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Air Costa Special Assistance

(updated 27-02-2017)

Important Note: Air Costa is no longer in operation. Please choose from among other Indian carriers. 

Air Costa requires passengers having special needs to inform about the same at the time of making the booking.

Infants- Infants have to be seated in the lap of an adult. Their carriage is not free of cost. There is an all inclusive charge of Rs 1000 per sector. A maximum of 1 infant per adult is allowed to travel in Air Costa and that too shall not be less than 10 days of age.

UAMs- Unaccompanied minors, of the age of 5-11 years, are allowed to travel on the condition of fulfilling the following conditions and paying a fee of Rs 1500 per UAM and per sector. The conditions are that the parent or guardian shall be shall sign an indemnity bond at check in counter, mention the name and contact nos of person who will meet at the destination, provide a valid photo ID for UAM and parent/guardian and parent/guardian must remain at airport.

Pregnant Women- Air Costa allows expectant mothers till the end of 32 weeks of pregnancy to fly without requiring any medical document provided there have not been any prior complications. If beyond 32 weeks, there is a need for a fit to fly certificate from treating obstetrician. Indemnity bond is also required to be filled at the airport.

Wheelchair-bound passengers- There is a limitation of carrying only 3 wheelchairs in a flight. Therefore, if passengers need this assistance, then Air Costa shall be informed at least 24 hours in advance of their travel date. Further, only manual and collapsible wheelchairs are allowed in the flight.

Visually Impaired- Passengers who are visually impaired are required to check in well in advance of their check in timings (2-3 hours prior). This is to avoid any last minute hassles.If passenger is carrying a guide dog, it shall not be seated on a seat. Moisture absorbent mat shall also be brought. Dogs shall be properly muzzled, trained and restrained. Further, the booking shall be through the call centre and not online when a guide dog is accompanying the passenger.

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