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Table of Contents

1. Check-in baggage
2. Cabin Baggage
3. Excess Baggage and Charges
4. Specialist Baggage(Golf, Guitar, LED TV, others)
5. Pet Policy and Rates

Check-in Baggage Allowance

Economy Saver 0 Kg
Economy Lite 30 Kg
Economy Smart 30 Kg
Economy Prime 30 Kg
Business Lite 50 Kg
Business 50 Kg
Business Prime 50 Kg
First 50 Kg
First Prime 50 Kg

Passengers with infants are allowed an additional 10 kg in all fare classes except Economy Super Saver. 

Baggage Allowance for Sindbad Members

  Gold Silver Other
First Class (70Kg) (60Kg) (50Kg)
Business Class (70Kg) (60Kg) (50Kg)
Except Economy Saver (50Kg) (40Kg) (30Kg)
Economy Saver (Prepaid bag discount) (50% discount) (25% discount) Nil

Excess Baggage Charges

Domestic flights- Per 5 kg $15 is the charge

International Flights- Per 5 kg, as per following chart

From/To GCC Indian Sub-Continent Middle East & North Africa Asia Pacific Europe
GCC $ 25 $ 25 $ 30 $ 30 $ 40
Indian Sub-Continent $ 25 $ 25 $ 30 $ 30 $ 40
Middle East & North Africa $ 30 $ 30 $ 30 $ 30 $ 40
Asia Pacific $ 30 $ 30 $ 30 $ 30 $ 40
Europe $ 40 $ 40 $ 40 $ 40 $ 40

No check in bag shall be more than 32 kg weight and 159 cm in linear dimensions.

LED TVs of up to screen size 43 inches (or, 158 cm in linear dimensions) are allowed free if weight is with allowance limit of 30 kg. A limited release tag needs to be signed. TVs of more than this size are allowed based on per 5 kg weight as given below-

a) Domestic flights- For TV screen of linear dimensions 210 cm, screen size 44-55 inches, the charges are $75 flat.

b) International flights- Charges are as follows-

From/To GCC Middle East & North Africa Indian Sub-Continent Europe & Asia Pacific
GCC $120 $120 $120 $170
Middle East & North Africa $120 $120 $120 $170
Indian Sub-Continent $120 $120 $120 $170
Europe & Asia Pacific $170 $170 $170 $170

Limits on number of additional pcs and weight of additional baggage bought:

  • All guests are limited to buying 1 additional piece, except following-
  • Passengers flying between Muscat, Europe, Thailand, Singapore, China, Malaysia & Indonesia can purchase 4 additional pieces of luggage.

Cabin or hand baggage Allowance

Economy Saver 1 piece (7 Kg)
Economy Lite 1 piece (7 Kg)
Economy Smart 1 piece (7 Kg)
Economy Prime 1 piece (7 Kg)
Business Lite 2 piece each (7 Kg)
Business 2 piece each (7 Kg)
Business Prime 2 piece each (7 Kg)
First 2 piece each (7 Kg)
First Prime 2 piece each (7 Kg)

Personal items allowed free in addition to carry-on baggage are:

  • Overcoat, blanket or wrap
  • Handbag, pocket book or purse
  • Walking stick or umbrella
  • Reading material during the flight
  • If infants are traveling, their food for consumption during flight, their strollers/carry cots/carry baskets
  • Collapsible wheelchair
  • Prosthetic devices and braces
  • Mobile phone, laptop or portable pc in bag
  • Guitar, in place of carry on bag, subject to max dimensions of 78 inches or 198cms.

Special Baggage 

Oman Air charges fee for carrying special baggage, such as sporting equipment, musical instruments, filming equipments and TV screens. Special Baggage has been divided into Standard and Large Special Baggage. The charges are different for these. Before these charges are known, it is good to know the classification of Special Standard Baggage, Large Special Baggage and XL Special Baggage. Musical instruments, sports equipments and filming equipments are classified as per this rule-

Special Standard Baggage Large Special Baggage XL Special Baggage
23 KGs 32 KGs More than 32 Kgs
Up to 210 cm/ 83 in Up to 290 cm/ 115 in More Than 290 cm/ 115 in
Special Bags not exceeding 159 CMs (total dimensions) can be accepted within allowance Charges Apply Carried by Cargo Only

a) Standard Special Baggage Charges

Domestic flights- Special baggage weight shall not be more than 23 kgs and linear dimensions shall not exceed 210 cms. Excess baggage rate is $50 per 5 kg. 

International flights- The charges per 5 kg weight are:

From/To GCC Indian Sub-Continent Middle East & North Africa Europe & Asia Pacific
GCC $ 120 $ 120 $ 120 $ 170
Indian Sub-Continent $ 120 $ 120 $ 120 $ 170
Middle East & North Africa $ 120 $ 120 $ 120 $ 170
Europe & Asia Pacific $ 120 $ 120 $ 120 $ 170

b) Large Special Baggage- size more than 210 cm but less than 292 cm in linear dimensions and weight more than 23 kg but less than 32 kg. 

Domestic flights- $75 per 5 kg

International flights- per 5 kg weight, the charges are given in table below-

From/To GCC Middle East & North Africa Indian Sub-Continent Europe & Asia Pacific
GCC $170 $ 170 $ 170 $ 220
Middle East & North Africa $170 $ 170 $ 170 $ 220
Indian Sub-Continent $200 $200 $200 $ 220
Europe & Asia Pacific $220 $220 $220 $220


Oman Air Pets Policy

There are charges for carrying pets. Pets can not be carried in cabin . These have to be checked-in hold or sent off as cargo. Oman Air accepts two pets per passenger in check-in hold. 

Pets in check-in: For carrying pets in check-in hold, the kennel shall be as per IATA specifications. Passengers must call the contact office of airline at least 48 hours before flight departure time for adding pets on flight.

  • Total weight of pet and kennel shall be max 75kg
  • Two compatible adult pets of 14 kg each or three pets of up to 6 months age from same litter up to 30 kg each can be taken.

Pets are taken as cargo: 

  • IF total weight of pet and kennel is more than 75 kg
  • Size of kennel is more than 292 cm linear dimensions (or 115 inches)
  • Pet is not flying on same flight as you
  • Destination countries accept pets only as freight. 

Cost of carrying pets:

a) Small Kennel with Pet

  • Domestic flights- $90  is check-in rate which is for max weight 23 kg and linear dimensions 203 cms for kennel
  • International flights- the charges are: 
GCC $ 120 $ 120 $ 135 $ 150 $ 175
ISC $ 120 $ 120 $ 135 $ 150 $ 175
MENA $ 135 $ 135 - $ 150 $ 175
APAC $ 150 $ 150 $ 150 - $ 175
EUROPE $ 175 $ 175 $ 175 $ 175 -

b) Medium Kennel with Pet- max weight 45 kg, 250 cms dimension

  • Domestic flights-$130 checkin rate
  • International flights-
GCC $ 200 $ 200 $ 225 $ 250 $ 300
ISC $ 200 $ 200 $ 225 $ 250 $ 300
MENA $ 225 $ 225 - $ 250 $ 300
APAC $ 250 $ 250 $ 250 - $ 300
EUROPE $ 300 $ 300 $ 300 $ 300 -

 c) Large Kennel with Pet- max weight 75 kg, linear dimensions 292 cm

  • Domestic flights- $250 checkin rate
  • International flights-
GCC $ 350 $ 350 $ 400 $ 500 $ 600
ISC $ 350 $ 350 $ 400 $ 500 $ 600
MENA $ 400 $ 400 - $ 500 $ 600
APAC $ 500 $ 500 $ 500 - $ 600
EUROPE $ 600 $ 600 $ 600 $ 600 -

Rodolfo Roque

Posted on 28-Jan-2023
Hi, my ticket says 40KG baggage allowance. I have 2 pieces to check in weighing 27kg and 13kg. And I have separate 7kg hand carry bag. Is it fit with the policy? I booked an economy class from Dammam to Muscat, to Manila. Ref. # GKPWPF and my ticket number is # 910-3901758218.

Admin Reply :

Yes, carrying these check-in bags in 27 and 13 kg, and 1 bag of 7 kg in cabin is consistent with the policy. Are you a Sindbad Silver member?

Abdussamed Vallikkattil

Posted on 21-Jan-2023
Possible the perfume hand bagege inside

Admin Reply :

Yes, keep it well packed and shall not be more tha 100ml

Sharath Chandra

Posted on 20-Jan-2023
Hi, My friend is in germany and i am travelling in oman air from bangalore to muscat and muscat to frankfurt. He is asking to get 5packs of cigarettes for him. Is it allowed? If yes should i take in cabin bag or check in bag? Please help me

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can take these in the plane, both in cabin or check-in. Lighter is not allowed.

Priscilla Joy

Posted on 08-Jan-2023
Hi, Is a backpack allowed in Oman air. If yes, what all can we carry apart from check in and cabin baggage. I am flying from hyd to Dallas. Two Oman air and last one is American. Can you please clarify regarding the backpack firstly and check in baggage also.

Admin Reply :

PLease check with the airline whether it will allow backpack along with a cabin bag. To be on safe side, we suggest backpack not be taken since airline might take it as a second cabin bag.


Posted on 06-Jan-2023
Just want to ask. Is it allowed if I bring 2 standard luggage of the same size? My flight weight limit is 30 kg but my luggage weigh 32kg combine. Is that okay? Thanks in advance

Admin Reply :

You will have to pay excess baggage charges. 

Neha Gupta

Posted on 23-Dec-2022
I have flight Delhi to muscat-dammam by Oman airways.. I have 10kg medicine with me.. so can I bring this medicine in check-in baggage or cabin baggage? In cabin baggage, medicine weight is considerable or not?

Admin Reply :

It is to be taken in check-in baggage, if this is not going to be used during the flight. However, we suggest you also check with the airline since you are carrying medicine in huge weight quantity. 

Sainath K

Posted on 19-Dec-2022
Can I use 20kg and 10kg pcs instead of 1pc 30kg for check-in baggage from HYD to LHR ?

Admin Reply :

WE do not think it shall be a problem but since airlines are putting restrictions on the number of check-in bags you can carry these day, it would be advisable to speak to the airline local office as well for confirmation.

Michael v.Milado

Posted on 17-Dec-2022
Can i bring a 40x40 carton box and a travelling bag..meaning 2pc luggage with 20kg each?for economy class?is there no problem with that?

Admin Reply :

Airline does not specifically mention that it will not allow cartons. So, you can take this. However, please ensure that the size and weight limits are observed. You have not mentioned your route of travel, therefore, can not say about the allowance you have. 

Sufyan KS

Posted on 08-Dec-2022
Can i take 4 litre zam zam water in check in bag from dubai to kochi, india?? Plz reply soon. Today is the flight. Thankyou

Admin Reply :

Oman Airways has a policy to allow carriage of 1 bottle of 5 litres of Zam Zam water in addition to check-in baggage allowance, provided the flights are from Jeddah or Medinah. Since your flight is from Dubai, please check with the airline whether they will be kind enough to let you carry it free of cost in additiona to check-in baggage.

Barinder S

Posted on 07-Dec-2022
I am traveling from Delhi to Dubai through Oman airlines. Can you please let me know if OTB (ok to board) confirmation is required or not

Admin Reply :

OKay to Board has been discountinued since 2018 for travel to UAE and Doha,  EXCEPT for passengers holding passport with ECR status and travelling on Tourist Visa / paper visa.


John Erwin Rendorio

Posted on 05-Dec-2022
I am traveling to Philippines and i booked economy lite do i have a free 30kg check in baggage excepr fpr tbe 30kg in for the ticket i booked thanks

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the Origin station. However, if 30 kg is written in the ticket, then this is your baggage allowance for check-in baggage. This means that 30 kg can be taken free of cost.

Farah Shahid Hassan

Posted on 03-Dec-2022
I'm travelling with a 3 yr old n we have 7 kg hand-carry allowance. Can I take 1 cabin size bag for both of us? Like the bag is cabin-size but is it okay to put around 10 kgs in it for both of us?

Admin Reply :

We believe that the carry one shall be separate for both of you.


Posted on 02-Dec-2022
Are snacks allowed in hand carry? Like crackers, cookies, cut up veggies, fruits, etc

Admin Reply :

These can be taken in small quantities.


Posted on 01-Dec-2022
Just want to ask, I am travelling from Dubai to mumbai via muscat on Oman airlines. Can I carry liquior from Dubai duty free via transit through Muscat on my way to mumbai.I have change of flight in Muscat Regards,

Admin Reply :

You shall be able to carry it. 


Posted on 21-Nov-2022
My things are packed in a one cotton box it is allowed or not in a check in luggage

Admin Reply :

You have to check this with the airline officials at departure airport.

Sai Prabhakar Prasad Panday

Posted on 19-Nov-2022
Good morning Sir/Ma'am, I just want to know that, I can carry and use my personal wireless headphones on flight. Please do let me know asap. Thanking you.

Admin Reply :

yes, these can be taken


Posted on 01-Nov-2022
I am travelling from Hyderbad to Canada (hyd- Muscat- Cairo- Toronto). From Hyderbas till Cairo its Oman air and from Cairo its Egypt airways. The fare type is standard and checkin 2 piece and cabin 7 kgs. How much can I carry in 2 piece luggage. 23 kgs each which makes 46 kgs in total 2 luggages or 32kgs per piece luggages.

Admin Reply :

2 pcs of 23 kg each are allowed for Toronto route. However, since you are also flying the first leg on route where weight system of baggage is applicable, and allowance for economy ticket is max 30 kg, you might have to pay excess baggage fee. So, we suggest you speak to Oman air customer support to get clarity.

Ajmeer ali

Posted on 09-Oct-2022
Hi, I am travelling to India from Riyadh Saudi Arabia in Oman air my question is IS ALLOWABLE ZAM ZAM WATER 5LTR FREE OR COST?

Admin Reply :

It is allowed free of cost in addition to check-in baggage. 

Tommi Nielsen

Posted on 06-Oct-2022
I am travelling to Muscat early November for work purposes. Can I bring some lithium batteries for power tools in my carry on luggage. The power tools will be sent as air cargo (without batteries) The batteries are 18V 74Wh llithium batteries.

Admin Reply :

Generally Lithium ion batteries of power rating less than 100 Wh is allowed in cabin, but we suggest you speak to the airline customer support regarding this as well. 

Delna Mathew

Posted on 04-Oct-2022
Hi , My parents are travelling to London airport from kozhikode by Oman air , their total luggage wait is 30 kg each, can They make it 30 kg in one piece?or what's the maximum wait allowed in single piece baggage?

Admin Reply :

Maximum weight allowed in a single bag is 32 kg. Your free allowance is 30 kg, so carrying all in one bag shall not be a problem. You can take it. However, do keep note of the size of bag. It shall not be more than 158 cm in linear dimensions. 


Posted on 30-Jan-2020
Hi,I am travelling to Trivandrum airport from riyadh, Oman air,my total luggage wait is 32kg,,can I make it in one piece?or what's the maximum wait allowed in single piece baggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken in one piece. Only weight up to 32 kg can be put in check in baggage. But, if your allowance is of 30 kg, then excess baggage weight has to be paid for.


Posted on 23-Jan-2020
Hello, London - Muscat - Colombo (economy) Can I carry 2 checked-in luggage (

Admin Reply :

yes, you can take 2 check in bags within permitted allowance limits.

Ravi Teja Peryala

Posted on 13-Jan-2020
I am flying from Brussels to Muscat with a stop in Munich. Brussels to Munich by Lufthansa and Munich to Muscat by Oman. Can I carry 30 kg in one bag directly from Brussels?

Admin Reply :

Yes, 30 kg can be carried in a single check-in bag.

Edward Donald Jordan

Posted on 05-Jan-2020
we are flying from Heathrow to Muscat then on to Goa Economy Class Flight (WY) 104 27th January 2020 can we carry our allowance 30Kg in one case

Admin Reply :

Yes, 30 kg free allowance can be taken in one bag.

Azhar Nv

Posted on 02-Jan-2020
Can i carry additional Zam Zam as part of my checked in baggage apart from the 5ltr allowance in flights from Jeddah?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried in addition to check in baggage allowance.

Michael Uri

Posted on 02-Jan-2020
Hi, I'm travelling from dubai to oman to manila in economy class. I just want to know if ever my luggage exceed just 1kg should I pay for it? Also my hand carry is only one camera bag with a laptop slot. I weight it without the laptop and it is just 5.7kg, if i include the laptop its weighing 7.3kg. Laptop will be weight will be free? Thank you again.

Admin Reply :

Laptop can be carried in addition to the carry on luggage. So, the weight of carry on luggage excludes the weight of laptop. For check in baggage, you will have to pay charges even if it is 1 kg more than free allowance. Airlines look for ways to make money and this is a good source of income for them,


Posted on 02-Jan-2020
Am travelling to India, Shall I carry 43inch Hisense tv with my free baggage allowance, it's not more than 110cms waiting for your rpy.

Admin Reply :

TV of more than 42 inches screen size needs to be carried through cargo route.


Posted on 30-Dec-2019
Is Cardboard box are allowed in Oman air flight

Admin Reply :

Yes, this is allowed as  check in baggage provided these are not irregular in shape and have flat surface.

Azhar Nv

Posted on 29-Dec-2019
Can i bring additonal Zam Zam water as part of my checked in baggage apart from the one free allowance?

Admin Reply :

Yes, Zam Zam water is allowed in addition to free check in baggage allowance for free. This shall be max 5 litres.

Romulo Dagohoy

Posted on 27-Dec-2019
I'm traveling to Riyadh to Muscat to Philippines tommow dec 28 at 4am.. I have 1 hand carry bag 7kg and 1 25kg cartoon box ang 1 15kg baggage how much should I pay extra baggage

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned cabin class of travel. 30 kg is free allowance for your route in economy class. You are carrying 10 kg excess. This will attract usd 150 for 20 kg excess.


Posted on 24-Dec-2019
I am traveling from Doha to Muscat, then muscat to salalah and salalah to Doha. I would like to know what is my baggage allowance and also if it is 30kg can this 30 kg be carried in 1 piece luggage? Your response is much appreciated.

Admin Reply :

Yes, 30 kg check in baggage can be taken in a single check in bag.

Hinna Hussain

Posted on 24-Dec-2019
Travelling from muscat to toronto tomorrow we are allowed 30kg per person with oman air, however I wanted to purchase extra baggage but I am not able to do online as coach is letting us do so. How much do I pay at the airport for extra baggage or per kg? I have 16kg above allowance

Admin Reply :

The baggage allowance for Canada city flights is based on piece system, not on weight system. You have not mentioned the cabin class of travel. Whether the allowance is free or not will depend on whether the flight is operated by Air Canada under codeshare agreement with Oman airways or whether Oman airways is the only carrier. We suggest you check with the airline local office by mentioning your itinerary.


Posted on 23-Dec-2019
Hi sir I am going to Hyderabad from Riyadh in OMAN AIR on 26th december Can I carry baggage in 15 kg carton box & 15 kg trolly suit case? Carton box allowing in baggage?

Admin Reply :

Carton boxes are allowed but these have to be flat surface and not irregular in shape. All other free allowance limits same as that of normal check in baggage.

S Kulk

Posted on 20-Dec-2019
Can we take chocolates on hand luggage?

Admin Reply :

Yes, these can be taken in packed condition.

Michael Uri

Posted on 19-Dec-2019
Hi, I'm going to Philippines next year, Jan 9 and I'm quiet confuse if its ok to have 7.3kg hand carry luggage which is just my laptop and dslr camera and lens is it fine if i exceed .3kg? Thank you

Admin Reply :

You shall weight the cabin bag and the laptop/dslr camera separately. Cabin bag shall not be more than 7 kg and in addition to it you can take a personal item which could be DSLR or Laptop.


Posted on 15-Dec-2019

Admin Reply :

Up to 42 inches of screen size TV can be carried for free provided the size of TV package has linear dimension of up to 158 cm and weight is within permitted free allowance limit. For bigger size TV, you might have to take using the cargo route. For more weight or oversize, excess baggage charges as applicable for check in baggage would be levied.


Posted on 14-Dec-2019
Can I carry my child bicycle with me in luggage

Admin Reply :

It can be carried with in the permitted allowance limit of weight and size.And, the cycle shall be disassembled and packed in a portable bag.

Mary ann

Posted on 13-Dec-2019
My travel date is dec.18 i have economy class doha/oman/manila roundtrip My luggages weights is 20kg and 15kg is that ok?

Admin Reply :

Free check in baggage allowance per passenger on economy class tickets is only 30 kg, not 35 kg. And, you can take it in two check in bags which is fine. Size of each check in bag shall not be more than 158 cm in linear dimensions.


Posted on 11-Dec-2019
How much charges for 49inch led tv in Oman air . it's 17kg . it's allow for free baggage.

Admin Reply :

We believe that TVs of more than 42 inches in screen size shall be taken in cargo, not in check in baggage. Weight is not first point of consideration, it is the size of TV. Even if weight were more and TV was less than 42 inches, it could have been taken by paying excess baggage fees.

shabnam qamer

Posted on 10-Dec-2019
I am due to travel on 24th december from manchester. my ticket says 2 bags at 20kg what does it mean. Am i allowed 40 kgs thank you

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the final destination of journey and the cabin class in which you are flying. Have you booked directly with the airline or the agency? 

Arlene Lyre Salting

Posted on 01-Dec-2019
My travel date is on Dec.2. I've packed my luggages and weights are 22kg and 20kg. How much would I have to pay for excess baggage allowance? My routes are Dammam-Muscat-Manila. Thank you for any response

Admin Reply :

Your allowance is of a max of 30 kg taken in check in baggage. Your baggage is overweight by 12 kg. This will entail charges which are given in the content above. USD 150 would be charged for a 20 kg excess bag. 

Nizam alsafa

Posted on 01-Dec-2019
Hi, I would like to choose Oman air if you allow Zam zam water as free baggage allowance to AUH to TRV. Please not I have valid umrah visa. Please your prompt reply as soon as possible Thank you

Admin Reply :

Up to 5 litres of Zam Zam water is allowed for free in addition to check in baggage allowance.


Posted on 01-Dec-2019
Is 32 inch tv are allowed in hand carry inside the plane?

Admin Reply :

LED TV not allowed inside cabin. This has to be checked in.

Crystal Saverimuttu

Posted on 23-Nov-2019
Hi I am travelling to colombo from Toronto on tuesday, november 26th.2019 My first flight is air canada from toronto to frankfurt and then rest is with oman ait via muscat to colombo. I just want to clarify if I can bring my CPAP machine for sleep apnea? Would that be considered part of my hand luggage (travelling business class) or additional luggage. With Air Canada, I am able to bring it on board and I do not have to considered it as additional luggage.

Admin Reply :

CPAP machines are allowed on-board in flight in all airlines and are not considered a part of carry-on baggage. Please get in touch with the airline local office for any documentation which might be required as well. 


Posted on 22-Nov-2019
I did call the local agent and insist them on asking their supervisor; they are not sure and told me to email Still this is the reply I received: "Thank you for your email. Kindly be advised that the baggage would be as per the ticket. As Silver benefits would not be entitled when booking with code sharing flights. Regards" So, apparently, the membership benefit does not apply if you book a journey containing codeshare flight even though the first flight and the major route was operated by oman air. They insist on customer buying business class ticket without applying the benefit of membership. Membership or not does not really give you any extra benefit in addition to what would already offer by the price you pay for business ticket.

Admin Reply :

We would suggest that you go by what they have said and do not invoke extra baggage rule for your membership status. However, thanks for sharing this with us. 


Posted on 22-Nov-2019
hello maam/sir i would be travelling to philipines on dec ill be bringning 43inch tv..only w/no luggage at all.w/ economy would it still charge me bec the free alowance is 42inch while i dont have any luggage at all..and if ever how much would it cost the 43inch tv.tnx..

Admin Reply :

Yes, it will be charged because it is exceeding the stipulated size of TV as a check-in baggage.


Posted on 18-Nov-2019
I am a silver member of oman air and want to book an economy ticket for the entire journey from Jeddah-muscat-kuala lumpur-ho chi minh city. The first two flights with oman air and the last with malaysia airline but they are booked in the same ticket on oman air website. I want to clarify the allowance of checked bag in this case. Originally I thought with my silver membership, economy ticket should be able to get 50kg checked allowance. However, I have been informed via facebook messaging with oman air that I will not be getting this benefit of 20 kg extra besides the 30 kgs for economy ticket unless I upgrade for the business fare the whole journey. Could you tell me whether I am correct with the 50 kg limit and how to claim this with the membership card?

Admin Reply :

Oman Air clearly mentions that if all parts of a journey are not on Oman Air, but the tickets are issued by Oman Air (and even your first flight is with the OA) then its own baggage allowance policies will apply. In that scenario, you are right in claiming that being a Silver member, you shall be having a check-in baggage allowance of 50 kg while flying Economy and distributed over 2 check in bags so that no bag is more than 30 kg weight. 

We would suggest that you use some other medium of communication with airline than Facebook to speak to another more knowledgeable agent. And, you must insist on them speaking to their supervisors. Also, do check with your ticketed allowance. What does the ticket say about the baggage allowance?

shahul hameed

Posted on 16-Nov-2019
Hi am travelling in Oman air from Dubai to Chennai via muscat. My free baggage allowance is 30 kg with Max 2 pieces. Am planing to my kid bicycle. Is this is considered as special baggage? But its linear dimensions is not more than 150 cm. Can i make a bubble wrap or proper carton boxing is required.

Admin Reply :

You will have to take it in proper packaging. Yes, this will be considered a special baggage and this can be brought in check-in baggage as a part of allowance if this is within free allowance limits of size, weight and number. If not, then it will have to be paid for. 

Mohana Govindaraj Benny

Posted on 15-Nov-2019
Hi..I'm going to Cairo from chennai by oman air.. I have only one small suit case with some clothes and toiletries..And one small shoulder bag to keep my passport and tickets..I like to take them in cabin.. Toiletries are less than 100ml.. As I have no checked in luggage ..Shall I carry my small suit case in cabin..With small quantities of toiletries... Thank you... Mohana..GB

Admin Reply :

All liquids which are permitted to be carried in cabin shall not be more than 100ml in volume for each and these shall be packed separately in a transparent plastic bag which is tamper evident. This separate bag shall be apart from carryon and personal item. The carryon bag shall be within the permitted weight and size limit. 

Kashyap V

Posted on 14-Nov-2019
Where to put trimmer and trimmer charger in check in luggage or hand carry

Admin Reply :

It shall best be taken in check-in baggage.

Jomasi Dhisheed

Posted on 06-Nov-2019
HI I am travelling to cochin from Manchester in economy luggage allowance is 30kg.It says I can have up to two baggage which will make up to 30kg.My confusion is am I allowed just 1 baggage with 30kg? Thank you

Admin Reply :

You can take either 1 bag of 30 kg or 2 bags of total 30 kg in check-in. But, not more than 2 bags.


Posted on 05-Nov-2019
I an travelling to jaipur via muscat from london with a 2 yrs old. How many milk containers and medicines for the baby can i carry in my hand luggage and main luggage? I am carrying a stroller as well, will thie stroller be a part of the 30kg limitation?

Admin Reply :

The number of milk containers are limited by the weight and size of your carry on baggage allowance. Please note that there is a restriction on carriage of more than 350ml of powders in cabin baggage but this does not apply to baby formula milk. Strollers can be taken free if infant is traveling with you. This will be counted apart from the check in baggage allowance. Infant must be less than 2 years of age. 

phakhawalai saiwong

Posted on 03-Nov-2019
I have flights from BKK-MCT-CAI and return. It says on tickets Subclass U ( Economy ) with 2 x 15 kg baggage allowance. I have read on your website that it is allowed to have baggage up to 30 kg with not more than 2 pieces. May I ask whether it is allowed for me to check-in 2 bags for this route and class of service, one with 20 kg and another with 10 kg? Or even 1 bag with 30 kg? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

It is a total of 30 kg with MAX 2 check in bags. So, whether you want to take 20+10 kg or 30 kg in single bag, it can be done either way. 


Posted on 30-Jul-2019
Can I carry a backpack which includes a laptop and also a guitar with me on the plane as a carry on in economy class?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken within permitted weight and dimensions limits of check in baggage.

Tuba Khan

Posted on 29-Jul-2019
I'm travelling from Karachi to Muscat and from Muscat to dammam with an infant in economy allowance, can i carry stroller with me free of any chargr? or what is the baggage allowance(weight) is on my ticket as it is mentioned FBA × 2 On my ticket.

Admin Reply :

Yes, stroller can be taken free of charge. It shall be 2 check in bags of 23 kg each

Rhia aguinaldo

Posted on 29-Jul-2019
As of today how much is the 30kg additional baggage allowance? Thank u

Admin Reply :

Charges for additional baggage are based on route of travel. You have not mentioned it. Effective July 21, 2019 the charges are meant for 1 excess bag of 20 kg 

Ashraf Khan

Posted on 28-Jul-2019
Hello, I am travelling from dammam to hyderabad on 9 Aug. And purchase my tickets online now I have extra weight , kindly request to know how I purchase extra baggage as I m confuse online show rate 376 per 20 kg . If I choose only dammam airport this price includes to final destination I don't need on return flights. Please advice

Admin Reply :

Please use the Manage Booking section of airline to add the extra baggage. This can be done at this link:

Tuba Khan

Posted on 28-Jul-2019
I'm travelling from Karachi to Muscat and from Muscat to Dammam with an infant in economy class, Can i carry stroller with me free of any charge? And How much Baggage allowance(weight) is allowed as 2 baggage mentioned on my ticket.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken free of charge. Check in baggage allowance is of 30 kg and you can take maximum of 2 check in bags within this weight limit. Size of each check in bag shall not be more than 158 cm sum of dimensions (L+B+H)

Mohammad shahid

Posted on 26-Jul-2019
Can I carry zam zam water from Bahrain to Lucknow without including in bahgage weight

Admin Reply :

Since the flight is not from Saudi Arabia, we doubt whether the airline will allow it free in addition to check in baggage allowance. We suggest you check the details with the local airline office.

Mushtaq ali

Posted on 25-Jul-2019
My flightam from Toronto Canada to Karachi via LHR and Musqat what will be bagage allows for check in i.e 32kg or 23 kg for your Oman airline

Admin Reply :

It is 23 kg per bag free allowance for economy class in check in baggage


Posted on 22-Jul-2019
Hi sir please inform the cab bag size

Admin Reply :

L+B+H shall be less than 115 cm. 

Mohammed Sameer

Posted on 22-Jul-2019
I am travelling dammam to hyderabad via oman airways on 26july 2019. I have 30kg baggage allownce. On my ticket it says baggae as Adult 2PC. So can I carry 20kg in one bag and rest 10 kg in other bag. Also can i take zam zam water for free from oman airways.

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can have 2 check in bags of 20 kg and 10 kg. Upto 5 litres of Zam Zam water can be carried free.


Posted on 21-Jul-2019
We are travelling from Dubai to Trivandrum in Oman airways,through Muscut.Do we need to collect our baggage from Muscut and check in again from Muscut to Trivandrum . Can I carry a hand bag with necessary things ,along with the hand baggage of 7 kg.

Admin Reply :

Whethe recheck in is required or not will be told by the airline. Small hand purses are allowed in addition to hand baggage of 7 kg. 

Imran yasin

Posted on 17-Jul-2019
Dear Sir I have flight dubai to lahore and on my ticket have 2 baggage please confram me I will bring how much weight of bag?

Admin Reply :

Sum of dimensions of check in bag L+B+H shall be up to 158 cm


Posted on 15-Jul-2019
Hi I am travelling from Hyderabad(India) to Manchester. I would like to know what will be the cost of excess baggage (20 KG)? How much does it cost for an extra bag of 20 KG form Hyderabad to Manchester. I have seen one of your response saying it cost OMR 35 if bought at airport. Can you please let me know if this is the same as you stated earlier or has it been changed as i have read somewhere that they are charging a flat charge of OMR16( Can you let me know how much does is cost for me for an extra baggage? Do i need to purchase 2 times as my flight will be from Hyderabad to Musket and connecting flight is from Musket to Manchester. Regards Rajeeve

Admin Reply :

It has to be bought only once. please fill in the departure and arrival airport in the fields on this page to know the excess baggage rates: . You can check for the details with the airline local office as well. 


Posted on 12-Jul-2019
Can I carry a small shoulder bag or laptop bag along with hand luggage in economy class?

Admin Reply :

Laptop bag with a laptop inside is okay to be carried along with hand baggage in economy class.

Muhammad Tasif

Posted on 10-Jul-2019
If there is hand carry above 7 kg on oman air ithey will charge additional or no i have Dubai to Karachi via muscat plz

Admin Reply :

Most probably they will ask you to repack it. 


Posted on 09-Jul-2019
My flight to Manila via Oman how much is per kilo if I exceed the allowance of 30kls how much I pay for per kilo in Oman air

Admin Reply :

USD 110 for a 20 kg check-in bag.


Posted on 06-Jul-2019
Sir I have a 5 liter zam zam water have 30kg+7kg+5 liter but that 5 liter water can allowed free Or No

Admin Reply :

It can be taken free in addition to check in baggage allowance. 

Manish Chaudhary

Posted on 05-Jul-2019
Can I carry playstation console in checked in baggage? My flight is from Toronto to India via Frankfurt and muscat. Once checked in, will other airlines have any objection to it?

Admin Reply :

If it has batteries of lithium ion type, these need to be removed and taken separately in cabin baggage after insulating the terminals and packing. This is okay to take in check in baggage.


Posted on 05-Jul-2019
Hello my flight to Manila via Oman air infrared cooker is allowed as hand carry or not

Admin Reply :

It shall be taken in check in baggage, as a part of free allowance.


Posted on 04-Jul-2019
Sir I want to know how much weight a luggage Nd hand carry Economy class... We are 2 persons Dammam to muscat and muscat to dammam

Admin Reply :

Cabin allowance is of 7 kg per person and check-in allowance is 30 kg per passenger for economy class travelers (adults or children, not infants).


Posted on 02-Jul-2019
Hai Already purchased ticket(dubai to kochi)Oct 1 2019 Oman air I take 49" t.v you charge (oman air) any additional charges

Admin Reply :

Yes, there will be charges for it. We suggest you check this with the airline.

Eymard B. Adoremos

Posted on 01-Jul-2019
hello my flight to manila is via oman air from dubai. i will bring to me my bicycle packed inside the box. will it be considered as part of my checked in baggage?

Admin Reply :

There are specific charges for taking these items. Please check with the airline local office about these.

Rinku Agarwal

Posted on 29-Jun-2019
We have booked our tickets via Southall travel to fly from Manchester to Mumbai in July 2019. On the etickets under passenger information on both enclosed tickets. It mentions per person 2 checked in bags are allowed with each bag not exceeding 15 kg. Whereas on your website baggage policy it says that combined weight of 2 bags not exceeding 30 kg and weight of one bag not more than 32 kg My question is that am I allowed to carry 1 check in bag of 30 kg per person to reduce number of bags being carried. Please email me and let me know soon. Thanks

Admin Reply :

You can bring 1 check in bag of 30 kg. Airline mentions that max of 2 check in bags would be allowed within this allowance limit of 30 kg so that people do not bring 3,4,or higher number of bags within permitted allowance. That is the reason for capping the max no of check in bags at 2 for people flying to/from India or Pakistan.

Md arman

Posted on 27-Jun-2019
Sir i want to know that if i carry 7kg of hand baggage and also i take laptop in hand without laptop bag it's fine or not

Admin Reply :

Yes, you can take 1 cabin bag of up to 7 kg and 1 laptop in standard laptop bag.

Md arman

Posted on 27-Jun-2019
Hii i am traveling form dubai to new Delhi by oman airlines in economy class i have 7kg of hand baggage and also i have one laptop in hand without laptop bag so tell me it's fine or not or i have to pay

Admin Reply :

It can be carried in addition to the cabin bag. 

Manish Chaudhary

Posted on 26-Jun-2019
I am travelling from Toronto to India via Frankfurt and muscat. Can I carry playstation console and a Bluetooth speaker in my cabin baggage. I am bit afraid as a friend of mine put the console in his checked in luggage and there in India it was missing. So I want to carry the playstation console and Bluetooth speaker along with me in the cabin baggage. Will that be fine? Thanks

Admin Reply :

Please inform the airline in advance about it. You might be allowed to take it as Oman airways might want you to take electronic items with it. 

M.M.B.P. Shyamamalie

Posted on 26-Jun-2019
My son is travelling from muscat to colombo on 2nd july 2019 ( economy class ) in Oman air flight and he needs to carry his guitar as a hand luggage. Is this allowed ? If not please provide an option. Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Guitar can be taken in cabin in place of cabin baggage which is of max 198 cm dimension and is being carried in a soft case.

Sam Kahn

Posted on 26-Jun-2019
Hello. My luggage allowance shown in the endorsement/restriction information at the airport check-in system is: 2PC total 46kg valid on WY. This is against my reservation code for economy class flight. I checked this with an Oman air representative at Manchester airport departure aswell. And they checked the system there aswell. But you answered saying that is wrong. I am confused. I am getting two answers to my query. The airport system says yes my luggage allowance is 2 PC 23kg each however you disagree in the reply to my earlier query. Please verify.

Admin Reply :

 You can make a search for your route LHE to Manchester on Oman Air website and check for the baggage allowance by clicking any Economy class fare. 

Anyways, we would suggest that you go with what is your ticketed allowance.

Sam Kahn

Posted on 25-Jun-2019
Hi. I am travelling from Lahore to Manchester via Muscat on Oman Air, and my return flight is from London. My check in baggage allowance apparently is 23kgx2pc (46kg total). But I can’t verify this since the website only shows a 30kg luggage allowance split into 15kg 2 bags. Why can’t I verify my luggage allowance from omanair webpage. Also can I split my luggage into: one bag 30kg and remaining 16kg in the second bag.

Admin Reply :

You are wrong. The baggage allowance is of 30 kg in check-in. It is based on weight system, and not on piece system for your route of travel. You can take this 30 kg in a max of 2 check-in bags.


Posted on 24-Jun-2019
I am travelling from Dammam to karachi on coming Friday just want to make sure I can manage my luggae only in one suitcase with max weight 30kg or Do I need to make 2 suitcases with 15 kg luggage each? secondly dies suze of suitcaae really matter can size below 158 or must be same size as mentioned in the FAQ 3) can I use handbag for luggage checkin?

Admin Reply :

You can bring  a single piece of check in baggage of total weight 30 kg. No need to make two.

Size of suitcase shall not be more than 158 cm L+b+h, otherwise it will be charged for.

If you check in your hand baggage and weight exceeds the allowance limits, then charges have to be paid. You will not be allowed excess 7 kg in check in for free in lieu of not carrying a hand baggage.

Vanessa Magday

Posted on 24-Jun-2019
How many kilos for 2PCs luggage for economy class ser?

Admin Reply :

If it is 2 pcs mentioned on ticket, it shall be 2 pcs of 23 kg each with size of each pcs being less than 158 cm in sum of dimensions. If you could tell us the route and cabin class of travel, we would be in a better position to give you right answer. 

Rajkumar Nallathambi

Posted on 23-Jun-2019
Dear Sir, Kindly provide the price for carrying 43'' LED TV of size 1072 x 699 x 150 mm. Travelling from Dammam to Chennai. Regards, Rajkumar N

Admin Reply :

You have to check that directly with the airline local office as it will need your booking reference number. 


Posted on 22-Jun-2019
My oman air ticket showing baggage not available what does it mean

Admin Reply :

That is not possible. You might have booked ticket with some agency which does not add the baggage information on ticket. Tell us which route and fare type have you booked?

Bijay thapa

Posted on 20-Jun-2019
Hy sir i have flight on this coming july 20 by oman airways can you just tell me can i put newly purchased phone and watch in my hand bag loggaedge in plane

Admin Reply :

It can be taken in cabin.


Posted on 20-Jun-2019
Hello sir, i have business class ticket, from Jeddah to kathmandu, luggage allowance mention 2 x pieces = 50 kg. I would like to know that i can carry 1 x Television & 2 x luggage = 50 kg. your help is highly appreciated, thanks.

Admin Reply :

Total weight shall not exceed 50 kg for items taken in check in baggage. So, TV weight would be extra and this will be charged for. 1 cabin bag of up to 7 kg is okay. 

Aimee Galdod

Posted on 20-Jun-2019
Can i use carton box for check in luggage?

Admin Reply :

yes, but it shall be flat bottom, not irregular in shape and not tied around with any fabric or ropes. 


Posted on 19-Jun-2019
Dear Sir, Kindly confirm that LED TV Size 43'' will be allowed travel from Dammam to Chennai. Dimension 107.2 x 69.9 x 15 cm Regards, Rajkumar N

Admin Reply :

Size of the package is more than free allowance limits of 158 cm in sum of dimensions and even size of 43 inches is more than 42 inches, there will be charges for it. 

Abdul Razzak Mohiuddin

Posted on 18-Jun-2019
I am travelling to Muscat to Mumbai, on 30 June,19, I have 30 Kg more luggage than the allowed capacity. Shall I send through Oman Cargo, but I need my luggage to be received by same I am travelling flight. Please provide me with the procedure to avail this facility and please let me know the price per Kg.

Admin Reply :

You can buy excess baggage. A 20 kg bag can be bought for OMR 35 and you can have 2 of these extra bags. This is the airport rate. 

The online rate of buying is USD 78 per 20 kg bag. 

Mohammed Abdul Bari

Posted on 16-Jun-2019
How to my luggage on booked ticket?

Admin Reply :

Your query is not clear to us.

Mohammed Abdul Bari

Posted on 16-Jun-2019
Hi, How cheack my already booked ticket luggage?

Admin Reply :

If you have check in baggage, you can do online check in using the My Bookings section of website of airline and will have to go to the baggage drop off counter at airport on date of flight for tagging the check in bags and leave these there. 

Use this link for check in


Posted on 13-Jun-2019
Hi. I am travelling to malaysia from London Heathrow. My baggage allowance is 30kg with two bags with limit 15 kg per bag. Is it possible for me to have 30kg with only one checked in bag. Thank you

Admin Reply :

yes, you can take one single check in bag of up to 30 kg weight.


Posted on 13-Jun-2019
Hi i am travelling on 27th of Sepember from Malaysia to London Heathrow and will have a connecting oman air flight at Muscat. Is it possible for me to take my check in bag when I stop at muscat instead of London Heathrow? Thank you

Admin Reply :

Please check this with the airline. If it is providing a through check-in on this route, you will not be able to take the baggage in between. If it is not providing this, then you can take the baggage but will have to recheck in again. You must have sufficient time for this.


Posted on 13-Jun-2019
What is the baggage allowance for the flights from Athens-Muscat-Kathmandu? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Check-in baggage allowance is of 30 kg per person in economy and cabin allowance is of 1 bag of 7 kg.


Posted on 13-Jun-2019
Can I carry Big size BATTERY OPERATED Kids BIKE 25KG weight

Admin Reply :

If it exceeds the size limit given by the airline, it might have to be taken through cargo route. PLease get this confirmed with the airline local office.

D Elmalik

Posted on 13-Jun-2019
Can I carry a guitar in an overhead compartment or in the jacket section of a plane?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried provided the size meets the cabin bag size limits.

Zoe Rossou

Posted on 13-Jun-2019
Hello, I am traveling to Muskat from Paris, am I allowed 90ml perfume?

Admin Reply :

Allowed in cabin in sealed condition and in a separate plastic bag. 

G Janani

Posted on 11-Jun-2019
What is the Baggage allowance for infants on lap?

Admin Reply :

You can bring one additional check in bag of 10 kg for infant as free allowance.

sadiq sadiq

Posted on 11-Jun-2019
hi how are you doing please kindly informe how many bages need for oman air MAX KG and how about LD TV for 40"???

Admin Reply :

Please mention route of travel and which cabin fare type ticket you have bought?

Anorita Manyahi

Posted on 10-Jun-2019
Am travelling on 11 June. May I have the following issues clarified. Is hand bag allowed and and does it have to be weighed Second question. Dose the 7kg hand luggage exclude laptop bag

Admin Reply :

Yes, there is a cabin baggage allowance of 7 kg and laptop can be carried in addition to it but in a standard laptop bag.

Anorita Manyahi

Posted on 10-Jun-2019
What is the rate of payment for extra luggage Am booked for 11 June in economy travelling to Africa from India connecting in Oman I have 3 pieces 23kg and 20kg and 10kg . Is it allowed

Admin Reply :

For us to give you correct answers, it is important to mention the departure and arrival cities and cabin class of travel.

You are entitled to max 2 bags of total weight 30 kg in check in when traveling economy class. Therefore, you seem to be carrying 23 kg excess. One excess bag of 20 kg is going to cost you USD 100 when bought at airport. 

Indra Rana

Posted on 10-Jun-2019
can I book extra laggage before hand

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be done. 

Waseem khan

Posted on 06-Jun-2019
What about child laguage, I mean how much is allowed for my child who is above than 02 years..Please reply and what would be my child ticket cost from muscat to hyderabad india.....

Admin Reply :

Children of more than 2 years of age are entitled to same baggage allowance as that of adults. 


Posted on 04-Jun-2019
Is wood warnish 1 ltr and iso propyl alcohol 200 ml can be taken by air as luggage.

Admin Reply :

No, these can not be taken.


Posted on 03-Jun-2019
Perfume allowed baggage yes or no

Admin Reply :

Yes, in a separate resealable plastic bag in cabin.


Posted on 03-Jun-2019
Hello, I am travelling to Kuwait form Chennai on 13th june by omar air WY-254 & WY-647. My Air PNR is QLYIWP, CRS PNR is 91XJQE and ticket no is 9109571461385 i booked the tickets via I want to confirm my baggage allowance. I tried calling the oman air customer care 01264621111 all routes were busy, so kindly provide the details of luggage allowance. Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Free allowance is 30 kg in check-in baggage and 7 kg in cabin per passenger. You can take a maximum of 2 check in bags within this allowance limits. 

david mills

Posted on 03-Jun-2019
Can you please advise me if a bicycle, dismantled in a bike bag,would be included in the 30kg of free baggage allowance?

Admin Reply :

You might have to pay for it as it is a specialist luggage. Please check with the local office for confirmation


Posted on 02-Jun-2019
Hi, I bought oman air ticket from jeddah to manila in and it says there that the baggage check in allowance is 2pcs with 23kg each. Is this true? I am confused because the oman air site says only 30kg total.

Admin Reply :

Yes, this is 30 kg in checkin for economy class travel. The agency baggage feed might not be coming right. 


Posted on 01-Jun-2019
I am travelling to India via oman airways on next Monday. my luggage weight is 30 kg. Apart from that my handbag includes 9 kg including my laptop. Is it Ok or I have to separate my laptop??

Admin Reply :

It would be good if you could make cabin bag measurable by weight within free allowance by keeping the laptop separate. 


Posted on 01-Jun-2019
Dear Sir, I have checked my baggage wt which is 7.3 kg and meeting also dimensional requirememts. Apart from that My laptop including charger wt around 2.2 kg. Is it OK . I am not keeping Lap as paparate. I would like to include in same bag. Please for your good support

Admin Reply :

It would be good to have the cabin bag at less than 7 kg, not more else you have to pay or repack the cabin bag. Laptop is carried in addition. Airline might allow carriage in same bag but it would be good if it can be carried in another laptop bag


Posted on 01-Jun-2019
Can i take 1pc backpack and 1pc hand carry luggage on board if my ticket is economy class?

Admin Reply :

Backpack is itself considered a cabin bag. It will amount to carrying two cabin bags.

Posted on 01-Jun-2019
Hi, My flight is from BLR to LHR visa Oman. It says 2 * 23 KG of baggage allowance. Can I have 1 bag of 30kg , other bag of 16 kgs? Also can I purchase 20KG by paying extra amount and get one more 3rd bag and have 20kg more? So in total : Bag 1 = 30kg , Bag 2= 16kg , Bag 3= 20kg (with extra amount)?

Admin Reply :

If you increase weight of any bag above 23 kg, you will have to pay for it. And, it can not go more than 32 kgs. You can always have a 20 kg additional bag on payment of charges.


Posted on 31-May-2019
Hi...I have made the arrangements to fly ftom Lahore to Colombo via Muscat by Oman airways. If My luggage exceeds 4-5 kgs How much I will have to pay?

Admin Reply :

You will have to pay USD 78 for an additional bag of 20 kg. 


Posted on 30-May-2019
Right. I’m sorry. Well, I bought the ticket at Oman Airlines economy ticket. So they are connecting flights. the first leg of the flight is from madrid to munich which is luftansa i think then munich to muscat and muscat to manila which is oman air the rest of the flights.

Admin Reply :

Baggage allowance is 1 pcs of 23 kg for economy flex and classic tickets on Lufthansa. Excess baggage up to 32 kg in single check in bag is charged Euro 50 on Lufthansa. From Munich to Manila, allowance is 30 kg check in baggage. If you have to take more, excess charges have to be paid


Posted on 29-May-2019
I think it’s with Luftansa and it’s operating on the first leg of the journey.

Admin Reply :

Again the information is incomplete as you have not mentioned what cities are connected by which airlines. So, from Madrid to Manila, Lufthansa connects Madrid to which city? Anyways, if Lufthansa flight is within Europe, baggage allowance is 1 pcs of 23 kg for economy flex and classic tickets. But, there is no check in baggage allowance for economy light tickets. Which of these have you bought?

 For more than 23 kg but less than 32 kg, the check in bag will be applied excess baggage rate of EUR 50 for economy class travellers.

Oman Air allowance will be told only after we know what is the origin city for its leg of flight.


Posted on 27-May-2019
I’m traveling from Madrid to Manila with Oman Air. I know that I am allowed 30kg checked in baggage but My luggage is 1-2kg more than allowed. How much will I be charged for this?

Admin Reply :

Is Oman Air the only carrier for your flight? If not, can you tell us about other carrier and whether it is operating the first leg or the latter legs of journey.


Posted on 27-May-2019
I have booked ticket from Salalah to Cochin via muscat in omanair. 1) Can I take my own drinking water in my hand carrier.? 2) Is any snakes allowed in hand carrier for my kids? 3) whether lighter is allowed to take? 4) can i take frozen fish in cool box?

Admin Reply :

No liquid more than 100ml is allowed in cabin. Snacks can be taken in limited quantity and shall be not be oily, smelly or messy in nature. Lighter is not allowed. Even in check in, the fuel of the lighter is to be completely removed and then carried. Frozen fish not allowed.


Posted on 26-May-2019
just want to ask i have 43 inch tv is it allowed or can i claim it as my baggage.thankyou..

Admin Reply :

Up to 42 inches TVs are allowed as part of check in baggage allowance for free but if screen size is more, there is a payment to be done. Please check with the airline airport office for the amount you might have to pay. Please note that the weight and the size of TV package shall be within the allowance limits. If weight is more than allowance, excess weight charges will also apply.


Posted on 26-May-2019
Hi!. Traveling to Nairobi from China, Oman air connecting still Oman air. I have two (to be checked in) baggages. Both 25kg. In understand maximum is 30kg for 2pcs. Is it possible for me to pay for the extra kgs at the check in counter just before departure?. Also, i have a 7kg carry on suitcase & a 4kg personal handbag. Is that like an extra addition to the carry-on allowed limit?

Admin Reply :

It canbe paid at the airport counter but it will be a little more expensive. Rest all okay.

Anthony Davies

Posted on 25-May-2019
I use a CPAP machine at night, but will not be using it in flight. I have documentation that I use it at night from my local hospital. It has always not been considered as part of my allowance. Does Oman Air have the same policy?

Admin Reply :

Airlines generally allow these machines in cabin provided these are to be used during the flight. We think this shall be allowed. Oman Air has not responded to our query on your question till now. Please check with the local airline office in order to save hassles later.

Mohammed abdul qadir

Posted on 24-May-2019
I am traveling Abu Dhabi to delhi I want to know about luggage weight. As mentioned in the ticket 30 kg 2 pcs. Is it possible to make 25 kg 1 pcs.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be done. 2 pcs mentioned in the ticket is the maximum number of bags which you can carry in check-in. 


Posted on 24-May-2019
My husband and I are travelling from Doha to Oman then Oman to Philippines (connecting flight) is it okay if we combined our cabin luggage (14kg) in 1 bag? Then we are carrying each personal bag. For me its a shoulder bag and my husband is knapsack which Is barely empty. Please advice. Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Clubbing of cabin bags is not allowed. 


Posted on 24-May-2019
Hi good day. I'm travelling to Manila, Philippines from Kuwait next week. Is carton box allowed as luggage and how many kgs allowance is allowed? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Cartons are allowed provided these are not irregular in shape and flat-bottomed. Allowance is based on cabin class of travel. You have not mentioned that. In economy class, you can bring 30 kg weight of check in bags, but not more than 2 check in bags would be allowed.

Rafai Abu baker zirabamuzaale

Posted on 23-May-2019
Available kgs on my ticket are 30 lagguage plus 7 hand lagguage but total I have 18kgs extra. My question is how much will I need to pay for my 18 kgs ticket is from Muscat Oman to Entebbe Uganda. Ticket is slipt from Oman to Kenya I am using Oman air then from Kenya to Uganda i am using Kenya airways

Admin Reply :

OMR 20 would be charged for Oman to Nairobi. From Nairobi to Entebbe, the charge is USD 25 on Kenya Airways. These charges will work for you 18 kg additional weight.


Posted on 23-May-2019
Is a small trolley allowed as hand luggage in Oman aviation?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken but it shall be within the size and weight limits of the baggage allowance. 


Posted on 22-May-2019
taking laptop in oman air ways free or not

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken in cabin along with cabin baggage as a part of allowance.

fazil ahmad

Posted on 21-May-2019
To Oman air i ha booked ticked o from DAMMAM TO HYDERABAD(INDIA) on 27may 2019, i would like to know can i carry 5litter zamzam water for free person. i tried many time to 0115108733 no response after calling several times

Admin Reply :

5 litres of zam zam water is allowed free per passenger in check in baggage and in addition to check in baggage. 


Posted on 21-May-2019
Hi sar how much pay kd 43 inches tv please Anwar sar me Kuwait to Bangalore

Admin Reply :

You will be charged for it because it is more than 42 inches. Charge could be KWD 30 for a 20 kg check in bag (=TV). We can not confirm this, so please check with the airline local office as well.

Quddus khan

Posted on 20-May-2019
Hi Sar I'm traveling from kuwait to Bangalore oman airlines I have one l ed tv 43 inches any problem sar please Anwar

Admin Reply :

TVs of more than 42 inches have to be sent through cargo.


Posted on 20-May-2019
Hi I am planning to travel from Manchester to Kochi in June. Just wanted to know whether I can carry my laptop (approx-5kg) seperate from the usual cabbin baggage allowance of 7kg suitcase

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be taken separate.


Posted on 20-May-2019
Hi can i ask , from economy class. From muscat to manila i have 3 bags 1 is already 30kg for check in and 10kg for hand carry and 1 bag pack but with wheel but laptop only is inside. Is their a charge already for that? If they have how much per kg? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

Laptop shall be carried in a laptop bag which can not be used for any other purpose. When backpack is used to carry the laptop, it depends on the discretion of the airline officials at airport to decide whether to allow it in cabin or not. With a standard laptop bag, there is no such issue.

One more thing- hand baggage allowance is 7 kg per passenger. 

Alex maina

Posted on 20-May-2019
I have 50 inch TCL tv how much am i supposed to pay till Kenya

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the place of origin of flight. It will be USD 100 or USD 150.


Posted on 19-May-2019
Hi,,, im am a student traveling from Amman-Muscat-Manila with my family, 2adults,2children and an infant, can i carry olive oil in my check in baggage? And how about my 43inch led tv? Is it okay to bring it or not? And i want to ask about my books, is it free to bring it or it will be along with the 30kg free baggage? Thanks

Admin Reply :

TVs of more than 42 inches are allowed through cargo route only.  Books can be carried in the check in baggage as a part of the free allowance. Olive oil can be carried in the check in baggage. 


Posted on 19-May-2019
Hi sir I am traveling from riyadh to Lucknow economy class on 24/5/2019. Can I take 30kg baggage and 20 kg baggage.because I have purchase extra baggage of 20 kg total combined are 50kg. How devided it's baggage.. 30x1 and 20x1. Or 15x2 and 20x1. And also we have zamzam water 4 liter can sir please reply...... What's condition allow my baggage

Admin Reply :

Within free baggage allowance limits you can take a maximum of 2 check in bags. Therefore, if you have bought an additional 20 kg in check in baggage, you can take three check in bags. However, if you can keep it at 30x1 and 20x1, it would be good. 

You can also bring additional Zam Zam water Up to 5 litres for free in check in baggage


Posted on 18-May-2019
My flight dammam to lucknow perfume is allowed in hand carry

Admin Reply :

Not more than 100 ml bottle to be carried in cabin and that too in seal pack condition. 


Posted on 17-May-2019
Can i take one checked in baggage with 30kg

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be 1 check in bag of 30 kg. You can even take 2 check in bags within 30 kg allowance.


Posted on 16-May-2019
Hai sir, Im traveling tmrw. Can i carry dates along with 7kg cabin language? And a small camera bag also with me

Admin Reply :

These can be taken. Dates will be a part of cabin luggage allowance.

Mohammad Shadique

Posted on 14-May-2019
Can i carry 48" inch of Sony led tv cost 100 kd in oman air as luggage from kuwait to delhi? If yes then what will be the custom duty charge ?

Admin Reply :

We can not say about the customs duties. We can, however, tell you that you will have to pay for carrying TV more than 42 inches. If total weight of allowance is exceeded, even excess baggage charges would also apply.

N Patade

Posted on 14-May-2019
Hello Sir I am travelling to Mumbai from Muscat in business class. Wish to carry 50" LED Tv , what are the handling charges I have to pay ?

Admin Reply :

Airline not willing to disclose the rates in absence of booking reference number. So, please check with the airline directly. 


Posted on 13-May-2019
Hi i am travelling to DOHA from Dammam (oman air connecting at muscat airport) economy class. I would like to azk if a can put a hairblower and hair straightener on my cabin baggage? I also will be carying a 15 " laptop on board plus a cabin baggage of 7kg and a an extra bag(smaller than my carry on) for my personal belongings. Will i have anyproblem with this set up?

Admin Reply :

You can only take 1 cabin baggage and 1 laptop or personal item, not both. Keep rest of items in check in baggage.


Posted on 13-May-2019
hi sir i will be check in today to salalah to muscat and muscat to manila. my loggage is 32kilos and my ticket only allowed 30kg only i dont have hand carry only my shoulder bag. i can pass even my bag is 32kg now? thank u.

Admin Reply :

No. The clubbing of check in and cabin baggage is not allowed.

Rhoda Sagayno

Posted on 13-May-2019
I want to book online with Oman airways from Kuwait to manila how much can check in my lauggage cos showing only 2pcs bag. Thank u

Admin Reply :

It is 2 bags of a total of 30 kg in check in baggage, if you are flying in economy class ticket. Business or First class baggage allowance is a max of 2 bags of total 50 kg weight. No check in bag shall be more than 32 kg in weight.


Posted on 12-May-2019
l am traveling from riyadh to Lucknow via mct economy class before baggage are 15/15 2 pcs now purchase extra luggage of 300 sar now totally how much and how many pieces of luggage traveling date are 24/05/09

Admin Reply :

Within free check in baggage allowance of Oman airways, you are carrying 2 check in bags. This is okay. You can carry a max of 2 check in bags totalling 30 kg for free. However, if you want to carry more and have bought the baggage, it can be carried in addition. There is no issue. 

The only thing to note is that your check in bags shall not be more than 32 kg in weight and sum of linear dimensions (L+B+H) shall be less than 158 cm. 

Jade Asuncion

Posted on 11-May-2019
hi.. can i carry a plastic bag with chocolates and a backpack as hand carry?

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the route of travel and cabin class? Anyways, we do not think that will be a problem.


Posted on 11-May-2019
I reserved ticket from Chennai to Nairobi through muskrat. In the Oman airways ticket shows baggage allowance is 2 PC's. What is the maximum allowable weight?

Admin Reply :

It is 2 bags of 23 kg each in check in.

Merrin varghese

Posted on 11-May-2019
I have a question about carrying extra luggage in economy class. I have been allowed 30 kg to carry but I have purchased extra luggage 20 kg online but my question is, that is it okay if one box weighs 32 plus 1kg and other 20 plus one kg

Admin Reply :

It is a rule that no bag shall be more than 32 kg. So, it is better to observe the restriction, else it will be sent through cargo, not through check-in luggage.


Posted on 10-May-2019
Sir i am travelling riyadh to oman Oman to hyderabad in economy class Can i carry 1 piece of bag 20 kg and another 10 kg hand bag 7 kg and zam zam water in 5 litter is free to carry hand bag or check in luggage

Admin Reply :

You can bring maximum of 2 check in bags of a total of 30 kg for free. Cabin baggage of 7 kg is also free. 5 litres of Zam zam water is allowed free in check-in baggage. However, please do speak to the airline in this respect because it does not allow carriage of zam zam water in last 15 days of month of Ramzan.

Venkata Butchibabu

Posted on 10-May-2019
Hello, I am going to Hyderabad from Kuwait on Oman airways on date 22/05/2019 at 4:05AM. Booking reference number: 28207. Ticket no: 9103195412192C4. Flight number: WY-0644(Kuwait - Oman)/ WY-0231(Oman-Hyderabad). I have 49 inch curved Samsung LED Tv and I want to take to Hyderabad. Is it possible to take with me . How much does it cost. Please let me know as early as possible. Thank you.

Admin Reply :

There is no mention of charges, nor any response from airline. As per it policy, it allows 42 inches screen size TVs as a part of free check in baggage. For higher screen size ones, please check with the  local office for charges. You might even be asked to send it through cargo route. 

Pratikkumar patel

Posted on 08-May-2019
My parents are travelling from Mumbai,India to Muscat,Oman with connecting flight to Frankfurt and then Toronto. Now I am curious that does my parents-each can carry one 23Kg, one 7kg and personal bag? Does 1 piece policy consider personal bag included with 7 Kg?

Admin Reply :

Check in baggage allowance is 1 pcs of 23 kg per adult or child passenger. Carry on baggage allowance is 1 bag of 7 kg and one personal item.

1 piece policy is applicable for weight-based baggage allowance markets, not in your case.


Posted on 08-May-2019
can I bring luggage in one box ,or need two boxes while travelling to calicut and, what about carry extra dates..?

Admin Reply :

Dates can be carried either in check in or in cabin in packed condition. Please mention the origin station and cabin class.

Mustak ahmad

Posted on 07-May-2019
Sir can i carry LED tv form Muscat to lucknow with oman air

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be carried as a part of free check in baggage if its screen size is up to 42 inches. For more screen sizes, the charges have to be paid even if the overall weight of check in baggage is within free allowance limits.

Venkata Butchibabu Palagara

Posted on 06-May-2019
May I take 49 inch LED curved from Kuwait to Hyderabad in Oman airways?. How much I have to pay?

Admin Reply :

Please check with the airline office at airport. We tried contacting the airline but they said details will be told only when we tell them the Booking reference number, which we did not have.


Posted on 05-May-2019

Admin Reply :

yes, it will allowed to be taken free in addition to your check in and carry on baggage allowances.


Posted on 28-Dec-2018
Hello, we are planning to travel from Kuwait to Melbourne/ Australia on February 7/2019 one way ticket for 2 adults and one child 2 years old. Two stops one in Muscat and then Abu Dhabi Etihad airways. Can I take a stroller and car seat for my child? Also, if I want to purchase additional pieces of baggage..How many is allowed and how much each piece? Is the TV allowed for each person? We have two 40 inch TV's. Thank you

Admin Reply :

Yes, these items can be taken in check in baggage. 

Are there other airlines involved in this itinerary?


Posted on 24-Dec-2018
What is the maximum luggage allowed, while flying from muscat to india.Is it 15+15 kg in two bagages or single baggage of 30 kg?

Admin Reply :

You can take it either in 1 check in bag or in 2 bags as well. But, the maximum number of bags shall not be more than 2. 


Posted on 20-Dec-2018
I can carry 49-inch Tv on Oman Airways from Abu Dhabi to Hyderabad If upto 42 inches Tv how I will pay

Admin Reply :

You can pay for it at the airport. You will have to get the Limited Release Tag. 

Mohammed Mohtasham Jeelani

Posted on 19-Dec-2018
What is the policy for Zamzam water.. I'll be traveling form Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to Hyderabad, India... Please clarify..

Admin Reply :

Can be carried in check in baggage for free up to a limit of 5 litres apart from the free allowance check in baggage.


Posted on 18-Dec-2018
From India, Trivandrum to Toronto for Economy class how much baggage allowance?

Admin Reply :

2 bags of 23 kg each is check in baggage allowance per passenger. 


Posted on 16-Dec-2018
Are perfumes allowed in check-in baggage? If allowed how many pcs or ml is allowed?

Admin Reply :

Yes, this can be carried in check in baggage. Airline does not prescribe any limit on volume of perfumes to be carried. 


Posted on 14-Dec-2018
Can I buy extra 20kg luggage with economy flight?

Admin Reply :

Yes, this can be bought. Please mention us the route of flight and cabin class you want to book to know the rates.


Posted on 08-Dec-2018
Hello, I’m travelling to from London to Manila via muscat next month on economy flight. Am I allowed to check in just one luggage of 30kg. I’m confused of the two piece policy. thanks.

Admin Reply :

You can take maximum of two bags per passenger within permitted allowance limit, if the allowance is by weight and not by piece. 


Posted on 08-Dec-2018
Hi. Can I bring my phone charge on the plane?

Admin Reply :

Yes it can be taken in the airplane, preferably in cabin luggage and in separate packing.

anwar mohammed basha

Posted on 06-Dec-2018
I HAVE CONFIRM return Ticket Riyadh-Chennai -Riyadh visa Muscat. on Dec 20 I have hand baggage of 7 KG. I addition to this can I carry my Laptop for my Business trip.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried in addition to it. 

anwar mohammed basha

Posted on 05-Dec-2018
I am a HR professional traveling for Recruitment to Chennai. Kindly let me know whether I could carry Lap top

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried in cabin along with the cabin baggage. You are allowed 1 personal item along with the cabin bag by most of the airlines. 

Buddha Gurung

Posted on 01-Dec-2018
Can I put my Playstation games cds on hand carry or no!? Pls response.. Thank you

Admin Reply :

We would suggest that these be properly packed and taken in check in baggage. 

Usman Malik

Posted on 13-Oct-2018
Hi sir i am traveling from LHR to LHE I am just touching 35 kg with hand carry laptop. An I allowed to take this offer shall ni have to pay the charges

Admin Reply :

PLease keep the hand or cabin baggage allowance separate from check in baggage. You are allowed 30 kg check in baggage allowance along with 7 kg cabin baggage allowance and are allowed to take laptop bag separately. So, 35 kg in total shall not be a problem but you have to divide it in check in and cabin bags with abovesaid limits


Posted on 12-Oct-2018
Hello sir gud day, I just want to ask about the hand carry luggage, is it allowed to carry 2 hand carry? 1 is a small back pack for laptop and 1 is gym bag bag style (duffle travelling bag). I am travelling from riyadh to muscat then muscat to philippines. Thanks,

Admin Reply :

Either of these two cabin bags shall ideally be carried to avoid hassles at airport. Standard laptop bag shall be carried in which you can not keep other articles which are best carried in cabin bag. 

pashupati bhattarai

Posted on 10-Oct-2018
SIR, i m travelling dammam to kathmandu with economy class i have 1 luggage with 30 kgs 1 hand carry with 7 kg and 1 laptop with bag. is this allowed for me?

Admin Reply :

Yes, this is okay.


Posted on 10-Oct-2018
Dear Sir, i will be carrying 1 hand bag of 7 kgs. can i carry a separate laptop bag as well?

Admin Reply :

yes, it can be carried. 


Posted on 09-Oct-2018
Hi, I'm traveling from London Heathrow to Bangalore, economy. My ticket says 2 baggages with 15kgs maximum each. Can I take a single baggage weighting upto 30 kg? Because they say one baggage cannot exceed 15kg.

Admin Reply :

Please go by what is written in the e-ticket. That will be binding. 


Posted on 08-Oct-2018
hello im traveling to kuwait to muacat nd muscat to philippines and i have 40 kg its ok if my cartoon have 2 kilos extra

Admin Reply :

You will have to pay excess baggage charges if you take more than the permitted allowance. 


Posted on 07-Oct-2018
Dear, sir. Just I want to know about hand luggage weight is 7 kg but we can carry laptop also along with 7 kg hand bag?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be carried.


Posted on 04-Oct-2018
Can i use box for check in im going vacation on dec 3

Admin Reply :

Carton boxes are allowed in general, unless the airline states otherwise. However, these shall be within permitted allowance limits of size and weight, and additional, shall not be of irregular shape (like ropes of blanket covering it). 


Posted on 01-Oct-2018 traveling to kuwait,i was having 1 baggage weight of 20kls is it acceptable to check in?..please clarify as its mentioned on my ticket 2x15kls baggage..but i have only 1 baggage nd 1 handcarry as well.. MANILA TO OMAN and OMAN TO KUWAIT

Admin Reply :

Yes, it is okay to take it . 


Posted on 30-Sep-2018
Hello, I'll be traveling business class KL to Muscat, I will be bringing a packed stove,a box and a half filled luggage bag which all of these will not weigh more than 50 kgs. Will there be a problem with the 2 piece rule or it will be seen as a case by case situation. Thanks

Admin Reply :

The 50 kg weight in check in has to be taken in 2 checkin bags as one bag can not be more than 32 kg in weight. 


Posted on 30-Sep-2018
Hi, What is the cost of buying 20kg extra baggage online and on counter. I am travelling from Amsterdam to Delhi via Oman Airways.

Admin Reply :

Is there any intermediary stop in between? If yes, please mention that? From Muscat to Delhi, the charge is OMR 35 at airport and USD 78 online. 


Posted on 30-Sep-2018
I am travelling from London Heathrow to Muscat i just wanted to how much check in baggage allowed for me coz im frequent flyers. Thanks

Admin Reply :

Which cabin class are you flying and what is you membership status?

Bishnu Thapa

Posted on 30-Sep-2018
hi, i'm traveling Kuwait to Kathmandu Nepal. what is the rate of per KG i have to pay if over weight 5 KG then baggage allowance.and can i pay overweight charge at the airport? V/R Thanks

Admin Reply :

You can pay overweight charges at airport but it will be more expensive than online rates. 

Arun jaleel khan

Posted on 29-Sep-2018
May l know vicks, deep heats and shampoos allowed to carry with cabin baggage. Thank you

Admin Reply :

It is better to take these in check-in.

Anu Reddy

Posted on 27-Sep-2018
Hi, My parents are travelling from UK to Bangalore by Oman airways on coming Saturday. Their maximum allowence of check in baggage is 30kg per person. Can they carry 3 bags of 20kgs as a combined weight?

Admin Reply :

Max number of check in bags allowed per person is 2 for economy class. So, as a combined weight of baggage allowance of 2 people, 3 bags in total can be carried provided passengers are travelling on same pnr. 


Posted on 26-Sep-2018
hi... travelling from riyadh to muscat then muscat to manila... how many kilo that means 2 pc..? its economy... and also the hand carry...?

Admin Reply :

Max 2 bags of 15 kg each is the free allowance in checkin baggage. Hand baggage allowance is 7 kg per person. 


Posted on 23-Sep-2018
My laptop is heavy. With charger and all laptop bag comes around 6 kg. In additional having hand luggage of 7 kg. And trolley big luggage comes around 32 kg. I have economic ticket. i am travelling from BAHRAIN TO CHENNAI via MUSCAT Will I be free to go or will face problem ? Thanks in advance.

Admin Reply :

You are allowed 30 kg check in baggage. So, you are excess by 2 kg in check in. For this, charge will have to be paid. Irrespective of weight of laptop bag, you can take it as a personal item along with the cabin baggage. 

Jessica Brual

Posted on 23-Sep-2018
i just want to ask my flight this coming oct. 04 going to zurich. and it says on my ticket 2 pcs. 20kg. is just only 20kg baggage i thought the free baggage is 30kg? and hiw about the hand laggage.

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned which place you are travelling from. For non-US routes, check in allowancee is max 2 bags of 23 kg each. Cabin allowance is of 7 kg.

Thadz De Guzman

Posted on 22-Sep-2018
Hello..i booked a flight on Oct 2, economy going to Manila,Philippines..i just want to ask if i can hand/cabin luggage my backpack with 7kg, a laptop in a bag and a DSLR camera with bag as it allowed? Thank you

Admin Reply :

Backpack can be taken as a main cabin luggage provided it meets dimension limits. You can take only one personal item, either laptop or DSLR can be taken. 

Marie yvette

Posted on 21-Sep-2018
Please kindly tell me how much each i can carry in my check in luggage. If i will be carrying 1 luggage and 1 box, am i allowed of 20kgs each luggage or you mean for maximum of 30kgs it should be 15kg each luggage. I will be travelling very soon to manila on oct 2 and they didnt tell me how much each luggage.please be specific.thank you

Admin Reply :

You have not mentioned the place of origin of flight and the cabin class you would be travelling.

Tarzeem Latif

Posted on 20-Sep-2018
We are a family of 4 travelling to Saudi. Is it ok if 3 passengers have a suitcase weight 30kg each. 1 passenger 2 bags weighing 15kg each. Would this be ok?

Admin Reply :

Yes, that would be fine. 


Posted on 18-Sep-2018
My daughter is traveling from chennai to Manchester by oman air business class with an infant. What is her cabin baggage allowance and check in baggage allowance.

Admin Reply :

For infants, one extra check in bag of 10 kg weight is allowed free. For adults, the allowance is 30 kg check in baggage per passenger with a maximum of 2 check-in bags within this weight limit.

Tarzeem Latif

Posted on 18-Sep-2018
We are travelling to Saudi Arabia in December for Umrah. Please could you tell me whether zam zam is included in the baggage allowance or is it separate. Thank you

Admin Reply :

Zam Zam water can be carried in free up to 5 litres in check in baggage, in addition to baggage allowance. However, this is not allowed in the last 15 days of Ramazan.

Tarzeem Latif

Posted on 18-Sep-2018
We are travelling to Saudi Arabia for Umrah in December. Can we take my mum's wheelchair on board?

Admin Reply :

If it is a collapsible wheelchair, it can be accepted in cabin as well. Please do get in touch with the airline well before the travel date and notify them of the carriage of wheelchair. 

Iram Nisar

Posted on 17-Sep-2018
Hi me and my husband are using Oman airways to fly to Islamabad can we take three suitcases totaling to 60kg. Because we are aloud 30 kg each.

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be done that way. You must keep size of every check in bag less than 158 cm in sum of the three dimensions. 

Christopher santos

Posted on 17-Sep-2018
How many bag for check in luggage and how many kilo per piece also the hand carry luggage

Admin Reply :

You shall also mention the route of travel and cabin class. 

Milton Vaz

Posted on 16-Sep-2018
What is the maximum size of TV i can take to India I am flying from ABU DHABI TO GOA via Muscat will my TV and one bag allowed as luggage if its weighing only 30 KG.

Admin Reply :

Free carriage of LED TV can be done if it is 42 inches screen size OR sum of linear dimensions is 158 cm of its package. This will be allowed in addition to another check in bag for free if the weight is within 30 kg allowance limit. 


Posted on 16-Sep-2018
I am travelling in OMAN AIR to CHENNAI ON 28.09.18 Can i purchase items in muscat duty free shop along with 7 kg cabin luggage ...?

Admin Reply :

It would be allowed.

Marie Yvette Napii

Posted on 15-Sep-2018
Hello i am travelling from kuwait to manila connecting yo muscat on oct 2. How much each luggage can i carry and can i use of 1 luggage and 1 box? Thank you.

Admin Reply :

30 kg check in baggage is free allowance (max sum of dimensions 158 cm) along with cabin bag of 7 kg (sum of dimensions 115 cm)


Posted on 13-Sep-2018
Hi, How much will be the maximum weight of each two check-in baggage I could carry from Riyadh to Manila?

Admin Reply :

Maximum  weight of each check in bag that can be carried is 32 kg. This might even exceeding baggage allowance and paying excess baggage fees, but if more than 32 kg it will not be accepted as check in bag. 

El Arfaoui samia

Posted on 12-Sep-2018
Hello i'm travelling from Casablanca to Bangkok with a connecting flight in Muscat,can I bring only 1suitcase weighting 30kgs instead of 2×15kgs ?

Admin Reply :

Yes, it can be put in one check in bag of a total of 30 kg. 


Posted on 12-Sep-2018
I am traveling with an infant without a seat. Please can you tell me if there is any hand baggage allowance for them, in addition to my own? I am traveling from Heathrow to Muscat and then onto Bangkok. Thank you

Admin Reply :

1 additional piece of check in luggage of 10 kg weight allowed for infant. 


Posted on 11-Sep-2018
I am travelling from Muscat to Trivandrum on 01 Nov 2018 in Oman air. Please tell me about the numberof luggages i can carry? Check in bags and hand luggage.

Admin Reply :

Maximu of 2 check in bags are allowed. 1 cabin luggage is also allowed free. 


Posted on 11-Sep-2018
Hi, I have a flight from hyd to toronto via muscat and london. On my flight here I was allowed 2 23kg bags. This time around, I have 2 oman air flights then air canada. Am I allowed 23 or 30kg of baggage? In addition, what is the cost of an extra baggage?

Admin Reply :

It will be 2 bags of 23 kg each in check in baggage allowance. 

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