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American Airlines Refunds

For domestic travel within USA, refunds for the refundable ticket are issued fully if the ticket is totally unused. However, for the partially used tickets, refund will be equal to difference between fare paid and fare for actual transportation. All paper and electronic tickets issued with a credit card or cash, refunds will be processed within 7 days of receipt and if purchase has been by a cheque, refunds will be within 20 days of receipt of information. Refunds for lost tickets shall be done within 90 days and the tickets with adjustments can take up to 45 days for refunds.

Involuntary refunds due to failure to fly on schedule or refusal to transport are paid in full if the whole ticket is unused. If the ticket is used partially, applicable fare for unused segment is refunded.  


Denied Boarding In case of denied boarding due to oversold situation, AA would first ask for volunteers to provide seats to others. However, if there are not enough volunteers, it can deny boarding involuntarily to the passengers. Denial of boarding is primarily based on check in requirements but it can also be on consideration of facts such as fare paid, hardships and status of the AAdvantage program.

Compensation is paid for involuntary denied boarding. There is no compensation if AA provides alternative transportation that is scheduled to arrive at the destination or at the first stopover no later than 1 hour after planned time of original flight. If this time gap between the original and the alternative flight arrival times at the destination or at the first stopover is more than 1 hour but less than 2 hours then the compensation is 200% of the fare to passenger’s destination  or first stopover subject to a maximum limit of USD 650. And for more than 2 hours of time difference, 400% of fare is paid as compensation, subject to a maximum of USD 1300. Same compensation rates are applicable for international travel as well.


In cases of delays, cancellations and rerouting of flights, AA will provide correct and timely information about the same to the passengers. AA will strive to put the passengers on the next available flight. If the cause of delay or cancellation is within the control of AA and it fails to get you to your destination on the expected arrival day, it is duty bound to provide you accommodation for night.

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Posted on 10-Feb-2016
I SANTHOSH REDDY PINGILLI .My travel date 30/12/ USA.but my ticket cancell at 26/12/2015.till my amount not refund .so please help me...... Mobil no 9494800552.

Admin Reply :

Only that party which booked the ticket will be able to process the refunds. 

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