And, if yours is the case of multiple pregnancies, then you can not travel beyond end of 32nd week.

Post-pregnancy, mothers are allowed to fly after 48 hours if there has been no surgery or complications. However, if there has been a surgery, there is a need to get approval of travel from the doctors and the time period after which she can fly is 10 days from pregnancy.


If you are use electric wheelchair or mobility scooter for moving around, then there is a need to ensure that:

  1. wheelchairs use dry/gel cell only.

  2. When collapsed, the dimensions do not exceed 81 cms height, 119 cms width and 119 cms depth.

  3. battery power is deactivated, terminals removed and protected from short circuiting.

Wheelchairs of passengers are not allowed inside the cabin. Rather, there are on-board wheelchairs for use of passengers who are mobility restricted.



Ask Your Questions Temporarily Disabled

Catherine Doyle

Posted on 22-Sep-2023
How much do i have to pay for a cabin case with a handbag on the special assistance

Admin Reply :

Which cabin class are you flying and on which route?


Valerie Henderson

Posted on 31-Aug-2023
I wish to book Special Assistance on my booking. ZNDLXN. One way to Alicante on the 6th Nov. I have booked seat 33F. I require wheelchair assistance to the airplane on & off. I don’t do stairs easily. I have attempted to access this on line but have not been able to. Thank you for your assistance.

Admin Reply :

Kindly check this with the airline and make a request to the airline. We are not the airline, we are only an informative website. 

Lynne mack

Posted on 24-Aug-2023
What's the maximum weight allowed for a folding mobility scooter

Admin Reply :

Size shall not be more than 81cms (height), 119cms (width) and 119cms (depth). Weight, if less than 150 kg, does not require pre authorisation but more than it requires the same. Basically, weight shall not be an issue.

Deborah Andrews

Posted on 14-Aug-2023
I have special assistance booked for my flight to Gran Canaria 01/10/23 Do I need to pay to take 10k bag on plane

Admin Reply :

Yes, you will have to buy the 10 kg bag.

Marise Timbrell

Posted on 13-Aug-2023
I will be using your assistance support. Will I be able to bring a cabin bag and a check in bag free of charge.

Admin Reply :

No, you will have to pay for the baggage.

Linda Mair

Posted on 02-Aug-2023
What is baggage allowance for special assist on Ryan air flights

Admin Reply :

What kind of special assistance it is?

Mike sutton

Posted on 02-Jul-2023
How do i get extra 7kg allowance for medicare .

Admin Reply :

You want it in check in baggage, or in cabin baggage. PLease also mention the route of travel. 

Sharon Roberts

Posted on 01-Jun-2023
When travelling with Ryanair with assisted travel is it the case that you are allowed an under seat bag as well as a maximum of 10kg hand luggage at no extra cost?.

Admin Reply :

We are not clear about your question. Are you planning to fly with an assistant? 

ian c smith

Posted on 29-May-2023
my wife requires to carry medical supplies for her condition, namely she has a stoma due to colostomy. what do i need to do when booking with regard to baggage?

Admin Reply :

You just have to inform the airline and they will inform about the medical documents they would need. A Fit to Fly certificate is what the airline might need for sure. 

Frank McConnell

Posted on 30-Mar-2023
I require WCHS assistance on all flights. Do I need to separately reserve a 10kg cabin bag on Ryanair?

Admin Reply :

Please check this with  the airline customer support number provided on this page . One cabin bag can be taken for free. 

Katharine Ryan-Murray

Posted on 06-Feb-2023
I have booked special assistance for my mother. She has a 3-wheel walker. Do I need to book that in?

Admin Reply :

Whenever flying with medical aids or mobility aids, it is always a good idea to inform the airline through customer support and if required, then provide the details of walker through online medium. You shall be able to take it for free, either in cabin if the space permits or in the check-in hold. 

Mrs Anne Cane

Posted on 23-Jun-2020
I am disabled do I still get free luggage

Admin Reply :

Yes, sure. If you are entitled to free check in and/or cabin baggage allowance, you will be provided the same irrespective of your disability.

Ryan Air does not provide free check in baggage allowance.

Biehn, Hans-Werner

Posted on 10-Dec-2018
Ich möchte mein CPAP Gerät mit auf einen Flug von Budapest nach Berlin nehmen. Was muß ich beachten? Wie muß ich vorgehen? mfg H-W Biehn

Admin Reply :

Zunächst müssen Sie sich an die Special Assistance Line der Fluggesellschaft wenden. Die Telefonnummer finden Sie unter -Kundendienst- / Sonder-Unterstützungsnummern Sie müssen sich über Ihre Anforderung informieren, und die Fluggesellschaft führt Sie durch, welche Dokumente benötigt werden.

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