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Air France Check-In and Boarding

You can check in to the Air France airplanes using two modes-online and airport based.

Online check in starts 30 hours before the departure of flight. You can log in using your Flying Blue card number, e-ticket number or the reservation number. Online check in is also possible through the automatic route. The automatic service enables you to receive boarding pass 30 hours in advance of the departure time. This automatic service is available for departure and return flights in metropolitan France, in Europe or between Europe and North America and some of the on long-distance flights.

You are requested to carry the print outs of the boarding passes if these are received in email.

Airport Check in can also be done using the boarding pass in two ways: at a self-service kiosk or at the check in counter.

Kiosk check in can be done on the day of your flight. You can also self-tag your baggage and get the boarding pass printed. You can even go for the EXPRESS baggage drop off facility which is available at select airports in France.

Deadlines of Check in and boarding

For departure from countries other than the metropolitan France, the deadline for medium and long haul flights is 40 minutes and 60 minutes respectively. However, check in deadline for departure from London City is 30 minutes and from Brussels-Midi to Paris-De Gaulle is 15 minutes.

For departure from regions outside of Europe there are different deadlines. It is 40 minutes from Morocco and Tunisia and 60 minutes from other regions.

For departures from Metropolitan France, the check in deadline timings are dependent on which is the departure airport and the destination.

Boarding timelines

15 minutes before flight departure between Orly and metropolitan France destinations. 20 minutes before departure between Charles De Gaulle and medium haul destinations or destinations of metropolitan France. For long haul flights, it is 40 minutes before departure time.

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Gra├ža Lopes

Posted on 28-Feb-2016
Hello, I want to know if it is possible to do the check in online in a flight from Lisbon to Hanoi, opereted for Air France ( Lisbon-Paris CDG) and Vietnam Air Lines ( CDG-Hanoi). If it is not, do i have to go to the airport counter in Lisbon and made the check in with my baggage? The two flights are in the same ticket. Or i have to collected my baggage at Paris-CDG and do the check in again at the Vietnam Air Lines counter? Thank you. Yours sincerely.

Admin Reply :

Since it is a connection involving a different airline, the web check in for second leg of journey would not be possible. In that case, it is better to go to airport for checking in with baggage. At the airport, the airline staff would be able to tag the bags for through check in to final destination, if that would be possible. 


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